Pattern Recognition – Readout: President Trump Calls President Xi Jinping of China…

It is important for political travelers deep in the weeds to reference and recognize patterns that encompass significant geopolitical events.  Businessman Donald Trump has, as a natural disposition of his approach, always maintained a specific engagement pattern of respect toward his adversaries; he carries this same approach into the diplomatic role of the presidency.

Tomorrow President Trump will be speaking to the U.N. General Assembly. There is a great deal of anticipatory media reporting circling how  international community are evaluating the administration; and how President Trump will outline the “Trump Doctrine”.

CTH readers have already identified the specifics of the Trump Doctrine not through high-brow analysis, but simply by looking at the action taken and the geopolitical approach of using economics as transactional leverage to gain national security objectives.

When President Trump discusses the issues with North Korea tomorrow, there will be a clarity of purposeful intent broadcast toward the larger international community.  However, the specific target of that address as it relates to the DPRK will be squarely aimed at Beijing.

How can an interested follower be assured of this prediction?

Simple really, it goes back to the diplomatic pattern recognition.   When POTUS Trump is planning on delivering a bitter pill of truth, he takes the lumps out in advance via direct contact with the economic adversary who will bear the brunt of internal demands for response.

President Donald J. Trump spoke today with President Xi Jinping of China to discuss North Korea’s continued defiance of the international community and its efforts to destabilize Northeast Asia. The two leaders committed to maximizing pressure on North Korea through vigorous enforcement of United Nations Security Council resolutions. (link)

This uniquely Donald Trump approach, straight forward eye-to-eye clarity (even when the engagement is potentially adversarial), is one of the reasons that international leaders  respect President Trump even more than they espouse to their internal audiences.

Trump’s approach is a really unique geopolitical engagement.  The way Trump speaks boldly, righteously and simply about events and seriously substantive issues, has thrown the entire diplomatic nexus within the international administrative state off their game of intrigue, nuance and scheme of shadow motives.

In no small measure this is why President Trump’s foreign policy strategy has been so intensely effective.  He’s not a politician, doesn’t standardize his message via political obfuscation, customs and diplomatic norms.  Trump is respectful, but honey badger really doesn’t give a shit about how sunlight might disrupt the international community.

Oh, and for those who were wondering about war or military conflict with North Korea, relax.  Again, as we have repeatedly shown, it’s just not part of the Trump Doctrine to use the military that way.  If POTUS Trump was tipping the scales toward a military option, he wouldn’t be dismissively using the term “Rocket Man”. [Rocket Man = Gnat]

Trump’s tour-de-force, as keenly evident in the Trump Doctrine, is to use his own personal skills to advance U.S. objectives from the front lines and keep the military option visible but well in the rear.

President Trump’s primary strategy is about using economics, seriously strategic geopolitical economic maneuvers, to create outcomes.  Trump has decades of thought and strategic planning in his toolbox in this regard. It’s actually quite stunning to see him work though the logical consequences to carefully positioned leverage; it’s also enjoyable to watch economic adversaries realizing there ain’t a darned thing they can do about it.

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102 Responses to Pattern Recognition – Readout: President Trump Calls President Xi Jinping of China…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. neilmdunn says:

    “….Trump….has thrown the entire diplomatic nexus within the international administrative state off their game of intrigue, nuance and scheme of shadow motives.”
    I have wondered why the State Dept had so many people to obfuscate so much and accomplish so little before DT. Now I know.

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  3. Paco Loco says:

    China loves US Dollars! The NORKs mad missile program endanger the Chinese $$ cash flow engine. Xi will not cut his nose to spite his face.

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  4. MM says:

    We are blessed by having A president such as PDJT.
    Exciting to see his plan being implemented.

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  5. trapper says:

    I expect there are some international bad guys who have been merrily kicking sand in America’s face for 20 years, who first saw the American honey badger and went “uh oh,” but then remembered that this honey badger the leader of the largest economy in the world, and suddenly realized this isn’t just any old honey badger, this is the 10,000 pound honey badger, the Godzilla of honey badgers, and with that muttered “oh shit!”

    Dad’s home. Party’s over. Everybody out!

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  6. PolskaBella says:

    I really appreciate that when I get to the last sentence of any column here, that I let go a breath I’ve been holding and feel the calm of logic… I admit to feeling a bit intellectually inferior to most here commenting, so I also add that you all help my worried state oftentimes too… Its appreciated. 🇺🇸

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    • deanbrh says:

      Ditto here for sure!

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    • ed furman says:

      Smartest post I’ve read thus far. I’m perfectly comfortable leaving the Ivy League jeopardy smart to the geniuses who made it possible for DJT to shake things up.

      The other side and the media (redundant) cover the man like he is playing checkers. The man campaigned on the notion that our leaders are naive and stupid, gleefully announcing our strategic thinking and individual tactics. What they didn’t give away, NYT and WaPo did.

      Trump’s opening gambit is never the end goal. We can snicker and wait while the MSM sits with uncomfortably waded up panties knowing the slightest move chafes them just a little bit more. The perfect metaphor The ruling class is chafing like a 4 month old and exhibiting many of the same characteristics of a 4 month old.

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    • JC says:

      Great post, Polska. Thank you. With you all the way; I’m left in the weeds scratching my head all the time. I’m in awe of the plethora of brainiacs on this site.

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    • CoffeeBreak says:

      Hello PolskaBella. Treepers are from all walks of life. I love to read but sometimes I have to ask myself what the heck did I just read. It’s annoying as all get out. Anyways, glad you’re here in these branches with us.

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      • PolskaBella says:

        Thank you CoffeeBreak, and all of the other buds in the tree who have responded so kindly. I am always hesitant to post. The geopolitical issues involving North Korea are confusing sometimes, as well as the mind and behaviors of our President. Sundance helps to dissect the issues in ways I can better understand and I am truly grateful… I have a tendency to think with my emotions first and nuclear war is frightening. I felt relief when I finished the column… 😌
        You treepers are the best!

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    Our President made it very clear to President Xi today that he is going to lay down the gauntlet tomorrow when he gives his speech at the UN. The one country he will emphasize in his speech is China since 90% of all trade with NK comes from China. He also told Xi that you have two months to have this issue resolved and on its way to a conclusion that will be completely beneficial to us and our allies in the region. If that isn’t the case, he will NOT visit China when he comes for his 10 day tour in November. He may have told him that rather than coming to China, he will visit his friend Modi in India instead.

    From the article linked above:

    President Trump spoke Monday with President Xi Jinping of China about increasing pressure on North Korea, which continues to menace the world with its nuclear weapons and missile programs.

    “The two leaders committed to maximizing pressure on North Korea through vigorous enforcement of United Nations Security Council resolutions,” the White House said in a statement.

    Mr. Trump made the phone call while attending his first United Nations General Assembly, where building international unity to confront the nuclear threat from North Korea tops his agenda.

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  8. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Yup. As I stated in a tweet, “Not one bomb on Korea until we’ve bankrupted China.”

    Of course, if Rocket Man tries to get that out of order, the gnat may become a little greasy spot. And THEN we bankrupt China.

    The ChiComs read Skousen’s warning against “funding communism”. But so did Trump. To the globalist dupes, the Trump Doctrine looks like magic, but it’s really just realpolitik in an age where so much communist garbage has been accepted by the wonk class, “realpolitik” is everything but realistic. SO much “inevitability propaganda” taken as gospel by people afraid to challenge Marxist-tainted wonk orthodoxy.

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  9. Summer says:

    I wonder what happens if the insane Fat Man continues his rocket launches despite all these sanctions and clever diplomatic efforts. I don’t trust China; I think they will keep supplying Kim with everything he needs under the radar.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      If diplomacy fails then NK goes boom. A bit of “Fire and Fury” will descend upon that tiny little country like a giant fly swatter.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      It will happen, but it’s an unwinnable situation for China. Once one treats China’s “Nork gun” as China’s responsibility for good or bad, the limit of the infinite series of provocations is clearly seen as “China starts WWIII by attacking America”. Well, that’s exactly the same risk we have always had. If it happens, justice happens.

      China can set the gun down and back away, and the gun gets all nice and unloaded – or they try some perp trick and pay for it. The deal is, Trump is no dupe. He’s fully ready for the perp trick.

      Treat Korea as a province of China, as SD says, and it’s clear. China is arming China. WOOOOO, SCARY. Of course China is arming China, and if China attacks America, KABOOM. Exactly what would have happened if the East Bloc attacked America or Western Europe. Would Russia have skated? NO. WAY. Same here. ChiComs do NOT skate on whatever THEIR Norks do.

      The LIES were all the globalist BS between Reagan and Trump. That stuff is rapidly losing value in the marketplace of politics, because it never HAD real value. It was communist monopoly money. Norks are a shell game that was shilled to us by the Americommies.

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      • Brilliance abounds at the Treehouse! MAGA!!….oh, yeah, include in chapter 😉

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      • Summer says:

        Right. The question, however, is do I really want “justice happened” if that means my hometown nuked and my grandchildren dead in the process of delivering “justice” to China?
        It does not matter who starts the nuclear WWIII because there will be no winners to write their version of History.

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        • Alison says:

          What’s your point?

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        • lumoc1 says:

          There may not be winners, but logic tells me that certainly there will be different size losers. And, given a choice, I it is better to be the smaller loser.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          You don’t get to decide if WWIII starts. China gets to decide that. They can start WWIII whenever they want. So can Kim, acting on their behalf.

          The only thing we can do is NOT start it OURSELVES, and I personally think that’s a great idea. I also think Trump’s not going to start it, either. But remember – Trump doesn’t subscribe to the idiot leftist idea that “words are violence”. Violence is violence. And if Kim steps in dog doo by committing violence, he steps in dog doo.

          Kim is flashing his gun, shooting over the neighbor’s house – he’s toying with us. China is egging him on, buying his ammo and paying his bills, but pretending they can’t do anything.

          What happens after Kim oversteps?

          Whatever Trump wants to do, at the time of his choosing.

          What happens when China gets caught helping the Norks?

          Whatever Trump wants to do, at the time of his choosing.

          I love the power of that uncertainty. Much better than an Obama red line.

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    • Victor Laszlo says:

      My thoughts exactly. What else can PT do to china, that won’t hurt US businesses to badly?


      • Victor Laszlo says:

        “too” lol

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      • I don’t believe it will hurt US business in the long-haul. There may be a lull in that some business will react to re-source slower than others, but this will be the fault of those businesses,

        When I was playing with eBay, it surprised me that I could source my products just as cheaply out of Bali as I could China–There are many businesses around the world that would just love to supply Walmart and Cosco.

        Also, the smart ones are already on this. Apple recently announced that they are tooling up in India to produce the iphone. Plus, it would not bother me one iota to pay a buck or three more for a product made in America.

        If China wants to bite the hand that feeds it, I say let the chips fall where they will…..

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  10. n1ghtcr4wler says:

    the oil import sanctions are a farce. China hasn’t released the numbers since 2013 so there is no way to enforce the limit. plus China is building a nuclear submarine in North Korea that can avoid the missile defense screen


  11. ALEX says:

    I look at the Rocket Man situation two ways and it seems to line up with the President. The economic leverage which is really a back doorway into what most of us wanted to do with our economic relationship anyways and it will be easy to use this situation to spotlight the fact these international accords haven’t stopped Rocket Man and his gang one bit in twenty years…

    Sundance has been on the ball BIGLY in all of this. There was a point in time that wouldn’t have been as rare in the media, but the hatred of our President has turned the vast majority of media into an endless loop of ‘The View’…Nicely done on all this…

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    • That hatred, I think, has been a big favor. It is easier to get stuff done if the world isn’t watching and criticizing your every move. Also, Melania helps a lot with this by drawing tons of commentary and scrutiny on her international attire.

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  12. Remember Candidate Trump saying “I am so good at this” in his request to us Deplorables to elect him President so he could show us how a master does it and how we will ALL benefit.

    God bless President Trump, masterful indeed, we will never see anything like it! We are so blessed!

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  13. This song explains President Trump and SD to a tee, helping others, always there for everyone…

    …however brothers, never forget WE Treepers have got your six too! Call out and it is done for y’all!
    We love y’all, and as duchess01 says, God Bless y’all Real Good!

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  14. indiamaria2020 says:

    Folks often criticize President Trump for mentioning crowd size; mentioning his donations such as the Million Bucks to Vets or to Harvey Relief. He does this because of lack of Media coverage of actual events. Instead “the press” concentrates on Lies and Fakery. So he is his own Press Coverage so to speak. But honestly, he distinguished himself during the campaign from the “All Talk, No Action” politicians. Trump is, in fact, our “All Action, No Talk” Leader.

    Thanks Sundance for the BEST analysis ANYWHERE.

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      • pattyloo says:

        Those who criticize him for mentioning his own accomplishments (or donations or how many people come to his events) really and truly are just jealous of the fact that he can do these things (and they can’t).

        They’re angry when he brings them up because they foolishly believe that by not covering them, that no one knows about them. Like how they would never show the size of crowds at Trump rallies. But, then when it’s a Hillary event, they use tricks to make the crowd seem larger.

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  15. SpanglishKC says:


    They use North Korea as a pawn for their self interests and as always when communists and socialists have absolute power LIFE HAS NO VALUE. It’s ALWAYS the powerless, the poor or middle class that suffers and they are greatest in numbers!!!

    IF, BIG IF… the NoKo peoples ever come out from the tyranny of the Chinese and Rocket Boy and the world gets to see what has happened to that part of the peninsula I have a feeling it will be a horror show on so many levels. From how the people live, to the environment, water quality, air quality (how the hell do Climate Changers support communism is unforgivable), nutrition, housing, plumbing and on and on…

    His Excellency is fighting EVIL, CORRUPTION, GREED on a scale that frankly is too hard to grasp truly. Pray that he has the ‘full armor of God”

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  16. MVW says:

    ” If POTUS Trump was tipping the scales toward a military option, he wouldn’t be dismissively using the term ‘Rocket Man’. ”

    This is the key, along with the assertion that Trump does not use the military to do what economics will do. Sorry McCain, etc.

    Xi does have enough of congress bought and paid for (like the corner madame, just a matter of $ and anyone can dance). Dunno what Trump can accomplish. I’ll wait and see what happens, these are not American patriots we elected, they are madams of the night (my opinion based on the industry of Lobbying).

    I put my bet money on Trump.

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  17. Trump: Look XI, I really like you but I’m the leader of America and I have to get America back on track.
    Xi: I understand just as I am the leader of China, I have to place China first.
    Trump: We understand each other and I have respect for you. However, tomorrow I’m going to take China down in a speech. Nothing against you but I’m gonna kick some butt.
    Xi: As long as you understand I’m going to respond in kind.
    Trump: Great no problem, I can handle it. But Xi, as much as I like you, be prepared. I WILL make America great again even if I have to take China out economically.
    Xi: I know, it’s what I’m afraid of.
    Trump: Sorry Xi, I’ll only do it if I have to. Like I said, I really like you but America comes first.

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  18. magagirl says:

    Honey Badger! Great description! It makes me laugh because we watched a documentary about this smart creatures. Nothing can stop them when they want to do something, and if you put them in a trap, they will outsmart you and scape succesfully.

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  19. TwoLaine says:

    We can say these things because we are the biggest and the best. We always have been, yet we have apologized for it, let people walk all over us and take advantage of us. The U.N., NATO, the Paris Climate Agreement, NAFTA, ObamaCare, the stupid IRAN deal. That’s our grandkids money they all pissed away. They pissed away ours long ago.

    Watching President TRUMP at the U.N. today took it to a whole new level. Here’s a guy who once offered his considerable services, for free, to the U.N., to save them and especially the U.S. taxpayers mucho dinero. They refused, and stuck us with a bill much worse anyway. Now he’s back, as the President of the USA, and tells them, either reform or we won’t support you anymore. BOOM! They are reforming. Just like NATO. Just like everyone else…



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  20. AZRoadRunner says:

    As president, Trump is pure genius. I haven’t yet completely decided if the MSM realizes this but pounds away unmercifully on him anyway, or they’re so blinded by their political and ideological biases that they believe they’re pursuing a noble agenda by punishing Trump on a daily basis. Either way, it’s inexcusable. Anyway, I spent about 30 years in the Foreign Service, which included many years overseas. Many Americans (liberals and the MSM for certain), have a weak understanding, if any true understanding at all, of the actual complexities and nuances involved with foreign relations. Trump, because of his business dealings, seems to have those complexities down pat. Unlike Obama — who was horrifying at foreign affairs — Trump “gets it”.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      My vote is “blinded.”

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    • pattyloo says:

      I don’t think (most of) the press as well as most liberals have a clue how masterful PDJT is handling all of these situations. They are fed a steady diet of anti-Trump BS and they have no incentive to question it. I’m sure there is much dis-incentive, in fact, as evidenced by the lady on the View who was just fired (or forced to resign?) today over basic interview questions she asked Hillary on the show.

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  21. Everyone Treeper SEDANKA has checked in over at SD’s update thread!!!!!
    to God be the Glory!!

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  22. frank field says:

    Watched Lighthizer on CSPAN today. OMG. My love for our beloved Trump and Sundance and this site grows. So thankful… Eyes more open.

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  23. Blaze says:

    Hey Xi!….remember your trip to Florida?…..yep that would be the trip when Trump took out that Syrian military base while you were sound asleep. Think about it.

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  24. scott467 says:

    If POTUS Trump was tipping the scales toward a military option, he wouldn’t be dismissively using the term “Rocket Man”. [Rocket Man = Gnat]


    Hmmm…. I thought it was a reference to William Shatner’s 1978 rendition of Elton John’s song Rocket Man 🙂

    Introduced by co-writer Bernie Taupin, beginning at about the 30 second mark. If you’ve never seen Captain Kirk sing Elton John, well, this is your big day:

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  25. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Even as late as 2011, people thought it was just thick skin. NO! It’s molecular! Honey badgers are venom-resistant!!!

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  26. Ogzy says:

    Honey badger attacking six(!) lions

    15 most aggressive animals
    Honey badger #2 number, but considered emblematic fierceness.

    Porcupine meets honey badger

    Houdini honey badger, super smart!


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  27. MrE says:

    General Honey Badger and his army of Wolverines. I love it.

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  28. omyword says:

    I’ve ….. been a studying on this here, NoKo sit-eation. Now, we know that Noko and Iran are in cahoots. I am thinking, that China has scaled back on its economic dealings with the fat boy. This is for public consumption. So, he deals with Iran. Maybe some of this rocketry and Nuke testing is for Iran. Pay check being such as it is. Not saying he isn’t doing this for himself, he is. Iran is giving him tech to test and as a payoff, allows him to build his own stuff. By themselves, it would take a lot longer to overcome the technical issues, but together, with maybe a little bit here from others, such as the guys who use to make the ICBM’s for Russia, in Ukraine. Just the technical specs being leaked to NoKo. This rabbit hole is deeper than Just China. China and Russia are allowing NoKo and Iran to work together. Its maybe in their geo-political interests for that to happen. Trying to put POTUS in a box, to surround him as it were. This tells me they are flailing about and are playing a dangerous game. A snake will bite the hand that feeds it. Better to get along with the Lion than try and pet a serpent.


  29. A2 says:

    The focus of President’s speech tomorrow are being leaked (purposely) and are now spreading through the domestic and international press. To wit, the UN must confront North Korea and Iran or risk being ‘bystanders in history’.

    An article, timed perfectly in the Chosunilbo, “Chinese Firm Smuggles Missile Parts to N.Korea”

    “A private Chinese firm smuggled materials needed to develop missiles to North Korea sometime in April, the Asahi Shimbun reported Monday.

    Camouflaged as materials for expressway construction, “high-grade tungsten and aluminum alloy was sent by the Chinese company to North Korea’s central science, technology and trade company,” the Japanese daily added.
    The smuggled materials were sent by ship.
    “It is possible that Chinese government officials turned a blind eye to the transaction,” the daily quoted a source as saying.”

    “According to a South Korean defense expert who tracks trends in North Korea, a dozen or so companies in China have cooperated with North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile development through trade links.”

    Read more:

    Many policy papers from various research/think tanks have been floating (for quite awhile) that India and Japan should strengthen their alliance as to bookend China economically and geopolitically. India, Japan and the US are scheduled to meet at a special sidebar meeting at the UN.

    Japan’s PM Abe’s speech at the Russian Vladivostok EEF meeting has been translated (into English) and posted on the gov website.

    (Abe must have had a bit of Trumpism rub off on him. Parts of the speech are very funny, as in Pres Trump’s ‘rocket man’ comment)

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  30. NAV says:

    “how international community are evaluating the administration”

    Who gives a rat’s about the “international community” at the UN, they are either international socialists or corrupt 3rd world scum.

    Best PTrump doesn’t waste his valuable time talking to people who hate him.


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