Reminder: Just How Close Was The 2014 Amnesty Vote? – Here’s The Back Story…

With the revocation of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), ie ‘amnesty’ in the headlines, it might be worthwhile to remind ourselves of 2014 and how close the previous amnesty vote was.

The entire DC leadership apparatus of both republicans and democrats support amnesty for illegal aliens.  They have been paid to deliver this outcome.  In the legislative system the corporations and lobbyists have constructed, it genuinely doesn’t matter what voters think.

A very insightful PBS documentary “The Immigration Battle” lays out exactly what took place during the 2013/2014 legislative time frame. If you have not watched the documentary I would strongly recommend you do so, it is profoundly enlightening.

The documentary walks you through a timeline explaining exactly who was doing what at the times discussed.

Here’s the trailer:

Watch Full Documentary – HERE

After the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform bill, the activity shifted to the House of Representatives. Paul Ryan was part of the team supporting passage.

Eventually, against ever increasing pressure from President Obama’s bully pulpit, it came to a moment in the House (June 2014) where Speaker John Boehner was going to take up a vote on the Senate Bill.

Speaker Boehner, Paul Ryan and a few other close insiders had been holding secret meetings discussing support for the bill. On Friday June 6th 2014 Boehner recognized there was now enough support for passage – he also knew it was going to be controversial.

Boehner - Cantor- McCarthy - House-GOP-leaders-

Boehner asked Kevin McCarthy (House Majority Whip) to whip the vote and get a confirmed vote count on Monday June 9th 2014. Unbeknownst to both GOP and DEM rank-and-file membership Boehner, Ryan and Eric Cantor already knew they had the votes for passage – the request to McCarthy was merely to confirm.

Speaker John Boehner was planning to schedule the vote for Thursday June 12th or Friday June 13th the consideration on either date circled around political benefit through the media: Was it better to celebrate, if so Thursday -or- was it better to pass and get out of dodge, if so Friday.

So the GOP House Members were officially whipped on Monday June 9th. The results confirmed what John Boehner and Paul Ryan already knew – They had enough votes to pass it.

On Tuesday June 10th Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor (Majority Leader) and Kevin McCarthy (Majority Whip) had lunch together discussing timing the vote Thursday night or Friday Morning.

However, later that same night the results from the 2014 Virginia primary showed an unknown conservative outsider, Dave Brat, had defeated (primaried) Eric Cantor. At 7:00pm Tuesday night the first word went out that Cantor had lost.

cantor vs bratBoehner, McCarthy and Cantor were STUNNED beyond belief.

The next day, Wednesday June 11th, the House of Representatives was also in a state of shock – Almost the entire reason for the defeat was the controversial immigration position of Cantor.

Immediately panicked GOP congress critters were calling Kevin McCarthy and revoking their previous (2 days earlier) positions of support for the bill. By lunchtime Wednesday June 11th it was obvious the Immigration Bill was NOW DEAD in the House.

That’s how close it was. Literally within hours of a vote for passage.

Amnesty didn’t die because of Senator Ted Cruz or anything he did or didn’t do. The gang of eight bill had already passed the senate.

Amnesty died exclusively because candidate Dave Brat beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Period.

Dave Brat

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232 Responses to Reminder: Just How Close Was The 2014 Amnesty Vote? – Here’s The Back Story…

  1. jeans2nd says:

    Let us not forget the Dream Act, which also never made it through Congress.
    “Since the last vote on the Dream Act in 2010, even Republicans who voted against it then, such as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), have endorsed the idea.”


    Thank you Dave Bratt and the fine voters of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Tea is on us tonight. Love, Ohio

    Your Democrat constituents are blaming this on you, Paul Ryan, which is fine with us. Those Democrats are also with us on the economy and China. Sucks to be you, huh Paul Ryan?
    Brattwurst for dinner? With tea, of course.

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  2. Harleyd says:

    Some form of amnesty is baked into the cake. PDJT has repeatedly and publicly softened his “feelings” for those in this country courtesy of DACA. He has gone on at length about not wanting to uproot them. This is a change in his stance vs. earlier in the campaign.

    I believe the GOPe will craft a Democrat supported “conditional amnesty” and describe it as a “compassionate compromise”. They will quote our President’s feelings in support of this.

    There is no way PDJT will veto a cleverly crafted conditional amnesty bill that deals with the current 800,000 DACA’s in the country. We can deport the criminals and others out of compliance withe DACA regulations, but those who have clean records aren’t going anywhere. Just wait for the commercials showing DACA’s in medical school, the armed forces, teaching, doing volunteer work, etc. The shame game will be intense.

    The best we can hope for is that the DACA door will be shut going forward after conditional amnesty is approved. So much for the Big Ugly. If PDJT signs the legislation, he will own it.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      If we do any type of amnesty America will eat it even worse than we are now.
      First off Illegals are notorious liars, so how many of them will tell the truth will it comes down to being deported or staying. It has already been revealed by many of the DACAs deportees who have been screaming to the media that many lied on their applications. Do you really think that they will be truthful about when they actually came into the states, their past jobs(especially ones under other names), prior deportation orders, prior criminal history. and ??? (the list of the lies they will probably tell and reasons is just too long)
      Secondly the legal expense of the Illegals will be horrendous on the American Taxpayers. Do you think the Illegals will pay for the legal costs needed to do the paper work. Pay for the fines for past infractions will most likely be waved because we can’t expect the financially poor illegals to pay.
      I have a post I saved from someone who broke down the gang of eights bill. I will look for it, for it says so much I can’t.

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      • So true, kin. I heard a sob story in a college auditorium being used for a US Senator appearance. Her story didn’t hang together AT ALL. This is not the first example I have heard either. Not sure it is a lie, though. Many recent arrivals (20 yrs or less) seem to have issues with time and sequence of events.

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  3. kinthenorthwest says:

    Reminder of Obama’s promises and words to the voters of Illinois

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    This is why the concept of Cantoring is so important. Every two years we have an opportunity to Drain The Swamp.

    We owe Brat voters a debt of gratitude.

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    • Laronda says:

      Totally. Thank you Dave Brat!!

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    • Judith says:

      “Cantor” the all senate “majority” republicans who voted to block President Trump from making crucial recess appointments during their August break. Oops, that would mean primary all of them, because a unanimous consensus was necessary to block Trump’s MAGA initiatives, and not one of them stood with Trump. Not a one.


  5. dj says:

    They are all traitors to the American people…

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  6. Gadsen says:

    I have put my money where my mouth is for Roy Moore and Kelli Ward to start with. Drain the Swamp

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  7. 4430lacey says:

    I can’t stop laughing, Congress says we will fix immigration and Trump says “here” you got 6 months, haha.
    Are the Democrats going to help? What does this say about getting Trump’s agenda passed?
    Where is the money coming from to support immigration reform, who is going to pay for it? Seemimgly all the questions asked about tax cuts, paying for the wall, etc fall by the wayside

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  8. SafeSpace says:

    “GOP was stunned by Dave Brat’s victory” …. kinda like they were stunned by Donald Trump’s victory. Hey, youse UniParty jackwagons: Keep taking us maggot voters for granted, and you will be “stunned” time and time again. HA.

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  9. SteveC says:

    This is why Dave Bratt always gets a check from me.
    The other thing to remember is that Bratt’s election was the catalyst for the GOPe losing their cover (and their minds!) when they started pulling all the BS tricks out to stop the electorate’s wishes.. Thad Cochran being a notable example. It suddenly became clear to me why they had not been welcoming to the Tea Party.

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  10. annieoakley says:

    I made it a few minutes into the PBS video. PBS is a disgrace. My father was in Vietnam when I was 10. Cry me a river.

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  11. keebler AC ovfefe says:

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  12. Ditch Mitch says:

    Fascinating! “Missed it by thaat much”.


    • fleporeblog says:

      Thank you SD! I wrote this earlier today:

      For those Treepers that are concerned that Congress will push an Amnesty Bill across the finish line for the Dreamers, don’t be. It will never happen in a million years. The House will stop it. There are only 12 House Republicans that would vote with the Democrats for such a bill. They would need an additional 12 to get to 218. The House remembers what happened to Eric Cantor who was going to get the Gang of 8 bill passed. They are up for reelection every two years.

      The six month window was an incredible move by our President! The topic will disappear by Friday. Allowing the focus to remain on the Debt Ceiling, the Fiscal Year Budget Bill, Tax Reform and my belief that the Graham/Cassidy Repeal and Replace Bill that gets done by the end of September. They don’t have the excuse of the poor illegals to get in the way.

      Those Rhinos 🦏 and Democrats from the 10 states our President won who are up for reelection in 2018 are screwed! The six month window puts the Rhinos in the crosshairs of their primary. Heller and Flake are on record defending DACA. It also takes away any chance Democrats had to run on the economy because now they have to talk about DACA and Amnesty.

      There is also the MOAB of all MOABs that our President will campaign on in those 10 states. The two bills that none of them can defend which is Kate’s Law and Sanctuary Cities Bill. Our President will lump the THREE together and have the Angel moms and dads with him at every rally. They are DEAD 💀 and the best part is they know it!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        This is what I am talking about in my final paragraph:


      • fleporeblog says:

        Here is why I am so confident in the House.

        From the article linked above:

        Only six of the 242 House GOP legislators signed an August 22 letter urging President Donald Trump to preserve former President Barack Obama’s DACA amnesty for 800,000 illegal immigrants.

        The unpopularity of the 2012 DACA amnesty was underlined by the fact that only six GOP legislators signed the letter, despite the top-level cheering for the DACA amnesty by Zuckerberg’s group and by other business-funded operations.

        The six legislators who signed the letter are New York Rep. Daniel Donovan, California Rep. David Valadao, Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon, Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo, California Rep. Jeff Denham and Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Press aides for the members declined to comment when asked by Breitbart News.

        The low number of open supporters “demonstrates that there is a clear consensus within the President’s party that DACA should be terminated,” said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. “The president should focus honoring the promises and pledges he made to the American public during his campaign,” he added.

        Trump has the advantage, Mehlman said, in part because Democrats are under great pressure to preserve the DACA amnesty. “Just the mere rumor that [DACA] repeal is in the works … sent the Democrats leadership apoplectic,” he said. Trump “has to start holding them publicly accountable” for their unpopular pro-immigration policies, he added.

        Multiple business groups admit that Trump’s popular RAISE Act immigration and economic reform would raise Americans’ salaries.

        Many polls show that Americans are very generous, they do welcome individual immigrants, and they do want to like the idea of immigration. But the polls also show that most Americans are increasingly worried that large-scale legal immigration will change their country and disadvantage themselves and their children. Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” policies are also extremely popular, including among Democratic-leaning voters.


        • Azrajo says:

          You can add Liberal Arizona congress woman Martha McSally to the list supporting DACA. She came out with a statement that it was the congress who should decide not the President. I wonder where she was when Obama made the directive .

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    • Payday says:

      I watched the whole 2 hours. Very informative.


      • Maggie says:

        I agree, Payday.
        Should be ‘bookmarked’, for future reminders of what a great achievement PDJT made in getting the nomination and winning the election. You see the swamp creatures up close and it aint pretty.
        The local meeting Mick Mulvaney had in S.Carolina with his supporters was an eye opener
        for me – his proposal for increasing the GOP votes in the future was to pander to every identity group known to man except the US worker..
        People should pray daily that nothing happens to your president.


  13. Ditch Mitch says:

    The timeline of important event always seem to have a key event that has an effect on the outcome (most always in a good way). In this case the resounding primary defeat of Eric. Divine intervention?
    Now I have to see the documentary


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