Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Drafting New North Korea Sanctions…

And keep in mind, regardless of how severe the sanctions are that Treasury Secretary Mnuching might draw up, China and Russia are essentially bound to agree to them or face the dropping of the panda mask, and STILL get more economic sanctions from the U.S.

It’s like China can’t just catch a break.  The more they dig, the deeper they get,..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said on Sunday that he would put together a package of new sanctions to potentially cut off all trade with North Korea after Pyongyang conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.

Speaking on Fox News, Mnuchin said he would ask U.S. President Donald Trump to strongly consider cutting off all trade with new sanctions.

“If countries want to do business with the United States, they obviously will be working with our allies and others to cut off North Korea economically,” he said.  (read more)

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66 Responses to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Drafting New North Korea Sanctions…

  1. FofBW says:

    Love the surprised Panda!

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  2. Bob says:

    Unfortunately, the population suffers, not the lunatic. Don’t we have some good Special Operators that can take him out?


    • indiamaria2020 says:

      The population is already suffering. Why always reflex “let’s go kill somebody”? Bloodless economic warfare is working stupendously. Why go get our AMERICAN guys killed simply because we want a pound of a^^?

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    • AM says:

      Yes, agreed with IndiaMaria2020. The populace is already suffering. It will be even worse for a while but the best outcome is backing down without bloodshed. The economic sanctions might be enough to take out what is now a paper regime entirely dependent on China.

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      • You are so right AM.

        As much as we wish we could solve all the worlds problems , we can not do it.

        We can make life a little easier for the people in our own neighborhood and others around us but not the whole world.

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        • thluckyone says:

          Chloe, I think you realize that a strong, secure, prosperous USA will be a blessing to the WHOLE world. Agree with you that we can’t solve all of everyone’s problems but when we are stronger – I PROMISE you – you will see an outpouring of generosity and blessing from the USA the like of which this world has never imagined.

          It’s already happening but just watch. We’re in the right place to see it all. We are SO blessed and WE – us Treepers – and our beloved Sundance and team – are gonna be a major part of the blessing to others! THANK YOU for being here!

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    • mimbler says:

      That’s what I think about Bob, but I’ve read we know less about the internals of NK than any other country. A totally closed society to us makes clandestine ops nearly impossible.

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    • chbailey says:

      imo, each citizen is uniquely born in a particular spot for a reason so I could make what I think is a good case for citizens of a country having the responsibility to fix their own country…but right now – I think – there are three US citizens in detention in NK and I do not forget the most current loss of our fellow citizen, Otto Warmbier…. and I want the three others back.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      Let the Chinese do it. No one will even question it.

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  3. Mr. Panda, enjoy those noodles while ya got’em. We’re coming for those too…

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  4. Chinese just got an #unfortunecookie from The Donald.

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  5. andyocoregon says:

    Cutting back on trade with China is a great way to get their attention. Otherwise, they’ll continue to give us lip service as they increase their trade with NoKo.

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  6. sundance says:

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  7. treehouseron says:

    Keep in mind President Trump has frequently said n Korea only understands 1 thing…. but he’s never said what the one thing is. People just assume it’s military….

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  8. Niagara Frontier says:

    I would also hope the Department of State is doing an immediate inventory of all Chinese nationals with temporary visas to visit/study/work in the U.S. It’s time for an early review of their status.

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  9. LafnH2O says:

    The bad Panda needs to revisit the…
    1st rule of holes. Imho
    When you find yourself in one…
    Stop digging!

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  10. signer1 says:

    As we have learned here, Trump does have the strategic advantage, rverywhere. China believes it has us at a disadvantage with India’s devastation from the monsoon and our Hurricane Harvey disasters. Do they?

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  11. Magaboy says:

    Declaring China Bank a money launderer would kill china trade world wide. US has great leverage to force china to deal with NK.

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      Suspend their “Most Favored Nation” trade status first. Quick, easy, and it hits them where it matters most, in the wallet.


  12. Kjf says:

    So when we were kids digging a hole in the back yard, we said we were digging to china. Where do the Chinese say they are digging?

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  13. sundance says:

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    • thluckyone says:

      Wait! Wha….??? Japan and … RUSSIA? agreeing with USA to cooperate…. over ANYTHING? Sundance, sometimes I think you do this stuff on PURPOSE! LOL! How did you get Reuters to issue that statement? I mean, Russia? and JAPAN??? OH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH! (Laffing too hard to keep typing…)

      So, let me get this straight. In natural disasters, President Donald J Trump pulls together coalitions of communities, agencies, races, cultures, Military and LEO resources to take care of EVERYONE and get the job done – is that what you’re sayin’? Okay, I sorta get that.

      Then, against the threat of a nightmarish, could-be, EL esSTUPIDO – man-made cataclypse, His EXCELLENCY, EL PRESIDENTE, the god-EMPEROR, Donald J. (freaking) TRUMP brings former ENEMIES together for yet ANOTHER of his “coalitions” and gets (wait for it) AGREEMENT for cooperation? No, can’t be.

      No, no. Next you’re gonna be telling me that this “President Trump” is gonna get the World Bank, the IMF, the major Commercial and Investment financial orgs AND the Build-a-Burgers AND the Rothchilds AND the Free-Masons AND the Knights Templar AND the Daughters of the American Revolution to come together in “cooperation” to CUT OFF ALL TRADE & FUNDING to little fat Kimmie so he can’t build any more of his toxic fart-blossoms. And you expect me to BELIEVE THAT?

      There’s not that much cooperation in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! IT CAN’T BE! NEXT, you’re gonna be telling me that President Trump is gonna LASSO, Rope and RIDE Hurricane Irma and tame her while Melania laughs and you and your TREEPERS hoot and cheer while Disastah-Killah DON wrassles Irma into a gentle fall-rain and pats her on the fanny and sends her off to water various parched, drought-hit regions of the American bread-basket… AT HIS COMMAND (Over there, darlin’. yes, that’s right.)!!! no, I mean: !!!!!

      Seriously, Sundance – I’m in awe. Thank you for your incredible perspective on ALL things political and of human interest. Thank you for the privilege of this so-very lovable community (collaboration? COLLUSION?) that you’ve gathered and that you so graciously share.

      Do you really think President Trump is gonna lasso that storm?

      LOL! MAGA!!!

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  14. Alison says:

    Mnuchin forcing a Bigly Panda Pout.

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  15. HM says:

    President Trump’s myopic predecessors sure left him a dangerous mess in North Korea. CTH has been spot on about the Panda–Red Dragon China charade. They are obviously playing both sides to their advantage and it’s long past time to call them out on it. Without China’s economic, technical and material support, crazy Kim would not be playing the role of Nuclear Madman to the world that he seems to relish.
    It’s also obvious that this despicable leader and his Red Dragon cohorts will not quit this insanity unless they are forced to quit. Whether all out sanctions will do it or not is yet to be determined but at least it will be a last chance to shut down this reckless fool before the horrors of war are unleashed. When the missile over Japan caused no major outcries, Kim was emboldened. It’s time to implement a total shutdown of all trade and other business with any country that trades or deals with that dangerous regime in any way. Rex Tillerson’s touchy feely diplomacy charade is a futile and silly diversion from the reality of what needs to be done.
    This latest suggestion, if implemented will prove just how evil and pernicious the Red Dragon really is if it continues to help and allow their demented puppet to play childish and destructive thermonuclear games with the world. They have overplayed their hand and the world could suffer terribly for their folly.

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  16. Mike diamond says:

    I hope fat boy Kim Jung evil dude is taken out ! Soon!

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  17. mj_inOC says:

    President Trump’s granddaughter singing in Mandarin at Mar-a-Lago was a sweet, strategic, dichotomy …

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  18. NJF says:

    Thanks for all the updates SD. It’s really difficult keeping up!

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  19. bluegirl says:

    Thanks Sundance and God bless you and all your Treepers!!! Another day you have kept me calm and informed. Really appreciate all you do!!!!!!!

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  20. Meatzilla says:

    If Xi Jinping digs hard enough for long enough – he just might make it to China.

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  21. Plato says:

    Sigh, all Kimbo wants is a Macca’s franchise and asylum in a Chinese resort town.
    As with much of the UniParty, the US Chamber of Commerce can own this boy with ease

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  22. trapper says:

    China has never had to deal with Americans like this Trump team. These aren’t some American middle management corporate execs getting their pockets picked clean on a business trip to Peking. The New York deal team has taken over. I love watching these guys work.

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  23. nimrodman says:

    Looks like Mnuchin’s got some heads to cut back at Treasury once he gets a breather from international issues:

    “Hardest Hit Fund” to Help Struggling Homeowners Spent Millions on Parties, Bonuses, Cars

    Presumably the abuses took place mainly under the Obama admin, though who knows if they’ve been curtailed if the same fraudsters are still warming seats in the Treasury workforce.

    More Deep State to root out.

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  24. Time for a President Trump’s BIG UGLY Announcements on China and its trading accomplices for aiding and abetting North Korea:

    The Trump Administration is DECLARING a NATIONAL STATE of EMERGENCY, recognizing that America can no longer depend upon our massive imports from China and will immediately develop a “MARSHALL PLAN for AMERICA” to
    • (1) restore American manufacturing and industrial capacity and
    • (2) secure our technology and defense secrets.

    Over the next 24 MONTHS, we will eliminate America’s dependencies on these imports and our exposure to threats from China’s surrogate North Korea.

    The Trump Administration will also immediately begin INVESTIGATIONS of those who have helped create these NATIONAL SECURITY THREATS. We will IDENTIFY and SANCTION corporations and nongovernmental agencies that have encouraged and expanded the critical trade dependencies that America must eliminate, that have exposed our country to China’s theft of our intellectual property and that have created opportunities to infiltrate our critical infrastructure.
    • [Globalists and your lobbyists whose kickback legislative actions have endangered our country, we’re coming after you.]
    • [Members of Congress who’ve been bought and paid for, you’ve got ZERO time left to become an all-in part of the solution or resign and turn states’ evidence.

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  25. jojo says:

    The BIG Ugly is coming to you soon. Get a well stocked supply of popcorn for this one.


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