President Trump Attends Flood Briefing in Corpus Christi, Texas…

President Trump and Melania Trump attend a briefing in Corpus Christi Texas to show their support and learn more about ongoing Hurricane Harvey flood efforts.

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27 Responses to President Trump Attends Flood Briefing in Corpus Christi, Texas…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    These are my two favorite men in all of politics! Governor Abbott is the best Governor out of every other Governor today in the US. Under his stewardship, the state of Texas has taken the MAGA motto and has completely run with it!

    3.9% GDP for the 1st quarter. The 2nd closest state was WV at 3% GDP. AG Paxton has been right by our President’s side in joining the DOJ in its fight to have the travel ban imposed. He is also spearheading the effort to eliminate DACA once and for all. The drop dead date is next Tuesday, September 5th when he as well as nine other AGs go back to the Executioner’s Courtroom (Judge Hanen) to have DACA ruled unconstitutional.

    SB4 takes effect on September 1st! Illegal aliens are screwed and large numbers have fled the state because their days are numbered.

    I have said and will continue to say that Governor Abbott would be my first choice to replace our Lion in 2025 to carry TRUMPISM forward for another 8 years!

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  2. Florida Playboy says:

    Can’t get any better.

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  3. fedback says:

    President Trump thanks first responders

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    • missmarple2 says:


      Thanks for posting that! That weasel Doucey kid TOLD us about the speech by the firetrucks but they never showed it. I gave up on Fox and turned it off.

      I knew someone here would find it and post it! Thanks again!

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  4. Johnny Bravo says:

    Wow Melanie is soooo coool

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  5. Bob Thoms says:

    Gov. Abbott is great. He easily beat Wendy Davis – favorite of Hollywood, The DNC and the Left… wasn’t even close.

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  6. Pam says:

    Gov Abbott has shown excellent leadership during this catastrophe and of course the same can be said of POUTS. It was very heartwarming at the end of that video seeing the crowd lined up outside to welcome POTUS & FLOUS.

    May God bless Texas.

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  7. MIKE says:

    President Trump is too hot to handle !

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  8. TONYA PARNELL says:

    TRUMP 2020

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  9. Good strong common sense leadership all around. No sane level headed person could ask for more.


  10. Did Obama ever do something like this? Actually sit down and be briefed by the people doing the work? Somehow, I doubt it.

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