Robert Mueller Probing Flynn-Turkey Financial Lobbying Arrangements…

Here’s one angle to the Robert Mueller investigation that was entirely predictable.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now seeking documents from the White House on Michael Flynn and his personal arrangement to lobby for Turkey during the 2016 election.  Specifically they are looking into the financial aspects and whether Flynn masked the lobbying payments made to him.

Before getting to the crux of the issue, CTH must remind everyone that back in November of 2016 when we first discovered (During the Transition) the possibility that Flynn was under consideration for ODNI or National Security Adviser role – WE WARNED this was going to be an issue – SEE HERE November 17th, 2016.

We knew even before the election this could be a problem.  As far as we could surmise at the time – the Trump Campaign and subsequent President-Elect transition team, had no idea that campaign advocate and campaign adviser Michael Flynn was also being paid to lobby in DC on behalf of the government of Turkey, and Recep Erdogan.

The entire Flynn lobbying arrangement was beyond sketchy.  Before the election Flynn penned an op-ed advocating heavily for Recep Erdogan –SEE HERE–  The content was entirely disconnected from the assembled foreign policy outlook of Candidate Donald Trump. The Flynn Op-Ed was actually counter to candidate Trump’s policy views.


The disconnect was specifically noted in Trump’s public alliance with Egypt’s Fattah al-Sisi which was clear in their September 2016 meeting two months prior to the Flynn Op-Ed.

It was obvious there was no way Candidate Trump was aware of Flynn’s private lobbying agreement with Turkey (Recep Erdogan).   The campaign would never have pre-authorized the public advocacy for Recep Erdogan.  That simple understanding was the reason for our warning in November.

In short CTH knew that mess would become an issue in various ways because Flynn’s paid lobbying advocacy was counter to the expressed Mid-East policy of the President-Elect.

Unfortunately, it also makes reasonable sense, now as it did in November, that Flynn might use some shady financial technique to isolate/hide the inherent policy contradiction stemming from the lobbying problem he alone created.

In order for Michael Flynn to get the ODNI or NSA role, he was going to have to either: A) explain and reverse, or, B) retract and refund, or C) try to cloud/hide it.  We feared the latter. Hence our warning.

Additionally, if I was to be completely wide open – in my heart-of-hearts – the reality of this part of the Flynn background is the real reason I believe Flynn was fired, and, well, more specifically, not much of an effort was put up to save him.

In essence the entire ‘Pence misleading on Russia angle’ was integrity strike #2, not the first.  The first integrity strike was Flynn misleading, perhaps through omission, the Trump campaign on the Turkey lobbying issue.

I never expanded much beyond a few comments because sometimes it’s just better to let bygones be bygones and move forward.  Flynn doesn’t present as a bad guy, and he’s not disloyal, but he put the President-Elect into a tough spot with an early integrity issue because of this Turkish Lobbying advocacy, and his subsequent financial arrangement.

Well, today it appears those Turkish chickens have come home to roost.  And while I have no compunction to advocate or support Special Counsel Robert Mueller, on this specific issue I cannot state with intellectual honestly this is an unworthy aspect/angle to investigate.  All of the critical events and dates did take place during the campaign of 2016.

If Flynn intentionally masked the method of payment, or concealed the source of origination, in order to avoid sunlight on the lobbying controversy, which would diminish his chances to get a job in the administration, well, Flynn has no-one to blame but himself.

While we can most certainly understand the need to earn an income, Flynn won’t find CTH defending him much on the issue of how he concealed the lobbying job and possible payments therein.

Despite President Trump’s warm feelings toward Flynn, he should also accept this trouble is Flynn’s alone.  Actually, Trump should be a little miffed that Flynn’s self-interest clouded his judgement and as an outcome cast a shadow on the early days of the Trump administration.

Given the lobbying contract Flynn willingly, and seemingly quietly, accepted during the campaign; Flynn should have understood his position of advocacy was potentially damaging to Trump, and Flynn himself should never have looked for a job in the White House.

WASHINGTON — Investigators working for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, recently asked the White House for documents related to the former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, and have questioned witnesses about whether he was secretly paid by the Turkish government during the final months of the presidential campaign, according to people close to the investigation.

Though not a formal subpoena, the document request is the first known instance of Mr. Mueller’s team asking the White House to hand over records.

In interviews with potential witnesses in recent weeks, prosecutors and F.B.I. agents have spent hours poring over the details of Mr. Flynn’s business dealings with a Turkish-American businessman who worked last year with Mr. Flynn and his consulting business, the Flynn Intel Group.

The company was paid $530,000 to run a campaign to discredit an opponent of the Turkish government who has been accused of orchestrating last year’s failed coup in the country.

Investigators want to know if the Turkish government was behind those payments — and if the Flynn Intel Group made kickbacks to the businessman, Ekim Alptekin, for helping conceal the source of the money. (read more)

Here Was Our 2016 “Tread Carefully” Warning


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486 Responses to Robert Mueller Probing Flynn-Turkey Financial Lobbying Arrangements…

  1. mitrom says:

    This may be a legitimate thing to investigate, but it has nothing to do with interference by Russia and collusion by Trump and his associates. Some of the info on Flynn could also have been illegally obtained through improper spying. Conflicted Mueller and his leftist team should focus on Russia-Trump. Let the FBI investigate the Turkey-Flynn issue. This whole thing is absurd.


  2. dayallaxeded says:

    The comments to SD’s post have certainly taken diverse directions of their own–the issue is a grand jury. While a GJ can be an investigatory tool, it is primarily a prosecutorial tool and primarily one used to diffuse the connection or any appearance of undue influence, bias, or interest of a prosecutor in determining whether a crime should be charged. This is a big part of what Comey/Lynch did wrong, from a LE perspective. Once they had evidence arguably amounting to a crime, the judgment about whether to indict and prosecute or not should’ve been presented to a GJ, not decided by Comey/Lynch.

    Can a GJ be manipulated? Of course–everyone knows the old “ham sandwich” saw, but maybe sometimes a ham sandwich should be indicted–bet Mama Cass would agree. More to the point, this GJ could, just as well as not, exculpate DJTJR, Flynn, and everyone else associated with PDJT and his campaign. As an example of how GJs are used by LE, in jurisdictions I’m familiar with, every police-involved shooting goes to a GJ. How many GJs have been presented with police-involved shooting cases and declined to indict versus indicting? I don’t know the numbers, but up until about 2 years ago, I’d have guessed the “no indictment” GJs were 99.9% vs. .1%–now, it might be 98% vs. 2%.

    My money’s on no indictment for any PDJT associates. Everything we’ve seen documented and leaked so far has been nothing burgers of all nothing burgers.


  3. mitrom says:

    I, like many Americans, are tired of the one-sided nature of all of this. Everyone knows that the Obama Admin weaponized the Intel agencies and the FBI to spy on and to start politically-motivated investigations on political foes. While at the same time protecting Obama officials and Dems. So, Americans should NOT tolerate this witch hunt and political hit job. This is what police states and banana republics do.


  4. tony5460 says:

    Hold on a second. Unless Flynn is the best triple agents in the history of mankind, how is it possible that he can be the agent for Turkey meanwhile colluding with Russian? It is like saying someone simultaneously works for both Israel and Palestine.


  5. youme says:

    Preet in attacking Flynn on Twitter, just described the Clinton Foundation.

    Hopefully, I got this wrong and he is signaling Mueller to go after the Clinton Foundation?


  6. youme says:

    “For months, prosecutors have used multiple grand juries to issue subpoenas for documents related to Mr. Flynn.”
    Seems we will now be getting leaks from Mueller’s office 24/7


  7. youme says:

    These same NYT reporters are the go to guys for leaks: MATTHEW ROSENBERG, MATT APUZZO and MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT


  8. NJ Transplant says:

    How is this part of the Trump Russia collusion investigation? Is Mueller investigating every associate and family member of the President without probable cause? Rosenstein needs to be fired for hiring Mueller. Rosenstein is obviously part of the plan to bring down the Trump presidency. This is a disgrace and will not have a good ending.


  9. rumpole2 says:

    The Sword of Damocles


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