Tread Carefully – Report: Michael Flynn Possible As National Security Adviser…

Media are reporting that General Michael Flynn is being “offered” the position of National Security Adviser to President-Elect Donald Trump.   However, there should be some reasonable caution on this announcement:

Almost everyone who supports Donald Trump has also supported Michael Flynn.


HOWEVER, recently, unbeknownst –at least originally– to the to the Trump campaign, General Flynn accepted a lobbying role for the government of Turkey, specifically to advocate for Recep Erdogan and Turkish interests, and presumably never told the campaign.

It was stunning to discover this about a week ago.

The revelation of that new lobbying contract, which has not been previously reported, raises several questions given that Trump is said to be considering Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), to take over as either Secretary of Defense or National Security Advisor.

It also raises questions about disclosure.

Flynn wrote an op-ed for The Hill on Tuesday, just before Trump’s stunning upset of Hillary Clinton, in which he heaped praise on Erdogan and called on the next president, whoever that would be, to accede his request to extradite the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen back to Turkey. (read more)

From all indications the Trump campaign had no idea.   Flynn acting as a lobbyist for Turkey has massive potential ramifications, specifically centering around Egypt’s forward perspective toward President Trump.

There should be no doubt that Egyptian President Fattah al-Sisi would consider President Donald Trump adversarial to their interests if he was to have a lobbyist for Turkey representing the U.S. government and advising Trump on national security matters.

This is a massive fail with potentially monumental ramifications.

General Flynn did this to himself, and by extension has clouded the Trump Team with it.

Let’s wait and see how this one plays out.  However, if Trump would actually make Flynn the Condi Rice of his administration, there will be many people, myself included who would be very disappointed.

trump-el-sisiCandidate Donald Trump meeting with Egyptian President Fattah al-Sisi in September


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474 Responses to Tread Carefully – Report: Michael Flynn Possible As National Security Adviser…

  1. Jack says:

    Flynn also is tied to Michael Leeden, a professional ME shit disturber Neocon who has been itching for war with Iran for two generations. Sorry, Flynn: you’re just too tied into to the existing swam creatures. Adios, amigo.


  2. Viking says:

    This guy has got to go also. Where do they get these people? Aren’t there any
    so called ‘white hats’ left?




  4. David Kenny says:

    NSA adviser is relevant to the cloud around Flynn…discarded but not thrown away….Trump recognising a poor soldier got overcome with the money he saw


  5. Joan says:

    It is hard for me to believe that Trump does not know all about Flynn. It is also hard for me to believe that Trump would just do whatever Flynn says. Trump is the leader.

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  6. barton2016 says:

    So if not Flynn, who? My point being 99% of anybody with experience in Washington is a Neocon. I am saying give Trump a break. Whatever he ends up doing it will be 1000 times better than Hillary or any of the other Republican candidates.

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  7. Bull Durham says:

    For those who may not have seen this way up thread from last night, there’s an article on The Saker related to Flynn and the Deep State counter-attacks on Flynn and Bannon. It was done just as Flynn’s appointment came to light.


    • bofh says:

      The linked article seems to raise a fair point, but I’m unfamiliar with the website – have you followed it for a while?


    • interfacegal says:

      I tried to post that earlier today but was unsuccessful. Glad you had better luck. I found the link to it over at No Quarter USA. Larry Johnson, who knows Flynn, stated he wouldn’t be surprised if the article was correct and that Flynn is a good man.


  8. GForce says:



  9. dreadnok89 says:

    Just shows you how terrible turkish leaders are that this guy is ok lol


  10. toriangirl says:

    What is not mentioned above is that Flynn acted as an adviser to Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump during the initial stages of the campaign season. I will not play “they had to know he was… ” or “he should have told them…”. Hearsay. That is hearsay plain and simple. By the way, I have a picture of a dear friend of mine who was special forces in Task Force Paladin (and other task forces) in both Afghanistan and Iraq, receiving his Bronze Star from Lt. General Flynn. The Troops love him. He’s a soldier’s soldier.

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  11. daughnworks247 says:

    Darn it.


  12. flair1239 says:

    Sundance, Dies you “shallow” comment from the Romney thread apply here?

    Because from what I can see both the Flynn pick and Potential Romney pick are both cases where a concerned supporter could
    make a case that Mr. Trump is taking an unnecessary chance of self harming.

    Although, I have less concern about the Flynn pick… because he has proven himself loyal
    And appear honorable.


  13. navysquid says:

    I am sad to see the “freaking out” (my word) on CTH about LTG Flynn. I will admit upfront that I am and have been an intelligence guy under LTG Flynn and so I know whereof I speak about him and his impact on the warfighter on the battlefield. He is a soldier’s or sailor’s, in my case, type of General. He is not a political General that we all know and read about…Gen Stanley McChrystal was the same way from a SOF point of view. There guys “get things done”.

    We have to trust PE Trump that he KNOWS LTG Flynn as well. Flynn loves to mix it up and hates conformity and why he ran aside with Obama and his Admin. In the IC (Intelligence Community) most people loved his way he attacked the AQ and Taliban problem. They are an asymmetric fighting force and we needed to think in those terms when fighting them. From someone who knows LTG Flynn and his style, do not attribute any nefarious activity with him. GO NAVY!

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  14. navysquid says:

    Additionally, I have lived in the ME for over ten years…to try to pigeon hole Turkey or any Arab or Persian (Iran) country into a cute little box is dangerous. We cannot do that with Turkey, Egypt, Iran, et al. These countries think and act tactically for sometimes a larger strategic purpose that we do not see or understand from a Western point of view. To most, if not ALL, leaders over there always act in a personal survival mode. Many times what we see in public is to satisfy the “Arab Street” and NOT what they personally believe…again survival. Trust me on this as my “past work” involved reporting and targeting of a certain kind…

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  15. Anyone above the rank of colonel is a politician.


  16. Bubba says:

    I have no idea if Flynn will be a good pick as NSA or not (and neither do you). But, what I do know is that NOBODY that has risen to his status in military/intelligence/politics is without some form of reservation. And, perhaps, he took a role close to Erdogan for counter-intelligence purposes. As civilians, we just don’t know. Point being, things aren’t always what they seem from the outside. I trust Trump.

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  17. osage44 says:

    This article smells of hysterical nonsense.


  18. Boudica says:

    I don’t understand. If people knew this, why didn’t they give the campaign a heads up?


  19. Mike says:

    This appears to shed some light on the subject: Maybe Flynn is the right choice.

    Everyone in the Deep State is threatened by the Trump Presidency.


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