Sara Carter Discusses McMaster-Rice Conspiracy Theory With Sean Hannity…

Newly formed Circa News agent Sara Carter (Sinclair Media Group) appears on Sean Hannity to discuss her ongoing campaign against Trump’s National Security Adviser HR McMaster.

As we pointed out yesterday, the entire Sara Carter presentation of a letter from current NSA McMaster to former NSA Susan Rice appears to be a propaganda narrative. –DETAILS HERE–  Toward that end, Carter appears with Sean Hannity and misleads the audience about McMasters letter to Susan Rice.

Notice at 02:00 of the video Carter states Susan Rice has access to classified intelligence.  Technically this is correct, but only to historic intelligence work-product that Susan Rice previously saw or created.  Rice’s access is time-restricted. Carter infers Rice has access to current intelligence, which is entirely false; she does not.  Watch:


Again, here’s the actual letter from McMaster to Rice. You can clearly see the time-restriction on the authorization memo.

I’m not exactly sure what Carter’s intent is with these misleading articles, and misleading statements, which are definitely not accidental.  Perhaps someone has a working theory as to what’s going on.

There’s a solid argument to be made that Ted Cruz-minded foreign policy officials are at odds with Trump-minded policy officials within the NSC.

[Forget Steve Bannon, his name/ideology added makes things too confusing – but don’t forget that throughout ’14, ’15 and early ’16 Bannon was a rigid Cruzbot.]

The current White House fracture, applauded by the Democrats, appears best defined between America-Second camps and America-First camps.  The America-Second camps are filled with Cruz-minded policy advocates; ie. Cruzbots.

Almost everyone on record against McMasters, policy officials and advocates in media, have a commonality within the #NeverTrump or anti-Trump crowd from 2015/2016.  This historic Cruzbot common connection cannot be accidental.

If McMasters is firing NSC Cruzbots, who are inherently predisposed to be NeverTrump, it makes sense those could be disgruntled leakers.  Additionally, the two leaked transcripts of private discussions between Trump and foreign leaders are controlled by the NSC.

Cruzbots are proud #NeverTrump Republicans, and are specifically self-defined by their vitriolic and entrenched views.  The Cruz-minded Republicans are also predisposed to be anti-populists and anti-nationalist.  They are expansionist minded; and they cheer gleefully each time Trump is attacked or undermined.

Everyone who watched the 2015/2016 GOP primary is very familiar with the perspective. The Wisconsin GOPe wing: Reince Priebus, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan et al, are also part of this network albeit with less of a vitriolic tone.

It stands to reason given their inherent anti-Trump predisposition, that this group might well be the underlying leak agents within the NSC (transcripts etc.), and in the larger White House battles.

Leaking to besmirch/attack Donald Trump also just sounds like Cruzbot behavior.  It could very well be that McMaster targeting this group for diminished policy influence is what’s causing the anti-Trumpism (leaks etc.) to reach a fevered pitch.  [See May 9th Article of Inner conflict]

The desperate and rabid vitriol against McMaster could be symptomatic of the America-Second marginalization.  The crew is really mad that McMaster doesn’t want to go to war with Iran; yet simultaneously snarking at him for favoring more troops in Afghanistan.

As this develops it will be interesting to see what happens. One pattern is brutally obvious: with a few ‘new media’ exceptions, all of the primary larger media types (sans Hannity) who are hyping up the anti-McMaster stories, are from the 2015/2016 camp of Ted Cruz endorsements.

It also appears some MAGA-minded people have been hoodwinked by the sheer scope of the propaganda against McMaster.  Until yesterday CTH was essentially ambivalent about McMaster and advanced no opinion.  However, the transparent commonality of the opposition toward him demands further review.  Additionally, Trump is a pretty keen judge of character in the long-term.

Whether Sara Carter is being hoodwinked into accepting feeder pellets from anti-Trump elements in DC was previously our question.  However, Carter’s willingness to sell this McMaster-Rice conspiracy, specifically though the use of misleading information, points toward her as a willing advocate and participant in the overall narrative.

By extension this ideological willingness to deceive defines ‘Sinclair Media’ (circa) into a similar space occupied by ‘Salem Media’ (Hot Air, Twitchy, Red State, Human Events etc.) as part of the larger “America-Second” media advocacy enterprise.

…That is to say an amalgam of opportunistic GOPe and Cruzbots.

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311 Responses to Sara Carter Discusses McMaster-Rice Conspiracy Theory With Sean Hannity…

  1. TheWanderingStar says:

    What I find most interesting about this story is that apparently Trump now views the GOPe and CruzBots as more dangerous than obama “holdovers”. Trump is selecting his battles very carefully with a given set of limited resources he trusts to do battle. Only so many fronts a General can prosecute at a time. The NSC “front” may be viewed as less important to Trump at this particular moment. Trump will continue to instruct the NSC as to his policies as long as they are useful to him – that’s not to say that if a problem arises he won’t act on them or through them when necessary. Once Trump takes care of his domestic “front” promises to the American people, I believe he will turn his attention elsewhere. And if he has to clean out a bunch of “holdovers” at that time, who is going to care?

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  2. ediegrey says:

    This article makes a lot of sense – Cruzbots never die they just go undercover.

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    • I have always placed great trust in Sundance but frankly this does not make sense. #1 Rice should have ALL clearances revoked. She is not longer in government and is under investigation for unnecessary unmasking and possible leaking (felony). #2 Many of those McMaster has fired we KNOW were loyal to Trump–KT McFarland; Ezea Cohen-Watkin was the one who led Devin Nunes to the information about the vast amounts of unmasking of Trump campaign officials. I do not trust him.

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      • Payday says:

        I agree. Carter is one of the few journalists that’s been exposing the deep state. Seems much like eating ones own.


        • Prisoner says:

          But, Sundance is not one of them, he is deep state. Readers of this site are clever people, I don’t know why people cannot see this.


        • Mendy Mendelbaum says:

          I am totally confused now. Another pub was positioning mcmaster as a puppet of the globalist uniparty for his firing of a guy named higgins for criticizing the dishonest disinformation campaings against Mr T. Mcm also has kept a lot of soetoro mandarins on his staff. This is evidence that mcm is not aligned with Mr Ts MAGA agenda. My head is spinning like Regan Teresa McNeil trying to sort through all this.


      • Cozette says:

        Did you read the article? Rice has a legal right to past data as she is being investigated and needs to defend herself. That is the right afforded to ALL citizens whether you like them or not. McMasters has NOT allowed her to continue to access intelligence. The representation that he has allowed her continued access is at best MISLEADING. We are up against an enemy who knows that the best way to take out President Trump is to divide his base into warring factions and to concern troll IE sow seeds of doubt about our Presidents leadership. I appreciate the reminder about Lyin’ Ted and his CIA brainwashed followers, the Cruzbots. That’s why I take Breitbart with a huge grain of salt. It’s also why I pay attention when people try to push the ludicrous notion that Bannon is responsible for keeping Trump on the right path. President Trump warned us to not believe anything unless he tells us. He also said “The leaks are real. The news is fake.” I will trust my president to hire and fire as he sees fit. Thanks SD for the Cruzbot warning. I was wondering what was up with the weird flurry of McMasters drama.

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      • jabberwock says:

        Under the EO cited Rice has a right to access her old papers.


      • Prisoner says:

        Sundance elicits trust, is very good at it, then he breaks that trust and most do not notice. He is a clever manipulator. He sides with the deep state on key points. Appropriate steps have been taken to protect classified information? That’s just legal terminology. Rice did the opposite for years. She can access info to get more dirt on people and help herself legally. She is a suspect. Come on readers, are you going to fall for this nonsense?

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      • carrierh says:

        do, and this is why so many of us want McMaster removed or hear these blessed words: YOU’RE FIRED because it has been made clear he is not for Trump. Hopefully, Kelly or Trump will show him the door asap!! No way should any Obama characters have access to any thing nor a key to any door either. Ridiculous and shows whose side McMaster is on and it ain’t ours.


    • Payday says:

      I would like to note Sara Carter has nearly always been on the same panel as Jay Sekulo (trumps lawyer). And they’ve always been aligned when on together. I think too much is being read into her motives. I may be wrong, but I believe McMasters is a black hat.

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  3. kaste668 says:

    I think people do not read the I formation that Sundance provides and just make comments based on other websites. I am not a “blind groupie”, but to date I have found truth oh coming from God, Potus and Sundance. I trust God, Potus seems to trust God, so I will not worry. Yes it is frustrating that all we get is negative. Pray!!! And I suggest Luke 21:25-26.

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  4. Question….Did the Obama EO(as he was going out the door) that allowed classified information sharing among vast agencies ever get rescinded?

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    • HolyLoly says:

      I’ve wondered the same and never hear anything about it.

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      • carrierh says:

        Then everybody write today to Trump asking that if this has not be done, then it must be done. He wants to hear from us: The more we communicate with him, the better. He is open to what we have to say.


    • skifflegirl says:

      I believe, and someone out there can correct me if I’m wrong, that the sharing of intelligence that was widespread in the Obama Administration (especially in the last months) was a result of over 30 different ‘officials’ having access to the Presidential Daily Briefing. The highly classified information, that was called by other names in the Obama White House, was loaded on to Obama’s iPad. It was an unprecedented number of people to see what used to be available – in other administrations – to only three to four of the President’s inner circle.

      I’m quite sure that President Trump is back to limiting access to the PDB.


  5. HolyLoly says:

    I always enjoy reading sundance’s views and usually gain insight by doing so, but I don’t always agree with some of the conspiracies he suspects are at play.

    Human beings are much too complex, as is life in general, to assign coordinated plots to all the DC drama all the time. At least in my view.

    In this case, I think most of the criticism of McMaster is legitimate and most of the people voicing concern about him are doing so out of genuine concern based on valid evidence showing him to be ideologically unfit to serve the president.

    Which again brings up the question why is the president allowing this? I am sure he has his reasons and it is serving a purpose from his perspective. In the meantime, I am certain when the time is right, the president will fire McMaster.

    With respect to Sara’s reporting on McMaster giving Rice access to classified info, her sloppy reporting just makes her lose credibility in my world.


  6. Chuck Finley says:

    I don’t understand why CTH is going to bat so hard for McMasters. Can someone please tell me a single thing he’s done to advance an America First policy, position, anything? On the other hand he’s purging allies of someone we know is America First (Bannon) and going against the policies Trump campaigned on such as ending the Iran deal (btw this is different than going to war with Iran – which I haven’t heard anyone in the admin calling for). Just because some of these are Cruzbots doesn’t mean we are cross purposes for absolutely everything. Cruzbots >> Obama-holdovers, and at this point it is Trump’s fault for not purging them all and replacing with strict loyalists. I really don’t want any #NeverTrumpers or Obama-Holdovers.
    All this 9th dimensional chess that the CTH claims Trump is playing has not paid off yet. We have Gorsuch, job growth, and less illegals because Trump let the border patrol do their jobs and that’s about it. There’s been a lot of bluster from Trump on what he can/could do and he has the tools to do it, I’m ready to see them used for America’s benefit and more of the major campaign promises fulfilled. Otherwise this presidency isn’t going to be much different than when GWB was constantly attacked and never fought back.

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    • railer says:

      Sorry, but the “Iran Deal” issue was settled the instant Obama gave the mullahs the $150B payoff money, as Trump has previously informed you. Sure, we can jabber and sanction the mullahs, which the Russians and the rest of the world will gladly break and profit from, but that’s just as useless as ever, absent some teeth.

      There is no real leverage on Iran now, short of war. That’s why Deep State wants to prosecute war in Syria/Iraq today, and help McCain’s Sunni islamofascist buddies. They want war with Iran, at any cost, even by siding with islamofascist murderers which we used to call al Qaeda, but have conveniently renamed as part of a previous feed pellet that was provided to us.

      Maybe you should browse back through Trump’s tweets. They’re actually quite informative, and you can read the above stated in Trump’s own hand.

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      • Chuck Finley says:

        So it’s better to go along and get along than sanctions…ok……

        Regardless the question remains what has McMasters done to warrant anyone at CTH defending him? On the other hand he has undermined Trump’s campaign promises and has done more for the globalists than Americans. I understand the deep state wants war with Iran, they also want Trump out. And McCain wants war with anyone and everyone. There are positions between war with Iran and going easy on McMasters’ “Daesh” buddies and that’s where Trump and the majority of America are.

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        • railer says:

          Again, sanctions are useless. They are less than useless, they make you look like a fool, when others profit off your foolishness, and the mullahs get what they want from them.

          The leverage is gone. It went away when the mullahs got the $150B. Again, you should check Trump’s tweets, and argue with him if you think otherwise. I don’t.

          You are the one asking for the change in status quo, the firing of McMasters. That means you are the one who has to support that position. I don’t think you have. I think you’re responding to the Deep State food pellets, frankly.

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          • skifflegirl says:

            Like Sundance mentioned, I really don’t have an opinion on McMaster. I don’t know much about him except what the media – both right and left – is saying about him. I don’t trust ANY media anymore. All I know is that Sara Carter, who has had a meteoric rise in ‘Conservative Media’ for the past two months, is lying about him. The hysterics from so many on social media makes me wonder: do people really think, after all this time and all that we’ve been through together, that President Trump is too naive to know what he’s doing? All the anti-McMaster vitriol is not going to change anything.

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  7. ediegrey says:

    “[Forget Steve Bannon, his name/ideology added makes things too confusing – but don’t forget that throughout ’14, ’15 and early ’16 Bannon was a rigid Cruzbot.]” Too true, Bannon sure loved Ted Cruz, has to make you wonder how “populist” Bannon truly is.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      In 2012 Ted Cruz ran as a Tea Party candidate. During the Texas primary he had the support of Sarah Palin not George W. Bush. He was a long-shot anti-GOP establishment guy or at least acted like one and that is why Bannon and Bretibart dotcom endorsed him. That was long before Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring. Was a Cruz supporter back in the day and voted for him twice . . . that was in 2012. 🙂 Voted for Trump twice in 2016; similarly in the primary and then the general election.

      M A G A

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      • LULU says:

        And Robert Mercer was the money behind Breitbart AND Ted Cruz at that time. Until Cruz flubbed bigtime, Mercer became quite upset over his failure to tell him about the loans he and his wife had taken out, and then Cruz pulled that stunt at the RNC Convention. Rebekah, Robert’s daughter (and also megabucks in her own name) pulled out and went to Trump; so did Robert). Time lines are very, very important. So is “follow the money”.

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  8. Pat says:

    Executive Order 13526 states in part about who is able to see classified information:

    Sec. 4.1.
    General Restrictions on Access.
    (a) A person may have access to classified information provided that:
    (1) a favorable determination of eligibility for access has been made by
    an agency head or the agency head’s designee;
    (2) the person has signed an approved nondisclosure agreement; and
    (3) the person has a need-to-know the information.

    So McMaster has the authority to override an executive order on his own? Further, when Obama expanded the inter-agency sharing of classified information in 2009, McMaster’s supposed time constraint of documents Rice may have “originated, reviewed, signed or received” could conceivably cover any and all documents generated during the Obama regime.

    Anyone (Rice, Clinton etc.) not currently working for a government agency or office should have NO ACCESS to ANY classified data. Period.

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  9. Like

  10. Jam says:

    This article makes almost no sense. Are you sure you are not a Cruzbot? Cohen last time I checked was a Trump loyalist yet McMasters fired him. You must think Dina Powell is a loyalist to, that McMasters has in there? When we all remember the famous photos of Powell Jarret and Abedein and Clinton having a grand ole time. I dont know how any author can defend the scum that is McMasters. You say McMasters doesnt want to attack Iran I dont think anyone does. How does your hero McMaster feel about the Iran nuclear deal? I am willing to bet he loves it and doesnt want it changed. Maybe that explains your statement how he doesnt want war with Iran? But he does with ground troops in Afghanistan. Hmmm.

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  11. dustahl says:

    McMaster will be gone by end of month,


    • windwardman says:

      This is an excellent article, and shows that the damage McMaster has wrought so far is much worse than most realize.

      Sundance, you’re usually right on target, but you’re way off on McMaster. Regarding the modern threat of Islam, he is akin to the worst Nazi sympathizers/dupes in Britain leading up to World War II. Stephen Coughlin is an expert on Islam and its efforts to bring about a worldwide caliphate. He was an intel officer in the Army, and used to give top-level briefings, during the Bush II administration, on the penetration of Islam, using various cover groups, into the the U.S. government, state and local governments, and this country as a whole. He was forced out by Islamists who wanted the truth he was telling to remain hidden. I was privileged to have been in a small audience for one of his private presentations, the PowerPoint files of which he gave me permission to spread to all I could (at Mediafire link below). Coughlin warned that MANY of those to whom he gave this presentation–again, at the very highest levels of the military and of the civilian government–were totally clueless as to the extent of Islamic infiltration; and that many were either working with the Muslims, or were useful idiots who allowed themselves to be used for the success of the Muslim infiltration.

      Whether McMaster is knowingly helping the Muslim penetration, i.e. a traitor, or is just a useful twit, I cannot say. Knowing all that we know of what he’s doing (see cluster of articles posted here by ver2cal and myself), it is certain that his efforts only weaken the hand of this country and strengthen that of those who want a new caliphate.

      Aside from Coughlin’s files at the last link below, reading a couple of these latest articles should leave you without any doubt that McMaster MUST BE FIRED ASAP:

      Warnings of U.S. Government Penetration Coming to Fruition
      (by former F.B.I. agent John Guandolo, who is at the Center for Security Policy with Coughlin)

      Scroll down for even more articles that will better inform you.

      Stephen Coughlin’s PowerPoint presentation on Islam’s infiltration of U.S. and bringing the caliphate

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    • sundance says:

      Greenfield. Historic advocacy for America-Second Policy.

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  12. Squidly says:

    An article from Richard Manning of Fox News is making its rounds on the internet as the writer calls for President Trump to fire National Security Chief H.R. McMaster and his entire staff. reported: President Donald Trump has a defining question before him in the decision on whether to fire National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster and sweep the entire National Security Council clean.

    The latest leak, from those who are sworn to protect the nation’s secrets, is perhaps the most damaging of them all. When the Washington Post published annotated transcripts of President Trump’s Oval Office telephone conversations with the presidents of Mexico and Australia respectively, citing an NSC official as the source, inestimable damage was done to the United States’ ability to conduct foreign policy.

    No foreign leader can speak with President Trump or any future president now without at least a worry that his or her words will be released.

    No honest back and forth discussion of ideas can occur, because that exchange of possibilities could be career- or even life-ending for some leaders around the world.

    The politically motivated leak by the supposedly apolitical NSC staff that resides in the White House itself, has effectively turned the Oval Office into a ceremonial room.

    Why should McMaster be fired for the actions of his subordinate(s)?

    As a military man, the general himself should appreciate that when a leader loses control of those in his command, he needs to be removed. And unless McMaster is the leaker himself, he clearly no longer has the ability to protect the interests and secrets of the United States.

    The attorney general and the director of National Intelligence have now jumped into the fray with General Jeff Sessions saying Friday that the Justice Department, “won’t hesitate to bring charges against leakers.”

    Sessions has said that there were a stunning amounts of leaks, flatly declaring, “We will not allow rogue, anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country.”

    The first step in the Justice Department investigation should be to rescind the security clearance for every member of McMaster’s NSC team. Then they should all be fired but allowed to reapply upon a full and complete background check. — Given the severity of the breaches, it is reasonable to demand this basic, additional safeguard for our nation’s protection.

    Our national security and the trust of every other nation in the world has been compromised by criminals operating with security clearances at the NSC and elsewhere in our government. While in a court of law, these taxpayer-paid actors are entitled to the presumption of innocence, they have no such presumption when it comes to accessing the secrets of the United States government.

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    • Jolene Hurt says:

      I really like your analysis, Squidly. There were very few (the number I heard was three) who had the security clearance to obtain these transcripts. They were all NSC and one of them was McMasters himself. This is a tragedy and a serious undermining of our president and of our nation. I agree with Scaramucci’s philosophy on this, “I’ll fire them all”. Nobody seems to be afraid of doing treasonous deeds under our president’s nose…a loyalist needs to come in and clean house…no matter how messy that person may appear. I’d rather put up with the language of someone like Scaramucci than the treasonous betrayals that he would have stopped. People thought he created a bad image…and what about these leaks…any bad image coming from them??

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    • Kaco says:

      Yes, this is a disgrace. Preibus couldn’t control the leaks or was the leaker and was let go, so should McMaster, not to mention unsuitable ideology.

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    • sundance says:

      Well, you just accurately outlined the “purpose and intent” of the transcript leaks.

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  13. Mike diamond says:

    You can be sure God will sort it all out! He is the king of kings and Lord of Lords so don’t worry just pray ! The darkness will be shined on!


    • Jolene Hurt says:

      Jesus Christ is Lord of the Nations. We continue to seek Him. Watching the darkness score their vile points is hard for us to do; but the Lord sees it all and will bring about His perfect justice at the perfect time.


  14. waicool says:

    I’ve had it with McMasters, he’s a goner in my book. I’ve been perched in the treehouse for at least a year now and I understand SD’s take and appreciate most of the pro and con points made regarding McMasters in this awesome thread. I’m keen to the trolls and the narratives being presented. Bottom line, I’ve had it with this guy. Trump may like him for some purpose and I trust Trump above all else. The point is I don’t believe McMasters, long term, is good for “we the people”. I trust POTUS won’t let us down. I do not trust this McMasters character, it’s that simple.

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  15. seeingeye2 says:

    Denizens of the Swamp will fight tooth and nail to prevent any truth to rise to the surface of the murky and dense swamp water. Any creature spouting truth is bombarded from all sides till he lies still as though in death.


  16. InTime says:

    Sorry, Sundance, I too have done my homework on McMaster, starting a long time ago before he became NSA head. He truly is a globalist and talk about stacking the cards against Trump. Much like Mueller stacking the democrat lawyers on the investigations, McMaster has retained Obama holdovers and fired any Trump supporters. On this one, I am going with Sara Carter’s investigative remarks. Bill Krystol praises McMasters. So…
    One of the first things McMaster did when he took over the NSC was order all the staffers who came in with Trump to stop talking about Obama ‘holdovers.’ He didn’t want anyone pointing out how Obama loyalists were still in place, undermining President Trump, and leaking against him. These loyalists are said to include many Obama holdovers, including key NSC personnel who work directly for senior Obama aide Ben Rhodes, who has become a central suspect in the leaks of damaging classified information to the press.
    The Israel angle on McMaster’s purge of Trump loyalists from the NSCl is that all of these people are pro-Israel and oppose the Iran nuclear deal, positions that Trump holds. McMaster in contrast is deeply hostile to Israel and to Trump.
    McMaster disagrees and actively undermines Trump’s agenda on just about every salient issue on his agenda. He fires all of Trump’s loyalists and replaces them with Trump’s opponents, like Kris Bauman, an Israel hater and Hamas supporter who McMaster hired to work on the Israel-Palestinian desk.” Also, McMaster adheres to the political correct nonsense of never saying any like Islamic terrorist and has mandated no one use such terms.
    The last straw for McMaster may have come with the leaking yesterday (8/03) to the press of transcripts of the POTUS phone conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia.The people who handled these transcripts were on the NSC, thus making it exceedingly likely that the leak came from the NSC. No one is accusing (so far) of McMaster authorizing the leaks, but there is no doubt he must accept responsibility for them.

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    • Cozette says:

      How do you know that anything you’ve said about McMasters is true? You’re getting them from second or third hand sources. We are in the middle of a professionally orchestrated disinformation war. A war to divide and conquer us. Our president has asked us to focus on our Congressional Representatives and curiously, the media wants to divert our attention to the President’s staffing choices. Lets do our job and let our President do his.

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