Propaganda: Reports of HR McMaster Letter to Susan Rice Presented to Deceive…

CTH gave several warnings to be cautious and careful when reviewing political media as there are obvious attempts to push specific agenda narratives.  We could tell something was up in the DC proletariat.  The signals are often subtle but also follow a familiar pattern. The latest round of anti-McMaster stories are transparently part of that effort.

The long knives are out after National Security Advisor McMaster, and those knives are transparently connected to a very familiar and historic ideological world-view.

Example: Circa News writer, Sara Carter, today pushes a story about HR McMaster giving Susan Rice access -via a letter of approval- to ongoing classified intelligence; at least that’s the way the narrative engineers who pick up the ball from Carter are selling it.

Except it’s not true; that angle/narrative is entirely false.

In the letter (included below) National Security Advisor HR McMaster simply gave former NSA Susan Rice permission to continue accessing historic classified intelligence that she created and received while Mrs. Rice was President Obama’s NSA lead.

McMaster is NOT giving Rice ongoing access to new intelligence information, or current classified intelligence information. His letter was simply authorizing her to reference and have access to the historic intel work product she previously, personally and specifically was involved in.

Obviously Rice’s prior NSC work-product remains classified and as such cannot leave the control of the National Security Council.  Classified NSC information can be as innocuous as emails or memos to colleagues on the NSC during her tenure as NatSec Advisor, or it could be her schedule and calendar of events.  The McMaster letter simply allows Rice to have continued access to prior content she was in charge of. Nothing more.

Here’s the letter:

Example: Susan Rice has been called to testify to congress on prior intelligence.  How can she respond to intelligence requests if she cannot reference the material questioned by congress etc.? This is only one example of a reason for her to have access to her prior work product at the NSC.

The controversial stories being shouted from the rooftops are a nothingburger.  However, they do serve to provide examples of how the motives of those pushing them should be reviewed with a great deal of skepticism and cynicism.

Regardless of your position on him, there’s no doubt specific knives, with specific motives, are out to get rid of McMaster.   –Breitbart Has Another Hit HERE– Pay attention to what organizations are pushing this agenda; and more importantly, if you look at the specific authorship behind the writing, you’ll discover the uni-directional point of focus.

The Breitbart article by a Susan Glick (above) appears in the Jerusalem Post. Glick is connected to the Center for Security Policy run by Frank Gaffney, Jr.  The primary advocacy is toward Israel. Frank Gaffney was also removed from NSC policy influence. Gaffney is part of the original Ted Cruz coalition (Levin, Shapiro, Pollack, etc.) who also advocate vociferously for Israel.  Some, well, actually almost all, of those rigid ideologues view America-First policy as a risk to the priority of their preferred foreign policy.

There’s always an ongoing battle for priority in policy.  Pay attention to who and how these priorities are being pushed…

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593 Responses to Propaganda: Reports of HR McMaster Letter to Susan Rice Presented to Deceive…

  1. windwardman says:

    I trust Diana West and John Guandolo FAR more than H. R. McMaster:

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    • dissonant1 says:

      West has no political agenda that I know of, she knows of which she speaks, and the quotes provided from McMaster and Gorka are very troubling indeed. If part of the “purge” of the NSC is the result of divergent opinions on Islam from those of McMaster, that is certainly NOT a good development.

      Thanks very much for posting this!


    • yucki says:

      Diana West is a champ!


  2. The Drake says:

    The letter authorizes Rice to access classified information that she “received” while in office. For all we know, this included information about the incoming Trump administration, including unmasked information that she or others requested. Given (a) that the unmasking is under investigation by Congress (and should be by Mueller but who knows if it really is); (b) widespread leaks of classified information that was created while Susan Rice was in office (such as the Flynn transcripts); and (c) allegations against the Obama administration of using intelligence for political purposes… this is obviously very, very troubling.

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      I agree. Were Rice not a potential criminal defendant for misuse of unmasking for political purposes, it might make sense to extend the courtesy of continuing her access to her own material. Given the toxic cloud over her conduct, including public lies and obfuscations, Rice should have zero access to any sort of classified information, ever, except that used as evidence against her in a court of law. Was nothing learned from allowing Sandy Berger a chance to review his own notes?

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  3. Donna in Oregon says:

    1. Susan Rice is refreshing her memory for testimony, and has permission to view historical documents she was involved in.

    2. Iran is on the back burner right now. For obvious reasons: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, NoKo. In order to understand the forces in this battle I have to read both sides to make a decision. So I read this….

    3. President Trump is allowing the Arab Islamic American Summit to work out their differences. Qatar is still in the hot seat. All are afraid of Iran. Why would we interfere in the motivation of these countries efforts to destroy ISIS, help civilian Syrians, counter Iranian forces in Yemen, work out Sunni & Shia differences setting up their new government in Iraq, end ISIS social media.

    4. ISIS is the mission right now. This includes Turkey, which has a role in the ISIS fight. The Muslim Brotherhood is a problem for Turkey support so why declare MB a terrorist organization now? Destroying ISIS is the mission.

    5. If NSC members don’t support the ISIS mission, they’re out. Lobby interests for Israel is not the focus.

    6. These are the policies of the President. Get on board, or get off the train.

    7. Can’t do the mission……leak NSC and on the President. You’re fired.

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    • Warrior1 says:

      I trust sara carter more than Natl Review and HR McMaster.

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      • Regina says:

        and you’ve been following Sara Carter for….a few months?
        What was she doing before Circa?
        Her bio is extensively padded – but this part is interesting:
        Sara is a thespian who studied with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and practices foreign accents to embarrass her family in public settings.

        Sara A. Carter is a national and international award-winning investigative reporter whose stories have ranged from national security, terrorism, immigration and front line coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        She is currently the senior national security correspondent for web-based Circa News, working on major projects in conjunction with Sinclair Broadcast Group affiliates across the nation.

        now go look up Hannity Sinclair – see a connection?


        • Hoosier says:

          I happen to be a LesbianThepianGymnasticMidget (Pesky char limit on screen names over on FR.) You are not smart. You are in fact a dolt. A buffoon. A moron. Not smart enough to tie your own shoe laces, or wipe yourself. You smell. Peeeeeeewwwwww


        • Carolyn says:

          If you were unaware of Sara Carter before Circa then you were not paying attention. I’ve known of her since back in the Bush days when she was the ONLY reporter investigating the border and the Mexican gangs and the drugs and crime they were bringing in, including MS13. At the time she was with a small San Bernardino, CA newspaper… she has not padded anything, she has come to prominence through hard investigative work, and I think she is being unfairly smeared.


        • Warrior1 says:

          Some of us in SoCal have followed sara carter for many years. She is a well known anti corruption muckraker who has reported extensively on immigration matters, national security and govt corruption.


          • Regina says:

            Thank you Carolyn and Warren for pointing out my oversight – I guess my ignorance is (poorly) based on the fact that she’s new nationally. I had heard her say in an interview “when I was in the White House” and could never find anything backing that up – but not finding it doesn’t mean it isn’t out there somewhere.

            Hoosier – not sure what to do with your reply, so I’ll just leave it at that 😉

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  4. omyword says:

    Read the letter carefully, its says Historical researchers AND former government employees. She is not a researcher. Also where in the letter does it limit her access to just HER files? Oh it seems to imply that …. but it also includes files she just signed off on, which could be a lot and has little to do with her specifically. I am wary of this, and it smells. Not liking it, no, not one bit. I hear a lot of excuses, but……jury is out.

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    • Warrior1 says:

      Mcmaster waived the normal requirement that she have a need to know. There is no reason for him to do this. Need to know is a typical classified material requirement. Why mcmaster decided that rice is an exception to the rule is questionable.


      • Sherlock says:

        That’s only as to stuff she wrote, already saw, signed off on, etc. In other words, the exemption from “need to know” applies only to that stuff, and is probably reasonable. Whether she has ANY access at all to other stuff, who knows? I honestly can’t tell from the letter.


    • G. Combs says:

      ” She is not a researcher.”
      Actually Rice is since she is now at a university writing a book per Wikipedia.

      Doesn’t ‘writing a book’ come in handy for the swamp critters?

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  5. dissonant1 says:

    The letter is very obviously (to me) standard procedure to allow Rice to access her work product and nothing else going forward. It is a sad statement about the state of our political system these days that everything becomes the subject of potential conspiracy theory (and no, I have made no judgments about McMaster in general).

    Here is yet another take on the McMaster “Long Knives” saga (albeit from Red State and take it on that basis):

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  6. I trust Sara Carter far more than McMaster.

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    • Regina says:

      State your reasons?


    • Carolyn says:

      Same here. Go back and read a story in February in the Washington Times stating Susan Rice was telling McMaster to get rid of all the Bannon supporters in NSC. McMaster has been doing just that – systematically – yesterday was a big day, with three gone, two of who were supporters of Bannon [Victoria Coates is a sad loss IMO] as well as the one who had led Nunnes to where he could find the unmasking information we now know about. As for Carter, I’ve read her stories for over ten years, she is not a neophyte, her stories in the small San Bernardino paper back when Bush was President is where she started to gain national attention, she was the ONLY reporter at the time willing to go into the border situation and how bad it was and the Mexican gangs – including MS13…..

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  7. Jolene Hurt says:

    excerpt from:

    ……”More purges are said to be on the way, according to multiple insiders who described a list of at least four other senior NSC officials McMaster intends to target. Other sources confirmed the likelihood of more purges, but disputed some details on that list.

    “McMaster basically has this list and over the next two weeks he’s going to phase out” more senior officials loyal to Trump, said one administration insider intimately familiar with the upheaval occurring at the White House National Security Council. “They’re taking out people who were chosen to best implement the president’s policy that he articulated during the campaign.”

    The latest victim of this purge is Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a senior NSC official originally hired by ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The White House acknowledged in a statement late Wednesday evening on Cohen-Watnick’s departure that McMaster viewed him as in conflict with his vision for the NSC.

    A second senior official, Rich Higgins, who worked in the NSC’s strategic-planning office as a director for strategic planning, was fired last month. The president was not informed of the move until after Higgins was fired, according to one source who is in regular contact with senior NSC figures.

    Published reports described Higgins’ firing as a “lasting victory” for McMaster over longtime Trump officials who helped get the president into office.

    A third senior official, then-NSC senior Middle East director Derek Harvey, was removed from his post roughly a week ago. He had also been a Flynn hire and a vocal opponent of the Iran deal.

    Victoria Coates, another Flynn hire who served as a senior NSC member up until this week, has been reassigned at her request to the administration’s Middle East peace team. The move is being viewed as a promotion and it is expected she will continue to play a role in the Iran portfolio, sources said.

    “McMaster’s agenda is different than the president’s,” said one administration source with knowledge of the situation.

    The moves have sparked outrage inside and outside of the administration, with multiple sources telling the Free Beacon that Trump is being pushed in a direction antithetical to the campaign promises that brought him into office….”

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  8. mikeyboo says:

    This is the same sanctimonious bull-chit we got when we expressed doubts about Sessions.


  9. Bubba says:

    What I have learned, when absorbing the news of the day, is that EVERY Reporter has an agenda. EVERY one of them does.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re wrong on a particular subject. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad people. And, sometimes, their agenda creeps into their reporting subconsciously. But, the agenda is always there. Always.

    So, I make sure to ask myself why is the person reporting this and how does it fit into their agenda?


  10. ver2cal says:

    I’ll take any day of the week a STRONG anti-Iran / pro-Israel agenda and those who espouse it (more so those on Trumps agenda) then any sly Muslim apologists such as McMaster seeimgly is and his Obama buddies on the NSC.


    • Sherlock says:

      It’s not that easy, though. Bill Kristol would fit your first two criteria, but is anti-MAGA, anti-Trump, and is in my view an America-second twerp. He even objected to then-candidate Trump saying “America First”. To me, America First means just that, and I have no compunction in saying so. This is my country, its welfare is the foremost concern. Allies yes, foreign lobbyists and opinion makers and culture shapers and media controllers? Oh, hell no.

      I have no idea where McMasters fits, or doesn’t, on the spectrum. Hope he’s a good guy simply trying to juggle many considerations in protecting our country long term. We’ll see.

      As for Bannon? I love the guy, so my opinions will be colored by that. Kushner? Don’t know a thing about him, he’s a cipher to me. Have no idea at all if he’s a MAGA guy.


    • sundance says:

      So you support Ted Cruz foreign policy over Donald Trump foreign policy.

      Fair enough.

      Just don’t get defrosted about HR McMaster carrying out Trump foreign policy and not Cruz’s. Donald Trump is the current President.


  11. Just remember one thing. In the world of the CIA, Dept. of Defense, National Security etc. nothing is as appears to be. Take the letter with a grain of salt and try not to over interpret it. The purging of Trump loyalist from the NSC is a head fake in order to give the Obama holdovers a false sense of security. The best way to find out who the criminals are in this situation is to let them keep their jobs.


  12. Darklich says:

    I think he is giving her access to her information so when she’s hauled in front of Congress she can’t say ” I dunno…”

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  13. sgs1370blog says:

    Glad Sundance does not seem to be fooled by the leaks and perhaps even intentional releases to keep the fake media off guard. I have no idea if McMaster Kelly etc are good people but I don’t think Trump is a dunce with regard to choosing people. If he messes up he fixes it and if M or K are screwups they will get fired also. Congress is the real problem, and although I hate Congress and wish they would get their act together Trump is keeping the show moving forward and only calling out the 3 crazy senators who are the complete fringe because he is loyal UNLIKE MOST “R” elected officials (there are many other “R” senators/congressmen who are not on the train…)


    • HMelville says:

      I agree. It’s better to have an inquiring and skeptical mind in politics rather than one that is in rigid lockstep with only one view or source.


  14. HMelville says:

    I used to have a spinning top toy when I was a kid. I am beginning to feel like that toy when I read contrary views on issues like this that I don’t have direct experience about. But sundance’s contrary views about why Sarah’s “never go anywhere stories” are being written and why Brietbart’s campaign to derail McMaster has suddenly become a BB vendetta are appreciated. I just hope Trump knows the truth on these matters.


  15. Ms. C says:

    How do we know this letter is real? The letter’s font looks like it came from an old typewriter.


  16. sundance says:


  17. tomasianews says:

    I find this article insightful. I noticed Breitbart has recently been posting more war hawk articles and this surprised me since I thought they were supportive of populist agenda. Gaffney drew my ire for demanding to bomb North Korea. He talks like going to war in Asia is just like playing a video game, without any consequences. I live and work in China. Tillerson played it smart to de-escalate tensions in this part of the world. President Trump indeed is trying to prevent wars and it appears that he’s assigned McMasters to push out the war hawks.


  18. jeans2nd says:

    My goodness, all this hysteria.
    The first paragraph states a fact. Top Secret clearances are renewed every five years (Secret is 10 years). Odds are Rice’s clearance is good for at least another year or two.

    The second paragraph limits Rice’s access.
    What is the big deal?

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  19. Reaganite says:

    Thanks for the article Sundance. Once you laid out the Lyin Ted connection…I realized why I kept smelling Cuban cigars…


  20. osage44 says:

    Enemies of the Trump administration are behind this McMasters business. They are trying to undermine him. Unfortunately, some Trump supporters are falling for this misdirection and going after McMasters. Stop. He is loyal to POTUs.


  21. andrewalinxs says:

    Thankyou Sundance for pointing out in your tweets
    Read article
    Note author
    Go to author twitter feed
    Scroll Discover worldview etc.

    A lot of people need to investigate the viewpoints of the authors and understand where they are coming from with their information.


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