Sunday Talks: Mick Mulvaney -vs- Jake Tapper on Bailouts and ObamaCare…

This is actually a funny video, Mick Mulvaney did great.

Bubble Boy Tapper’s furrowed brow begins deepening when he asks OMB Director Mick Mulvaney if President Trump really means he’s willing to remove the congressional ObamaCare subsidy and Mulvaney responds with a simple: ‘Yep, sure does; and I just happened to talk to him yesterday about this’…

Bubble People never know what to do when ordinary people they are questioning embrace the ugly and and say “yes, bring it on”.  Oh, the indecency….  “Fireworks”!

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133 Responses to Sunday Talks: Mick Mulvaney -vs- Jake Tapper on Bailouts and ObamaCare…

  1. Question Everything says:

    Jakes looking quite tappered. He’s aged a lot since November.
    Cant imagine why?

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  2. John says:

    That Touch of Gray ain’t holdin’ up too well. Time to re-up.

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  3. Mulvaney is always very good. Straight forward, matter-of-fact, honest responses.

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    • prettiestone says:

      He’s been a nice surprise.

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      • Paula Daly says:

        He’s always been like that. May not agree on all issues, but a straight shooter none the less.

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        • prettiestone says:

          Yeah, he has. I didn’t phrase that quite right. When Trump first selected him I didn’t have high expectations but he has delivered time and again since he took the position and I wasn’t expecting that.

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      • Ned says:

        I am not familiar with him but like his matter of fact no nonsense attitude.
        I like Trump’s approach to making Congress and the STAFFERS suffer too.
        Staffers suffering caught the attention of Tapper. trump should make them suffer too. Why should we subsidize those useless people? I can’t think of a reason. I find it outrageous that we are doing that.

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    • Oldschool says:

      He da man!

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    • Betty says:

      Yes, I agree Mulvaney is honest man and I am thankful for his willingness to serve. But to get an idea of how entrenched the compulsion is to hide the truth is in Washington DC go back an listen to Mick Mulvaney beat around the bush as to what the congressional health care subsidies really are – all he has to say is that the American people are paying the premiums for members of Congress and their staff – but he just can’t. And that if working Americans are forced, by law, to pay to endure the pain of paying $1800 per month for heath care insurance with an 8 to 10 thousand dollar deductible before they can ever use it – so should members of Congress and their staff.

      Toward the end Mick Mulvaney slips in something about employer subsidy and quietly mentions that the government is the employer in this case but for the most part the idea that we taxpayers pay their premiums is lost in parseltounge.

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  4. georgiafl says:

    Mulvaney did an awesome job – rational, articulate and stood firm against the insinuations and negative assertions couched as questions!

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  5. Joe says:

    Tapper completed uninformed. Surprised?

    Congress gamed the system, with the help of Hussein, by calling themselves small businesses – below 50 employees – to qualify for a government subsidy to help defray costs. Something like $12,000 per person.

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  6. Curry Worsham says:

    Oooh. Jake got schooled.

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  7. emet" says:

    I was hoping to hear more about Mr Tapper’s blue collar roots. Figured he’d be wearing a Ben Davis shirt, and have a bug thermos full of coffee next to him. Maybe start using words like “D8 Cat”, “Link Belt”, “derailment”, “Cummins diesel”, etc. Expect him to say the “jake brake” was named after him.

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    • Jim in TN says:

      What is a “jake brake”? I drive past a “no jake brake” sign about once a week and want to know what that means.

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      • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

        Jake brake is a device in a Diesel engine that dumps the compression of the cylinder. It is very effective for engine braking of a truck without having to apply the brakes of the truck.

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      • Frank says:

        “Jake Brake” is a brand name / synonym for an engine brake. Commercial trucks like 18-wheelers and dump trucks are usually equipped with one. It helps limit speed by placing some of the burden of slowing on the engine rather than placing it all on the brakes. The trade-off is that it makes the engine very loud while the brake is is active. If you’ve ever heard a big rig suddenly “growling” as it slows to a stop or slowing as it enters a curve, that’s the Jake brake.

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      • Menagerie says:

        When you read the descriptions by deplorable and pj you’ll realize you’ve heard truckers using itmhundreds of times. 😀

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        • MM says:

          sure does meet trucker lingo. I love my truck drivers they are the key to my business, without them I’m going nowhere fast!

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          • Menagerie says:

            My son is an owner driver. I have a special place in my heart for truckers too, and because I know the life, and the demands, they always have a place in my prayers, and their families too.

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            • MM says:

              My drivers were and are the best. I live in a rural area and off the beaten path so I load 24/7 so my trucks never have to sit down and lose money waiting for me to get my rest. I live in a rural area so I would bring my mom down to FL from KY. and she would cook for the drivers. LOL People in my industry are always slamming truck drivers about being late etc. but it’s not their fault they have no control over others not being ready to load, weather or traffic. My drivers bring the families to meet me during there time off at Christmas, I love each and everyone of them I ever had the pleasure of loading.

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              • Menagerie says:

                God bless you for showing them kindness and respect. I have ridden with my son, and I can tell you, many don’t. And sometimes they spend unnecessary hours getting unloaded or waiting on paperwork because some mini dictator wants to feel important, not caring that they are impacting the truckers livelihood.


                • MM says:

                  Without people such as your son most of us would be out of business. Truck drivers work very hard and have a thankless job. I always make it a point to let the company I’m loading know what wonderful drivers they have. When I first started in this industry the whispers across this country from the east coast to the west coast and North East was I wonder what she’s (FEMALE) doing for these men they sure do like her. You get my drift of what was being implied? One transportation manager point blank ask me what was I doing that the MEN at the other stops couldn’t do for these truckers. My answer then and remains my answer today is treat them the way I want to be treated. Tell you son to stay safe and to be careful when he’s on the road away from his family trying to make a living. Tell him I care and wish him the best!

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                • Menagerie says:



                • MM…saw an article last week on Karl Denniger’s site…The that the trucking industry will be going robotic in a few short years. Being an mech engineer and software How in the Hell can that happen when there is no infrastructure to do so…


                • P.S. My brother is also a truck driver…Worked his way up from the docks to driver and just had his 1,000,000,000 mile Safety Certificate from the company…


      • Engine brake on Diesel engines, when they make that loud noise when they let off the gas, uses engine compression to slow truck down.
        Nick name “jake brake”

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  8. Sharon says:

    Jake the snake always looks like he is going to cry!!😩😩😩😩

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  9. lisaginnz says:

    No Jake, the American people do NOT “want” Obamacare! McCain and rest of R squishes and THEIR big buck backers WANT it. All about the $$$$$$$$$ … they (Rs and Ds) could give a rats about the American people.

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    • Mike says:

      “Move on” after 7 f’g years ?!?
      No, you should not be allowed to eat or excrete until you repeal & replace.

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      • Southern Son says:

        That’s funny Mike!
        We should do like the Greeks used to do.
        Shove a big Raddish up their rear ends until they get-er-done, for We the People.
        If it kills some of ’em, others will learn…

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  10. PNWLifer says:

    Jake Tapper saying “I don’t want to get into a conversation about what the American people want” needs to be bookmarked, shared and saved for a future opportunity to weaponize.

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  11. BobBoxBody says:

    This is why I don’t worry too much at this point. Trump has the leverage to bring these jokers to heel. It’s just a matter of time.

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  12. buckweaver27 says:

    I’ve only watched two of these things today, this one and Wallace with KAC, and the question about who will report to the Chief of Staff was almost identical. Their first stab at it, “Will everyone on the White House staff report to Kelly?” didn’t yield the information they desperately wanted, so they had to try again.. “Who will Anthony Scaramucci report to?”

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  13. georgiafl says:

    Corey Lewandowsky also did a splendid job today on the Sunday talks – against Chuck Todd who spent the whole time trying to smear President Trump –

    President Trump has used Corey several times lately. After leaving the Trump campaign, Lewandowski tried starting a political consulting group with another guy, but the DC establishment stomped them and accused them of operating a lobbying business without registering as a lobbyist.

    I’ve had a special place in my heart for CL, after the whole mess with crazy Michelle Fields false accusations.

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  14. Some Old Guy says:

    As a so-called “journalist” (yes I use that loosely), it’s interesting that Congress potentially losing it’s insurance subsidy causes consternation in Mr. Tapper.

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    • Joe says:

      Otherwise HusseinCare was an unacceptable hardship they claimed at the time…this is a huge winner for Trump now that the Deplorable have had a snoot-full. You can damn sure bet they have no sympathy and in fact, want to see Congress lose those unfair subsidies.

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  15. Fake Tapper is not used to people correcting this outright lies.

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  16. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Haggard Jake — The Transformation!

    Maybe my favorite CTH graphic ever



  17. Mike says:

    We have cancers, the expensive kinds. We don’t have Obamacare, don’t want Obamacare, and won’t pay the f’g mandate. DIY, super potent supplements, and generics.

    What a lot of psycho bureaucrats need is lead therapy.

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  18. Ono says:

    I wish some one would ask Tapper /Wallace/ Congress…DC???

    How much do you pay into Obama care?

    Jake …Please ask Songbird McCain why he is getting special treatment for his medical issues rather than going through the VA???? Rather than try to ridicule a person who cares?

    Jake is a hack and his credibility shows on his aging face.

    Easy to read a tele prompter Jake (the Snake) but try looking into the eyes of the peoples lives you are destroying ,nightly.

    Shame on you !may god have mercy on your soul.

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  19. GForce says:

    This article simply lays out some facts about the BIG insurance companies feigned plight. A good read for “Treepers” at this stage of Trumps negotiation to have in your back pocket.

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    • booger71 says:

      The piece is 18 months old, and I wonder if their stock will take a beating after their bailout money is taken away. I did find this interesting:

      “One of the program’s biggest cheerleaders, in fact, is Chuck Schumer (D- N.Y.), who will replace Harry Reid as the Democrats’ leader in the Senate next year. If Democrats take back the upper chamber, which is quite possible, Schumer will be Senate Majority Leader. Regardless, he is just one of the industry’s many friends in very high places.


      Poor Chucky didn’t make it, even though McTurtle pretty much acts like Chuck is boss.

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  20. This dude is sharp!
    Very impressive, and not once knocked off his clear understanding of his position, or his President.

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  21. SandraOpines says:

    Thank you Sundance. I wuvs Mulvaney sooooooooooooooo much ❤

    I had to endure Jakey pooh but it was worth it. Mulvaney just ROCKS my political world!


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  22. Scotty19541 says:

    So I was out on CBS commenting on the article titled:
    Nation Tracker poll: Most say Trump creating “conflict and drama” and “chaos” as core backers applaud the fight

    I read that as ‘We Are Winning!’ LOL…. anyway the opposition is very light today with support vs. hater at about 50/50! Was a pleasant evening actually red pilling the demonrat libs. God Bless President Donald J. Trump and all the Wolverines!!

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  23. jojo says:

    I put the brake on Jake years ago. Love how Mick is such a straight shooter, just like POTUS himself. P. TRUMP is now getting fighting men around him instead of Republican party loyalists. GOOD ON HIM.

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  24. Liz says:

    We can’t be more blessed to have Trump as our President. Politicians are bought and lose sight of their job. I wish we had Trump for 20 more years. My only fear is what happens after 2024…

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  25. james23 says:

    Mick Mulvaney is terrific!

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  26. milktrader says:

    Good lord Tapper is a complete horses arse.

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  27. melski says:

    What happened to all the Russia, Russia, Russia questions? They are getting few and far between. It may be time for our side to start asking the Russia questions to those idiot new readers.

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    • Now that the finger is pointing at the Dems, not going to talk about it; now it will be partisan politics if the GOP start investigating Clinton, Wasserman, etc…that’s how it will play.


  28. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    PeePee ACA for Congress.

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  29. Brant says:

    I found it very very interesting that Jake allowed him several times to extend and more importantly, correct, Jake’s erroneous (red meat for the low info folks) statements…….without interrupting. Is that something new? Are they realizing that Trump’s supporters are not backing down even in the face of endless insufferable tripe? If so, thats a big wow. The ship is slowly turning?

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  30. Mike diamond says:

    I agree Sundance Jake the tapper is a bubble boy,my gosh Jake go take a nap,you look like a spoiled kid that missed nap time ! I’m thankful Jake is not in charge of anything ! Jake is so unhappy all the time!! president Trump is winning for the USA ! I’m very happy!!!!!

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  31. The only thing Tapper does anymore when interviewing anyone from Trump’s team is concern trolling. And a piss-poor job of that to boot.

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  32. Chris says:

    Wow, I really like Mulvaney. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never really listened to him before. Very direct and to the point.


    • JC says:

      It’s such a blast to listen to Mulvaney, Chris, it’s worth accessing the CTH archives for his interviews, speeches and pressers. Oh, those press briefings… each one a thing o’ beauty.


  33. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Mick Mulvaney scored a knock-out punch and Tapper went down. Good to see.

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  34. jmclever says:

    It just occurred to me that the reason that all these talking heads keep asking about who reports to who and what the chain of command and pecking order will be in the white house with General Kelley as Chief of Staff is because the MSM is really afraid of Antony Scaramucci. It seems that they recognize him as a powerful person and want to see him contained.


    • Cheezus says:

      Perhaps it is fear of mooch. I think they are simply clueless now that the leak in the dike was plugged.

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    • The Mooch will NOT be contained…That is why he is there!!! These news orgs are afraid of what is coming down the pike and it does not look good on them because they are in collusion with the law-breakers…


      • jmclever says:

        I read an article that claimed Scaramucci was a political suicide bomber and would likely be placed in another position. Think about it. Would you sell off your assets so you could serve for only 10 days?

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  35. wheatietoo says:

    Mick Mulvaney is such a treasure.
    Can our President pick great people or what!


  36. Charles says:

    Summing up Mulvaney’s answers in one word: “Duuuhh!!!”

    As an off-topic aside, I realized as I was watching the interview, subconsciously I expected the “CNN” logo to be covering someone’s face and then being smacked around by a “Trump” character.

    I don’t see “CNN” as a logo anymore, I subconsciously, automatically, see it as a gimmick in a cartoon deathmatch – lol. If that becomes widespread, CNN will have lost their trademark, as a practical matter.

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  37. fedback says:

    Mulvaney is brilliant. A straight shooter
    And Jake learned something about Ocare as well


  38. Lone Gunman says:

    Comments not working?


  39. Mike swanson says:

    Pray that it’s so. How dare the little people expect the elites who force laws on us would actually have to live under the same??


  40. dreadnok89 says:

    really enjoy this guy.


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