Paul Ryan Discusses GOP Tax Plans Against Backdrop of Failed Healthcare Reform….

Speaker of The House Paul Ryan was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on the current framework for the proposed Tax Reform legislation currently under construction in congressional committees.

Many of Ryan’s responses range the gambit from willful blindness (ex. how to fill the budgetary hole created by expanding medicaid; can’t see how to achieve 3% GDP growth, etc.) to outright opaque misinformation, claims congress decided to eliminate B.A.T. (they didn’t, Trump, Mnuchin, Ross did), on revenue.

It is always important to remember that Ryan’s points of advocacy all stem from the Wall Street’s lobbying complex on K-Street.  The epicenter of those interests is the crony capitalistic U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Tom Donohue).   Watch:


CTH remains cautiously optimistic that Trump, Mnuchin, Cohn and Ross can defeat Ryan Inc on the larger tax reform issues.  However, CTH is not naive to the scope of the UniParty confrontation that will stem as an outcome.  You can hear it within Ryan’s words.

America voted for Trump’s agenda, not Ryan’s Corporate “Better Way” bulls**t !!

House Speaker Paul Ryan weighs in on health care reform and Republican efforts to govern. WATCH video #2


House Speaker Paul Ryan says Republicans are working off of President Trump’s framework for tax reform. Watch Video #3


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199 Responses to Paul Ryan Discusses GOP Tax Plans Against Backdrop of Failed Healthcare Reform….

  1. Michael Watson says:

    Tax reform is the way to deal with health care. Our legislators seem to be robbers paid by the insurance industry. Instead of subsidizing the insurance industry, if you care about the people, subsidize them by making drug store and health care expenses tax deductible. Totally free the market, removing American Medical Association restrictions and quotas as well as the insurance market restrictions and market limitations. Let people get any degree of health care from anyone they want. Protect consumers by requiring public posting of any and all written complaints.

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  2. ronheinzkaboot says:

    I can’t even watch these videos because I am afraid he is going to say “Better Way”
    Its MAGAnomics now Ryan. No one voted for your “Better Way”
    Notice he all of a sudden is crowing about a bill, sponsored by No-Wall McCaul, that funds the border wall…well sort of. Only doing that because he had to know that Kelly was being moved from DHS to Chief of Staff before it was actually announced. They want their cheap labor guy/open borders guy McCaul in to get those H1B visas approved and DACA apps increased.


  3. domain496 says:

    I can’t even watch this video …my loathing for Ryan exceeds that of my loathing for McCain… visceral and permanent. It creates health issues for me… I pass. However, in the vein of “praying for the enemy” I pray his come-to-Jesus meeting occurs sooner rather than later. The best I can muster.

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