U.S. Officials Confirm North Korea Missile Test Was Successful ICBM Launch…

U.S. Officials are now confirming the North Korean missile test was an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The ICBM, which is believed to be “two-stage,” officials said, would have a range of at least 3,500 miles, and thus be capable of reaching Alaska. (NBC link)

This launch represents another escalation by Kim Jung-Un in his ongoing quest for long-range intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles.  The ICBM test is another in a series of violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions banning the launches, and is simultaneously a slap in the face to Chinese President Xi Jinping who is presumably trying to get North Korea to back down.

China’s support of North Korea will become even more of an issue with the increased escalations.  Understanding the perspective of President Donald Trump toward these events, we would/should anticipate a series of economic actions by the U.S. administration against China.

The U.S. cannot focus exclusively on North Korea, their enablers must be targeted for corrective leverage. Economic sanctions can increase internal regional pressure.

There is a solid argument to be made, and personally I would agree with it, that a change in China’s MFN (Most Favored Nation) trade status, an economic position they cherish and lobby extensively to retain, may now be the next phase to get behaviors to change.

(Via Reuters) North Korea state television showed a large truck painted in military camouflage carrying the missile. It was identical to one a U.N. sanctions panel has said was “most likely” converted from a Chinese timber truck.

Since 2006, U.N. sanctions have banned the shipment of military hardware to North Korea. But control of equipment and vehicles that have “dual-use” military and civilian applications has been far less stringent.

The vehicle was imported from China and declared for civilian use by the North Korean foreign ministry, according to a 2013 report by the U.N. panel. Tuesday’s launch was the first time the truck had been seen in a military field operation in pictures published in state media. (link)

Donald Trump has expressly viewed the problem with North Korea through the prism of economic engagement with China.  It’s time to put the perspective into action and begin a process of punishing China for their enabling of North Korea.

President Trump has stroked the panda fur, and given Xi Jinping every opportunity to extend his massive influence toward a positive outcome.  Unfortunately China has not taken severe enough action to curtail the North Korean threat.

Therefore it is time to end the niceties and take a more deliberate an consequential approach toward China.  Perhaps beginning by the removal of China’s coveted MFN trade status, and then work further toward ever increasing economic action until Xi Jinping realizes his best economic outcome is to curtail the Kim Jung-Un regime once and for all.

Market economics, as punishment for hostile action, while costly, are much more less expensive (in every way) than a war.

Begin boycotting China.  Yes, that means U.S. companies, looking at you Apple, need to be direct targets also.   Nothing will change until something changes.

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183 Responses to U.S. Officials Confirm North Korea Missile Test Was Successful ICBM Launch…

  1. jbrickley says:

    Most Apple devices are manufactured and assembled in China. It makes logistical and financial sense. However, Foxconn the largest Chinese Apple partner is not stupid and they are looking to build factories in the USA. Although, I can imagine they will use a lot more automation and robots rather then raw unskilled and cheap manpower like they do in China. Apple complains there are not enough engineers in the USA but the vast majority of workers at Foxconn sit at a table and install one screw into thousands of iPhones per day. It most certainly can be done with robotics. It would still employ a heck of a lot of Americans. Apple does have some American manufacturing of their smaller lower demand product lines such as the Mac Pro. The design and engineering is mostly done in the USA. Sourcing components and raw materials to manufacture literally 1 billion iPhones in 2017 alone is mind boggling. When a new iPhone is released there’s an Airbus 380 or Boeing 747 fully loaded with nothing but new iPhones taking off from China every few minutes. Tim Cook is the master of all those logistics and deals with suppliers and manufacturers. At one point in history they bought up all the flash memory and LCD panel capacity to the point their competitors has to struggle to obtain any.

    Apple will have to adapt to a changing world if China trade is impaired. I am sure they have been thinking about it for quite some time. They do have options. The cost of manufacturing an iPhone is pretty low compared to what they charge for it. Apple is prepared to take a loss on the profit of each product. A large portion of the money is kept overseas to avoid US taxes but also to make it readily available to pay for everything overseas.

    It is entirely possible that Apple could shift manufacturing to the USA and Trump could make it enticing by lifting the taxes preventing them from bringing their money home.


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