Third London Bridge Terrorist Identified – Also Previously Known and Reported to British Intelligence…

The third London Bridge terrorist was identified today as 22-year-old Youssef Zaghba, a Moroccan-Italian previously arrested on suspicion of trying to reach Syria, and previously announcing he was “going to become a terrorist“.

It becomes more than a little ridiculous when the Jihadists tell law enforcement they intend to become terrorists, and yet… nothing… until… dead people.

According to media reports he was the son of an Italian mother from Bologna and a Moroccan father who held passports from both countries.

(Via New York Post) […] At the time of the attack, Zaghba was working in a London restaurant and continued to have contacts with his mother in Italy, where he visited in 2016, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported.

He was stopped in Bologna as he was about to board a plane for Turkey, with the apparent intention of joining ISIS jihadists fighting in Syria, Agence France-Presse reported, citing Italian media.

Despite finding ISIS propaganda videos on his cell phone, authorities failed to uncover enough evidence of links to terrorism to prosecute him and he was released.

Italian authorities tipped off Britain about his movements. They also notified British and Moroccan security services about his status as a potential militant, according to the reports. (link)

Yesterday the other two attackers were identified as Pakistan-born Khuram Butt (27), and Rachid Radouane (30), both residents of greater London.

(left to right) Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane, Youssef Zaghba

The UK Daily Mail has more:

British authorities were warned about one of the men behind the London Bridge attack – a 22-year-old Italian-Moroccan – who declared ‘I am going to be a terrorist’ as he tried to travel to Syria from Italy.

[…]  In a further embarrassment for British authorities, Zaghba’s identity was revealed in Italy before Scotland Yard confirmed it, similar to how details of the Manchester bombing were leaked in the US before they were released by police in the UK.

Scotland Yard described Zaghba as ‘of east London’, suggesting he has been in the capital for some time.

Reports in Italy say he was born in Morocco at a time when his parents lived in north Africa. It is understood his mother – named in Italy as Valeria – had converted to Islam at the time.

His parents are now said to have separated and his mother has moved back to the Bologna area, where Zaghba frequently visited her from Morocco.  His father, Mohammed, is believed to remain in north Africa.  (link)

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82 Responses to Third London Bridge Terrorist Identified – Also Previously Known and Reported to British Intelligence…

  1. Bob Thoms says:

    America should do away with dual citizenship……….after you turn 18 you declare your citizenship and renounce the other.

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    • Bob Thoms says:

      …and after you are sworn in as a naturalized US citizen, you should give up all other citizenship…

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        I believe that renunciation is in the citizenship oath. At least, it used to be.

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      • SuperTalk says:

        Someone please explain to me why consuming ISIS related materials is not a Criminal Act? If you watch Child Porn, it is Illegal in 99.9% of circumstances. Why is watching ISIS and Jihadi videos any different in this day and age?
        There’s nothing educational about ISIS videos at this point, MAKE THEM ILLEGAL, LOCK these ScumBags Up.

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        • jonvil says:

          Because we have never declared ISLAM to be America’s enemy.
          Until we do, they have carte blanche to do anything they want…it’s their RIIIGHT!!!

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        • scott467 says:

          SuperTalk wrote: “Someone please explain to me why consuming ISIS related materials is not a Criminal Act? If you watch Child Porn, it is Illegal in 99.9% of circumstances. Why is watching ISIS and Jihadi videos any different in this day and age?”


          I certainly relate to your thoughts on this, but at the same time, as awful as it is, the public must be able to see what these animals do in the name of their islamic murder cult.

          There is nothing the Leftists would like more than to outlaw viewing of ISIS videos, to ‘sanitize’ the hideous violence of islam, in order to keep the general population ignorant of what islam does, and what people who were once human beings become after they go islamic.

          The Left would much prefer that if the atrocities of islam need to be reported at all, that it be WITHOUT visual imagery, which has infinitely more impact than some apparatchik reading a teleprompter.



          • SuperTalk says:

            Scott, if someone can prove that they are watching to understand, maybe. But we are well past the point of diminishing returns, the ISIS Snuff Films vids being watched aren’t helping us accomplish a single thing. I’d prefer a total blackout, like there is on child porn that actually solves the problem. You get caught with it, you go to jail. No excuses, then you lock the Sickos that can’t live without it up.

            I don’t want to see ISIS videos and I don’t need to see another one to be convinced that they should be completely evaporated off the earth.

            A compromise ought to be made. If you’ve watched one or two fine. If need a steady diet and you fit the profile, JAIL/PRISON/DEATH


  2. rumpole2 says:

    Ah… the “Mediterranean” I presume?

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  3. There seems to be a patern here.
    Everyone of them is known and on a list. But as they want to explain, you can not watch them all. Not enough resources for that.

    Here’s a simple fix for that. Get most of the 23k living their and deport them. Keep as many as you have resources to watch.

    Problem solved. Lets not bring in more problems that we can effectively fix.

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  4. ddouthat09 says:

    Is it just me or have others noticed the dark, dead-looking eyes on all the Islamic murderers. including these three?

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    • They have the eyes of a demon. Pure evil.

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    • Deb says:

      The Windows to the soul, their souls are dead.

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    • Joan says:

      Sadiq Khan has the same eyes.

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      You have made a very keen observation on the eyes, ddouthat09. Very Observant!!! After the ’72 Munich Olympics where Black September was involved, the Israelis captured some of these guys and put them through psychiatric tests. What they found was the EVERYONE ONE OF THOSE PRISONERS HAD DEAD EYES. Also, the family was involved heavily in letting these Islamists become “martyrs”…And if you go to Israel’s Ben Qurion Airport you will not see what the protection like TSA (a joke), but you will be WELL protected. And I was at ’72 Munich Olympics on other side and watched the whole damn thing. So if anyone says that these people are a “religion of peace”, they will most likely get the groin kicked so hard that their last brain cell…you get what I mean. P.S. The Israelis caught with everyone of those terrorists and took them out. They gave NO quarter…Guess how I feel…

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  5. kinthenorthwest says:

    Wake Up America before its too late
    Wake Up Europe or is it already too late

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    • FofBW says:

      Any of you “mature” folks out there remember the “duck and cover” routine we practiced in school?

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      • rumpole2 says:

        I prefer “Old White Guy” to mature.
        Never did the “duck and cover” here in NZ.. but knew about it.
        I was more of a
        “bend forward, put your head between your legs… and kiss your A$$ goodbye”
        mindset 🙂

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        • Jim in TN says:

          If you are close enough to kiss your A_ _ goodbye, you don’t have time to duck or cover. If you are far enough away, shrapnel from things like broken windows does a lot of damage. That is why they taught Duck and Cover. The natural response is to go to a window and look, just in time for the shock wave to blow the window in.

          You don’t want all that fall out getting in to your body through totally unnecessary wounds. You will be drinking and eating enough contamination for a lifetime. Besides let the medics deal with the immediate burn victims. You won’t need them until later.

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      • Wend says:

        OMG yes-they were called “drop drills” here and I HATED THEM-always banged my leg(s) and later tore my nylons even though I was really runty and fit easily under the desk-it was just that we had to do it so fast. We also had “take cover” drills where they herded us into the basement underneath the cafeteria. No talking, of course. And finally the scary testing of the air raid sirens the last Friday of the month.

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        • The Raven says:

          Growing up in Pittsburgh, they’d test the local “fire siren” every Saturday at noon.

          It was a repurposed air raid siren that was used to call in the volunteer firemen but every district had one and they all were tested at the same time…just in case.


      • Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

        I also remember: ” Get on knees, Place head firmly between legs, and kiss your a$$ goodbye”!


      • Sunshine says:

        USSR warning drills.


    • Sunshine says:

      SOIL, very good.
      One bar, 100 guys against one man with knife. They hide. What more to say?

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  6. Jimmy Jack says:

    Funny, it’s almost as if these globalist governments want these terror attacks to happen or something………

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  7. Watcher says:

    Ever notice that they have mugshots of the dead jihadist.

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  8. joninmd22 says:

    These attacks are wholly preventable if the British people would muster the will to take back their country. Civil War won’t be pretty and will result in losses but it won’t be as bad as WW II.

    It’s time to take back your country. Not doing so is a slow death.

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  9. Anne says:

    Londonistan is doomed. And the whole of Western Europe.

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  10. Pam says:

    Yes Sundance, that pic of London’s mayor sums up the situation perfectly. As long as he is mayor, these attacks will unfortunately will get worse.

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  11. Anne says:

    The London police in action:

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  12. alliwantissometruth says:

    Political correctness is actually ruining the leftist agenda, but I guess the left hasn’t figured that out yet

    OK, we know why the savages are allowed in. Leftist governments can’t get them in fast enough in order to speed up the demographic transformation & destroy the middle class

    There’s absolutely no doubt about their intentions in that regard

    Yet, it seems they’re allowing their politically correct paralysis to throw a monkey wrench into the works when they refuse to confront & arrest the savages, thereby allowing said savages to plan & execute their attacks, which wakes the people up & turns them against the government

    The situation is at a precipice there, where Muslim immigration / invasion is about at the tipping point, where there’s enough of them to cause real damage & make it that much harder to expel them

    I’m sure the globalist high command could have told the Muslim upper hierarchy that, even though your buddies are being caught & taken out before their attacks, not to worry, it’s only until we can get enough of you in the countries of the West, then you can have your fun with the citizens

    So it’s perplexing that leftist governments are allowing the attacks to go on, when they work against their ultimate agenda

    Is political correctness strong enough that they’d put their conquest of our societies at risk? Or is some other evil at play?

    What could be to their benefit to allow the attacks to happen? The removal of basic freedoms? What?

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  13. mikeyboo says:

    Yet we in America no longer even require that new “citizens” take the oath of allegiance to the United States. (Obama rule change). Deportations immediately. If the home country is unwilling to accept immediate return, deport to the middle of the ocean.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mikeyboo says:

      Slight correction: Obama changed the oath of allegiance so that new “citizens” need not pledge to bear arms in defense of the US OR perform non-combatant service within the armed forces. These requirements are waived if the new “citizen” objects based on some “deeply held” religious or philosophical basis. p.s. each terrorist receives a welcome to the US coffee mug.


  14. Ronny says:

    They have lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.

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  15. rumpole2 says:

    This vid was posted yesterday… but that vesion seems to have been taken down by YT. I can only assume because it shows UK Islamic Savages in a bad light.

    This version works (for me)

    The Jihadist Next Door – documentary about one London Bridge attacker

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    • boutis says:

      The blank eye look is also part of being low IQ. Nobody home. They zone out because they can’t stay engaged at the level the west requires.

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  16. kinthenorthwest says:

    Yet it seems that the English/London police are still more worried about certain groups being offended by social media posts.
    At what point do they stop kissing the A$$ of the radical Muslims in England. Trying to find it, but it seems that Muslim Refugees are a large % of the people on the English Welfare Rolls, over 30% by some estimates.
    Cheshire Police Warn People Against Posting ‘Offensive’ Messages On Social Media

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  17. Anne says:

    Meanwhile, this is Paris: the Notre-Dame cathedral on lockdown with 900 catholics inside. Outside, the police arrested an Algerian man who had stabbed (non fatally) a 22 years old policeman with a hammer (in the neck) while shouting “this is for Syria”. The 40 years old Algerian terrorist was in France on a student visa (in other countries, he would be admitted as an “unaccompanied minor” /s)…

    He was a student in journalism…


  18. K2P2 Ribbing says:

    Here’s the truth of the matter: The politicians WANT this kind of terror everywhere (except around their own homes, of course). That way, they have an “excuse” to take complete control of our lives.

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    • Howie says:

      They have set up a death lottery. A random number of innocent citizens will be sacrificed each month for the sake of PC
      and Social Justice. Well worth the price, in their minds.


  19. Kaco says:

    Enough is enough, I agree with others, change the “watch” list to a deport list. Same for our country. If they don’t pass the smell test, they shouldn’t be allowed to linger.

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  20. Howie says:

    Death by Social Justice.


  21. kinthenorthwest says:

    Why isn’t anyone waking up to these atrocities.. They are escalating, not going down.
    2017 Terrorist Attacks 544 attacks, 3,704 fatalities

    (Sorry put it on the wrong thread first post).


  22. Their eyes all say the same thing in these feral animals – dead.

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