Righteous Piers Morgan to Insufferable London Mayor: “Where are they?”…

During a segment on Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan questioned Islamopologist London Mayor Sadiq Khan about the current location of 400 known London Jihadists that traveled to Syria for terrorist training.

Notice the very end of the video snippet:

…. the most recent terrorists “had not come from overseas; they were, for all intents and purposes, integrated into our way of life“…


That’s an interesting way of looking at it. The most recent London terrorists who ran people over and chopped people up were “integrated into our way of life“.

Alrighty then.

Longer Segment:

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238 Responses to Righteous Piers Morgan to Insufferable London Mayor: “Where are they?”…

  1. Serpentor says:

    The true sinister side of the long term ramifications of Islamic immigration is in that one quote “they were integrated”

    We bring them here, they breed more than the native population, and more terrorism is born that we can’t get rid of. Society is ruined. Civilization ultimately collapses. But at least we weren’t Islamophobic.

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    • Sunshine says:

      They integrate all right, they do so in their own communities. The problem is they don’t assimilate in the culture of the host nation.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        And therein lays the crux of the problem! This mayor is an epic failure!

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      • phoenixRising says:

        Wasn’t that once said of Jews?

        Was there a problem in London BEFORE the entry of so-called ‘refugees’ from Syria? imho many jihadists infiltrated themselves among the ‘refugees’ –

        Have you ever played blocks with a toddler? They love stacking the blocks and best of all they gleefully kick the blocks down. Western gov’ts have and are using jihadists to do their dirty work… all in the name of imperialism. Their objective is to ‘balkanize’ Syria, drive most of its people out and into Europe and other countries where they can homogenize the cultures – all in the name of globalism. Plus, it creates cheap labor (i.e.. Merkel and Germany)

        Many Syrians are Christians. But I ramble… old age, I apologize.

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        • lady4trump says:

          Most of them are not trying to work at anything but standing in groups around the cities harassing women and old people walking by, with some robberies and rapes included. So I disagree with you about ‘cheap labor’.
          They are not working, they came for the freebies. why do you think Germany can’t pay the 2% of GDP they owe us for their participation in NATO? They are paying all their extra tax money to the invaders who will eventually take them over!


          • Jedi9 says:

            That was always part of the plan! The central banks created this crisis in order to create more debt. The influx of refugees in order to be dependent on Government services, means the Governing or host countries will have to borrow from the banks more money in order to balance their books. That is because the EU has been cooking the books for decades and their plan to create more debt was a way to gain more control over sovereign countries. Look at Canada, or Australia two countries with the highest household debt in the world! Countries that won’t have not accepted the EU’s quota have less than 1% terrorist incidents. Poland being number 1! Do the math and it all adds up!


      • Immigrants integrate. Colonizing invaders do not.

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      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        That is why it should be called an invasion of a nation.

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      • Mike says:

        They assimilate the host nation, as in consume it. Then they erase it. Look at how they destroy historical sites. Putin or his successors will to need to nuke parts of Europe to save Russia one day.

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  2. The elephant in the room: The Quran is replacing the Bible. They are totally committed to their rule. We’re not so much to ours. In fact, there’s little left of ours.

    “But I have this against you, that you left your first love.
    5 Remember therefore whence you are fallen, and repent and do the first works; or else I come to you, and will move your candlestick (light of the gospel) out of its place, except you repent. (Rev. 2:4-5 ASV)

    In its 1400 years of barbarous infiltrations/invasions, Islam has moved in where Christian faith has moved out.

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  3. kimosaabe says:

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    • Mike says:

      The idiots are the non-mooses that elected him.

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    • chbailey says:

      ^This is what the UK Liberal Party gave to this:
      from Wikipedia. London is the capital and most populous city of England and the UK…London is a leading global city in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transportation. It is crowned as the world’s largest financial center… London is a world cultural capital. It is the world’s most-visited city…


      • chbailey says:

        Correction: Labor Party. Politician Kahn is in the Labor Party. Theresa May is Labor Party. Of course she would back him in this instance.

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  4. jamie says:

    Political Correctness – Condoning the cultural and demographic genocide of your own culture and people.

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  5. Joan says:

    What is happening in England is the future for America if we don’t wake up. So many here do not see that because our country is so much larger – but England is showing us what we have in store if we do not change. Love, as Katy Perry puts it, is not the answer.

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  6. Trumpmendous says:

    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Allah who?
    Allah us and we’re here to kill you.

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  7. tinkerthinker2 says:

    Hey Khan—travel bans are cheap. It gives police the advantage.

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  8. Meatzilla says:

    Sadiq Khan — what a sh**show of epic proportions. Sheeple being led to the slaughter.

    Don’t Be Fooled.

    The Prophet said, “War is deceit.” –Hadith 4:269

    TAWRIYAIntentionally creating a false impression.
    MURUNA‘Blending in’ by setting aside some practices of Islam or Sharia in order to advance Islam.
    TAQIYYASaying something that isn’t true as it relates to the Muslim identity.
    KITMANLying by omission.


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  9. ScarletTanager says:

    First-time poster, long-time follower. I have been following a poster on 4chan since last autumn called Anonymous5. Anon spoke of “London Bridges Falling Down = London Caliphate” related to Sadiq Khan all the way back in October. Khan is friends with Clinton and met with John Podesta on October 21, 2016. The chemical attack at London City Airport happened the same day. He says Khan has ties to Hamas, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. He also is connected with the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun for which the Westminister killer was a member of. Khan is tied to the globalists. The goal, use the extremists to cause major civil uprisings, and the “EU Army” will have to step in to help save Britain. Once there, Brexit is done for.

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  10. andyocoregon says:

    I have come to the conclusion Islam is a cancer upon civilized society.

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  11. Watcher says:

    Islamist Media Spins: What to Look Out For
    The Khans are masters, cair, mb, msn, etc.


  12. Lucille says:

    Mmmhuh, integrated like a giraffe and a hyena. Though the difference in size is great, the hyena knows how to strike where most vulnerable and begins to eat the giraffe while it’s attacking. They live on the same plain together but enemies always.

    Another excellent Mark Steyn column today in his Steyn on Britain section: “Getting Used to It”

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  13. keebler AC says:

    Khan very simply stated the truth and had no qualms about it…because he himself is now in power and is a terrorist faction currently integrated into the fabric of London.

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  14. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Notice how they always blame their refusal to carry out their legal responsibilities to citizens on “lack of resources”?

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  15. Sursum corda says:

    Our way of life…when did he become a white person? Don’t lecture us about what our way of life. Your way of life is back in Pakistan, Khan. You aren’t of our people. We want our culture, European and Christian. Please, self deport and make Europe great again.

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  16. Sadiq Khan, is right beside John McCain on my list of least favorite human beings…

    No really. There’s like a handful of people who inspire flames to shoot from my eyes, and he’s one of those few who do.

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  17. FTWPhil says:

    Sadiq Khan is a busted ass BHO. What a hell the WASP have on their hands.


  18. positron1352 says:

    Something very strange seems to be happening. I guess the chickens have come home to roost. Moral decay eroding our country has shown itself in so many ways and especially with a disregard for other’s opinions as well as for the law itself.


  19. Char Char Binks says:

    15% of the police budget “is funded by me, the mayor”. Wow, Khan’s personal tax bill must be sky high!


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