Remarks By President Trump at NATO – Memorial Unveiling…

Like a boss.  President Trump throws the irony into hyper-drive telling the entire group of NATO socialists: it’s time to pay their fair share.

[Transcript] 4:39 P.M. CEST – PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much, Secretary General Stoltenberg.  Chancellor Merkel, thank you very much.  Other heads of state and government, I am honored to be here with members of an alliance that has promoted safety and peace across the world.

Prime Minister May, all of the nations here today grieve with you and stand with you.  I would like to ask that we now observe a moment of silence for the victims and families of the savage attack which took place in Manchester.  (A moment of silence is observed.)  Thank you.  Terrible thing.

This ceremony is a day for both remembrance and resolve.  We remember and mourn those nearly 3,000 innocent people who were brutally murdered by terrorists on September 11th, 2001.  Our NATO allies responded swiftly and decisively, invoking for the first time in its history the Article 5 collective defense commitments.

The recent attack on Manchester in the United Kingdom demonstrates the depths of the evil we face with terrorism.  Innocent little girls and so many others were horribly murdered and badly injured while attending a concert — beautiful lives with so much great potential torn from their families forever and ever.  It was a barbaric and vicious attack upon our civilization.

All people who cherish life must unite in finding, exposing, and removing these killers and extremists — and, yes, losers.  They are losers.  Wherever they exist in our societies, we must drive them out and never, ever let them back in.

This call for driving out terrorism is a message I took to a historic gathering of Arab and Muslim leaders across the region, hosted by Saudi Arabia.  There, I spent much time with King Salman, a wise man who wants to see things get much better rapidly.  The leaders of the Middle East have agreed at this unprecedented meeting to stop funding the radical ideology that leads to this horrible terrorism all over the globe.

My travels and meetings have given me renewed hope that nations of many faiths can unite to defeat terrorism, a common threat to all of humanity.  Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks, or the horror you saw in Manchester and so many other places will continue forever.  You have thousands and thousands of people pouring into our various countries and spreading throughout, and in many cases, we have no idea who they are.  We must be tough.  We must be strong.  And we must be vigilant.

The NATO of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration, as well as threats from Russia and on NATO’s eastern and southern borders.  These grave security concerns are the same reason that I have been very, very direct with Secretary Stoltenberg and members of the Alliance in saying that NATO members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations, for 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they’re supposed to be paying for their defense.

This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States.  And many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years.  Over the last eight years, the United States spent more on defense than all other NATO countries combined.  If all NATO members had spent just 2 percent of their GDP on defense last year, we would have had another $119 billion for our collective defense and for the financing of additional NATO reserves.

We should recognize that with these chronic underpayments and growing threats, even 2 percent of GDP is insufficient to close the gaps in modernizing, readiness, and the size of forces.  We have to make up for the many years lost.  Two percent is the bare minimum for confronting today’s very real and very vicious threats.  If NATO countries made their full and complete contributions, then NATO would be even stronger than it is today, especially from the threat of terrorism.

I want to extend my appreciation to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York for contributing this remnant of the North Tower, as well as to Chancellor Merkel and the German people for donating this portion of the Berlin Wall.  It is truly fitting that these two artifacts now reside here so close together at the new NATO Headquarters.  And I never asked once what the new NATO Headquarters cost.  I refuse to do that.  But it is beautiful.

Each one marks a pivotal event in the history of this Alliance and in the eternal battle between good and evil.  On one side, a testament to the triumph of our ideals over a totalitarian Communist ideology bent on the oppression of millions and millions of people; on the other, a painful reminder of the barbaric evil that still exists in the world and that we must confront and defeat together as a group, as a world.

This twisted mass of metal reminds us not only of what we have lost, but also what forever endures — the courage of our people, the strength of our resolve, and the commitments that bind us together as one.

We will never forget the lives that were lost.  We will never forsake the friends who stood by our side.  And we will never waiver in our determination to defeat terrorism and to achieve lasting security, prosperity and peace.

Thank you very much.  It’s a great honor to be here.  Thank you.

END: –  4:48 P.M. CEST

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131 Responses to Remarks By President Trump at NATO – Memorial Unveiling…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    The BOOM heard round the world.
    It was a truly beautiful thing to behold.
    Pay up or SHUT UP!

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  2. Beth M says:

    So much winning!

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  3. killdozer says:

    CNN is reporting that President Trump grabbed the throat of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic of Montenegro, and shoved him to the floor ,

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  4. maiingankwe says:

    They are so not used to a Man of Truth.

    Loving our President!

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    • Fe says:

      I love this man more every day. What a comfort he brings to my psyche. It is such a relief to have this fearless brave man who cares nothing about being liked, he cares about You and Me. What an honor. And he has the deep love of an extraordinary woman in our FLOTUS. Melania, we love you every bit as much. What a great speech he gave today in front of those sniveling cowards….well many of them are. 😎

      I went to a special event film Tuesday night about the 6 day war in 1967. At the end the producer talked about what the various countries did at the time. I was so ashamed of LBJ for not standing with Israel.

      The producer suddenly said something about the election of Donald J Trump and I almost yelled YEAH baby in a sold out theater… was all I could do not to start sobbing out of gratitude praising God so I did so silently. Seeing my President suddenly appear on the big screen (looking like the boss that he is) with the producer pointing out that THIS President wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem and how he is a powerful supporter of Israel made me so so very proud. What an unexpected treat that was! 😀

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        Hugs, Fe. I am overwhelmed from time to time myself. Just simply overcome with emotion when I realize all over again that he is our President and that God heard our cries and sent us this man to snag us by the coat tails just as we were going off the cliff. I feel like we are still on the edge of that cliff scrabbling for purchase and fearful that we aren’t going to make it, but I believe we’re going to make it.

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      • Alexsandra says:

        YEAH baby ditto and ditto to everything you said so well, Fe. Yay!


      • trialbytruth says:

        I hate to join the girly parade, but this guy gets a tear in his eye every so often. When I think of the power and majesty God has bestowed upon us in this man I am over whelmed with joy and gratitude.

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  5. freddiel says:

    Thank you for posting this, SD. I love to be able to read the transcript.

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  6. KBR says:

    I hope that during discussions, if the man who covered his mouth to talk during the President’s speech has comments,
    that POTUS will cover his mouth and say something funny to Rex or Mattis.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Not sure if it is Macron or the gay Luxembourg head of state that is snickering like a school girl. I can’t tell them apart. But I can tell you this. I just wish I could go in there and go full Gianforte on them. How dare they smirk and snicker when our President has the floor? It really makes me angry.

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  7. fedback says:

    Lion on the loose at NATO headquarters. Savages hapless political leaders

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  8. Eggs says:

    Can anyone explain what the consequences are for those countries that don’t abide by the NATO agreement – 2% of GDP? I appreciate Trump talking about it and that is the first step to getting them to pay for their defense. As a cynic, though, I expect freeloaders to freeload – What kind of carrots/sticks are available for those that don’t pay their share?

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    • fleporeblog says:

      We get the HELL out of NATO!

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      • seabrznsun says:

        Or they get the hell out of NATO.

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      • Morgol Lord says:

        Be careful what you wish for. Germany is building their own EU army, with Brigades from the Netherlands, Rumania, and at least two other countries attached to German divisions. They did it before. It was called the Waffen SS. And we all know how well that turned out.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Who gives a sh…t what Germany is building! WWII is in the rear view mirror. Different times and don’t forget it!

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        • Cetera says:

          Yes, I seem to remember. We killed about 5 million Germans in uniform, and another approximately 2 million German civilians.

          The question is, do THEY remember?


          • Sylvia Avery says:

            We had a magnificient victory, but it was a near thing. After reading The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan I was kind of shaken all these years later. WW2 was well before my time, but I grew up with the certainty that we were invincible and of course everyone could have supposed we would win. Reading that book and seeing how easily it could have gone the other way still makes me feel a bit queasy. I’d hate to see us have to do it again. Especially with a nation of Pajama Boys to defend us.


            • trialbytruth says:

              Don’t be fooled by the Media or the dopey guys on campus looking to impress a girl in a pink hat. I have been teaching hundreds of teens each year for 14 years. The Kids I meet have strong wills and good character. There parents are mostly divorced and they split time between parents. Most of their parents are making 10 to 15 dollars an hour making a little more then half of the inflation adjusted wages of their parents. Many are independent contractors (landscapers, painters, skilled trades)

              These kids parents have taught them they have to work to make it. They are smart enough to know when to lay low and keep their opinion to themselves. Most are headed to jobs and technical training not Ivy league schools. They will start families at 19 or 20 (mostly by accident) and raise their kids or pay support.

              We are not a nation of deadbeat losers and we did not raise our children to be deadbeats either. Bring on the jobs with wages to build a family, and watch this nation rise to new heights on the strong shoulders of our children.

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        • Lucille says:

          If ole commie An-GELL-a is building the Army, it will have a hammer on the flag and the GDR anthem will be sung.


  9. Those snarky little metroseksuals grinning, talking crap, and making fools of themselves during Trump’s time at the podium are not simply “socialists”, they are filthy corrupted globalist bankster cartel puppets. They enjoyed hearing about how Americans have been fleeced to pay for their fancy building of no necessity, etc…

    Given the chance they will obviously continue to work toward the demise of western societies, likely handled by that disgusting pig merkel. Actually, in my opinion, (not that it matters to many) the best label for all of them would literally be what they truly are. Global terrorists of the lowest level yet in high places they do not belong.

    Dangerous post turtles, just like bari soetoro.

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  10. average Joe says:

    My favorite part is focus on immigration.

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  11. mikebrezzze says:

    Trump went from developer to debt collector, some upgrade the presidency was huh?

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    • rumpole2 says:

      Debt collecting is a pain in the A… but it is essential… bad/slow payers can destroy an otherwise thriving company. It is an “art” as well as a skill. It often come down to courage to act… cut the BS and force the issue.

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      • mikebrezzze says:

        Read his book, he collects rents due and gets rid of those that don’t pay up, one of his properties in Columbus, he raised the qualifier to 4 times income to the usual 3 times, he stopped the no pays and late pays with that one requirement

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  12. lokiscout says:

    ” And I never asked once what the new NATO Headquarters cost. I refuse to do that. But it is beautiful.”
    No money for terrorism but they can build beautiful buildings at US Taxpayer expense. Isn’t Socialism wonderful just keep spending until until they run out of our money. While we keep borrowing from China.

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  13. 4sure says:

    I wish he had shamed them even more. He should have told them that they need to pay up all that is owed to the USA within 30 days, with interest, or say goodbye to American bases and personnel stationed in NATO countries. He could have said that Americans are teed off and are tired of working 80 hours a week to pay their share while they work 20 hours a week and live as socialists off of our backs.

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  14. Wee2low says:

    Anyone notice that punk, parasite socialist what was laughing during President Trumps speech? I would have slapped the taste out of his mouth and made him shine my shoes!

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  15. Brant says:

    They don’t like it, but what is their plan B? POTUS 45. Talk about negotiation from strength. We have been their doormat for decades. Their eyes down show they they know they are/have been wrong. I’m glad they think he is a boor. I would rather POTUS 45 be a strong boor (boar) than a b(female dog) like previous POTUS.

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  16. fleporeblog says:

    Incredible how upside down the world is today! Our Lion had to tear into the 23 current NATO countries that aren’t paying their 2% of GDP for their defense. Just last year alone, that equates to a shortage of $119 billion dollars. How can these leaders of these 23 countries look our President in the face and beg him and the US to stay in NATO when they could care less about their own defense and financial obligation.

    If I were the Lion, I would tell them that if they don’t ALL put forth 2% by December 31, 2017, the US will be pulling out of NATO and joining forces with the 55 ME countries and Israel that are eager to join in the fight financially, technologically and militarily.

    From the article linked above:

    The United States and 55 Muslim-majority states such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq, excluding Iran sign pact pledging 34,000 troops to fight ISIS in Iraq & Syria
    The US and Middle Eastern countries have backed a new pact that promises to provide extra troops for defeating Islamic State in war-ton Iraq and Syria.

    From the article linked above:

    Described as the Riyadh Declaration, the document was signed following US President Donald Trump’s visit to the Saudi capital for a summit that brought in Islamic representatives from 55 countries, and vowed “to combat terrorism in all its forms, address its intellectual roots, dry up its sources of funding and to take all necessary measures to prevent and combat terrorist crimes in close cooperation among their states.”

    “The leaders welcomed the establishment of a global center for countering extremist thought to take base in Riyadh, and praised the center’s strategic objectives of combating intellectual, media and digital extremism and promoting coexistence and tolerance among peoples,” said the text of the document, published by the Saudi Press Agency.

    The exact membership of what the communique called the Middle East Strategic Alliance will be decided next year, but putative members have committed to assembling “a reserve force of 34,000 troops to support operations against terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria when needed.”

    (Keep in mind when watching the video you are getting a Russian spin which would be against Russian interest)

    Meanwhile King Abdullah of Jordan shared the following:

    “We have been able to do far more towards fighting Terrorism in the first 100 Days President Trump has been in Office … than the last 8 years of that other guy”

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  17. Southern Son says:

    The GlobalCommieProgs won’t be smirking and whispering in the near future.
    He was too nice to them.
    His seemingly direct statements, should serve as notice.
    But they, along with their American Fellow Travelers, are Too Spoiled and Naive, to do what is Right.
    The Day of Reckoning is fast approaching.

    Press ON!, President Trump!!

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  18. 4sure says:

    We do not need NATO. It is a useless organization of Socialist/globalist countries who use us to fund it. It is not well trained, equipped, managed or led and is corrupt to the core. The USA funds it and still ends up having to use our troops, materials, leadership, and bloodshed when the chit actually hits the fan. We gain absolutely nothing from NATO. It has long past its sell by date. The sooner we abandon that swamp of metrosexuals, the better. If we abandon NATO, they will come crawling and begging for our support and we should tell them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. SAME GOES FOR THAT USELESS UN which is even worse.

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    • frank field says:

      4sure…thank you. We bailed most of them out of 2 world wars yet they bow to Merkel’s ilk while wiping their feet on AMERICA.

      GO TRUMP!


  19. Madmax110 says:

    President Trump just publicly gave out 23 atomic wedgies to the European pajama club.
    Many seen rushing to the nearest gender neutral bathroom to change panties.

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  20. Eric Fraize says:

    First of all, I could not have thought of two better artifacts for the NATO Memorial. Second, our POTUS has quite a set (said admiringly…well, you know what I mean!) You could FEEL how uncomfortable all those leaders were. I like the dig about not asking how much the memorial cost. Also, Theresa May needs to get the stick out. Jus’ sayin’.

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    • Tegan says:

      He was referring to the cost of the new building, not the memorial. But, indeed, a very meaningful reminder and stunningly powerful.


  21. NJF says:


    Love our POTUS!

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  22. Ellie says:

    These “leaders” should be embarrassed. They’ve done a terrible job.

    President Trump is demonstrating strong leadership.

    Let’s hope Europe learns something.

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  23. Big Bruce says:

    What an amazing President we have. He is truly reshaping the entire world before our eyes. For the Christians, in the book of Nehemiah, from the time Nehemiah heard the the wall had been destroyed and he actually went to King Artacerxes to present his bold plan torebuild the wall was 4 months. That means 4 months of prayer to God for success. Please keep our President in your prayers. Not to overstate it, but President Trump is God’s blessing not just to America but to the entire world. Thanks again Sundance for this site and all those who contribute.

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    • 4sure says:

      I think this song is so appropriate to our current culture.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      Yes, God was so merciful in granting our prayers. We may see more agitators and schemers lined up against the leader He gave us than expected, but oh what a leader He has given us! What other mortal could stand so strong against opposition, and even while that opposition is raging, still be victorious. God gave us a great leader, and we’ve just seen the beginning. Amazing times now and to come in the future,.


  24. kallibella says:

    I love our President!!!
    In his first foreign trip as our MAGA President, President Trump has not wasted this opportunity to deliver his message as clearly as can be.

    To the muslim/Arab leaders, he said, “Drive them out!!” To the Palestinian terrorist, President Trump said that terrorists must not be glorified and supported with money and celebrated.

    About Iran, he said that as long as he is Donald J Trump, “Iran will not have a nuclear weapon!”

    Standing next to the Pope, our President looked triumphant and happy, sporting a big and warm smile, while the Pope looked like he didn’t like eating crow…

    To these so-called leaders, he said “pay up!”
    Mock and laugh all they want, the day is fast approaching when We The People won’t be paying with our money and our heroes lives to defend the cowards in the EU from the islamists they keep importing into their countries.

    God bless and keep our President!

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  25. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    Seeing and hearing the message President Trump delivered, I am convinced he is made of mettle and metal…
    This web site says “As BIG as you need”. In the foreground is 6″ calipers… I don’t think this place can make them as big as President Trump has already demonstrated…

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  26. mikeyboo says:

    In the immortal words of Ali G:: Boulya Kasha!!! (Thank you Sasha Baron Cohen)


  27. Bob Thoms says:

    What makes me puke is that US taxpayers for decades were subsidizing the generous welfare state of NATO countries – generous retirements, generous vacations, free college, free healthcare, and yada yada…………………..these uppidy euros are all trash in my book.

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    • Shepon says:

      It isn’t free and it isn’t subsidized. It is stolen. Pure theft.

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      Exactly. Enough is enough. Pay back time.

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    • That’s just for NATO, the EU used the IMF (American taxpayers are AGAIN paying the most) as their personal bank account for the bankruptcies of Ireland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Iceland (the only country, that I know of, that paid everything they owed back).

      Look at the IMF numbers (Millions of SDRs)
      United States 82,994.2
      China 30,482.9
      Germany 26,634.4
      United Kingdom 20,155.1 (UK and France pay the exact amount)
      France 20,155.1
      Russian Federation 12,903.7
      Canada 11,023.9

      “The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries’ official reserves. As of March 2016, 204.1 billion SDRs (equivalent to about $285 billion) had been created and allocated to members. SDRs can be exchanged for freely usable currencies. The value of the SDR is based on a basket of five major currencies—the US dollar, the euro, the Chinese renminbi (RMB), the Japanese yen, and the British pound sterling.”


      • G. Combs says:

        Also the US tax payer bank bailout money (2008-2009) WENT TO EUROPE to bailout the European banks! That is why Congressman Ron Paul could not get the Fed to give an accounting of where the heck the money went.
        Judicial Watch Sues Federal Reserve for Records Detailing U.S. Taxpayer Bailout of European Banks

        The USA has been the piggy bank for everyone EXECPT the USA ever since the Global Banksters got their hands on our wealth in 1913!

        Remember FDR confiscated ALL the privately held gold and it was put in Fort Knox. Then the only ones who could trade US$$$ for gold were FOREIGN BANKS. The European banks bought up overseas US$$$ and swapped them for American PRIVATELY OWNED GOLD until Nixon closed that barn door in 1971.

        The has been NO genuine audit of good deliverable gold in Fort Knox so we have no idea of just how much gold has been transferred OUT of the USA in exchange for the worthless FED bank script. The Great American Disaster: How Much Gold Remains In Fort Knox?

        After Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 the Globalists started stripping the USA of it’s physical and intellectual assets and I mean that literally. I knew a guy in the early 1980s whose company would litterally pack-up and ship US factories overseas lock stock and barrel.

        Statistics (courtesy of Bridgewater) showed in 1990, before WTO was ratified, Foreign ownership of U.S. assets amounted to 33% of U.S. GDP. By 2002 this had increased to over 70% of U.S. GDP.

        Whether you blame the leveraged buyout feeding frenzies of the 80’s or the World Trade Organization and NAFTA “Free Trade” agreements of the 90’s the result is the same America has been quietly sold off piece by piece. This is a sampling of the industries with over 50% foreign ownership, according to Source Watch (wwwDOT)

        A real eye opener isn’t it. But it gets worse. The Department of Homeland Security says 80% of our ports are operated by Foreigners and they are buying and running US bridges and toll roads.

        (Sorry I no longer have sources since that was written in the early Obummer years and the URLs are now dead.)

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  28. Shepon says:

    I see one of the three is the french guy, who are the other two chatty cathys?


  29. All American Snowflake says:

    The NATO Memorial Speech will go down in history as a turning point for the blood-soaked continent of Europe. The EU’s sleazy, snobby, silly, stupid (4S) leaders must learn that he who pays the piper calls the tune.

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  30. Publius2016 says:

    Incredible speech. Plain, simple, and eloquent too. “Time to repay what you owe, NATO partners…don’t worry, we’ll take credit as long as we get paid…BTW, we’ll use any new money to secure the border and modernize the equipment.” MAGA!

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  31. M33 says:


    Worth every penny I contributed to Trump’s campaign.

    He is MY President!

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  32. IMO says:

    LOL President Trump surrounded by a bunch of stiffs.


  33. guitar107 says:

    PC on its way out! Finally someone with the fortitude to speak the truth.
    One minor complaint… “extremists” sounds so proglib…


  34. boogywstew says:

    What kind of memorial is a steamshovel attacking a Thermos cup?


  35. Bendix says:

    Obama is out campaigning against him. Unbelievable. Rush Limbaugh directs some funny jabs his way, but you can read between the lines and sense the utter disgust Rush and the rest of us feel:
    What a fool, what an utter embarrassment. He’s still trying to claim credit for reforming health care as we all watch it collapsing around us. He’s trying to out-Pope the Pope, talking about God and borders and the hungry children, as if we don’t all know he’s been living the high life sans job since January, and hasn’t done a single thing for anybody but himself and his cronies.

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  36. Dora says:

    The Washington Post opinion. Ha Ha.

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  37. jnearen says:

    Another brave and excellent speech. Jay Sekulow sat in for Sean Hannity today and, with a group of three lawyers, completely dismantled the “muh Russian” conspiracy. And, a GOP lawmaker has called for investigation of the Seth Rich murder. Good day.

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  38. TONYA PARNELL says:

    TRUMP 2020

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  39. Papoose says:

    This is all a crock. Nice complex they have there. how an you “fight” terrorism with people’s hard earned wages yet permit the enemies to swarm your streets, bully the citizens and live on the dole?


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  40. nuthinmuffin says:

    meanwhile, former mom jeans prez obama talking about walls at the brandenburg gate, complete with god like echo


    • G. Combs says:

      Yank Obummer’s passport and put him, his wife and kids on a no entry list. LEAVE him in Europe since that is his DREAM.


  41. killdozer says:

    I was always a intermediate treeper ,I never got one like and got yelled at for being some kind of nut or a troll of one kind or another ,I would sit on the can of peas down on the “Our Father Thread ” studying the uniBombers Manifesto minding my own business ,sometimes going on “like duty”, other times I would come up on the new threads ,fly a banner only to have it shot down ,But today all that changed ,I racked up 19 likes and Im drinking some Oban in celebration , and this could be a lesson to all you intermediates ,Remember our President said he loves the poorly educated , So read and re read the stuff here , Study hard , never go against President Trump ,spend some time on the Good Book thread ,be true ,only fly banners that make America Great and you to can become great like me ,God Bless you and thank you.


  42. MIKE says:

    The MAN drops the hammer on them, world stage watching. LOOKS them right square in the eye and says, “pay up. Including the back rent.
    He had a few of those 🐛 worms squirming.
    You gotta love this guy

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  43. Concerned Virginian says:

    Gateway Pundit has the video of President Trump dealing with ManChild Emmanuel Macron.
    Macron walks up to the gathered heads of state, IGNORES President Trump, and makes the beeline to Merkel. THEN Macron shakes a few more hands and turns to President Trump…
    who takes Macron by the right hand and gives him a lesson about how to treat the President of the United States. You have to see the video to believe it…it’s the President Trump handshake equivalent of putting Little Macron over his knee and spanking him.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. Mike diamond says:

    Shame on the liberal news media shame on the liberals,president trump is a good president for the USA! Pray for him every day!


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