Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses NAFTA and Larger U.S. Trade Policy…

Andrew Breitbart truthfully stated: “politics are downstream from pop culture”.  However, what Andrew never fully digested was that “Pop Culture” is downstream from “Economics”.  Show me the opposition to President Trump and his policy objectives, and I’ll show you an entity with a vested financial interest in that opposition.   Domestic or foreign opposition, it matters not – the financial motives are the same.

Last week commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross delivered remarks at the 47th Annual Washington Conference of the Americas.  Within his remarks Wilburine explains the new U.S. administration’s strategy to increase overall commerce while reducing the trade deficit.

The Q&A begins around 19:00 and Secretary Ross explains what the Chinese “One-Belt One-Road” means to U.S. Trade.  If you are interested in economic policy and how it will effect your daily lives this is a great watch.  Remember, this is raw source material where you can make your own judgements about what is said/happening without the filter of the media telling you what is said/happening.


When you understand what is outlined in honest explanations like this you can destroy the talking points of oppositional voices.  This is the intellectual armament that helps you to discuss with your friends and families and cut through the media nonsense.  The important battle-space is between our ears.

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45 Responses to Secretary Wilbur Ross Discusses NAFTA and Larger U.S. Trade Policy…

  1. ok4ayl says:

    Wilburine Ross…….The “Yoda” of trade negotiations…..:)

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  2. A2 says:

    Thank you for posting. Mr Wilbur always educates. And with a twinkle.

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    • And thank you sundance for stating “Pop culture is downstream from “Economics”.

      Popular culture is not the be all end all for life here on earth.

      Most of us do not wait with baited breath for the latest utterance from the insecure Hollywood celebrities.

      Reality always has, and always will be, what makes the world go round.

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      • nontroll says:

        “Reality always has, and always will be, what makes the world go round.”

        In a perfect world that statement is true. We don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world that the myth of “Climate Change” has been allowed to grow unabated by Hollywood, the press, and the education system – which all comprise POPULAR CULTURE. There are hundreds of myths put forward by popular culture that affect our economy and our politics. To think otherwise is to truly ignore reality.

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        • Yes nontroll you make a very good point.

          But popular culture is not static and does not exist outside of all other cultures.

          Sundance was trying to show he/she believes all these “systems” interact.

          I just happened to agree that popular culture was not the only driving force in America.

          Rsanchez makes the point of ESPN, showing the effects of economics on popular culture in the decline of the cable sports network.

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        One stark example of pop culture downstream from economics is ESPN. They read the zeitgeist wrong and lost big when leftist, SJW and BLM ideology didn’t sell.

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        • So true rsanches.

          I think all of Hollywood is losing big right now.

          Perhaps sundance could educate them a little about how things work.

          I am not quite sure of the pattern something like Economics-Popular Culture-Politics-Economics ……….

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  3. SoCal Patriot says:

    POTUS deserves a great deal of credit for recruiting world class a Cabinet. I continue to be impressed with them…

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    • The Boss says:

      You mean Drudge is wrong about a cabinet shake up??? It can’t be!!! Drudge is always right!!! (s/o)

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      • fangdog says:

        Drudge has become a huge disappointment for me. Drudge can move back to Hollywood from whence he came.

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        • tommyd22 says:

          I scan Drudge a couple of times a day just in case some really big story is breaking, but I rarely click on anything he offers up any more.. It’s more a habit I think than a real necessity..
          I find Drudge to be much less relevant than years past.. Now days he ignores some very important stories imo..

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      • Sam Saint says:

        Drudge is very smart and usually gets it right in the current war over fake news. John B Wells and Paul Joseph Watson are also good news sources (check them out on Youtube – both have wicked sense of humor, along with nose for truth).
        Reason we need Drudge & the above mentioned – the recent lie that Assad gassed his own people – Sean Hanitty bought into the lie – Ann Coulter, Rand Paul, along with Drudge, Wells & Watson did not. Did Trump buy the lie temporarily, now angry? H R McMaster & neocons have got to go.

        even Trump bought into it temporarily – now angry he was deceived? H R Mc


        • Lindenlee says:

          Hannity is so predictable, and deliberately avoids the truth. He keeps talking about the how the Republicans were “unprepared” to pass healthcare, blah, blah… No Sean, they ARE CORRUPT TO THE CORE, and THAT’S why they didn’t do what they should. Makes me sick to watch him now.


  4. A2 says:

    Mr Wilbur’s comment on process becoming the end not the means was particularly salient. Although he did not explicitly say so, I think he implicitly indicated that is where politics supersedes the practical raison d’être of the original negotiation. Great point.

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  5. Summer says:

    I am impressed with Secretary Ross. He is very competent, confident and overall supercool. Every word he says is on point. President Trump chose well.

    In contrast…

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  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Momentum is on President Trump’s side. For his staff it is fortunate that the media is so dumbed down for their Loon audience. Libs are educated yet idiots….their trigger words don’t equate to economic reality and trade. Easier to get the agenda through.

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    • thluckyone says:

      Thank you, Donna! Thanks to you, maybe I’m seeing more clearly now. LOL! Our Lion keeps the lefty-loonies busy with his tweets and his 10-level chess while the REAL work gets done and they never even notice. LOL! ROTFL! Oh, for sure I’m out of my water here but I just LOVE this show. I LOVE popcorn and I could watch this all day!

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    What an incredible speech! All the Globalist, CoC, Big Club and Uniparty members in that audience will walk away knowing their one world utopia is DEAD. The Wilburine said we could care less if the TPP countries decide to move forward. The US will negotiate with countries bilaterally. The EU must be scared to death! The Wilburine used an example with Canada and the EU that was held up by a province in Brussels. Those countries can play all they want in the EU allowing Muslims to destroy their countries, however, the US will negotiate with them individually. Germany will get screwed because of the bilateral negotiation with us.

    Congress has lost its cover! Know that Lighthizer has been confirmed, the Wilburine and him will be knocking on Senator’s doors with the 90 day letter in hand. We are the dominant market when it comes to trade in the entire world. With our Lion and Wilburine, we will never be embarrassed by the fact that we are the dominant country.

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  8. thluckyone says:

    No! Sundance I am NOT tired of winning. And I WON’T apologize for it. Winning is ADDICTIVE and I want MORE, do you understand? MORE WINNING! THANK YOU for posting the video of this ASTONISHING man who works for US (I’m still pinching myself). WILBURINE IS ON OUR SIDE!?!?! FINALLY, we have someone looking out for the interests of OUR businesses and OUR employers. What a CONCEPT! And he makes this stuff make sense even to a dimwit like me! LOL! And he tries so HARD to make sure we’re not perceived as bullies. That people would respect us but STILL want to do business with us? But wait! In fair trade, EVERYBODY wins. I want to hear from some of THEM if THEY get tired of winning! Make ’em confess, Sundance! If they get tired of winning, make ’em TELL! MAGA, Mr. Ross! MAGA, Mr. President! MAGA, dear Sundance! MAGA, precious Treepers! You all make me feel like a KID again! There is #REASONTOBELIEVE again – and I want STILL more winning!

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  9. I think Wilbur Ross may be the most brilliantly clear-spoken, fair-minded, openly-informative and rapidly-producing leader on the planet for International Trade.

    What we can learn from his descriptions and approach would be valuable in anyone’s daily life or career. This video is phenomenal. What an education!

    Kudo to Sundance for this thread (and the others leading up to it).

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    • Shadrach says:

      I was just thinking along those lines. And what was also interesting was that there were no “gotcha” questions from the audience. There were requests for clarification on specific points.

      I am glad he talked about the case of Canada, and said that their attempts to impose retaliatory actions have no bearing on the trade case against them. Point 1 made: Their actions are in violation. Point 2 made: Don’t try something similar, other countries, the time when petty blackmail would work has passed. 🙂

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      • DHarvey says:

        I could listen to Ross all day long. His command of the English language is superb. And his thinking is so crystal clear. He takes what I imagine are phenominally complex subjects and distills it to a presentation we all can understand. And yes, thanks to Sundance for continuously bringing us these gems.


    • piper567 says:

      Ross is definitely one of the “killers” TRUMP talked about during the campaign.
      NOT a political hack.
      TRUMP said there were super-smart guys wanting to work for nothing to MAGA.
      Not exactly a campaign promise, but a passing remark that was the complete truth.
      Mrs. Ross, who looks to be somewhat younger than our wolverine, looked at him so lovingly during his swearing-in. Now we know why!
      What a guy. She knows. We are finding out.

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  10. JC says:

    I face a bit of a dilemma here: all comments so far are excellent, and I agree with all. Rather than try to reply to each, I’ll thank you all en masse. Thank you, one and all.

    There is so much encouragement to be gained from Secretary Ross. He’s so utterly capable, and his every word articulates it beautifully. We are in such good hands… finally. Thank you, Secretary Ross; thank you, Mr. President.

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  11. nuthinmuffin says:

    “checks and balances”… funny how we never hear a word about that during the two terms of obama

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  12. SharonKinDC says:

    EVERYONE needs to listen to this Wilburine video… All of it is incredible… He explains trade issues in a way which does not patronize the listener and yet, a 5th grader could understand what he’s saying. Additionally, the ExIm bank info is VERY IMPORTANT. It’s been abused by the ‘bigs’ but IS important for US jobs. Read between the lines in the question he is asked on the topic. IMO, the weasels in Congress AND BO’s appointees in Commerce/Trade have chased the job killing TPP while at the same time, allowed existing trade mechanisms, including anti-dumping penalties, having a quorum on the ExIm bank (another Trump fix) and more have allowed US manufacturing to further shrivel. B-tards. They should be strung up by their heels.

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  13. TexasDude says:

    Right on que is that now one of the new “news” ideas is that Trump will shake up his cabinet by firing productive people like Wilburne because they are supposedly upstaging Trump.

    What a load of BS. If Trump ran his businesses in such a shallow fashion he would not have been successful as he has been.


  14. Aqua says:

    If you didn’t post this here, I would have missed this entirely. Anyone else notice this, too?

    Thank you. Wilbur is a force for great. We are indeed lucky.


  15. rsanchez1990 says:

    ComSec Wilburine is wicked smart. In the Q&A section, you might as well have been listening to President Trump if he was addressing an audience of economists (by the way, the audience asked great questions here, the MSM should take notes on how to ask good questions).

    Ross first outlined why it is important for national security to keep steel and aluminum production at high levels domestically. He explains that the Trump administration must approach steel and aluminum as a national security issue to abide by World Trade Organization rules, but these two industries are very crucial to our national security interests. We need them to build aircraft carriers, airplanes, missiles, etc.

    He then goes on to accuse China of keeping steel and aluminum production artificially high, even after making “periodic public statements that they’ll deal with the problem.” This is the money quote right here:

    “In a normal free market economy, you would not keep blindly increasing capacity in a market that is already oversupplied.”

    This is a typical Chinese strategy in every industry. They steal trade secrets to develop products (and they stole American steel production secrets), and use their gargantuan industrial capacity to flood the world with cheap knock-offs, thereby putting any Chinese competitors out of business. In a normal free market economy, this would not be possible. In a communist, centrally planned economy, this is how you kill your rivals. The Chinese central bank can just keep financing the companies that would ordinarily be running huge losses selling huge quantities of cheap products, because it serves Chinese national interests.

    This is the kind of behavior that President Trump and ComSec Wilburine want to end. It is destructive to US industry and will soon compromise US national security. At the end of the day, though, the US still holds leverage as the world’s largest market to end these abuses. I keep going back to these words that then-candidate Trump made in his campaign announcement speech:

    “We have all the cards, but we don’t know how to use them. We don’t even know that we have the cards, because our leaders don’t understand the game. We could turn off that spigot by charging them tax until they behave properly.”

    President Trump, Wilbur Ross, and US Trade Representative Lighthizer (when he gets confirmed) will make the Chinese behave properly.


  16. Lee Snyder says:

    America and Americans would be better served if Trump would withdraw the United States from every trade agreement made during the obozo disaster. Because of our status as the world’s greatest nation, we cannot and must not continue to reduce our political and economic strength. Each of the trade agreements benefit the other participants while reducing our long-term advantages.
    Same goes for the political surrenders by the obozo crowd. bozo allowed iran to rape us. iran took obozo to the wood shed. Took our national manhood and made us transgender. obozo sold out America and Americans while allowing iran to maintain their path to develop their destructive capabilities. Line in the sand to isis was crap.
    Trump should immediately announce we are out of every agreement made by bozo. Inform, Iran were are reneging, Do this with executive orders and force the courts to show their un-American policies. Then impeach the radical judges that oppose the EO.


  17. flawesttexas says:

    The Never Trumpers agree with Obama on trade. Even the one NO vote on TPP in the Senate, Rand Paul, agrees with Obama on Trade. You see Rand supporting Trump trade program? Uh uh …no


  18. tytanshammer says:

    Enforcement Tools matter in free trade. What we have is not free trade but reverse mercantilism which allows foreign countries to loot our wealth. Why? because political leaders have deemed we ‘deserve’ it.


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