Sean Spicer First Interview Since Comey Firing (Video)…

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer appears on Lou Dobbs and gives the first set of explanatory points around the President’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey:


Why is President Trump so confident in this decision? Oh, that’s easy:

There simply is no ‘there’ there in the ridiculous “Muh Russian Collusion” conspiracy nonsense.

When there’s nothing there, there’s nothing to fear from any backlash FBI ‘leaking’ nonsense. As with all of the vast Russian conspiracy nonsense in the past several months, everything is manufactured by swampian politicians for media consumption and narrative selling.


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242 Responses to Sean Spicer First Interview Since Comey Firing (Video)…

  1. LULU says:

    Here’s where they are going today. I have never watched Morning Joe. Blumenthal is a known liar and weasel.

    Treason? Jon Meacham and Sen. Richard Blumenthal Go There on Morning Joe”

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  2. Meatzilla says:

    Please excuse the language, and also please consider the source. I just had to post this — because it is not only quite possibly the funniest response yet [so beautiful in its mindlessly numb brevity coupled with the reader’s minds-eye viewing of steeped in hatred perpetual abject failure Keith Olbermann’s twisted and contorted furrowed-brow face as he emphatically shoved those fingernails-devoured raw, stubby fingertips of his into those character keys on that keyboard in his seething, spittle laced apoplectic anger] — but also because the replies in the tweet thread are sublime and magically delicious.

    Never change, Keith. GQ is lucky to have ya.


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