Trap Set – Sally Yates and James Clapper Testify to Senate Judiciary Committee – 2:30pm Livestream….

Holy Cats. This post is somewhat rushed because everyone needs to watch Sally Yates testify before congress, and there’s a very distinct possibility President Trump has just laid a trap to catch her.  The Muh Russia Judiciary Hearing.

Initially I was open-minded, albeit skeptical, about the potential for President Trump to have laid out a rather well constructed trap to catch intelligence leakers together with Michael Flynn.  Skeptical because the construct of the trap is intensely Machiavellian.

However, today two very obvious indicators point to that being more reality than supposition.

Yates is scheduled to testify for the first time in public, alongside James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, who pushed Flynn in 2014 from his job as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. The two are due to appear before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee at 2:30 p.m.  (link)

Not accidentally, today the media is playing out a leaked story about President Obama warning President Trump [On November 10th] about Michael Flynn. Against the backdrop of the February media narrative: why would the Obama white house source wait until just prior to Yates testimony? Why today?  Obviously the political angle is transparent.

Obama’s warning pre-dated the concerns inside the government about Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador, one of the officials said. Obama passed along a general caution that he believed Flynn was not suitable for such a high level post, the official added. (link)

♦ Then note earlier today President Trump sends out a tweet using both his personal and government account. President Trump is very careful about which account he uses for which twitter statements. He doesn’t use the “Offficial Twitter” for the same messaging as his “non-government” twitter.

♦ Then note Press Secretary Sean Spicer changes the time of the Daily Press Briefing to facilitate every media outlet playing the Yates testimony to congress.

Obviously President Trump WANTS everyone watching the Yates testimony. Livestream Below:

  • November 8th, 2016 – Election day.
  • November 10th, 2016 – Trump talks to Obama in White House.
  • November 15, 2016 – Donald Trump received his first presidential daily briefing (PDB). He was given highly classified information by members of the IC. Immediately the IC told the press that Trump demanded security clearances for his children. Trump denied the claim. General Michael Flynn sat in on the PDB.
  • November 17th, 2016 – NSA Director Mike Rogers visits Trump in New York.
  • November 18th, 2016 – Trump appoints Flynn as National Security Advisor.  A former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn is trained in espionage.

Much More to Come Later….


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724 Responses to Trap Set – Sally Yates and James Clapper Testify to Senate Judiciary Committee – 2:30pm Livestream….

  1. John Dunn says:

    First, we learn that the standard talking point of “17 inteligence agencies agree that there was Russian influence” was not true. Clapper testified that it was only 3. Secondly, the Dems wanted to make Yates a hero because Jeff Sessions pressed her in her nomination hearing about whether or not she would stand up to the President (Obama at the time) if he wanted her to do something unconstitutional. Well she stood up to Trump. The OBVIOUS question that should have been asked of her was that since several of Obama’s Executive Orders have been overturned and found unconstitutional by lower Courts, did she ever stand up Obama on these obvious unlawful orders and give her opinion??? Can’t believe a Repub Senator didn’t ask her!

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    • Bull Durham says:

      There never was a “finding”. They weasel-mouthed the statement they put out, which indicates it’s all bogus anti-Russia crapola.

      There was nothing found on Trump. Nothing on Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort.

      They ignore the Dems’ relations with Russia and Russians.

      The fact is the US IC is virtually useless for real Intelligence. It has been totally politicized and is the coordinating mechanism for ISIS and al Nusra AQ.

      The US and British are deep in all that is wrong with our foreign affairs regarding terrorism, human trafficking, drug trade, illegal arms trafficking and chaotic militarism that has wasted thousands of good American troops.

      Today’s article in Bloomberg by Eli Lake clearly shows that McMaster is feeding Trump BS as briefings. (What was Flynn’s attitude and action? To spare Trump the IC briefings and to deliver what Trump wanted and needed. This was untenable for the CIA and other IC agencies. That is why Flynn was setup.) In fact, Flynn taught Trump how to question the briefers. What to believe. What not. He was the master of this–DIA director and his entire 33 year career in Intel.

      Neocons, IC, MIC, ideologues want the wars to go on endlessly. McMaster doesn’t even want Trump to mention radical Islamic terrorists.

      Read the article. Lake is well-connected. A very reliable Dem source on Intel.

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      • churchmouse says:

        Lake is getting his leads from Mike Cernovich.

        I read most of this on Sunday, May 7 on Cernovich’s Medium page:

        View story at

        Yesterday, Cernovich wrote once again about Lake taking his (Mike’s) stories and making them look like his own (Lake’s) scoops:

        View story at

        ‘Earlier today Eli Lake confirmed my story about McMaster’s plan to take over the White House …

        ‘… I wrote an article noting that McMaster wanted to hire Ricky Waddell back on April 9th.

        ‘Then on May 1st I reported that McMaster unilaterally hired Waddell without Trump’s permission.

        ‘My stories were confirmed by Reuters and Bloomberg these past two days.’


  2. xyzlatin says:

    General Flynn somehow got to be a general without being considered a risk. Yet after he concentrated intelligence on the muslim brotherhood infiltration of the USA, he has hostility from the organisational heads, including Obama?

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  3. xyzlatin says:

    When the next wave of feminism began in the ’60’s, the talk was how having women in positions of power would bring new, softer, wider perspectives to decision making. Now 50 years later, the result is in. No difference.

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  4. Oldschool says:

    Just watched the montage of msm nightly news leads. Trump got hammered. His tweets on this are a weak response. He needs to step up his PR and communications to change the news cycle.

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    • ediegrey says:

      The news cycle will never ever change – it does not matter what President Trump does or doesn’t do. He will get hammered ad nauseum. The powers that be do not want him to succeed. I don’t think you are paying attention.

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      • Oldschool says:

        While i agree with most of what you say, and welcome your astute observations of the media, your judgement of my lack of attention is not only incorrect, it is offensive and uncalled for

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  5. Pam says:


  6. golfmann says:

    Can someone point out the trap? I seemed to have missed anything other than a new act in the continuing play.

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    • Ghostrider says:

      Yes, I don’t see it either unless the trap was set when Yates and Clapper were asked if they were the ones who leaked Flynn to the Post. This scenario only works if Trump already has the evidence that they did leak and anticipated one or both of them lying to the Senate.

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    • guitar107 says:

      Right, seems like the usual kabuki theater to me. The Uniparty is good at playing good cop, bad cop… sad.

      We need real reform and some jail time for a whole slew of dems.


  7. jmclever says:

    Interesting…every item in the Russian Toolbox can be factually attributed to Hillary Clinton. And probably George Soros. Where are the congressional hearings? Where’s the outrage?

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  8. jmclever says:

    Sally Yates so concerned about the American public being misled! as if!((SMH))

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  9. Captain says:

    What does Mike Rogers know? What did Mike Rogers share? Why did Mike Rogers not tell his boss he was visiting Trump? What could not wait until Trump was sworn in?


  10. Bob Thoms says:

    Tweeting is good; but I hope the Trump strategy is bigger and more consequential.


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