UK Conservative Election Lead Growing Stronger Post Brexit…

In the run-up to the June 8th national election called for by British Prime Minister Theresa May, the local elections are providing strong indicators for a historic level of support.

This outcome is exactly what Prime Minister May wanted as she heads into tough negotiations with the European Union on terms of exit.

Having won the historic Brexit vote and gained victory for the UK to pull out of the Union, most of UKip party supporters are melding back into the traditional Conservative party ranks.

REUTERS – British Prime Minster Theresa May’s Conservative Party is still a strong 16 points ahead of the main opposition Labour Party ahead of a national election on June 8, according to a poll by Opinium on Saturday.

The Conservatives polled 46 percent in an online survey of 2,005 adults, down one point from the last Opinium survey on April 25, while Labour were unchanged on 30 percent.

The survey, carried out before this week’s big Conservative victory in local elections, put the Liberal democrats on 9 percent and the anti-EU UKIP on 7 percent.  (link)

More on the local election results from Daily Mail – Prime Minister May is on course for a general election landslide after pummelling Labour and crushing Ukip at the local polls.

The Tories recorded a stunning series of results yesterday, picking up 560 seats in every part of the country – including Labour marginals in the North, the Welsh valleys and even Scotland.  (read more)

‘Bilateral Trade’ has a nice ring to it, don’t ya think?


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59 Responses to UK Conservative Election Lead Growing Stronger Post Brexit…

  1. Shadrach says:

    Yup. Stop the “but we didn’t vote for her” nonsense before it even has a chance to start. Also affirm that British Citizens (Obama is not a British citizen) want Brexit. Very practical way to achieve both ends.

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  2. Making the whole world great again

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  3. Peter says:

    I don’t buy this macron with 26 point lead.

    Europe is so far gone, however, it’s hard to predict.

    I just cannot fathom that after watching the pre-brexit left scream with their hallow cries of desperation if Brixit didn’t go Obamas way and then a year later see all such false predictions – nothing but good has come from Brexit.

    Are the French are itching to do the same.???

    Savoring today on the thought of obama going down, yet again. Oh, can politics be this awesome for so long?

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    • Sentient says:

      A vote for Macro is a vote for terrorism. If after voting in Macron France has another terrorist attacker, they’ll get no sympathy from me.

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      • Maquis says:

        Such attacks are the inevitable consequence of abdicating the role of France in Western Civilization.

        I would not be without sympathy, but rage would overshadow my tears.

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      • WVPatriot says:

        Idiocy does not recognize any borders. Whatever ruling class and serf/slave relationship will continue to thrive in most of the countries of the world. Only in America do we have some resemblance of liberty and freedom. Europe is totally lost if France does not electe Marine Le Pen!!!

        The globalist aristocracy are sucking every penny out of the Earth to increase their burgeoning assets while the rest of the inhabitants of the planet are herded into ghettos and serfdom/slavery. The hypocrisy of liberals KNOW NO bounds.

        Stay vigilant and true, dear Patriots!

        Difficult to be coherent when caught in moment of cold anger; I apologize for the muddled puddle of expression this evening.

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    • Maquis says:

      I don’t buy that lead either, I said so yesterday and have believed all along that the French are being gaslighted the same as we were in our recent Presidential election.

      Macron is an empty suit employing tbe politics of a desperate, and contemptible, Left. You see the side by side photos and Marine is graciously smiling at, and with, her supporters. Yet Macron literally has balled up his fists in a pugilistic fashion and is literally gritting his teeth in impotent rage and hatred.

      He is like a Salvador Dali piece, of impotent rage.

      I say pray, for Marine, for France.
      La République est mort sans elle.

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  4. ALEX says:

    I found this interesting and it seems to be backed up with data….I am absolutely not fluent in British politics and we do have posters who are English…

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    • ALEX says:

      Link to above data

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      • Maquis says:

        UKIP is sacrificing itself to support May and the Tories, being the Consevatives that Thatcher rallied. This is literally endorsing her Article 50 Initiation, and giving her a strong hand in the negotiations ahead.

        I’ve not heard from Nigel Farage, but I would bet he sees it the same. He helped build a Movement, it succeeded in it’s singular exceptional purpose; now, strengthen the hands that are implementing the terms of that success.

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    • churchmouse says:

      The Conservatives are fortunate that Labour have Jeremy Corbyn as their leader. Labour could be on the same downward spiral as the Democrats, hence, their voters will abstain on June 8. Below, a voter explains she has always voted Labour since the 1970s. Not this time:


  5. Weeper says:

    If this works it MAY TRUMP those globalists once and for all!

    MAGA!!! 🦁

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  6. mikebrezzze says:

    If superman were real, Trump would kick his ass too!

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  7. Thanks for the Ross interview. Dang, that is one sharp guy.

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    • Remington..... says:

      Isn’t he impressive. Just one of President Trump’s team of killers. They are ALL Impressive. Compare and contrast against t h e last bunch of crooks and creeps on obama’s team. We have suffered these wackos for at least eight years…longer.

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    • JC says:

      How can an understated, unassuming, elderly gentleman talking about commerce be so enthralling? He just… is. In the past, with government types, especially the corrupt and inept swamp rats of the past eight+ years, I’ve just wanted them to STOP TALKING. Now, especially with Ross, Mulvaney and Tillerson, I could listen to them for hours. We are blessed.

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  8. FLEEVY says:

    Death to traitors, freedom for Britain!

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    This was a complete bloodbath in the U.K. The same way 2018 and 2020 will be a bloodbath for Republicans and our President in the U.S. The BBC is the U.K. Can’t do anything to stop it the same way the MSM can’t do anything to stop it here.

    Winning truly is awesome and I never will tell our President to stop winning for us!

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  10. Gil says:

    Consolidation of the base is good as long as she makes good on the promise of Brexit. All those celebrities who had such vocal opposition dont seem as loud anymore. Too bad ours cant sit down and listen.

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  11. fedback says:

    Interesting thing was Farage’s party UKIP was wiped out in the local elections.
    UKIP voters voted for the Conservatives this time
    Last General Election UKIP got 3.8 million votes. Theresa May can expect most of them next month
    They want to give the PM the strongest mandate possible going into the Brexit negotiations with EU
    In return these voters expect a hard Brexit, no free movement and immigration

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    • Gil says:

      I saw that and had to reread article again, then understand it was for consolidating power for brexit. I saw handwringing comments from u.s. side that dont seem to get the need to work together and lamenting loss of Farage. I remeber Farage saying he served his purpose, so this is probably just the natural progression ukip needed to take.

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      • Wend says:

        Yes, UKIP was formed specifically to boost effort to leave the EU. Farage was the perfect leader. I was on the UKIP and Farage FB pages and the people were great-lots of them were big Trump fans too. So UKIP voters returning to the Tories to firm up the Brexit effort makes perfect sense. Britons never will be slaves!

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  12. Southpaw says:

    It’s learning how to win. Something House republicans had drummed into them last week.

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  13. Brian L says:

    Teresa Mayhem put a gun to the head of the Marxist labor party and they dared her to pull the trigger. Well, she’s gone and done it.

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  14. keeler says:

    Long video but very detailed look into the current state of British politics. Labour leader Corbin is an absolute nightmare who’s helped push Labour completely out of the mainstream of British politics. UKIP was a single issue party, Brexit, which is in the process of dismantling now that it has achieved its objective. Also, while I don’t think Sargon addresses the issue in this instance, in past videos he’s alluded to a sizable group of pro-remainers who are fed up with the whining about Brexit passing and who are not interested in sabotaging or blocking the Brexit process.

    At the end, Sargon- an atheist who call himself a classical liberal and an economic socialist- concludes “I personally, for the first time in my life, will be voting for the Conservatives because I do not trust any of the other parties to do this [Brexit] correctly, to operate through the lens of power politics in the best interest of my country.”

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    • SteveInCO says:

      a classical liberal and an economic socialist

      A classical liberal who is a socialist? That’s ridiculous.

      I’m headed to the store now to go pick up some white paint that’s colored black.

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      • keeler says:

        The point is, he’s not a typical Conservative Party constituent. However, like many people in the UK, he believes in British sovereignty and finds himself alienated from the far-left policies embraced by Labour, and thus finds himself supporting the Conservatives.

        This position is similar to the Reagan Democrats in the 1980s, the current Trump Democrats, and, I am sure, the supporters of Marine Le Pen

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        • SteveInCO says:

          That’s a quite reasonable take, actually, and I took no exception to anything in that article other than that absurd blackish-white self description.

          Not a whole lot of real “classical liberals” in Europe these days (though if I understand correctly, the word “Liberal” over there actually still does mean classical liberal). CLs are a minority here as well, but not quite as endangered as in Europe.

          Aside from the sovereignty/Muslim issue and perhaps PC-SJW craziness, someone like Le Pen would be ridiculously off to the left side here economically.

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          • keeler says:

            Glad I could clear that up. You are correct in pointing out that I was being too black-white in my description, and I over-simplified to the point of inaccuracy: Sargon specifically states he is not a socialist and is on the record as not liking the concept of a welfare state. However, he does support the idea of what he calls a “safety net.” I guess I was trying to get this idea across by saying “economic socialist” which winds up being redundant.


            • SteveInCO says:

              I’m a bit confused now. I thought that description is what he called himself, not your interpolation.

              At the end, Sargon- an atheist who call himself a classical liberal and an economic socialist- concludes

              (emphasis mine.)


              • keeler says:

                I can understand the confusion, as I botched it badly. Let me rewrite the sentence as a final attempt:

                “At the end, Sargon, an atheist who calls himself a classic liberal but also supports- to a degree- some leftist economic principles, concludes”

                The larger point, that Labour has alienated large sections of the British people and that Brexit is drawing many of those people to the Conservatives, and that he is an example of such people, stands.

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  15. DebbieUK says:

    The results are so interesting because conservatives have started winning again even in Scotland which was unheard of a few years ago ,so far from Scotland leaving UK It feels like the UK Is coming together to get full Brexit.The Scottish Nationalists have passed their peak.
    UKIP and Farage did a fantastic job and we wouldn’t be at this point without them.I think if Mrs May does not give us what we want UKIP will rise again.
    We are currently getting a lot of abuse from EU leaders who appear to be in meltdown but that’s great because it just makes us more determined.

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    • DebbieUK says:

      I should add the reason UKIP voters are changing to conservatives is the ensure Mrs May has a large majority in Parliament to be able to pass a huge amount of complicated repeal bills to get rid of EU law .Starting with the European Communities Act .With a small majority she would never be able to proceed without amendments and watering down.

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    • Wend says:

      That is unreal about Scotland, Deb. I lived there from September 1972-July 1973 and even then the Tory presence was small. I have been reading that up until recently there wasn’t a single Tory MP in the Scottish parliament!


  16. May is an opportunist without principles, although fairly brilliant in terms of political tactics. But she is nothing like Trump nor the revolution Trump is enacting. I believe she is appealing to Brexit voters pre-election but will revert to a pro-corporatist globalist agenda after the election.


  17. Icestation3 says:

    Electoral landslides in favour of conservatives in Britain have always been a result of the working class mass-abandoning the left. But this is not what is happening in 2017. The working class in Britain are unknowingly now voting for a far-left party.

    The modern Conservative Party was transformed during the Major and Cameron administrations into a progressive party. It’s really just a continuation of New Labour. The working class supporting a pro-multiculturalism, pro-mass immigration, pro-EU, pro-Islam, feminist, globalist party is a joke. This charade won’t last for long.

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  18. Maquis says:

    May can get through the BREXIT with this level of support.

    As far as the actual Conservatism of British Conservatives go, the entire mess over there still does not understand genuine Classical Liberalism.

    There will be no “reverting.” They are already there.


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