Trade Fool – Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Threatens Ban on U.S. Coal, Oregon: Wine, Plywood Imports…

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be cowering to the demands of British Columbia Provincial Premier Christy Clark who asked for retaliatory trade action against Oregon and the Pacific Northwest after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced a tariff on Canadian soft-wood imports.

Yesterday (Friday) Prime Weasel Trudeau threatened to ban shipments of U.S. thermal coal from Pacific ports and suggesting sanctions against additional trade products from Oregon due to the support for the soft-wood tariff by Democrat Senator Ron Wyden.

ENERGY ECON […] Trudeau said Ottawa would study whether to stop U.S. firms from shipping thermal coal via the Pacific province of British Columbia. Provincial Premier Christy Clark asked for the ban in response to the U.S. tariffs.

Canada is also considering duties on exports from Oregon such as wine, flooring and plywood, said a source close to the matter, citing Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden’s prominent role in pressing for the lumber tariffs.

Analysts said Cloud Peak Energy Inc would be the biggest coal producer affected by a British Columbia ban or levy. Coal is railed to those ports by Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp, owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc.  (read more)

I wonder if Prime Weasel Trudeau is aware most of the Cloud Peak transported U.S. Coal only flows to British Columbia as an outcome of using the BC port for export to Asia.  Economic analysts don’t even measure how much coal actually stays Canada, so the threat of a Canadian ban on U.S. coal is political gnat-banter for domestic chest-thumping purposes.  {{{eyeroll}}}

And you can bet it would only take one tweet from President Trump and a nation of U.S. patriotic consumers could easily cover for any Oregon wine export losses.  I know tens-of-thousands of patriots not generally predisposed to support the insufferable Wyden but would rally to fill Oregon’s economic trade void if needed –  HINT: “America First“, eh?

The U.S is the worlds biggest consumer of stuff.  We are the worlds biggest market. One of the advantages of being the biggest customer, is the leverage our status provides in negotiations with suppliers.  That leverage has gone unused for decades, if President Trump calls upon it – it’s there.

$18-20 trillion worth of bigly leverage, the best most magnificent of all leverages, available with a tweet.  Believe it.

However, as an outcome of his public statements, Prime Weasel Trudeau has also put himself back on the trade radar of Wilburine Ross.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Saturday that threats of retaliatory trade actions from Canadian officials “are inappropriate” and will not influence final U.S. import duty determinations on Canadian softwood lumber.

“We continue to believe that a negotiated settlement is in the best interests of all parties and we are prepared to work toward that end,” Ross said in a statement issued by the Commerce Department.

[…]  Ross said in his statement on Saturday that the Commerce Department’s decision “was based on the facts presented, not on political considerations.”

“Threats of retaliatory action are inappropriate and will not influence any final determinations,” Ross added. (link)

There’s been a global trade war against America’s best interests for three decades; Americans’ just haven’t been positioned to fight in it…. until now, eh.


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352 Responses to Trade Fool – Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Threatens Ban on U.S. Coal, Oregon: Wine, Plywood Imports…

  1. Trudeau barks like a Chihuahua and bites like a Worm.

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  2. filia.aurea says:

    Trudeau is copying O’s U.S. plan to revitalize Canada’s economy….too stupid to realize he’s being used.

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  3. Dazza says:

    OMG,I can’t wait to come back and read this later on this evening about the softie, sweetie, luvvie, pandering, refugee kissing, silver spoon fed fool that we have as PM up here in Canada.

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  4. drillerelite says:

    You know what, “take off eh”


  5. MaineCoon says:

    Wow. Does this mean Trudeau is responsible for USA withdrawing from NAFTA? s/

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  6. Sharon Moe says:

    US railroads ship coal through Canadian ports because the west coast refuses to allow access:

    Not interested in their wine.

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    • auscitizenmom says:



    • Dubs says:

      5th generation here. Like WA, OR has a lot of liberals controlling things. Transplants from CA? Bloomberg funds for sure. In Oregon; as the Willamette Valley goes, (Portland, Salem and Eugene), so goes the state. LOTS of obstructionist eco-action. However, the rest of the state, and many in the minority of urban valley land, object and resist as we can.

      There has long been talk of creating the “State of Jefferson” involving Southern Oregon and Northern California. Their issues of ranching, farming, timber, etc. don’t resonate in the halls of Salem and Sacramento. O&C timber lands and deals involve decades of duplicity. Central and Eastern Oregon is much the same. Malheur, Bundy, BLM, is about the inordinate Federal government ownership of state land and the endless efforts to control more and more. Sub-issues involve uranium. Oregon is merely 55% Federally owned vs. 85% of Nevada. Look at a map of the Western states and Federal land. Imagine for fun 85% of Rhode Island owned by the Federal government, limited in production, highly regulated. Even more fun, imagine Oregon “Nationalizing” state property and getting at least taxes on the land, let alone control and use of state land. There is Jefferson State Public Radio, Jefferson State Shooting Association, the Jefferson State symbol is the double cross!

      Coos Bay or even Portland could be wonderful ports for export of LNG and coal. Nope. Too risky. Might ruin the entire Universe. Just say NO! as loudly and with as many skillful means as can be thought of or created. Let’s take out damns for flood control and water management, for the salmon, delta smelt, spotted owl, and the children, etc. PC is out of control.

      Yes, yes, it is wonderful to have patches of Old Growth, riparian protection, wilderness, protected headwaters, etc. There can be “reasonable” land uses and rules. How about a rule that no raw logs are exported, just finished lumber? Ultimately, timber is a crop. It may take longer than corn, potatoes, or grapes, but it is a renewable and useful industry.

      We don’t like our “Whine” either, but please don’t write off the whole state for the attributes and actions of some. Check out the voting maps by counties. Our country is divided everywhere. Thank God for the electoral college to help with a balance and representation of all. Otherwise, the liberal elites and views of 9 states, the coasts, and big cities would dictate policy and direction.

      The State of Jefferson is our version of Calexit. It is a more natural division of regions.

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    • COLibertyBelle says:

      Or their “whine”.

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    • petrahead says:

      The port of Houston or the port of Corpus Christi would be more than happy to export all that dirty coal.

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  7. free2313 says:

    It might help to put yourselves up to speed re NAFTA

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  8. Maxi Dean says:

    I’m sure Justin cries himself to sleep every night wishing that when he wakes up in the morning, he discovers it was all just a bad dream and Hillary is really the president. You can also be sure; there are a lot of Canadians who will enjoy watching President Trump slap the “Weasel” around for the next few years.
    I’m sure this has been posted here before, but enjoy once again:

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  9. free2313 says:

    Trudeau has been PM of Canada for 18 months and for the first 12 months, he had a handler x-president Obama. And like Obama, Trudeau draws lines in the sand and then forget all about them…
    That is how he won the election, via the Obama secret manipulators of other countries elections…
    Trudeau will be voted out in 2019 for he is the weakest PM Canada has ever had and a total embarrassment…

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  10. MaineCoon says:

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  11. albrevin says:

    I have direct experience with Canada. It is one beautiful country. My father-in-law grew up there and eventually sold his business to a Canadian firm who relocated him to the states to run one of their businesses. He (and his family) eventually legally immigrated to the US and became citizens, I eventually married his daughter. Lots of kin-in-laws in Canada (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta). My father-in-law and extended family to a man and woman reiterate to me a few things:

    1. Papa Trudeau was awful and did much harm to the country.

    2. The healthcare system in Canada is inferior to ours. It is fine until you get sick. When the funds dry up in the last 1/4, good luck. Healthcare workers strike and budgets run out. Not that anyone here does, but do NOT believe the liberal media r.e. single payer healthcare. It is basically VA for everyone.

    3. my father-in-law prefers English weights and measures to the metric system.

    These in-law extended Canadian are great, happy, and fine people. The problem in Canada is NO electoral college type system and a few big cities dominate national politics. W/o these left-wing bastions Canada would be in great shape.

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    • Dekester says:

      You are correct.
      On point two however, the medical system up here is not as bad as many would have you believe. It is far from perfect, and one needs to know the system.

      As has been stated before. Our border town is a real draw for Americans making prescription drug purchases.

      Maybe it is just fake news..but the medical costs in the U.S. seem obscene.

      A wise man once told me to remember that the big 5 banks in Canada control the country. In the U.S. it is insurance companies. Maybe he was wrong on the U.S. but he was bang on about our banks.

      Thank you

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      • Our border towns are real draws for CAT/MRI scans and surgery. Here is a fun little website

        Look up how long you will wait for surgery. For example the wait time for getting your knee ‘scoped’ is 69-127 DAYS with the average being 124 days. That means you have to try to get by with a broken knee for FOUR MONTHS before Health Canada might fix it. If the board considers your BMI too high or if you smoke they can and have denied care to people. Those Canadians who can afford it go to the U.S., Mexico or India and pay cash for the procedures. The British have it a bit easier. They can buy private insurance on top of the high taxes they have to pay for the NHS and those who can, do.

        The only reason why those drugs you spout off even exist is because Americans pay for the research and development of them. Most of the “wonder drugs” you are so proud of being sold cheaply in Canada would not exist if the R&D was left to Canada and European socialized medicine schemes.

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      “The problem in Canada is NO electoral college type system and a few big cities dominate national politics. W/o these left-wing bastions Canada would be in great shape.”Hmmm, they have a blue state problem to. Perhaps we spin off ours, they spin off theirs and spun off Blue States can form NewBlueistan. I’d be a win/win for the both of us.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Thanks for your insight. I love hearing first hand info. On my first visit to Canada, I have to say I was absolutely stunned at the huge population of Pakistanis/Indians/immigrants that lived there. Interesting stories to me from the locals on how that all happened, but that is for another day….

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    • Howie says:

      Too cold.

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  12. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    And after twenty minutes of the videos after the old man wanting to whup some ass, I had to reread the article… This site is quickly becoming one stop infotainment… Or like Walmart – if Walmart don’t have you don’t need it…

    Sundance and crew, each day is a new marvel with this site…

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  13. With all the oil & gas we’re beginning to produce, should President Trump put a hold on the Keystone Pipeline flow until we complete the NAFTA RENEGOTIATION?

    Congratulations, Trudeau:

    Your Socialist father Pierre would be proud:
    A chip off the old block, eh?

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  14. If Trudeau keeps this up, he’ll win this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics.

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  15. **BREAKING** Trudeau became so enraged with this post (and subsequent video) that he asked/received permission from Christy Clark aka “Real PM of Canada” to film this video from the hood of a moving car. At this time we cannot confirm Mr. Trudeau’s motive. But the facial expressions and impressions are some of the best we’ve seen….

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  16. NickD says:

    I wonder what it is about Canada that brings out the trolls…thoughts?

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    • Jenny R. says:

      You mean trolls for or against Canada?
      It’s pretty much a feature that if something bad gets said by an American about a European country (or Canada), there will be a pile on defending said country and going after America.
      It’s the way they roll. The difference is now Americans seem more likely to keep on the offense than go fetal position defense…which is refreshing imhao.


    • Shadrach says:

      Probably we’re one of only sites where it’s being discussed in the US. Canadian trolls aren’t as bad as US trolls imo. They don’t really seem as much like trolls, more like Canadians who only know half of the story.

      Dear Canadians, watch Wilbur Ross’s explanation of why you’re getting a tariff. Then you might understand better what’s going on over here. We don’t hate you, you just need to start following the rules. And Trudeau is behaving like a 2 year old who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar (which is precisely what happened).


      • singingsoul says:

        I visited Vancouver several years ago and loved it. The people were great and I met up with some Internet friends I had made. It pains me to see the country go through a mess.


  17. I see this as an opportunity to smash both Canada AND Oregon. They both deserve it.

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    • margarite1 says:

      Oh thanks…it’s not like we conservatives here in Oregon don’t have enough to deal with.

      We have the anacharists, we have the run of the mill liberals, we have the Californians who ran up the real estate prices, we have downtown Portland taken over by bike lanes that are usually empty, we have a senator who doesn’t even live here, and we just had our first 2 sunny days in a row.

      I could deal with everything but one thing – the weather. I’m ready to move south – where I’ll pretty much have the same problems but at least it will be sunny.


  18. Howie says:

    How can we get our leftists to move to Canada?

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  19. wodiej says:

    Another example of how easy it is to be put in a leadership position. If it is difficult such as for President Trump, than that is a good sign for him. So Proud…..


  20. Tonawanda says:

    Amazing how the video so beautifully captures both the calm, placid look and steely determination of Wilburine! I just don’t think Wilburine has ever spilled coffee on himself.

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  21. Jeff says:

    Once you understand that America had been taken over by the GLOBAL COMMUNISTS from within all of president Trump’s AMERICA FIRST actions make perfect sense . As well as the actions and efforts of the GLOBALISTS around the world and their alliance against Trump and the American people . Sundance having informed us TREEPERS that Donald J Trump had planned his AMERICA FIRST #MAGA for DECADES .

    These moves and actions have been war gamed and planned out with multiple scenarios . The Ryan gap spending budget gives president Trump the latitude to build up our military and control our border . ( )

    The WALL is merely a symbol as all we really need to control immigration is a COMMANDER IN CHIEF willing to let our existing assets and laws ” git ‘er done ” . The GLOBALISTS via the Chamber of Commerce believe they have protected their stream of foreign workers ( cheap labor ) and profit margins . President Trump needed that money to complete stage 1 of building up the military and closing our border .

    The larger goal of removing the cancer of THE FEDERAL RESERVE metastasized on America is the long range goal in my estimation . CONgress believes they can STOP TRUMP from doing any of his AMERICA FIRST Agenda . They are tiddly wink players while DJT plays 3D CHESS !!

    The photo in the above article of Wilburine Lighthizer and Mnunchin says it all !! Candidate Trump told us during the campaign that HE would place people in his administration in position to negotiate FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . He informed us that some of these people we wouldn’t want to sit across the table from but that THEY ARE THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS .

    BADGERS……gnarling their teeth at the GLOBALIST ” Nancy boy “Trudeau !!

    EPIC ……every day I wake up in Donald J Trump AMERICA in awe if his mastery at the game of Survivor American Island !! out wit …out last …and out play !! WINNING IS FUN !!

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  22. barton2016 says:

    We’ve been on the losing end of the trade war since the 70s. Time to make the rest of the world pay for a change.


  23. mrt721 says:

    “Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Threatens Ban on U.S. Coal…”
    Let the socialist POS buy from North Korea, then.
    That’ll show us….


  24. Dazza says:

    Sorry, didn’t post the image properly, but click on the link and you will chuckle


  25. Dazza says:

    No words needed:

    Syrian family in Calgary names their newborn, “Justin Trudeau”


  26. redlegleader68 says:

    So, we just got in and of course I’m trying to catch up on my Treepers and Sundance when I come on this post and wouldn’t you know it? Master Jedi Sundance has put this video at the end of the article and I’m now, on the 2d or third stanza, singing along with the guy and Mrs. RedLeg is calling from the back, “What ARE you singing?”



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