House Passes ObamaCare Replacement Bill 217-213 – Live Stream Added…

The House of Representative have passed the ObamaCare Repeal/Replacement bill by a final vote of 217-213.

Over the next few weeks/months the bill will work through the Senate and then return to the House to reconcile any differences.  The House bill takes the increasing, costly IRS tax/penalties on ObamaCare down to $0 – effectively crippling the individual mandate and the employer mandate.

President Trump will hold a 3:30pm EDT celebratory news conference at the White House, and GOP lawmakers are expected to take buses from Capitol Hill to attend. Mitch McConnell and 52 republican senators now have the challenge of passage.

WH Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream

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632 Responses to House Passes ObamaCare Replacement Bill 217-213 – Live Stream Added…

  1. usayes says:

    If the end game here is that i can tell the Government to pound sand re buying health insurance, I am a very happy camper. A law professor I know and admire put it very simply to me many years ago – the ability to say no = liberty.

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    • setup2100 says:

      Remember this is only the HOUSE approval. It goes to the SENATE and who knows what will happen. One thing one can count on is It will not stay the same. If it comes back to the HOUSE for adjustments many think it will be adjusted to be just like OBAMACARE but with a new name??? Time will tell!


  2. shirley49 says:

    Still too much Government involvement. Hopefully this is only the first step. I understand that fixing something this complex is difficult but Govt needs to get out of it. I do not want to have 3 plans to choose from. Let me pick out what I need similar to car insurance.

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  3. freedom says:

    A tragic mistake. Trump supporters voted for full repeal of Obamacare.

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  4. positron1352 says:

    Did Nancy Pelosi not read this one, too It continues to amaze me that she can expound on things she has never read.


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