ABC/WaPo Media Repeating Same Polling Narrative as During 2016..

In advance of a generically created media 100 day way-point to judge the presidency, ABC/Washington Post deliver a poll today (full pdf below) to begin framing the week long narrative.

The direction taken by political narratives is mostly due to a loose coalition of like-minded ideologues within politics and media.  People who run in the same circles, attend the same cocktail parties and gather at the same conventions and group meetings.  The current ‘anti-Trump administration’ approach is no different from prior 2016 election assemblies.

Tomorrow in Chicago, former President Obama is anticipated to rally the ideological resistance to current President Trump.  Enhancing the weekly set-up is a poll from ABC and the Washington Post constructed to cast a negative light upon Trump.  It’s the same formula used in the 2016 election assemblies.

It becomes exhausting, and really quite futile, to dig through the poll construct.  Yes, the pollsters over sample anti-Trump groups, and yes they under sample those methodological groups who would be more favorable in their opinion of Trump’s efforts.  The transparency of the intention is evident within the data they assemble, and even more so within the way ABC/WaPo specifically highlights the data and focuses the attention of the consuming reader or reviewer.

TV pundits then pick up the narrative cues from the polled assembly, and additional print media browse through and highlight the questions and answers that can provide their best use for marginalization of their opponent, Donald Trump.

Wash – Rinse – Repeat.

Here is the full poll pdf:

Rather than focus on how the media polling skew content for ideological distribution, I would strongly suggest -if you want to see the entire narrative- you stay elevated and watch the bigger oppositional picture.

There is a much more important battle in Washington DC over federal spending priorities, budgets and tax proposals (including the ObamaCare tax).  Within this battle, the Trump administration has no allies other than the American voter.

The DC swamp (writ large) is a singular organism with multiple visible components that seem disconnected – they are not.  Under the visible surface the UniParty roots are all intertwined and connected around principles of self-sustaining interest.

President Trump’s fiscal and economic policies are adverse to those UniParty interests.  Therefore the combined weight of all visible components will align toward his diminishment.  Remove Trump and the UniParty removes the threat. Remove the reach of Trump and the UniParty removes the severity of the greatest part of the threat.

Money fuels the swamp; remove it, and remove its corruptible influence, and the swamp is less than.  More money equals a healthier swamp – Less money and the swamp is harmed.  This reality is a basic truism not argued by the intellectually honest.

To the extent the media, a former president, K-Street, Wall Street, multinational banks and corporations along with the current paid sellers of swamp legislation (politicians), can block President Trump from removing the fuel (money) they will work in concert toward that end.

Media polls, corporate ideological media punditry, astroturf rallies, paid protests and massive disinformation efforts are all part of the theater needed to construct and maintain a narrative.   The goal of that narrative is to keep President Trump’s platform of radical change from effecting the lives of those who benefit from all the activity within the swamp.

Attack narratives ebb and flow with urgency depending on the severity of defensive need.  The more consequential the issue, the more severe the attack narrative becomes.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

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83 Responses to ABC/WaPo Media Repeating Same Polling Narrative as During 2016..

  1. FofBW says:


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  2. FLEEVY says:

    This poll is stunningly pro-Trump. More in-touch with Americans than the Republicans or Democrats, as the Democrats have cratered from 48% to 28% in 3 years. 2% vote-regrettal rate, well within the margin of statistical noise for 0. Every specific issue (NK, keeping jobs in America) he does great on, only the vague “Do you like him tho” questions are low. Anyway, plenty of fodder for us to celebrate and champion, even in a fake poll.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Phone polls are not worth much. People have little time to really understand the questions. Online polls are by far better, you can take your time and also go back to a question.

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      • kp3ace says:

        I’ve taken some of those “phone polls”. They are designed to illicit a very specific response.
        You couldn’t pay me enough to do another one.
        Frustrating, to say the least!


  3. The Boss says:

    We’ve got are the same temper tantrum-throwing, poop-flinging chimpanzees raising a racket because someone is taking their bananas. Yawn! is right.

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  4. Fe says:

    Avoid the shiny things, stay focused, maintain cold anger. Pray for like minded candidates to win in 2018, 2020, 2022….. Trump will need all 8 years to MAGA

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    • Weeper says:

      A “virtue” of every Trump supporter……Patience 😉

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Your absolutely right Fe!

      Democrats have 23 Senator seats up for reelection in 2018. 8 of the Democrats that are running in states our President won have approval ratings below 50%. States like Missouri (+18.7), Indiana (+19.3), Ohio (+8.1), South Dakota (+29.8), West Virginia (+42.1), Montana (+20.6), Michigan (+0.2), Florida (+1.2), Pennsylvania (+0.7) and Wisconsin (+0.8) all went for our President (margin of victory). This is war and I am so damn happy our Lion is leading the charge.

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      • Weeper says:

        And then there’s Lyin’ Ted!!! He should win handily here without my vote. I just can’t go there. I’ll skip the senate vote, unless he has a primary challenge 😉

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        • jonvil says:

          Southern Missouri here, don’t know what I would do if I were a Texas resident, over the past two years I have come to despise that person…and I started out looking at him as a viable presidential candidate, before Mr Trump came on the scene.

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        • wheatietoo says:

          That is why I am hoping that Lyin Ted will be primaried.
          He will probably lose to whatever Dem runs against him.

          The Dems will run all his lies, his citizenship stuff, etc., in an endless loop.
          It won’t be pretty.

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      • thesavvyinvester says:

        Flep, @ a party on inauguration night, an Ann Arbor resident noted to me that illary only won Washtenaw County by 854 votes. That is the home of U of M, very liberal. That is stunning imho, and that means to me Stabenow is beatable. I see a recently retired judge who’s bam escapes me who is African American may run against her. I told everyone to watch MI in 2016, that DAY would take it, I say watch MI again in 2018! MAGA!

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        • fleporeblog says:

          I am a big Michigan Wolverine football fan. Go out there each year to watch a game in person. Decided to wear my MAGA hat when I was there this past year for the Wisconsin game. Hope you are right about 2018.

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    • SteveInCO says:

      Pray for like minded candidates to win in 2018, 2020, 2022…..

      Indeed. He has tens of millions of supporters, but NONE of them are in Congress. None. Zippo. Nada.

      If he weren’t around there’d be zero Trumpism. We cannot allow him to remain what reliability engineers would cause the single point of failure–the one that that if it fails is catastrophic.


    • Albertus Magnus says:

      Amen, Fe!


    • Chuck says:

      Fe, I believe this is the Presidents long term plan. He is opening the drain but we have to drain the swamp.


  5. Owlen Rose says:

    Trump beats clinton by an even larger margin now and only 2% of Trump voters left him? And his first 100 days are a disaster? What a joke.

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  6. LKA in LA says:

    Well we see if anyone besides us has the nerve to call Obama what he really is when he surfaces in Chicago this week. Ryan? McConnell? Grahm? It all comes down to Pro American or anti American.

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    • Lburg says:

      Have a feeling that our President will have approximately 140 characters of irrefutable terms for o’blahblah. Possible that he might even have several versions of 140 characters; ‘Traitor’ only has seven – room for plenty more.

      They might already be queued up.

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  7. Rick says:

    Quit reading and reporting polls…All FAKE NEWS! Enough already!
    Who cares about polls? Really?

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  8. M33 says:

    To quote the late George Carlin, “It’s all bullshit, folks…”

    Thank you for the timely reminder on this Uniparty/MSM nonsense, Sundance.

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  9. mikeyboo says:

    Congratulations!!! You win the clear thinking award. No joke. Right on post.

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  10. Rick says:

    The Country is spit right down the middle. A couple points either way is the only TRUE REALITYl and we all know it.
    We won, they lost. GOT IT!
    Screw the media, Screw the polls, Screw the pundits.
    The MSM is the political arm of the Globalist cabal. Discredit them in any way fashionable. Do not give them credibility. Attack their integrity, their agenda and their Anti-American narrative.
    No President, even Nixon had 90% anti-press coverage. The message is clear who is winning, it’s US, we don’t need anyone telling us any different.
    Once Trump can get his full team together (which has been obstructed at levels never before seen for an incoming President) Law & Order will start to rock these Lib & Facist nut jobs.
    The Prof who used a bicycle lock on a Trump supporter should go to jail for attempted murder.
    Let’s see how his cell mate takes to him. Do this enough and this shit in the streets will stop.
    People have had it. Obummer and the rest of the Dems are complicit toward anarchy because they do not discourage the violation of law. Mayors & Governors are corrupt. They’re all breaking the written laws. No more Banana Republic. Obama is gone. Get over it, Libs. YOU LOST!

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  11. ALEX says:

    They only make themselves look stupid…..It was pointed out to me the other day by someone I trust in politics that Bill Clinton was at 36% in Gallup poll in July his first year….None of this matters and I agree to just tune them all out, including most right media…

    Keep up the good hard work Sundance….

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    I posted this early this morning and will do so again because the poll above is complete BS!

    An absolute must read!

    Nuggets from the article:

    And now? “Nothing has changed,” said Rob Hughes, a registered Democrat and retired businessman from Bulger, Pa., who I met on my cross-country trip, told me last week. “Well, that’s probably not entirely true. I think I like him more now that he is the president.”

    Trump’s supporters are unfazed that a new health-care law is not in place (yet), thrilled with the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, weary of the constant accusations of his ties to Russia, supportive of his strike against Syria for using chemical weapons against its people and dismayed that House Republicans and Democrats are unwilling to compromise. To them, the president remains disruptive, unconventional, defiant and willing to change his mind — appealing attributes to his supporters, but not so to the press.

    Why is that? Hughes cites Trump’s unconventional approach to politics, his dismissal of political games and his willingness to compromise to get things done: “I am thrilled he has an open dialogue with China, not just on foreign affairs but on trade issues as well, and I am very pleased about how he responded to the atrocities in Syria.”

    “He is doing exactly what we wanted and expected him to do,” said A.J. “Yes, there have been setbacks, but anyone intelligent would understand that was to be expected. He is not a politician, and I had no expectation of him to be anything but non-conventional.”

    Although her husband, David, with whom she co-owns a small outdoor-equipment and parts store in Fort Collins, was all in for Trump, Michelle was not. But when it came down to it, “At the very last minute, I pulled the trigger for Trump,” Barnett said. “I just could not abide voting for those corrupt Clintons.”

    And her husband, David? “Oh, he just loves him. Loves him. Loves everything he does,” she said.
    Much has changed since their initial reluctance last October, “I am 100 percent pleased with his performance so far,” he said.

    “Yes he has made some mistakes, but they are so minor that they are insignificant,” he said. “The president has us heading in the right direction. I had my hesitations about him, but they quickly disappeared once he took office.”

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    • Weeper says:

      😉 LOL!!! I’m sitting here saying, I hope flepore reposts that article from this morning. I hate reminding myself, and everyone else, that I’m not efficient at this blogging thing yet. Thank you!!!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Thanks for the laugh Weeper! I want Treepers to know the truth because we could easily get caught up in this BS.

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        • singingsoul says:

          I think President is doing well. The Obama care repeal is not POYS fault I lay it on Ryan HFC and the in-between . Ryan better fund the wall and the tax cut and stop the BS of “My Better Way.” Ryan was not elected President Trump was.
          Keep chugging President Trump you are doing well.
          I do feel uncomfortable with his family who have zero experience advising and taking a prominent role in the WH but that is my problem to deal with it. Maybe that is the new normal.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Fellow treeper ginaswo wrote this about the reporter:

      Great piece. Salena Zito is the journalist. She is an actual journalist out of Pittsburgh. She tells it like it is. 🤗

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    • NJF says:

      Greta article I missed it earlier. The writer Selena Zito’s sidebar of articles are surprisingly supportive.

      Who would have ever thought that the NYP would provide POTUS with such honest coverage?

      Not me that’s for sure.

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  13. FL_Guy says:

    I think it was another genius move by President Trump to brand the media as dishonest from the beginning. I would say the majority of the people don’t listen to their lies. However, the media rabble rouse the LOUD minority who cause problems. There have always been more of We the People, than these short sighted, treasonous trouble makers. The media has always, going back to the 1960s, given them the proverbial amplified mic to let them lambast us and bully us. There has to be a way We the People can pull the plug on the bully mic provided by the media. Turning them off is not enough, there has to be consequences for the trouble they are intentionally causing, e.g. lawsuits over causing riots, destruction of property and injuries for example. Anyway, just my opinion.

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    • NJF says:

      Your first point re: discrediting the press was a crucial element to his win.

      Many, perhaps the majority of the country was not fully aware how dishonest & malipulative the press actually is.

      It’s one of the biggest debates I have with a liberal friend. I’ve asked her repeatedly, “you know they lie, ie Trayvon, Mike Brown, why do you believe they only lie about certain topics?”


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  14. Carrie says:

    This everyday bashing of Trump is so predictable, it’s really very boring. Who even pays attention to any of this. Number one characteristic of progressives,…predictability. Tax and spend and trash Trump. Not necessarily in that order

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  15. snaggletooths says:

    The only poll I care about is my own which tells me I will be voting Trump again in 2020.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      My workplace gives me the opportunity to get a far better poll, but not
      quite yet. The only people that I hear screaming, carrying on, and
      jumping up and down about Trump are white liberals.

      This includes my overwhelmingly black coworkers. The majority of
      which are not American born. The majority of them didn’t vote for
      Trump. The few that did kept quite about it. The ones that were most
      adamnant about how evil he was at the time have become quiet.

      Some of the ones that voted for him didn’t say so until after the
      election, due to the blowback. One of the ones that’s defending
      him the most astonished me at first. When Obama won the
      second time I told her that “Everything that happens from now
      on belongs to him. He can’t Blame Bush any longer.” She went
      ballistic on me about that.

      I’ve figured out why that particular lady is now a Trump backer.
      She loved Obama, probably still does. She’s delusional still
      about the havoc he caused. Doesn’t matter. She’s 56 years old,
      and sick to death of immigration. She’s one of the few American
      born black co workers. Even though she gets along with most of
      the others, she can see she’s losing her country to people that
      resemble her, but only on the surface.

      Wrapping up. The people at work still watch CNN. No one
      goes around parroting it. They always did when Obama is in
      office. No one gets outraged about anything they hear . When
      Obama was in office I was “treated” to the outrage d’jour all
      night long. No one is mumbling about things concerning
      “Republicans” and then looking at me. Accidentally on purpose,
      pretending that they weren’t saying it loud enough to make a
      dig at the only Republican in the place. I think that we are
      winning over the black population, slowly, gradually. I don’t
      want to jinx it by saying it more then once. I’ll give some
      updates later.

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      • Rick says:

        White, Black, Yellow, Native, or whatever……it doesn’t take much to see that humanity is in danger. In the animal kingdom, (no matter what species) there is a a Law of Order. Nothing guarantees that the human species will EVOLVE into a more compassionate species or that it survives. In my 62 years, I have seen a continuing decay of World morality, spirituality and decency in regard to the human condition, not a softer, more caring heart for the plight of humanity.

        We get glimpses of the world-wide depravity of the human condition. Only the pictures the corrupt media wants us to see. If we really knew just 1/4 of how sick the World has really become because of this Facist rot, we would all fall to our knees, pray for the best and confront this insanity once and for all. Unfortunately, it only takes one nutcase like the little Korean Fatboy or some sick Mullah in Iran to cause a whole lot of grief for billions of humans.

        And to think this is all just a matter of chance. I think not. Good vs. Evil comes in all forms, including human. Passing ime will foretell our future and each passing year looks a whole lot more crappy and dangerous than the previous. That’s not a glass half empty attitude but just a comment that we might be moving closer to calamity than real peace for the World.

        Prayerfully, let’s hope not.

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    • jonvil says:

      No doubt whatsoever. I have been 100% for Mr Trump and have never wavered.
      I have taken the long view of ‘wait and see’, his decisions has been proven to be right every time.

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  16. fangdog says:

    As is being emphasised by the posters on this thread. The media and the polls are irrelevant unless one chooses to think it relevant. Trump is several strata above all this and carries on with what is necessary to solve the Nation’s ills.

    It is no longer important, other than conversation, whether the media supports or does not support Trump. The fact the media does not support Trump gives Trump more credence each passing day. People are figuring out, “What is good per the media is not good for me”.

    It has got to the point the media could tell the truth and people would swear the media is lying. However, there will always be those who rather walk a mile to hear a lie, when they could had stood still and heard the truth.

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  17. Landslide says:

    It’s always important to remember what Sarah Palin said polls are for: strippers and long-distance skiers!!! Snort!!

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  18. Steve in Lewes says:

    Polls are only good for two things:
    vaulting and dancing.

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    • Weeper says:

      And skiing. The ones the media produces are only good for the garbage can. 😉


    • spren says:

      My old pole vaulting pole has now been re-purposed and has a short broom duct-taped to the top of it for use with cleaning the snow off my satellite dish on the roof. But those old Pacer poles sure are durable. Not sure I would trust them to vault with anymore (even if I could).


  19. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    So, it seems Obummer is coming back on the scene just in time for our president’s first hundreth day? Perhaps he plans to somehow sabotage his week of intense wheeling and dealing with the uniparty? Who is going to listen to him in Chicago anyway? Only his most diehard commie supporters.

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  20. zephyrbreeze says:

    Addicts lie to themselves and others. leftists are addicted to power, so they have to lie, as addicts, and in the process delude themselves. Quite a downward spiral.


  21. Donna in Oregon says:

    The first 100 day poll sez……I approve of President Trump’s first 100 days. 100%.

    Does anyone care about Globalist polls? Nope. We voted to leave.

    Poll concluded. Done.


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  22. Raven says:

    “People who run in the same circles, attend the same cocktail parties and gather at the same conventions and group meetings.”

    On April 29th Minnesota GOP elects new leadership. Pray along with me that the strong, intelligent, retired Marine, pro-Trump man is elected the new Minnesota Chair — Chris Fields. He is looking forward to leading the GOP back to sanity, and planting his feet firmly against screaming and scheming Minnesota Democrats.

    I hope and pray the convention on April 29th will not be full of the same people who are usually full of themselves.

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  23. indiana08 says:

    Lying and framing a narrative is all the corporate owned globalist fake news media democrat PR team know. They hope to talk Pres. Trump down like they did Pres. Bush. It won’t work because Pres. Trump is a fighter. The fake news media has been doing this for two years and they will continue to do this for the next 7 1/2 and through out VP Pence’s 8 year long presidency as well. Like all liberals, they are permanently stuck on stupid.

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  24. jonvil says:

    I have totally ignored that ‘palace intrigue’ CRAP!!!

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  25. Albertus Magnus says:

    I don’t think there was ever much truth to the palace intrigue crap anyway. it was, in my opinion, false news started by the Alex Jones’s and Brietbart sites to generate traffic and emotion to help maintain their traffic and sales.

    Anytime your story is driven by Jones’ and Stone’s “Inside, high-up, credible sources”, be ready for the BS to fly.

    I know this will get hated but its definitely the case.

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    • wheatietoo says:

      Alex did some great work last year during the campaign.

      His ‘Hillary for Prison’ and ‘Bill Clinton is a Rapist’ memes were devastating to HRC.
      I will always be grateful to him for the tireless work he did.

      But lately he has lost his mind.
      It’s a shame.

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      • shadowcole says:

        I agree. I listened to his show everday during the campaign. After Trump was elected, it was all negativity. First it was the “they’re gonna steal the election with the recounts” next Oh there gonna steal his electoral votes, or they’re going to kill him before the inauguration. I got so sick of listening to what they were just sure was going to happen to Trump, I quit listening altogether. He thrives on chaos and looks to make controversy so he can sell his products. I actually take his Dna force. That’s another complaint of mine about Alex. He promises if you get your supplements by subscription, like every 30 days then you get first dibs and don’t have to worry about them being out of stock. Well their out of stock and I’ve yet to receive my shipment this month. I sent an email to him and never heard back. Horrible customer service, in fact there is no customer service dept.

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  26. wheatietoo says:

    Didn’t one of the Dems say…
    “When we get him down in the polls, then we push to Impeach him”.

    That is what is going on here.

    They will trot out fake poll after fake poll.
    Then they will point to those and say…”See! He has lost support.”…and then start twisting arms in congress to commence with impeachment proceedings.

    We have to keep fighting their lies and false narratives.

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    • albrevin says:

      Supposedly it was McCain who told this to Claire McCaskel…. IMO, this is why Comey left the Russia ‘investigation’ open-ended…. so they can hold it over Trump’s head and pull it off the shelf if need be. It’s essentially an affront to the American people and our whole system of government. It’s all about turning a basic difference in foreign policy (i.e., out of NATO, better relations with Russia, no nation building, etc) into some sort of criminality. Very wicked scheme.

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  27. leebelieu says:

    Not backing down. I stand with Trump through thick and thin. Don’t sing it bring it swamp things. Hold the line!


  28. plasmacutter says:

    There are reports Trump’s whitehouse are threatening to cut off ObamaCare subsidies if they don’t fund the wall.

    Let’s see if he follows through.

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  29. jdvalk says:

    I was waiting in a place where the Post’s front page was in view, and I saw that ththe rag is nothing if not consistent and persistent regarding their agenda. Ironically (for a reason that will become clear), also found on the front page was a story about the Skins’ football stadium.

    During the regional baseball effort, the Post with one hand battled the effort and supported the overreach of the Orioles’ owner who worked to prevent baeball’s return. When that finally fell through after many years, they then decided to work against the effort in Virginia so that it would be a DC toy, with skyboxes to trade with politicos like party favors. When DC got the team, they then advocated against the common sense RFK Stadium site (acres of parking and adequate Metro and highway access) for one with challenges on those fronts but was located closer to downtown.

    Fast forwarding to today, the Post article raises questions about the Virginia NFL stadium effort and essentially skipped over the Maryland effort (by far the logistical favorite, as they already have infrastructure and can build it in their current stadium parking lot). The article repeatedly mentions the RFK Stadium site as being offered by DC, conveniently forgetting what was cited ad nauseum by them about the RFK Stadium site during the whole baseball relo. At that point, city officials took the RFK site off the table, citing environmental remediation issues and National Park Service barriers that could take THREE YEARS and untold costs to resolve.

    Yet now, not even a mention of those issues, which the well-entrenched NIMBYs there would not have forgotten so soon. It was neat — if nauseating — to see multiple longterm agendas converge on the front page of this too-often deceitful and agenda-driven rag.


  30. Trialbytruth says:

    Okay I admit it I shouldn’t have but I downloaded the pdf and read it. So be kind when i ask this question. In the methodology of the poll when they connected the first question was may I speak to the youngest male or female adult in the household? Again please be kind ……is that typical in polling?


    • Hey Trialbytruth; I think it is. I’ve had pollsters call and ask for the male in the household or woman,so, my guess is they were targeting a certain age group.
      I did not read the pdf and have no desire to. There is no doubt; it’s a skewed poll coming out at this point in time for a reason.
      BTW: I was polled by You Gov today. Interesting poll, it dealt with your attitude, your thoughts, then moved onto politics, social media, news outlets, and finally assessing President Trump and his administration.
      All in all, not bad at all.


  31. Kaco says:

    Can we please get on with the Obamagate charges? This and Hillary still needs to go down so I don’t have to hear from either again as well as shutting the Left’s mouth for a while.


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