OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Discusses The Pending Economic Policy Confrontation…

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney appears on Bloomberg News to discuss the seismic, epic, thundershock confrontational clash that is about to take place between the Trump administration and the DC UniParty.

There are no adjectives capable of describing the scope and immeasurable scale of the battle that is about to transpire between the White House and the Democrat/Republican UniParty.

MONEY is where every entity within the full-swamp goes nuclear against President Trump and the administration.  Despite all prior discussions toward this end, it is doubtful that more than one-in-a-million people can fully grasp the dynamic at play.

Because the procedural wonk is so inherently riddled with ten thousand tentacles of political schematics, I will defray the wonk-speak until after the video.


If you are interested in deep political weeds, keep reading. However, if you have blood pressure issues or are concerned about your physical or mental health, STOP HERE and go enjoy life. Believe me.

From a political perspective the outline of the assembled enemy forces are evident.  Next week former President Obama is scheduled to reappear in Chicago.  This is not coincidental.  There are trillions of dollars at stake.

Every vested financial interest has been, and is now, prepared to do battle against President Trump.  All of the body blows from the media, including their professional gaslighting efforts, was merely to soften Trump up for the pending attacks.

All of the previous accusations, ridicule, marginalization, probes and diminishment efforts by the media and their multinational corporate entities will pale in comparison to what lies ahead.

If you listen to Mulvaney carefully, and accept that the UniParty apparatus is real and purposeful, then you can see the scope of the financial strategy coming from DC.  Remember, the BIG CLUB has paid for legislative policy.  They will not allow those payments to be non-reciprocated, all of the DC politicians are now commissioned to fight without limits or rules on their behalf.

BIG CLUB: ♦Retention of ObamaCare. ♦Deep Federal Spending. ♦NO border wall. ♦Open-ended immigration until congress delivers comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty. ♦Tax Cuts (corporate revenue enhancements).

♦House Speaker Paul Ryan will use the budgetary rules process, as a backdoor, to leverage the U.S. CoC Lobbyists construct of the Border Adjustment Tax (BAT).

♦No-one paid by the Big Club in Washington DC will willingly support the Border Wall.

Think about what Director Mulvaney is saying in the video above.   Mulvaney is highlighting the point that tax/budget will either use the reconciliation process, or not – depending on the opposition and depending on the support.

Any budget can pass the house with a simple majority, the Republicans have full control.

However, when the budget reaches the Senate if they are going to use “reconciliation” (simple majority/republicans only) the budget must be revenue neutral beyond 10 years – if the tax plan/budget is going to be permanent.

If the Tax-Plan/Budget delivered to the Senate is not deemed revenue neutral (scored by CBO) beyond 10 years, it cannot be permanent and use the reconciliation process (simple majority).   Such a plan must contain a sunset provision or an expiration date.

A permanent tax plan/budget that is: not deficit neutral, and beyond the 10 year scope, will require support from more than just 52 republican senators to pass; because it will mean long-term deficit spending.

Here’s where the FUBAR of the UniParty comes into play.  This is not a Democrat -vs- White House issue.

President Trump cannot present a balanced budget with drastic cuts to government, because UniParty republicans will not support it.  They, along with Democrats, will demand more spending.

Most of those same UniParty republicans are already opposed to the border wall.  They view funding for the border wall as a negotiation tool to keep the federal government spending on other facets.   President Trump cannot fund the wall, and simultaneously fund their big government spending indulgences without deficit spending.

Enter Paul Ryan.

Ryan will propose this Border Adjustment Tax, a program Trump hates, as the revenue tool to provide the funding for the tax/budget that contains the border wall funding.

See how that works?

[U.S. CoC and Ryan ] – The U.S. CoC get their B.A.T, which is essentially a tax against consumers allowing big corporations to fatten their bottom line, by forcing Trump to give up his border wall or go along with their proposal.

Wait, you ask: …what about renegotiated trade deals with (Mexico) via NAFTA that will, essentially, provide the revenue that more than pays for the wall?

Great question.  Yes, the renegotiated NAFTA deals would easily provide the treasury revenue that will offset any wall expenditures.

However, now you understand why congress is refusing to accept the NAFTA “letter of intent” from Commerce Secretary Ross.  The republican UniParty congress is blocking, well, actually they are ‘strategically delaying‘, Wilbur Ross from renegotiating the trade deal with Mexico – and by doing so they are blocking the revenue that would undermine their tax/budget scheme and argument in favor of the B.A.T.

Remember, accepting the letter of intent triggers the start of a 90-day waiting period before Ross can open NAFTA.   Congress is waiting to accept, until the end of the 90-day period falls AFTER October 1st 2017, the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018.

This UniParty approach robs the White House from using the anticipated Mexican money as a point of reference (political talking point) for the current tax and budget proposals which begin October 1st for fiscal year 2018.  (The B.A.T also impacts the possibility of a greater economic trade deal with Mexico from the tax side.)

See how that works?

[Hence, the blood pressure warnings]

This is not a Democrat party working against the White House.  This is a republican UniParty working against the White House.

Speaker Ryan is positioning funding for the border wall contingent upon Trump accepting the blanket B.A.T as revenue to pay for it.  This is the position of the Lobbyists within the U.S. CoC. If Ryan wins we are all screwed because essentially the tax revenue will be on our backs for every product imported and exported.   But the big corporations love the enhancements to their bottom lines.

OMB Director Mick Mulvaney is trying to position and protect President Trump from having to accept the B.A.T. because the BAT is antithetical to the economic trade policy, targeted tariff approach, President Trump wants to take.

Simultaneously, Mulvaney is trying to get President Trump the initial start up money for the Border Wall so he doesn’t have to accept Ryan’s BAT.

Ergo Mick Mulvaney is trying to draw in Democrat votes to offset the scheme of Ryan which is relying only upon Republican votes.  If Mulvaney can get Democrats to vote for funding the border wall by giving them funding to continue ObamaCare, Mulvaney won’t need Ryan’s BAT revenue because he’ll have votes to support a deficit bill.

However, Democrats don’t want the border wall either; but they also don’t want ObamaCare to collapse earlier due to funding shortages within the insurance reimbursement program (cost share programs).


When challenged about the UniParty, it always helps to remind and re-emphasize to people that Republicans in congress (House and Senate – ’10 through ’16) fully funded all of Obama’s policies and programs.

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306 Responses to OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Discusses The Pending Economic Policy Confrontation…

  1. Southpaw says:

    Maybe we could let China build the wall. They’ve done it before. In exchange for some American coal and nat gas.

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    • Daniel says:

      The Chinese wall history says it wasn’t the construction of the wall which failed but the corruption of those who operated it which caused the failure. I would be concerned about fail points being installed.

      But it’s an interesting notion. China and Mexico are in some ways competitors.

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    • Will Janoschka says:

      Let the enemy mercenary invaders construct the wall, (think ‘Cool hand Luke)! Any that survive get a free ride in the new trebuchet (catapult) over same wall!!

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    • ok4ayl says:

      Its worked as planned too, clearly the Chinese don’t have a problem with Mexican Nationals crossing the Great Wall into China!….:)

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  2. Daniel says:

    President Trump does not take well to being boxed in like this. He will find a way and a point of leverage to force a move in favor of his agenda. It will take some heads rolling or the threat of it. His visit to Wisconsin may have been a signal to that end. I’m sure he did more than make a speech with members of a tool company surrounding him.

    Just as President Trump countered the empty “test launches” of arms from N.Korea with two actual and highly visible attacks and one where the death toll of a single bomb was very large to demonstrate REAL action, I believe President Trump will make a bold and demonstrative move to signal to the uniparty and the big club that he is NOT messing around.

    I don’t have a clue what that may be but it’s a very Trumpian thing to do.

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  3. joshua says:

    how about a bounty for any illegal caught by civilian militias crossing into the USA other than through a designated checkpoint.

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. 4beagles says:

    I’ve always believed that for every day the govt. operates without a budget all members of Congress and their staff should forfeit their pay.

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  6. rsanchez1990 says:

    It’s a shame more people don’t understand the games being played in DC. The Swamp would’ve been drained long ago if people wised up.

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    • William Ford says:

      The average person doesn’t understand the real game in DC because the elected players all lie, the MSM lies, and most people just believe the scripted lies.

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      • unconqueredone says:

        Sadly, I partially disagree. An example: in college one of my “conservative” buddies took a job that required joining the union. When that union’s front page corruption was mentioned to him, he said he didn’t care- he was getting a bigger paycheck than he deserved for the work he was doing.
        Many people have at least an idea that DC is so corrupt, but as long as they get theirs, they won’t care (until we become Venezuela).

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        People believing the scripted lies is what gets my blood pressure up the most.


  7. vicschick says:

    You’re right Sundance. I shouldn’t have continued reading. I didn’t think I could hate anyone more than Barack Obama but I think I hate the Uniparty more.

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  8. jdvalk says:

    “When challenged about the UniParty, it always helps to remind and re-emphasize to people that Republicans in congress (House and Senate – ’10 through ’16) fully funded all of Obama’s policies and programs.”

    This. When Ryan replaced Boehner and still delivered every dime to Barry and his buddies without extracting a thing, it really made things clear.

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  9. mamadogsite says:

    Love the idea of our funding some of the wall. So many churches, schools, libraries and towns raise money by selling bricks with your name stamped on them, usually for new sidewalks for a new project or building. These are popular and lucrative ways to make the extra funds needed beyond the budget of the organization. Sure would be a fun project…and even if the wall is high tec construction, the bricks could be used as a road or walkway, symbolic of our national spirit.

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    • The public coffers have PLENTY of Money for THE WALL! Don’t even think of any other funding possibilities!
      My God, that WALL was suppose to have been built after Reagan left office; there has been funding since the Scally-Wag Bush Boys Era…Give me a Freakin’Break!!!!
      I’m am fully aware of political scheming BS BUT this is just too damn much and those Lyin’Crooks in Congress Truly Believe, We the People, are absolute MORONS who are barely able to get dressed in the morning, go to the bathroom and take nourishment.
      Every Treeper, Every American who lives and breathes for a living should be absolutely OUTRAGED and ready to take action.
      This will not stand. I do not believe President Donald J. Trump will allow this to issue to fall the way of corruption. This Wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it.
      President Donald J. Trump is a man of his word and his word is his honor. I believe him. He has dealt with worse critters than he is dealing with now. It’s all in the tactics; he’s got this.

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      • Weeper says:

        It is so frustrating all the money we give them through Federal Income Tax. We clearly state what we want to spend it on via our vote…..and they find every way under the sun to not do it. Build that Wall!!! MAGA!!

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  10. xyzlatin says:

    There has been complete silence about the billions that corporations are keeping overseas. I did see some suggestion that there could be some leverage there. ie a small tax on it which could pay for the wall.
    Also, wasn’t there some suggestion for taxing the remittances going back to Mexico?

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  11. Joe Collins says:

    The Art of the Deal meets The Swamp.

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  12. drillerelite says:

    Arrrgh, you were right Sundance, now my head hurts. But, hey, at least I now know I’m one in a million so that’s a plus. MAGA ON!

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  13. Southern Son says:

    Oh, I Believe you SD!
    You called THIS!, practically before President Trump was Sworn In.
    I look forward to your further predictions, and Lots of Uniparty Swearing.
    Rush covered this today also.
    Its about to come to a Rolling Boil!
    I anticipate frogs attempting to get out of the Swamp Boil Pot momentarily…

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  14. Texian says:

    Now Sundance has clearly enunciated the problem.. nobody here can “un-see” the ugly truth. No need to rehash it either. Sundance is ever so subtle, so gentle to the birds at her treehouse. Me, not so much. Key word little birdies – FUBAR. (You must come to terms with this reality). Now, I know that Sir Steve Bannon knows it, but I am concerned Sir Trump doesn’t realize it. I was thinking, hoping that Sir Trump came into this knowing that some sort of coup will be required in order to MAGA and to return America to a representative form of governance. This event MUST OCCUR under Sir Trump’s watch in order for the chance to return America toward some semblance of its founding – because when the other side gains power back they will certainly make a coup occur under their watch to completely destroy this American experiment once and for all..

    There is no easy way out of Fourth Turnings – either path you choose you get war.. the only difference is in the outcome..

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  15. ivehadit says:

    I say, WE WILL BUILD THE WALL WITHOUT CONGRESS. “Buy a Brick” will commence when the President gives the signal! On the low side, twenty million paying $5 each- that should be more than enough to get the job done, under budget and ahead of schedule!

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    • i think this idea has merit. how many of us have donated to the rnc? news articles this week claimed huge sums raised just this year. if the rnc is simply going to field uniparty candidates and those elected to represent us refuse to listen to our voices….i think that money can be better spent buying bricks.

      another thing…these nimrods are betting against the american people. i think that’s a verra bad bet. if you think we were pissed *last* year, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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      • TPW says:

        Nope not me….I did not give the GOP one red cent when they came calling. I told them that they had no intention of funding Trump’s policies and I will nor be duped…..ready to buy a brick or two though……..


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      I tried to put this into a message at the White House site and I get this warning when trying to submit the message “Special characters such as emoji are not permitted in this field”. Any ideas and do you mind me submitting the idea.Has anyone been trying to send message on the WH site.


  16. fleporeblog says:

    SD I appreciate being hit in the face every day with this reality but our LION has them all by the balls on this one! He is not obligated one bit to make that multi billion dollar payment for Obozocare. He has the court on his side and can say that he is going to adhere to the court’s decision. I could care less if they shut the government down for days, weeks and months if necessary. The Uniparty is completely screwed on this one. He has the Democrats and Republicans by the balls. I love Mick and the use of the words that elections have consequences.

    Democrats have 23 Senator seats up for reelection in 2018. 8 of the Democrats that are running in states our President won have approval ratings below 50%. States like Missouri (+18.7), Indiana (+19.3), Ohio (+8.1), South Dakota (+29.8), West Virginia (+42.1), Montana (+20.6), Michigan (+0.2), Florida (+1.2), Pennsylvania (+0.7) and Wisconsin (+0.8) all went for our President (margin of victory). This is war and I am so damn happy our Lion is leading the charge.

    That money will be there for the wall and Mick and our President have the ultimate Trump card with the Obozo payment. The Uniparty knows that as soon as the first shovel goes into the ground, their dreams of an open border down south is gone. That wall once built will never come down. It will be OUR Great Wall (like China’s Great Wall). I absolutely love it and I love that our Republican bastards are dead on this and I love that Chuck the Duck is calling them out. The Uniparty is starting to eat their own. I Love It and I will never get tired of winning!

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    • Weeper says:

      Love your post, and our Lion as well 🦁

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    • I’m glad to be on Trump’s side. I don’t know how he’s gonna fix this cluster of a FUBAR mess but —> I’m with him ! I’ll pray and wait and watch the Dealer deal his art!

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    • Fleporeblog, you nailed it:
      “Trump is not obligated one bit … for Obozocare” … or anything else.

      He’s going to demonstrate how the “essential-services” Government can operate at a $1 TRILLION budget savings … during a Government SHUTDOWN. THIS Administration could run a shutdown without missing a heartbeat.

      Letting the Shutdown persist into FY2018 will prevent any ObamaCare bail-outs that would delay its IMPLOSION.

      The ObamaCare savings will fund the Wall in a heartbeat – WITHOUT giving ObamaCare completely-wasted life support in the meantime.

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      • wodiej says:

        And President Trump can keep working on unraveling the mess w executive orders. I love it.

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      • eagledriver50 says:

        My post above and a few others exactly does what you have said here BKR…PDJT took the job and is going to do a walk like no one has seen before. I do believe a few congresscritters are going to get stepped on along with the CoC and a few others…Gotta Smile and PASS THE DAMN POPCORN!!!…Please…

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Encouraging, factual post. Thanks.

      I, too, could care less if the government shuts down for months. The necessary aspects won’t, e.g. Military, Social Security et al.

      A shutdown is one way to ‘drain the swamp’.

      Subsequent to re-opening….implement layoffs. What the hell do these 100s of thousands of people actually do, I ask?

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  17. albrevin says:

    Like the idea to start a private funding mechanism for the wall. Needs to be set-up in such a way as to be the one ‘official’ place to contribute b/c the uniparty/soros people will roll out a slew of confusing alternatives to try and derail. Can’t have 100’s of different organizations claiming they are the go-to source for funding.

    Doesn’t the IRS fall under the Executive branch of government? Have the IRS send out a contribution form or remove the check-box to indicate intent to contribute to the President’s Campaign Fund……… Would love to see an end-run around Con-gress and do a direct funding straight to American People

    pVote one way or anther.

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  18. kittytrump84 says:

    I like it. I say we help pay just, like we helped the campaign. Screw border tax and the uni party

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    • Remington......lcome says:

      Kitty…Short term fix, which ain’t bad. However it just “bandaids” the problem with these crooked bastards We need to permanently fix the problem by bringing charges of corruption against congressmen who have taken money to subvert our system of Government AND they scum on K- Street. This perversion of our Republic must stop. No time like the present.

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      • Remington..... says:

        ….And in conjunction with the above, have AG Sessions set up a special prosecutor solely for this purpose. That’ll put the fear of God in these thugs and slugs.


      • MaineCoon says:

        Agree with your thoughts, but the problem is none of the scum thinks they’ll be targeted so they just keep on selling out America for $$$.

        I think the target are the 23 Senators FL sttes in upthread post.

        It’s up to us to taraget them in 2018.

        RNC needs to go into high gear to draft Trump supporters as candidates. Is Ms. Romney qualified to do this?


      • kittytrump84 says:

        Could not agree more.


  19. mot2grls says:

    I have been asked to contribute to the Republican Party several times and have repeatedly told them I will only contribute to President Trump’s campaign directly. I have also told them why. Money is their only language and it is definitely the leverage tool we have along with our vote.
    Letters need to be fired off to these creatures!

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    • Nchadwick says:

      I have told them the same, however the form letters asking for money (on Trumps behalf) keep coming…. which makes me more determined to not give the RNC another dime until they figure out that there is a reason for their lack of financial support.

      That go’s double for the AZRNC, McCain — need I say more?

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    • B Woodward says:

      Be advised about making contributions to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee or . If you read their fine print, 25 percent (or more) of your contribution goes to the uniparty RNC, and 75 percent goes to an unnamed 2020 candidate. There was a WSJ report during the 2016 campaign that RNC chairman Reince Priebus cut off all cash and support to Donald Trump and directed funding to down ballot republican establishment candidates.

      Mr. Trump’s website has no such fine print..

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    • scottiegram says:

      We have told the callers the same thing. We contribute directly to a specific candidate’s fund.


      • Bill Wright says:

        Never donate to phone solicitors, nor to websites claiming to represent a candidate. Anyone can start a website and call it (for example) “U.S. Citizens For Ben Carson.” They can keep 90% of the donations for salaries and expenses. Your money is flushed down the drain. People who call your house for donations usually get a 10-12% rake off the top. If you choose to donate, please donate directly to the campaign’s official website. If in doubt, mail a check directly to the campaign office.


  20. Well, I had to start by finally looking up the definition of FUBAR.

    Now I get it.

    My God, how did we get to this FUBAR point?

    I will end this day in prayer for POTUS Trump.

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  21. lfhbrave says:

    Could someone set up a foundation to accept donations from us to build the wall? If the fund can reach millions of dollars, it will show the voters’ determination and disgust towards the Uniparty Congress and at the same time symbolically take away the bargaining chip from the Uniparty in negotiating POTUS’s tax cut.

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  22. soozword says:

    In my fantasy I would love to lay siege to Congress in medieval fashion with all of those nasty traitors trapped inside. Fling a few boulders with trebuchets designed by our engineers, ram the doors with a mighty oak felled by our lumberjacks, and our hunters can aim their longbow arrows at anyone who dares to escape. If we can’t get access above ground, our hard-working coal miners can tunnel underneath to crash into the basement.

    Back to reality: “please call your Congressional representative to tell him/her to …..”

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  23. M. Mueller says:

    Mr. President, please give a prime time speech to the American people about these issues and put Congress on the spot. Tell Congress what you and the people expect. Ask for the people’s help in getting Congress to co-operate.

    Lay it all out. The people are not stupid and will be glad to apply the pressure.

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  24. If there was a shut down, could POTUS stop EBT,SNAP and obama phones? The flack to the Dem’s after a week or two would make great leverage.

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  25. joan and bill collins says:

    i concur with blacknightrides for WALL BONDS not war bonds run by one of trumps accountants as there is no congressional action needed to issue bonds all those who voted for him will gladly pay for the wall with donations which can be reimbursed later by mexico and without congress then publicize the list of those who voted against the wall as wanting terrorists, cartels and criminals inside the usa fix voter fraud first in those states that voted against the wall tax remittances going back to mexico at 30%

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  26. LKA in LA says:

    The only thing President Trump can do then is hold a press conf and expose the above players. If we are not going to get a border wall and relief from paying for Mexico citizens–I vote to expose the corruption to the point of rubble. Cause a state of emergency with facts. We are becoming slaves and need a correction to the point of something major and sooner than later.

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      There are a variety of ways Pres Trump can force the GOP Congress to support his Border Wall.

      Pres Reagan got a Democrat Congress to go along by imposing “Special Inspections” on products crossing the border into the US..

      A couple weeks of that and the supply chain of imported products will be backed up into Southern Mexico.

      The Wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it. DON’T DOUBT IT!


  27. fangdog says:

    There is no way all the UniParty members has been all that law-abiding. Sessions needs to go after the Uni-Party gang with the same vigor as he is going after the M-13 gang. …..they both harm America.

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  28. BG2 says:

    Wrong thread


  29. Wall Bonds – Funding Sources:
    • Private Investors:
    ○ Will you invest in your National Security.
    ○ Do you want the Tax Restructuring Bill to provide a “special tax credit” for your patriotism.
    • Corporate Investors:
    ○ Do you support Citizens who buy your products/services.
    ○ Do you want the Tax Restructuring Bill to provide “special repatriation tax breaks” for donations that build the Wall.
    • Foreign Investors:
    ○ Invite “good will” gestures as we frame bilateral trade deals.
    • Foreign Countries
    ○ Who wants to fund the Wall.
    ○ … and which of you wants future Foreign Aid.

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  30. TwoLaine says:

    I think a shut down would be great. We can cut loose all the non-essentials permanently!

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  31. marcyo13 says:

    I think Trump is having the time of his life knocking the fools in Congress off their high horses. He’s not even breaking a sweat, still has time and energy for his many grandkids. He’s the Muhammed Ali of Executives, dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee; he’s Buffalo Bill, he’s a later day Genghis Kahn; Congress will never know what hit them. What blast it is to watch this all play out!!

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  32. tsforex says:

    I thought that the money for the wall was already put aside years ago…Maybe I read something wrong..

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    • there was money allocated, bits and pieces of the wall have been constructed, but the money ran out around 2008. there have two attempts to pass bills to allocate more money to finish the wall, and none passed. we’ve had the house and the senate since 2014, and yet, republicans have done nothing about this.

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  33. It would be a nice touch to superimpose those disgusting oligarch puppets faces over a picture of the not at all federal fiat printing press “reserve” central bankster building.

    That, is where the power actually and firmly resides and the reason why only 125 million Americans are working to support the whole freakin’ scheme while existing on less than half than what they make each year.

    Sigh… it’s never the point of discussion anywhere, ever.

    We were warned.


  34. jstanley01 says:

    We’ve been doubling the National Debt every two terms since Clinton just to stay even. Billy Boy left $5 trillion, Dubya left $10 trillion, Obama left $19 trillion, and add the off-budget unfunded mandates rolling down the pike as the Boomers begin dying off in earnest, $40 trillion by 2024 would hardly cover them. One of these days, as if out of the blue, Mr. Market is going to pull out his ball bat and run amok on a wholly non-partisan and worldwide basis with extreme prejudice. It is not going to be pretty.


  35. yohio says:

    All these people screaming for Bannon to stay on, at some point he needs to start demonstrating his worth. I know he’s a behind the scenes advisor, but IMO he needs to put his stamp on some big moves for Trump. If there’s any truth to the rumor pstory he may have hurt Trump & AHCA to hurt Ryan, then he needs to follow through to try to take Ryan out.

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  36. Angry Dumbo says:

    Screw Ryan. I’d trade an ObamaCare funding band aid in return for funding for the wall. Ryan is only a player if Trump makes him one.


  37. Rainy says:

    What about the idea of the fee charged on all money wired from here to Mexico by Western Union. I remember Trump had batted that idea around during the campaign.

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  38. John says:

    Maybe we should quit electing lawyers

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  39. Kaco says:

    It’s all good and well to read the pending bad news on here, and I appreciate the analysis.

    Is there any chance of us mobilizing and sending a loud message to Congress? I’ve mentioned this before, about NumbersUSA and faxing Congress re: immigration issues.

    We need an action board for the issues we care about and flood the right players in Congress. The Left is very organized and have been loud, we are scattered or hiding on blogs with our voices not being heard.

    I am a political novice so not sure what to do, but after reading this, I want to do something so they know we are onto them and we will hold them accountable, not Pres. Trump and that they are to blame. Sitting and stewing over this doesn’t help solve the problem. Don’t forget, the Rs act like scared rabbits, they don’t like being shamed, so perhaps if we got something going will have an effect.

    I’d like to hear if anyone has any ideas.


    • Sue in MT says:

      Everyone should send their congressman a brick. They may start getting the message….Lol.


      • Kaco says:

        I read from another comment some time ago, the tea party had a pink slip campaign some years back, apparently it was effective. What I’m saying is if we could mobilize and flood congress and the key players, my congressman alone wouldn’t do the trick, we should flood Ryan and McConnell, too, I would imagine, or anyone else significant. Yes, I will be calling my congressman but it would be great if we’d pick a day or two days to sack congress with calls or letters. Some of these congressmen aren’t able to receive messages, they’re full. The point is, it would be great if we decide to take an action together and spread the word to other conservative sites, especially since they’re talking about a shutdown. I don’t think they’re that afraid of us, the silent majority. As it is, we remain silent while we get our throat slit. What’s the use in knowing what they’re up to if they don’t get the message? I’m so sick of everyone bending to the Left, who seem to have their voices heard, whether it be retail or politicians, or Fox News.


  40. TPW says:

    Looks like there is no “NICE” way to MAGA……Time for dirty pool……a few riots….set DC on fire….any other suggestions……seriously….I don’t see anyway forward other than sicking the CIA, IRS. FBI, and NSA on the whole lot of them…either blackmail the suckers or off to jail.there are no deals with the devil…….


  41. Paul Killinger says:

    The best thing about a BAT would be the prices of imported products would go up by 20%. That means a $60K BMW built outside the US would now sticker here for $72K.


    1. At bottom this is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to establish a national SalesTax.

    2. And the next time our Govt wants to spend more of your money, what would keep them from imposing it on domestic products or raising it to, say, 30%?


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