U.S. President Trump and First Lady Greet King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan

For over a three months we have been outlining the quiet but visible framework of a new geo-political alignment taking shape.  For well over a month we have been asking, and cautioning, what reaction the leftist global manipulators with various interests would take to the new alignment.

Knowing there would be global, media and deep state disrupting influences who view the prospects of a new geo-political alignment to be adverse to their interests we wrote lengthy warnings and added questions about how they would respond.

We knew with all the regional groundwork in place, and with Egyptian President Fattah al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah coming to Washington DC, some planned disruptive reaction would take place.  The chemical attack in Syria is part of that planned reaction.

The global media, the entrenched unelected and deep U.S. State Department entities and the globalist cabal they represent, are trying to eliminate the framework of this new seismic geo-political realignment.  These elements are trying to force U.S. President Donald Trump into a situation where his desired action hits a destabilizing headwind and blocks progress toward the significant change.


It would be both prudent and wise to pray that these men can overcome the dark forces which are directly aligned against their peace-making agenda. The destroying globalists carry no moral compass guiding their action against their opposition.

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162 Responses to U.S. President Trump and First Lady Greet King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan

  1. seabrznsun says:

    I wish there were a “love” button. ❤ I guess this will do.

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  2. adoubledot says:

    Caption for that last photo: “This is how it’s done folks!”

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  3. Kelly says:

    The Queen is a beautiful woman. But, I will say that everyone pales in comparison with Melania.

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  4. Bull Durham says:

    It is exactly the right time for our prayerful actions. We won the election through Christ’s interaction.
    We must humble ourselves and implore wisdom overcomes the evil and lies permeating the Intel the President is receiving.

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  5. fedback says:

    Having great respect for King Abdullah of Jordan, it was heartening to see the total trust the King has in the President

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    • Landslide says:

      He and Al-Sisi are good examples of muslims that hate jihad/ISIS.

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      • deplorabledooku says:

        I may have this wrong but I seem to remember that King Abdullah is of the royal line of Hashemites who fought against the Ottoman Turks. It makes sense that the King would also fight against ISIS/ISIL/daesh who are supported by the current Turk leader Erdogan, with their goal of a caliphate led by Erdogan, which I think would essentially be a reconstituted Ottoman Empire. Plus, King Abdullah’s immediate family is highly educated and highly Westernized, so I am certain that throwbacks to an irrational age represented by jihadis is anathema.

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  6. andyocoregon says:

    And of course President Trump didn’t bow down to the King the way Obama did. I always wondered if Obama kissed his ring, too.

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  7. Bob Thoms says:

    I have a spidey sense that the ME is turning a corner……………..if only we can keep the neo-cons in check and our military engagements limited.

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  8. kriseton says:

    It was so easy to see the attempts by the press to drive a wedge between the King and our President. It didn’t work. The King seems truly interested in working fully with President Trump to fix the situation in the Middle East.

    I am also curious what intelligence Trump has on this chemical attack. I am suspicious of these types of things now with what we have learned about McCain, Graham and Democrats, as well, who want ‘war’ and confrontation with Russia.

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    • H.R. says:

      No doubt the King gave his reading or perhaps even his intel on the chemical attack to President Trump, particularly if it was a false flag attack.

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  9. Socrates says:

    Comment deleted by Admin…

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  10. A.D. Everard says:

    President Trump is well aware of the globalists’ plans, hatefulness, selfishness, back-stabbing and outright evil destruction in the world. If he is not fully aware, I trust and I hope that there are people in his Team who are and who will steer him straight.

    We need a new world of peace and goodwill to all. The world really can be a happy and prosperous place for ALL nations – yes, and the environment well looked after too – but we have to get rid of the fear-mongering bastards who know nothing but hatred and ill-will and who have sold their souls for power.

    I am but one person, small in the scheme of things, but I pray every day for all involved in President Trump’s efforts and for all strong leaders who see the Light and want to come together in peace and for the benefit of their people and for the world.

    God bless and look after them all.

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  11. mcclainra says:

    I am trying to post this link and a little of the article on FB, and it keeps saying, after photo, etc., pops up, link not found; try again later. FB gestap, I guess 😦

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    • @ mcclainra: Just post the link. Then the top of the page prints and the rest of the article is available to click on for those who wish to read further. Also, the Link posts w/a picture and a few lines from the beginning of the article.


  12. Islandlifer says:

    Given the shape our military is in, I don’t think Russia/Iran feel threatened to do a damn thing. Berry destroyed our forces and it will take time to get them up to speed. I’ve heard a Syrian jet dropped the chemicals. Plenty of video of the aftermath, where’s the one of the jet?

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  13. sunnydaze says:

    This is a serious question:

    Anyone know what happened to the Press today? They actually asked good, informative questions.

    Not surprised about the Jordanian Press, just curious about the Americans there.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Sorry, here’s the PC. Thought it was up top:

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      • A great press conference. Thanks for posting. The King and President Trump gave inspiring & gracious speeches, their rapport was beautiful to see.
        The American reporters were a disgrace and I was ashamed to see them play gotcha instead of asking true questions. Trump was up to the challenge.


        • litlbit2 says:

          Agree with all except “reporters” they are not, they have become gutter trash, a group of not normal people.
          May the press pool be cleansed or removed which ever comes first.
          Time to bring in creditable, honest, news people!
          Soros employees not need apply.


  14. waltherppk says:

    The gas attack in Syria has the suspicious timing and smell of a “false flag attack” intended to cause confusion and misdirection and be disruptive of any alliances that may threaten ISIS.

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  15. jeans2nd says:

    For those of you who doubt our POTUS’ intentions and ability to think on his feet –

    “Following the conclusion of the meeting on April 11, Tillerson will travel to Moscow to meet with…Sergei Lavrov…”

    The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the trip…”

    “..the issues to be discussed, includ(e) the fight against terrorism, Syria, North Korea, and others…”

    POTUS/Tillerson have this well in hand.
    The bad guys will have to work harder/faster/smarter. Not possible for the bad guys.

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  16. MaineCoon says:

    PDJT’s attitude at the pressers is different. He’s absolutely dismissive of the press. He tells them he isn’t going to answer the question (advising of military actions, etc.), and that’s it. They are accepting it. Course, PDJT’s countenance dares anyone to not accept his response as a indication he will address them directly and it might not be pleasant.

    Gloves are off. Media brought it on themselves. No sympathy from me.

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  17. fred5678 says:

    FLASH! Geraldo finally made some sense! He said on Fox News that an attack by Assad doesn’t make sense at all, just after Trump signaled that he would try to work with Assad and not force him out, as Obama talked about so often. Geraldo said that we, and maybe also Russians, should go to Damascus tomorrow and demand full examination of all data to determine who made the attack/accident.

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    • Yankee Lawyer says:

      Yep, need full (real) investigation into how the “moderate rebels” got their hands on chemical weapons.
      I will say this again and again. Just because Assad and Putin do bad things there is no legitimate reason for us to go to war. There is no next man up in Syria that would be nice and stable. The word is full of dictators who treat their people badly. The war drums of the neocons are beaten very oddly selectively.

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    • BakoCarl says:

      Send Geraldo.

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    • Jason says:

      He got updated talking points (called for Assad assassination earlier)… perhaps the cat is out of the bag that the attack’s a fake.

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      • Yankee Lawyer says:

        How can any talking head on cable know at this point that Assad used chemical weapons? Could be (personally doubt it), but what’s the rush to conclude without conclusive evidence? Have we (including media) learned nothing from Iraq? Rhetorical questions.


    • Aileen Wright says:

      No attack of any sort has been proven at all. So far, Occam’s razor — backed by telltale imagery, along with rapidly disseminated, internationally coordinated fake news reports, and the context of necessary emergency obfuscation of the Susan Rice crisis — says that the Syria “event” was off-off-off-Broadway theater.

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  18. Trialbytruth says:

    just got through watching the presser with President trump and the King. POTUS promises a response for Chems and talking about a string of Chem attacks recently. He also promised a response to Hezbollah militia in Syria. perhaps He will Target Hezbollah for the Chems. That would probably be more acceptable to the Russians. It is possible he has a regime change in mind for Syria. Personally I tend to agree with SD these Chem attacks make no sense for Assad they never did the “resistance” was losing the first time they were used as well. I think it is and was a false flag. However in the geopolitical world a sacrificial hit on Hezbollah would not offend me. Is it possible Iran would stage this through Hezbollah to draw us in. The world is not a pretty place.

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    • IdahoDeplorable says:

      Why is it the US responsibility to respond to anything that happens in Syria?

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      • KitKat says:

        One reason is that Syria hasn’t played nice with Israel and the U.S.A. is an ally of Israel’s.

        One promising thing about Syria is that it is a secular state.

        “Syria has never recognised the State of Israel and does not accept Israeli passports for entry into Syria. Israel also has regarded Syria as an enemy state and generally prohibits its citizens from going there. There have not been diplomatic relations between the two countries since the creation of both countries in the mid-20th century.”

        Meanwhile, King Abdullah, al-Sisi, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states are working with Israel, as the king of Jordan said today in his speech.


  19. Andrew E. says:

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  20. Johnny says:

    God I love the total and utter disrespect he shows this thug traitor media. Love it!

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  21. jwingermany says:

    I believe there is some misdirection for media/Deep State consumption being played here. PDJT has said over and over again that he will not show his cards on dealing with conflicts like Syria.

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  22. From some of the pictures I’ve seen today something is off with Queen Rania demeanor


    • Political Reviewer says:

      Maybe she’s not feeling well, or maybe some bad food on the plane, or maybe she’s just tired. (She might be a person who has difficulty sleeping while in flight.) That’s an awfully long flight from Jordan to the U.S.A., covering different time zones.


  23. jwingermany says:

    Remember that PDJT has said repeatedly that he will not telegraph his moves dealing with Iran, North Korea, Syria, ISIS, etc…

    Can we add the mainstream media and the Deep State to that list? PDJT has said that the media is an enemy of America. Draining the Swamp is somewhat of a civil conflict.

    I just feel an old-fashioned Trump rope-a-dope coming.

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  24. QuestGirl says:

    The press just doesn’t get it. Transparency to our enemies has come to an end. It has been restored to We the People.

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  25. fleporeblog says:

    I put this in the joint presser thread but it belongs here as well:

    Bull Durham wrote the following on the Presidential thread earlier today:

    That’s what False Flags are all about.

    Down an airliner. Enact sanctions.
    Use gas. Wage a war.

    There always has to be a triggering event. The bigger the war you want, the bigger the event.

    The goal is to hurt Iran. Now he will order an attack on Iranian militias and Hezbollah in Syria.

    Don’t forget this. The US is in Syria illegally. The UN has not allowed the US in, nor has the government of Syria allowed the US in.

    And we protect al Nusra and other AQ terrorists.

    Idlib is the last stop for these al Nusra proxies of the US-Israel-Jordan.
    In a few weeks Russia will exterminate them. They’ve killed more than 2000 in recent days.
    Expect Kalibr missiles and the big bombers (TU22M3s)to begin their work shortly.
    Putin intends to destroy the terrorists. The US is getting desperate.
    Jordan doesn’t want any more of these killers. Turkey doesn’t want them.
    And the US can’t get them out to Libya or into Iraq. They were built to work the big cities of Syria. Massive concrete bunker systems and rat lines to Jordan and Israel.
    That’s all ending soon.

    Panic in Langley.

    Thus, false flag in Syria.

    I actually hope what BD has reported above is correct. The fact that the Russians are about to destroy al Nusra to smithereens is a great thing for us. Hopefully AQ is not far behind. Could our President be using this gas attack to go after the Iranian militias and Hezbollah while at the same time destroying ISIS. The President in his answer acknowledged that there are other terrorist organizations forming outside of ISIS.

    If BD is right, this would be the ultimate Castellanos.


    Russia destroying our friendly terrorist (Obozo, Kerry and McCain’s friends) and we in exchange destroy the Russian friendly terrorist. This would be the ultimate one two punch by the world’s superpowers. Plus this would allow us to begin conversations with the Russians which would be a necessary evil. TREX is visiting Moscow on April 12th!

    Another piece of the equation for us is that Hezbollah is one of the biggest obstacles facing our President and his efforts for peace between Palestine and Israel. Just yesterday the following article was written in the Jerusalem Post


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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Total false flag. Not buying this attack “by Assad” for one minute. No reason for ssad to attack at this time and CONGRATS(!!!) to Sundance for the rigorous article on the subject.

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      • Spencer's Mom says:

        Same here.

        I am shocked at what our President DJT is saying – surely he knows about PORTON DOWNS testing of the Sarin Gas back a few years ago. Even Obama realized that the Sarin Gas was from Libya (Gaddafi’s old stash), right? Obama knew that the “rebels” were trying to frame Assad and con Obama into bombing Assad’s strongholds.

        So what’s going on, now?

        Is DJT just playing along so that they can negotiate some middle ground without looking like he’s favoring Syria/Russia?


  26. daughnworks247 says:

    Queen Noor, the American, was a stunning beauty. Rania is spectacular. Maybe we should let the women figure it out. Go Melania GOOOOOO!!!!

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  27. Am I crazy to think this could be Trump45s Potemkin Village….i will not be offended if everyone screams yes😉

    But consider how Trump45 said he wouldnt telegraph his moves. Could he be setting the true enemy (ISIS), and while we are at it all the Traiterous necons like McShame and his dancing partner Miss Lindsey, off balance , making them feel secure. Then BAM BAM BAM “knock the hell out of ISIS” …..Just a thought in the discussion…

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  28. helmhood says:

    God bless our military who will faithfully execute whatever orders they receive from President Trump. And woe to the enemy who stands in their path.


  29. Islandlifer says:

    Wait, a Syrian jet bombs the chemical weapons stockpile of the ‘rebels’ and the rage is aimed at Assad? Why were these ‘rebels’ stockpiling these chemicals to begin with? I would have done the same. These rats don’t give two shits about women or children so the sick media should stop with their propaganda. I know…that’s all they know.

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  30. RC says:

    In February Sundance wrote:

    “After eight years of Obama’s intense political embedding of extremist sympathy in every aspect of his foreign policy, governance, and influence of culture – President Trump is now tasked with removing it, all of it; and finding allies amid those who have already mounted the same effort.”

    Given the apparent government confusion about who launched the gas attack in Syria and why, one has to wonder whether the “extremist embeds” have recruited Tillerson and Pompeo.


  31. What a relief…no more boob belts.

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  32. Daniel says:

    Would it be possible to negotiate a lifting of the ban on Jordan’s national airline service “Air Jordan”?


  33. ZZZ says:

    Invading Iraq set the precedent…praying for sure.


  34. litlbit2 says:

    In thinking it was the last two USA presidents that used the American military to push Morsi promoting the Muslim brotherhood. It was Hillary and Obama using the no-fly zone to murder Qaddafi. It was obama and Hillary gun running arming the terrorist coverup that resulted in Benghazi.

    Now I believe the use of gas on there on people is a very Fake News story trying to get President Trump and USA military for the obama desire to kill, murder, remove Assad completing the obama agenda.

    The reported story line does not make sense! Coming from Fake News is also not a plus. The involvement of McCain, Graham and GOPe lacks honesty. The current status of the terrorist going against PUTIN etc, losing, makes it very believable that the story line matches Pinocchio’s since 2015.

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  35. Sunshine says:

    In relation to the chemical attack, it is interesting that Trump did not mention the word ”Assad”.
    Also, at the end, when Trump said ”You’ll see”, King Abdullah cracked a smile.
    Interesting times.


  36. teaforall says:

    Our First Lady is absolutely STUNNING.

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  37. Marc says:

    I believe POTUS is simply throwing a bone to the globalists to get him off his back for now. If you’ve noticed, Trump has said nothing on Twitter about Syria, Assad, or the chemical attack. Reading between the lines, Trump is letting us know that he knows their game.

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  38. Two most beautiful women in the world right there. Love Melania’s green outfit 😘

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  39. Idiot press missed the big news. The King noted that the recent Arab summit agreed, among other things, to recognize Israel. That is YUGE!!!! Those Arab leaders, I think, really put the screws to the Palestinians. BTW, Queen Rania is a Palestinian.

    Also, I heard Pres. Trump’s remarks this way: “Assad bad. ISIS bad. ISIS bad. ISIS bad.ISIS bad.”
    IOW, he mentioned Assad once, and ISIS many times. I don’t think he is drinking the Kool-Aid.

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  40. Aileen Wright says:

    No attack of any sort has been proven at all. So far, Occam’s razor — backed by telltale imagery, along with rapidly disseminated, internationally coordinated fake news reports, and the context of necessary emergency obfuscation of the Susan Rice crisis — says that the Syria “event” was off-off-off-Broadway theater.

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  41. bloodvipre says:

    Oh Im prayin’. Prayin with all my heart brothers and sisters!!


  42. bloodvipre says:

    Oh Im prayin’. Prayin with all my heart brothers and sisters!!

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