Ambassador Haley Gives Passionate Humanitarian Speech at United Nations…

It was August 15th 2015 when I realized candidate Donald Trump knew the agenda, scope and scheme of the GOPe, the Republican Guard.   Since then it has actually been a little humorous to watch politician Trump navigate around the GOPe, choosing when to battle against republicans exclusively on his terms.

The Trump approach at choosing the battle-space timing and geography has proven to be successful.  Indeed, it makes no sense to wage a fight on your rear while the frontal assault is ongoing; the goal is always forward progress.  Beyond the battle-lines this larger understanding of strategy has also been a key element in comprehending how President Trump positions the GOPe party members.

So when Mrs. Rubio rises today at the U.N. to decry the horrible Syrian dictator Bashir Assad, what we witness is just another example of a predictable and useful placement. Everyone selected by Trump was for a reason and a purpose.  Everyone has a role to play, and Mrs. Rubio is playing her role exactly as President Trump would expect.

If you think that President Trump’s larger goals are being undermined by Mrs. Rubio, you are undervaluing President Trump’s understanding of his adversaries in the Republican Party.

Mrs. Rubio strokes the war-mongering GOPe panda fur in the direction that keeps them satiated. A comfy, unconcerned and content GOPe is part of the Trump political strategy to accomplish change.

It’s the U.N !

Nothing would be better for President Trump than to have Ambassador Mrs. Rubio spend a few weeks constructing a U.N. Security Council resolution against Bashir Assad, when two of the five permanent veto-holding member nations are China and Russia.


Gnash your teeth Mrs. Rubio.  Shout, hold meetings, write voluminous ‘sternly worded’ letters constructing the outline for Security Council Resolution #785,547.332

Then hold meetings, meetings are good.  Form a coalition of member nation states that will align with your humanitarian endeavors.  Perhaps a visit to Brussels would be in order.  Gather together an alliance of defense ministers to support you.

Then get the resolution printed, bring it up for a vote, and watch Russia veto it in the six member council.

Russia bad, bad mojo.

Meanwhile the Freedom Alliance continues moving forward.


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266 Responses to Ambassador Haley Gives Passionate Humanitarian Speech at United Nations…

  1. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Now mix in NATO. Challenge NATO that any military solution is administered by them. The US can no longer lead ad hoc coalitions that are effective for 1 or 2 years and then evaporate leaving the US holding a very messy bag and an infinitely more dangerous environment.
    As any military solution in Syria will have human consequences and anticipating that that those consequences with flow into countries in the same per capita proportion as they have over the past several years, it would be appropriate that NATO investment of national treasure, by nation, be according to that proportion. So, Germany would lead any military and investment commitment, followed by France, Belgium etc.
    Most importantly, this is not just an “action” commitment but must include the long term commitment to provide safety, stability and restoration so that millions of the displaced may return to their homeland. This will require strategic commitments of military presence and investment considering 5, 10 and 20 year horizons.
    President Trump rightfully criticized NATO during his campaign as underfunded (due to failure by many members to fulfill their commitment) and not being geared to 21st century realities.
    This then is a perfect opportunity for NATO to demonstrate its’ validity, legitimacy and proficiency in today’s world.
    I would love to see President Trump call for an emergency NATO summit (1st meeting next Thursday) with a challenge to present to the world in 30 days a long term (20 year horizon) Syria solution including details of each nations commitment.
    Then, somebody wake me up when all this happens. I need a long nap.

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  2. eagledriver50 says:

    NO WE ARE NOT RAMPING UP FOR ANOTHER IRAQ…GO POUND SAND!!! GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF THIS WAR MONGERING ON FALSE FLAG OP…If you have anything to add of substance or your experiences in the military in different places of the world…bring them out, otherwise…GO LOOK IN THE SOUTH END AND SEE IF YOU CAN FIND YOUR BRAIN CELL!!!


  3. Al Hoove says:

    This really is ingenious. Our globalist betters get to coalesce around croissants and espresso and fulminate and bloviate endlessly. Hands are shaken. Brows are furrowed. Outrage is aired. Virtue is signaled. Side meetings are taken. Communiques are issued with the all-important photos accompanying. . The optics and audio are terrific. The press gets to chime in and feel oh-so-important. And the result is… not a damned thing. Nothing will be done at all. That would require treasure and lives and an outcome that can be measured, not to mention a coherent policy for the Middle East, which simply isn’t possible since it’s the Middle East.. The UN, if it’s smart, can pretend to say “yes” by passing it along to NATO where action will definitely NOT be taken. Bureaucratic death is what NATO does best. And they’ll do it in spades to this issue.

    Keep on bleating, you pansy globalists. While you’re busy looking over THERE, we’ll be over HERE salvaging our own Republic and putting it right.

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  4. farmhand1927 says:

    Will this chemical attack create another hoard of Syrian refugees and increase demands that the U.S. accept them, vetted or not?

    Why would Russia participate in an attack like this when they worked closely with John Kerry to deplete chemical stockpiles in Syria? Russian armored vehicles transported chemicals to Syria’s coast where the chem’s were loaded onto Norwegian cargo ships?

    Kerry/Obama/Pentagon did alot of patting themselves on the back when what they called the ‘last of Syria’s declared weapons’ had been destroyed and dumped into oceanic ‘polluted waters’. The operative word is DECLARED weapons. They admitted there may be remaining stockpiles but they made a show of what they considered a glorious diplomatic moment. Their pal, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Washington Post writer, declared their victory lap as a ‘watershed moment in the Syrian conflict’ in an article on 8/18/14.

    Reuters quoted the EU on 6/23/14: “The EU urges all parties to help revive the political track as there can be no military resolution to this conflict.”

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  5. Tonawanda says:

    Whatever the actual facts behind the matter, Trump and Nikki Rubio have in 24 hours totally obliterated a potential crippling anti-Trump Narrative which could have lasted years, and in the process totally co-opted and neutralized the Fake Humanitarians who would have been the voices of that Narrative.

    Think of all those hours of Fake outrage and papier-mache street theatre we have been spared.

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  6. General P. Malaise says:

    sounds a lot like RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT that obama’s cronies used to try to topple Assad. there has been some excellent journalism exposing the white helmets fraud in Syria. the rebels and McCain and company are those responsible for any gassing if it in fact occurred. The white helmets have been shown over and over to fake news to make Assad look like the perpetrator.

    I will disagree with you on this one Sundance, this is not a good speech be Haley. Trump is being played by the McCain and obama embeds.

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  7. MIKE says:

    Lil’ Nikki, make a run to the UN for us, will ya, darlin? The adults have work to do.

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    • PowerCord says:

      Mike, I beg of you to stop calling her Lil’ Nikki… every time I hear that combo I can’t help but think of Prince’s “Little Nikki”. If you look up the lyrics, they are totally inappropriate to even think when reading about our U.N. Ambassador. I’m sure that there are others out there that think the same thing.


  8. trapper says:

    In Pres Trump’s comments yesterday he said his attitude about Syria and Assad had changed “very, very much” as a result of the chemical weapon attack. I take him at his word. I don’t think he is playing a political game. I think he did change his mind about Assad, Syria, and in the process Putin and Russia. I also think Haley’s speech had his support. The GOPe could have rightly assessed the degree of thuggishness of Putin and Assad, even though their suggested American imperialist responses are wrongheaded.

    Remember the coalition Pres Trump is nurturing in that area that includes every single player in the area, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi. Assad is the odd man out and that train is leaving the station. Just sayin’ …

    This is President Daylight, and everyone, including Putin and Assad, had better get used to it. No more hiding behind Obama’s incompetence. No more free rides.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      Reading more about the attack, I see that Assad could have had a motive:

      If so (and I don’t pretend to know) then Trump was (implicitly) honestly and directly expressing his sense of betrayal by the Russians who are supposed to keep Assad in line, or at least demonstrating that he was NOT going to be a patsy.

      And during the campaign, Trump always said he would not be pushed around or snookered by the Russians (while expressing his hope for a good relationship).

      When Trump announced a new policy of backing off regime change, he was (among other things) publicly assuring the Russians of good faith.

      If Assad used the gas, the Russians were repaying Trump’s courage with insults and provocations.

      Let us see if the Russians make a public signal of conciliation soon.


    • dalethorn says:

      The notion that Assad would commit what amounts to political suicide – doesn’t add up, short of an epic crisis beyond my imagination.

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    • Trapper, we need to look at the King of Jordan’s speech again. He clearly noted that when all ARAB negotiations were over, ISIS would be gone, Syria would be one country (not chopped up as several people here have suggested), and by implication, Assad would still be in place.

      Why “by implication?” Because, current ARAB leaders are ALL Strongmen. Sure most are elected, but most, if not all, have been fighting off radical Islamic extremists, esp. MB, for years. They, more than anybody, recognize that some populations require a strongman, even though Western snowflakes might prefer pajama boys.

      As SD has pointed out, this is the time when exhaustion is pervading their lands. They are so, so tired of endless war. It isn’t sexy anymore, it’s just tiresome and destructive. This is the time to end the madness.

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      • trapper says:

        Yes. And I am waiting for the day when those four leaders, of Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, place a conference call to President Trump, and say “Mr. President? About Syria. WE’ve got this.” I truly believe it is coming, and sooner than you think. And if I am right, do not rule out the possibility of desperation moves by Assad.

        Whether the artificially created country of Syria survives intact or is fully or partially divided up (maybe some EAST bank land for Abbas?) makes no difference to me, nor should it to the United States, and I believe all Russia wants is its Mediterranean port.

        The GOPe McCain regime changers could be rendered irrelevant overnight, stalemated, without ever having to engage them directly.


  9. LULU says:

    “Mrs. Rubio”? What am I missing?

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  10. Jenny R. says:

    Or if it’s known that Assad actually was behind this (it isn’t outside the realm of possibility — attack in St. Petersburg, then the chemical weapon attack shortly after…Russia was probably wanting to draw down this year, can it now? and don’t think for one minute that Assad doesn’t have dealings with IS and Turkey; he used to be one of their cuddle buddies…and that they don’t all have some dealings with Iran). What then?
    In fact, this keeps, or has much potential to keep, Russia firmly on the side of the bed with Iran (and Turkey) and keeps Assad propped up at Russia’s expense (an expense it can’t handle long term). It would appear that Russia is in a bad spot.
    Russia, after all, needs Tartus more than it needs Assad…but in order to keep Tartus it has to keep Bashar as well (and the whole Christian thing is so much propaganda for foreign ears: Assad’s family were some of the primary planners of moving their Alawite sect to a more muslim and anti-Christian standing than it originally had, and Bashar had no problems with close ties to al-Queda during the Iraq war (and still doesn’t with Hezboallah)…Assad could really care less about the Syrian Christians, once they are no longer useful, once he doesn’t need to use them as human shields).

    My advice: try to find a way to get what’s left of the Christians out of the MENA (they are going to keep being butchered, and I don’t like my people butchered) and don’t make any hard fast deals, commitments, or friendships with any of them (of them all, likely King Abdullah is the most trustworthy, but he sits on an increasingly unsteady throne) for things can change over there (including alliances) in the blink of an eye — and usually not in any “infidel” country’s favor.


    • Thomas Berwick says:

      “and don’t think for one minute that Assad doesn’t have dealings with IS and Turkey”

      I would be very interested in any details you might have that substantiates your statement above.

      Basically, Russia, Iran, Assad’s part of Syria and Hezbollah’s part of Lebanon are allies.

      Turkey and IS are NOT part of that alliance. With the exception of Russia, it is basically Shi’ite verse Sunni. This Islamic schism is deep and entrenched. The ONE thing they all have in common is their hatred of Israel.

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  11. John Adair says:

    Americans are already doing their part in Syria, let the USELESS United Nations pick up this ball and run with it. All American needs to do is provide bombs and bullets to U.N. in support of the U.N. and allies. America doesn’t need to risk going to war in Syria which would likely cause WW III or at the very least a war with Russia and Iran. America needs to back the heck off on this one, little to gain everything to lose. Personally, I’m in no mood to “glow in the dark” like a cheap watch dial. Keep the deep state war mongers happy by providing bombs and bullets.

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  12. thegoldman says:

    This was done by Syria’s ” freedom fighters “…

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  13. truthseekerr says:

    look, the liberals have been spitting on Russia for months now, hint hint.

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  14. NvMtnOldman says:

    What is going on with this site jumping all over the place??????


    • Rivercity says:

      prob. on your end


    • trapper says:

      Mine was doing that the other day. I did a scan and there was something running in the background, unseen, that was maintaining an open internet connection I was unaware of. Shut it, cleaned it, repaired it, restarted it, twice, and now it is fine again. And we have now reached the far frontier of my technical knowledge (doesn’t take long).


  15. truthseekerr says:

    now I remember when McCain was starting fights with Russia when he was running for president. This is all coming together

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  16. LULU says:

    McCain, unhinged about Assad and how he’d handle it better, during the Gorsuch hearing. Talk about a crackpot:

    WASHINGTON—Shortly before noon on Wednesday, Senator John McCain, who was not elected president in 2008 and has not yet made peace with that fact—or with much of anything else, truth be told—rose in the Senate chamber to explain yet again what a terrible mistake the republic has made in not begging him to lead it. The topic at hand was the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to be an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, and McCain planned to address that.

    But first, he felt compelled to remind the Senate that the person who was elected in 2008, and who was not John McCain, was not as bold and courageous a world-historical actor as…say…John McCain:

    “It was in 2013 that the then-Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and director of the CIA recommended to the president that we arm the Free Syrian Army and bring Bashad Assad’s barbarity to a halt. The president of the United States rejected that…There’s one thing worse than doing nothing. It’s saying you’re going to do something and then not doing it…I can assure my colleagues that, if we don’t respond to this, then there will be more use of these chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction, and there will be more innocent people who will die. Eight years of Obama’s failure is what led to the events that have horrified us all.”

    Scholars one day will make a study of how many Americans may have died in how many places if John McCain had been elected in 2008. Until then, campers, on to the business at hand!

    More at link above.

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  17. quintrillion says:

    From reddit T_D

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    • aredtailblog says:

      When 4Chan is doing more intense investigation than the MSM, it makes you think.

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    • SafeSpace says:

      So we find Whoros a/k/a Soreholes at it again, killing people to enhance his portfolio. What a surprise. Why, why, WHY has nobody whacked that wizened weaselly murderous little bastard? He has enemies worldwide, starting in the UK where he nearly cratered England’s main bank several years ago.


  18. General P. Malaise says:

    Trump is being led or misled …either way it looks bad.


  19. RM says:

    I am horrified that the Trump administration is apparently continuing the Obama/McCain policy of demanding the overthrow and/or death of Assad via hysterical appeals for vengeance built around pictures of dead children and the completely unproven claim that Assad is responsible.
    It is possible that the Russian claim that a Syrian air attack hit an ISIS munitions depot where ISIS had stored Chemical Weapons is accurate or ISIS could have conducted an attack on their own people.
    I am a lifelong constitutional conservative and I supported Trump during the primaries all the way to the White House. This CRAP is exactly what I prayed Trump would put an end to. I could puke.

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  20. General P. Malaise says:

    no wonder the liberal/progressive media was celebrating Bannon’s downgrade (and it was a downgrade don’t spin it otherwise). McMaster is an islamic apologist in the same vein as obama.

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  21. snailmailtrucker says:

    Personally, I trust Putin and the Russians more than any American Democrats !

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  22. 4bleu says:

    Re the photo being used: What’s the explanation for that kid’s arms being bound behind his back?


  23. rsanchez1990 says:

    Imagine if, after all the wailing from Ambassador Haley and the inevitable Russian veto, President Trump blasts the UN for being an ineffective bureaucracy and then uses that as justification to sharply cut or eliminate US funding to the UN.

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  24. I do not want to be involved in another dictator-ousting war in the Middle East.

    Better to defeat ISIS and al qaeda in that region, and then work toward a continued, seriously weakened Assad.

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  25. Mac says:

    I can’t agree with this. Trump’s actions on this issue are simply idiotic.

    When US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, speaks in that assembly, she speaks with President trump’s voice. When President Trump tells the world, from a podium in front of the WH, that Assad committed an atrocity and that the USA is going to take some kind of action against Syria, HE is saying that. So now, the President of the United States of America is saying that Assad is guilty of using chemical weapons on his people and we now have a new red line. He owns this now. How well did that work out for President Obama? When Trump gets involved in these things, he OWNS them, whether he likes it or not.It might have been a much better idea to simply issue a statement that the incident was being investigated and that when all the facts were known, appropriate action would be taken. Now, if it turns out that Assad was NOT responsible the President looks incompetent.

    Look, nothing has changed in Syria. The US has NO legal authority to even be in the country. We are presently there illegally. This is not the first time that we have illegally invaded Syria in the last 8 years, either. So far, the US has armed rebels within in sovereign nation, illegally overflew and bombed that nation [including bombing Syrian troops, not in self defense] and has invaded the territory of that country without the permission of the government of that sovereign nation. Any of these acts is a violation of international law. We are already standing in moral and legal quicksand.

    Do we really want to get into a shooting war over Syria? You thing the approval of the Ryancare bill is low, poll the populous on going to war over Syria. Jumping into the pool, before one knows how deep the water is, or even if there is any water in the pool, is not very smart.


  26. Mr.Right says:

    This is demoralizing.. “We” are building the path to an IRAQ 2.0

    Same lies, same outcome… massive death and propelling the rise of violent islam even further.

    Asad is the only one in the region actively fighting ISIS, Al quada, al nusra and the HUNDREDS of other islamic state factions.

    Because their neigourg, like Turkey, are complicit to the rise of those islamic state “rebels”
    qatar, saudi rabia, uae etc.. funding those factions and offering free movements

    If Russia wasn’t involved, Syria would be another islamic state already, and with turkey support many group would have been exterminated from this region.

    If the house white house declared to the wortld that Trump “is deadly serious” about military action against Asad, I’m done supporting this administration.

    Also… why are we not showing at the UN the atrocities and genocide happening in Yemen at the hand of saudi arabia, using all our weapons? the pictures of cities/people/infant there make syria look like disney land


  27. ej says:

    I wrote President a note. I urge everyone to remind him to keep his campaign promises.


  28. Summer says:

    I can’t pretend to know what Trump is thinking or planning. I can only see that he is publicly condemning Assad and his Ambassador to the UN is saber rattling and threatening Russia.

    I don’t believe that he will start a war without Congressional approval, though. If the Congress wants another war, let them declare a war. Let the warmongers explain to the American people why they have money for the new wars, Muslim refugees and illegals but don’t have money for the Wall and infrastructure repairs, and must cut Medicare. Let them explain how a new war would reduce our 20 trillion debt.

    Oh, and if Netanyahu wants Assad gone, he is welcome to start his own wars, and pay for them with Israeli blood and Israeli treasure.



  29. James W Crawford says:

    Bush Lied? People Died?
    Let Allah sort them out.


  30. law4lifeblog says:

    Good grief…just when Mark Levin starts to sound a little supportive of PT, he’s now raving on air about how Nikki Haley is a “real superstar of this Administration”…sheesh


  31. 3x1 says:

    Every time you see some politician / bureaucrat holding up pictures, your first thought should be this:


  32. deanbrh says:

    So often I think I should make a compilation of The Best of Sundance and what sets him/her apart as such a sterling writer. Today I came across this one I love: “Mrs. Rubio strokes the war-mongering GOPe panda fur in the direction that keeps them satiated. A comfy, unconcerned and content GOPe is part of the Trump political strategy to accomplish change.

    It’s the U.N !”

    Nobody could say it better! Many Thanks, Sundance. Your skill is so often thrilling for its ingenuity.


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