UPDATE: President Obama’s Own Defense Deputy Admits Obama White House Spied on Candidate/President-Elect Trump…

This is stunningly interesting and hopefully will be picked up by MSM and congressional investigators.

Sometimes when a person is deep inside an echo-chamber of like-minded ideologues, they  might not realize what they’re saying is rather revealing to those on the outside. That’s the set up for former Obama administration official Evelyn Farkas (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense) appearing on MSNBC and admitting first hand knowledge the Obama administration spied on candidate and president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team to gather “intelligence” for political use.

It would appear Ms. Farkas was so caught up in the discussion, she didn’t quite realize the significant admissions she was making about the Obama administration spying on Donald Trump’s team and generating classified intelligence for Ms. Farkas (and others) to spread to Capitol Hill politicians.   MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski recognized the ‘oh-snap’ admission and tried to play it off,… but by then it was too late.

I was urging my former colleagues, and, and frankly speaking the people on the Hill [Democrat politicians], it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much information as you can – get as much intelligence as you can – before President Obama leaves the administration.

Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior [Obama] people who left; so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy, um, that the Trump folks – if they found out HOW we knew what we knew about their, the Trump staff, dealing with Russians – that they would try to compromise those sources and methods; meaning we no longer have access to that intelligence.

So I became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and I knew that there was more.  We have very good intelligence on Russia; so then I had talked to some of my former colleagues and I knew that they were also trying to help get information to [Democrat politicians].

But wait, it didn’t just stop there. It gets worse – or better, depending on your position.

With the help of MSNBC, simultaneous to her admission of first-hand specific knowledge of the administration spying on Mr. Trump, Ms. Evelyn Farkas outs herself as the key source for a New York Times report which discussed President Obama officials leaking classified information to media.

Considerable irony jumps to the forefront when you recognize, the New York Times tried to protect Evelyn Farkas as the source of their reporting by stating:

“More than a half-dozen current and former officials described various aspects of the effort to preserve and distribute the intelligence, and some said they were speaking to draw attention to the material and ensure proper investigation by Congress. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing classified information, nearly all of which remains secret.” (link)



Looks like Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee has a new person to bring in for testimony.   A positive development because at this rate the media leakers will out themselves without much need for investigation.

I wonder what the criminal penalties are for having access to intelligence and sharing it with Democrat politicians [“The Hill People”].

Question #1:

Who, specifically, are these “Hill People” you speak of Mrs. Farkas?

Watch again.  Longer version – key moment at 04:50 [prompted] Just hit play:


UPDATE: The plot thickens:

♦ Evelyn Farkas has stated freely on TV that she and a group of associates from the Obama Administration went to congressional staffers who did not have access to these COMINT products and urged them to seek to gain access to them.

At some point in the recent past Farkas was de-briefed (cut off) from access to the various kinds of compartmented information she had been given as a requirement of her prior job.  When that occurred she signed some papers in which she accepted the responsibility to protect the secrecy of that information. (link)

♦ Evelyn Farkas is also a senior fellow of the Atlantic Council –SEE HERE– the Atlantic Council is funded in part by the US State Department, NATO, the governments of Latvia and Lithuania, the Ukrainian World Congress, and the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk. The Atlantic Council has been among the loudest voices calling for a new Cold War with Russia

And guess who else is a senior fellow of the Atlantic Council? Dimitri Alperovitch – the founder and CTO of CrowdStrike! Alperovitch is head honcho of the Atlantic Council’s “Cyber Statecraft Initiative”.

♦ CrowdStrike, aka Dimitri Alperovitch was the organization that initially claimed they had evidence the Russians were connected to the Trump organization.  A claim they have subsequently walked back – SEE HERE

Combine all of these data-points and you discover that Evelyn Farkas was essentially part of a disinformation campaign with Obama insiders spreading a fake DNC constructed story using false information.    However, in addition to pushing the false Trump Russian conspiracy narrative, Farkas has knowledge of the outcome of the original pushing of the narrative leading to actual surveillance of the Trump team.

This bolsters the information already presented by Devin Nunes that an entirely separate network of surveillance, unrelated to the Russian conspiracy story, was directly targeting the candidacy of Trump and the post-election surveillance of the President Elect Trump-transition team.

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1,518 Responses to UPDATE: President Obama’s Own Defense Deputy Admits Obama White House Spied on Candidate/President-Elect Trump…

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  2. Bambi says:

    What else is new?????


  3. exiter says:

    Phony Russian survailence info was fed to obama’s people who leaked it to the democrats.

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  4. Educated Citizen says:

    By the time the liberals come out of the Russian bubble the whole country would have changed around them. People will be off welfare and working well paying jobs. The miners will be digging coal, the steel mills will be up and running, car manufacturing will be back in the country, the infrastructure will be getting a well deserved refresh and there will be no illegals hanging outside of 7-11 and Home Depot. #MAGA

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  5. Michael McMahon says:

    My twitter account has been suspended , someone should tell the poor girl to get a lawyer , go to a safe spot (don’t tell your friends in the government where you are) and please someone tell her that what she and obama did was wrong, unethical, dishonest, un-American, and an act of a traitor.

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    • Rebecca Warren says:

      I really don’t think she will get it even then but sure explains why Dems in Congress have had bee up their butt!


  6. Tejas Rob says:


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  7. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.” Proverbs 26:11

    Evelyn Barkis is willing:

    “Arf,” she said….

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    • Ad rem says:

      Vulgarian….your comment got caught for using the word “Proverbs”. I get at least two of these a day. For some reason the WordPress filter catches it every time. 😦


      • Enlightened Vulgarian says:

        Thanks for your response. First time it’s happened and I could not figure out why. So WordPress comes equipped with a Wisdom Catcher, eh? Let’s try this:

        Hemingway’s writing style is recognized as favoring nouns and verbs rather than adjectives and adverbs. He was pro nouns and pro verbs….

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        • Ad rem says:

          *Sigh*…..just found you in the trash. You’re not on the black list, so there’s no reason you should have gone there unless the “pros” signaled you out. We have this thing going where every time someone posts something from “Proverbs”, their comments lands in the trash. Arrgghh….WordPress is a harsh mistress!!!

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  8. It looks like the CTH is getting some traction on this story. It is now on Col Tony Shaffers radar screen.

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  9. takdog says:

    put that woman in the dock !


  10. mcclainra says:

    I think I have found an excellent go-to news source, which I saw as a link earlier here on CTH. This article is VERY informative. Read it, and learn more about the Deep State and The Hammer.



  11. OBOMBA!!! Stated, essentially, after the Inauguration that, “It Heartened me to see all these Protests
    going on around the Country & that is your Right & you should do it every day of the week…” Code !?
    Meaning: RIOT, RIOT RIOT!!! RESIST RESIST RESIST!!! He vowed, he would be like George Bush and
    keep his mouth out of politics, “unless it was something of great importance”?!! Well?! What could be of more importance, than being accused of Wiretapping a Presidential Candidate?! We have NOT heard a whimper, from him!? Conclusion!!? HE is Guilty as Hell & should pay the price!!! He is an Arogant Un-American, Community Rabble Rosser, who loves, foreign Governments, more than his Own… His spirit is of The Anti-Christ spirit!!! When, the Anti-Christ appears, he will be given a special position, in the New Government, to Control matters… BLM. When, the Califate reaches Our
    Shores & there is Chaos in the streets, where Police can not Control it, then you will see the so-called peaceful Muslims take sides & join with the Califate!!! This is the Anti-Christ spirit at work here, as was fore-told by the Lord Jesus Christ… So!!! Your Only Hope here, is to Repent, (means to change your Mind), from you Old man & put On your New man, Christ Jesus!!! Read: John 3:16…..


  12. Trumppin says:

    Sundance – Hannity is all over this on the radio today 🙂
    HANNITY AMBER ALERT: “Evelyn Farkas Get An Attorney Immediately”

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    • visage13 says:

      Yes, I heard Hannity too. I must say I don’t post here too much but I read everyday and I really enjoy my little branch on the tree. 🙂 It was amazing to hear Hannity talking about the story I read the night before right here.

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  13. disheartened says:

    Given King Barry’s contempt for the country which made him president, one can never totally discount the possibility that he wants American methods and intel compromised. Since he was birthed at the CIA on Hawaiian soil by 3 CIA co intel pro operatives, his parting gift to Trump came at the expense of the very intel community to whom he should have placed above his own political legacy..


  14. Jaimie Allred says:

    CROWDSTRIKE Was Hired by the FBI 150,000/per year For Systems Analysis in a Non-BID Contract from July 2015-July 2016!
    Award Number

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  15. bobsunshine says:

    Now here is something that may have been missed. According to Lou Dobbs tonight, he said this was recorded on MSNBC on MARCH 2 and just getting picked up now by various sites. Is he correct in that statement? Checked the YouTube video and couldn’t see any dates of actual recording.


    • bobsunshine says:

      Fox News says it was a March 3rd interview. I thought MSNBC was live – how could everyone in the entire country miss this interview unless it was Not Live and they didn’t want to air it. Then somehow it got leaked. Lots of BS going on with the MSM.

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  16. Trumppin says:

    I really hate Mark duchebag levin but he’s running with this like a mad dog! repeats “This is the smoking gun” “this is a really BIG DEAL”

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  17. Lawrence Porter says:

    The Martha Mitchell of our day.?😉


  18. todayistheday99 says:

    Lead story on Hannity.

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  19. Bullright says:

    She will soon learn how Dems — her BFF in the swamp — frown on outing plots of their com-ops in our gov. She may need an alias too…


  20. distracted2 says:

    Did we know that Evelyn worked for Hillary’s campaign after she left the Obama administration?


  21. UKExpat says:

    Every time they open their mouths LIBTATRDS just confirm that they have no BRAIN and no SHAME and absolutely no concept of the meaning of HYPOCRISY they do not THINK they merely EMOTE and often STUPIDLY, CRIMINALLY and VIOLENTLY


  22. Guy Jordan says:

    This might mean that the spying Ellen (“Scut”) Farkas was describing was the real origin of the rejected FISA application in June 2016. When you read the June 14, 2016 article in the Washington Post by Ellen Nakashima, the DAY ONE article about the DNC Russian “Hack,” you soon learn that the US Government did not think that hack was a big deal.


  23. Scott Massie says:

    I really wish President Trump would get the Justice Department busy and start putting these un-American felons away for a long time. It amazes me how there losers can get into some high government positions. It is really sickening.


  24. Chet says:

    She’s so giddy as the dumb bell cuts her own throat! Look out Barry!!!

    When is our government going to get the huevos to start prosecuting these lawbreakers and get the U.S. back on track to being a country that has a rule of law??? Come on!!!!!!


  25. Heatall says:

    Snakes in the grass….Obama’s fake support during the Trump transition. They’re so slimy. I really believe they feel they are above the law. This all makes me sick but I hope the lies catch up with them soon….


  26. SED says:

    They better get Farcas into hiding or she’s gonna wake up dead too, like so many others have, that know and speak too much.


  27. Fina Biscotti says:

    Atlantic Council members:

    Ukraine’s Victor Pinchuk was behind the overthrow of the government of UKRAINE – providing “donations” to The Clinton Foundation – during the time that Hillary Clinton was Sec of US State Dept.

    Dimitri Alperovitch – the Russian computer technician/hacker – CrowdStrike company – as obama’s Go-To guy for obama’s personal pursuits as POTUS.


  28. What’s unfortunate about all of this to me is two things –
    1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Obama Administration was spying on the Trump campaign with the pretense of spying on others (i.e. the Russians or any other country they can think of). After all, this is the administration that weaponized the IRS to go after their Tea Party nemesis. This is also the administration led by Obama who ripped President Bush every chance he got back in 2008 for the Patriot Act and expansion of Presidential powers yet took control of the NSA and expanded it to collect bulk data on everyone.

    2. We really need to have a national discussion when it comes to security vs. privacy. I’m all for the govenment being all up in the business of suspected terrorists but this bulk data collection and so forth has gotten completely out of control. I used to think that I wasn’t doing anything wrong so I had nothing to worry about – they aren’t collecting data on me. Well, that’s probably very wrong and it probably goes for every other law-abiding American and maybe it’s time for we the people to tell our government to knock it off.

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    • Bill in Lexington,NC says:

      They have a copy of that post. It has already been analyzed for content. Your IP address has already been linked to your account with your ISP. Once they have a large enough sample (not really very big), they will be able to tell your writing from that of other people who might also use that IP address / MAC address.

      Just like they have the info from this comment.


  29. Colleen G Cavin says:

    Somebody needs a lawyer…real quickly.


  30. carlwilson says:

    Pure projection on democrats and their fellow travelers in the media….try looking at 35000+ emails hacked from secretary of states personal blackberries….what blackmail material do the russians have on her…and 80% of us produced uranium sold to russia during Obama’s tenure….there’s the collusion of nwo totalitarian s


  31. frank field says:

    Uhhhh. When the leftstream media cried out for evidence supporting Trump’s tweets, it finally came from one of their own! Hee Hee!



  32. Ricky says:

    She needs to be investigated in to any criminal and anything that is related to her in any way, including treason, terrorism, threat to national Security Security and or to Our President!!


  33. Lynn says:

    This is outrageous, much bigger deal than even Watergate. I saw a video of Pelosi awhile back after a private meeting of some sort, — telling the media, in a kind of bumbling away, now that she seems too old to be in her position — …”oh, you wouldn’t believe what we’ve got on him (Trump)…he should be out…well, impeachment is complicated, but I think we’ve got him.” She, too, is used to an echo chamber.

    The Russia thing seemed all too planned, like everyone had rehearsed their talking point (17 agencies all agree that Trump is colluding with Russia…), and Hillary made it the big deal during the campaign and debates. In one debate, Trump retorted, “no, wrong, not true…” I believed Trump.

    The info here that the FBI employed Crowdstrike in a no-bid contract is too coincidental.

    We all must make sure to call or email our local and regional media outlets, to urge them to report this news — sourced from one of their own in the media. Send them the link of the video, and give them the info about Crowdstrike and the Atlantic Council. This is an illegal conspiracy against Trump.

    I always voted for a Democrat president, but not this time, not for Hillary who’s main thing is being a liar.

    Thank you Last Refuge. Well done!


  34. Superb piece of observation there. I’m really impressed. I tip my Red Sox cap to you.


  35. Frank says:

    They are part of the new world order read Gary Kay web page he said Trump presidency would be challenged and so was president Bush,they are try to undermine Trump,they want a one world government and will do anything to get it through,Gary Kah was a trade specialist for the middle east and found out about their plans back in 1993 and wrote a book in route to globalisation.


  36. Rick says:

    Ms. Farkus has revealed more of what the Clinton campaign was doing prior to the election. HRC knew her value before adding her to the campaign team.
    The walk back was comical. Why she would say what she said on national television with the investigation so hot. She’s shows how dumb so many of her staffers have been.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Such prosecution should be accomplished by send Victoria Nuland to prison since she was a colleague of warmonger Zbigniew Brzezinski


  38. 4TimesAYear says:

    Yeah, she quit – to work on Hillary’s team as a campaign advisor and we’re supposed to believe they didn’t use the info for political purposes when she’s telling them to get as much intel as they can? She’s still talking to her former colleagues after she quit and they didn’t use it for political purposes? Rubbish.


  39. MVW says:

    Farkas is a zealot. She will jump in front of the subway train herself to avoid testifying.


  40. Deplore Able says:

    Golly, it seems the links to the video clips don’t work. I wonder what went wrong with those links?

    As the bomber pilots used to say during WW2, “You know you are over the target when you get the flak.”


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