Healthcare Controls and The Benefits of “The Blame Game”…

In the final hours prior to the healthcare debacle, the billionaire Koch Brothers sent a warning to the House Freedom Caucus that they’d better hold the line and kill the ObamaCare repeal or replacement bill, or else.

…”The advocacy groups helmed by Charles and David Koch have unveiled a new pool of money for advertisements, field programs and mailings that would exclude those who vote for the health care bill they oppose on Thursday. The effort, which they described as worth millions of dollars, is an explicit warning to on-the-fence Republicans from one of the most influential players in electoral politics not to cross them”… (more).

Weeks earlier the Billionaire authors (special interests) behind the ObamaCare repeal and replacement, Tom Donohue U.S. CoC et al., warned Speaker Ryan they expected the boundaries established years earlier to be retained.

Two sets of billionaire interests representing: ‘who-pays-the-insurance-premium‘ within the Healthcare issue.

It’s Paul Ryan’s fault, “remove him” some say.  No, it’s the House Freedom Caucus. “Grab the tar and feathers”, others say….

Odd, no?

Odd, because in the aftermath of the fiasco all of the blame-centric attention is focused on Speaker Paul Ryan and/or the House Freedom Caucus – meanwhile the billionaires garner nary a critical side-eye?

Perhaps it’s just too disconcerting of a paradigm shift for the average voter to ask?

Why are two billionaires Charles and David Koch allowed to threaten standing members of congress who are collectively at least supposed to represent the interests of approximately 28 million voters?

Why is Tom Donohue (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, President) allowed to threaten the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and author legislation affecting 300+ million?

No-one seems to ask those questions.

Is it because it’s just easier to focus on Bad Ryan, or Bad Caucus?

Or, just maybe, is it because the billionaire BIG CLUB members are just smart and they know how to keep the “stupidity of the American voter” focused on Bad Ryan and Bad Caucus?

The billionaire BIG CLUB members most certainly didn’t become billionaire BIG CLUB members by being stupid.

Special, more influential, membership requires special, more influential, interests.  The questions posed above constitute a larger risk.  How do you control that risk – You control the narrative.  How do you control the narrative – You control the PR.  How do you control the PR – You control the media.  How do you control the media – You own or create it.

Therein you recognize BIG CLUB membership requires a media to sell your special, more influential, interests.

You then use your media to keep people focused on factional fighting: Ryan Bad. No,  Caucus Bad.  Mentally, that’s much easier -more comfortable- to handle; and it keeps people from asking the ultimate questions which lay at the root of the issues.

Billionaire BIG CLUBInfluence and Control agents:

♦ Billionaire Carlos Slim – PR Firm: New York Times.

♦ Billionaire Robert Mercer – PR Firm: Breitbart Media

♦ Billionaire Jeff Bezos – PR Firm: Washington Post

♦ Billionaire Rupert Murdoch – PR Firm: Wall Street Journal, Fox News Corp.

♦ Billionaire Farris Wilks – PR Firm: The Daily Wire (Ben Shapiro)

♦ Billionaire Cary Katz – PR Firm: Conservative Review and CRTV (Mark Levin)

…and so it goes.

Yet, no-one seems to notice.

It is just much easier to argue about Paul Ryan and Mark Meadows, and ignore the bigger argument is really about Tom Donohue vs Koch Brothers.

Then again, if we were to start really drilling down the issue, we might have to recognize the entire framework of the 2010 Citizens United SCOTUS decision just, really did, inject steroids into an already bastardized process of political finance and special interests.

When CTH points out that without the Citizens United decision, the Freedom Caucus couldn’t exist, we are getting way too close to the inner circle discussion that lies at the heart of the matter.  Consequently CTH draws attention from the eye of Sauron.

It is funny, not in a ha-ha way, how no-one ever notices the financial interests of each billionaire within the club are directly tied to the expressed and outlined special interests of the Media outlet who sell the narrative of their owner.  EXAMPLE:

In 2010, when ObamaCare was signed into law, one of the lesser discussed aspects was the federal government abolished private-sector distribution of federal student loan monies.  The entire business model of College Loan Corp, Cary Katz’s Lending Corporation, was destroyed by ObamaCare.

Ordinary banks are still able to lend their own money under traditional lending agreements with students; however, the business of brokering the lending of federally secured and underwritten education funds was ended.

Lending Corp., was one of those brokerage middlemen eliminated by ObamaCare.   The feds now directly lend the funds to students.  Cutting out the middleman was designed to save the government money.

ObamaCare taking over the student loan industry was a monumental loss to Cary Katz/Lending Corp. on a massive scale.  In 2008 his company loaned out nearly $11 billion to students within their financial enterprise.  ObamaCare stopped that practice cold.

During the ObamaCare construct Cary Katz spent millions funding any politician that was opposing ObamaCare, and since passage he has spent millions funding efforts toward its repeal.

The Conservative Review website was started by Billionaire Cary Katz in 2014  as “managing member” and sole officer.  Mark Levin was hired as front-man for the enterprise.  As CR evolved in 2015, the Conservative Review’s litmus-test was,… wait for it… yup, ObamaCare repeal.  Go figure.

It’s a BIG CLUB….. And You Ain’t in It!

Each billionaire member in the BIG CLUB also has their own media propaganda machine.

Each billionaire media firm tells you, the reader/voter, who to be outraged against.

So think again, about who is to blame for the HealthCare reform bill’s collapse.

After you think about who is to blame, ask yourself where did you get the information that helped you to formulate your opinion on who is to blame.

Was your perspective on the failure of Healthcare repeal and replace legislation impacted by the targeted messaging from the Media PR firm selling the billionaire BIG CLUB members special interest in it?

If you find you have just swallowed a Red Pill, you might also ask yourself:

Was my original perspective on the Repeal and Replace construct also an outcome of advocacy I bought into as a result of unwittingly engaging with a PR Firm of the Billionaire Big Club members?

Only you can answer those questions.


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405 Responses to Healthcare Controls and The Benefits of “The Blame Game”…

  1. Mac says:

    So let me get this straight. This group of billionaires set up a Machiavellian plot to introduce legislation which would not have stopped the collapse of the healthcare and healthcare insurance system and then, after their henchman in the House, the Speaker, essentially tied his political future to the passage of this bill, sabotaged it using another faction that they control. The question here is Why? Why would a group that controls the entire Congress spend capital to lose a queen when they could simply have allowed the issue to languish? Trump was not calling for Obamacare legislation. He was quite content to wait on Congress to come up with something. There was no strident call from the electorate, including the Republican Congressmen’s constituency, for immediate change. People were pretty happy with the pace of Trump’s agenda. So, why was it necessary, or even desirable to present a bill that looked like it would replace Obamacare, when it would really do nothing significant?

    I suggest that the “Big Club”, as Sundance calls it, really wanted this bill to pass. Why?

    First, as noted, it really would not mitigate the effects of Obamacare.
    Second, by selling a three phase program, it would have allowed HHS Secretary Price, a long-time member of Congress [nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean?], to drag his feet about rescinding or repealing existing ACA regulations, over which he had direct control, until the bill is enacted.
    Third, by passing this bill in the House, this would allow Congress to claim that it was doing something to eliminate Obamacare. And, is it would take time for the Senate to even get around to it and when they did, it would almost certainly changed. If it passed the Senate, then it would have had to go to reconciliation. Where it could take months to be dealt with. This would keep everyone off the backs of the Congressmen for months.
    Fourth, if it was finally deemed necessary to pass a bill, it would end up being an all show and no go bill, just as it was in the House.

    However, by forcing the bill to be withdrawn, the House leadership ends up looking weak and ineffectual and there is now increased pressure to produce a repeal and replace bill in Congress as well as for Secretary Price to begin gutting the regulations associated with the ACA, before a bill is passed. I’m not seeing the upside for a group who would not want to change Obamacare in defeating this bill.

    Now, this brings up the question of motivation of the HFC to oppose this bill. Perhaps it has something to do with constituency of this particular group of Congressmen. This bill was crap. And almost to a man, with a few notable exceptions, conservatives opposed this bill. And the constituency of the members of the HFC is heavily conservative. I suggest that the HFC opposed this bill simply because the leadership refused to grant sufficient conservative issue concessions to provide sufficient cover to guarantee the HFC member’s reelection.

    This is my take on why this particular bill came up at this particular time and why a conservative caucus killed it. I agree that there was an outside conspiracy with regard to this bill. But, I believe that the conspiracy was to pass it in the House, not defeat it there.


    • I think you are right. It is Ryan and his funders who were conspiring to pass a phase I , knowing phase II and III would never come. Just like with comprehensive immigration bill. That wall would never get built, no matter what they promised.
      I do think that Trump was hoping that Ryan would take it to a vote. Trump knew the conservatives would vote no and defeat it. Bannon was telling them to vote no. Trump was hoping Ryan would flame out in a more dramatic fashion than just pulling the bill.


  2. Tommy Tunes says:

    Trump needs to own the Bill and push the fascists out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Blade says:

    See my comment above which contains methods to contact the Attorney General and have the Kochs prosecuted for felony bribery. It is now our Department Of Justice and we must use it 10x as often as the enemy did.

    The interesting thing here is that the Kochs are already considered demons by the leftists. They are also despised by moderates, especially Independents. That leaves them with a minuscule base of support in the (C)onmen caucus.

    So guess what kind of grand jury they are likely to face if Sessions moves to indict them for bribery and election tampering? We can make this happen!


  4. John Hess says:

    Thank you for this article. It was educational, and leaves me with more to learn about.

    It also explains why I got the distinct, creepy impression all week that the media was giving me a rather blatant “Punch & Judy” narrative about the Health Care bill which seemed to make a virtue of lacking details and glossing over loopholes in the story.

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  5. Azrajo says:

    Why did all these groups , Conservative review, heritage, Goldwater inst, Freedom works , Brietbart etc. oppose the bill .? Is it possible that when it began to see the light of day people began to see how bad it was. Thousands for illegals none for Vets, increased rates for older Americans , the ability for insurance companies to further raise deductibles, a phase three that would never pass.
    Ryan is already sharpening his sword saying that it will be very difficult to pass tax reform. Many of Trump’s leadership picks don’t believe in closing borders and Islamic extremism. General Mathis keeps trying to place far left Obama /Soros funded people in high administrative positions. I don’t know what the hell is going on but it looks to me and others that Trump has surrounded himself with people who can’t be trusted I pray as one of his supporters that he wakes up soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Claudia says:

      There’s no doubt much going on that we cannot see. For two reasons, though, I’m confident that the eventual outcome will be an improvement over what we have now. Why? Because for the first time in many years, we have a president who genuinely wants to do the people’s business, and IS NOT A HOSTAGE to special interests of any kind. After the firestorm of the campaign and the election, it’s clear President Trump owes absolutely nothing to anyone other than American voters. If a bill hurts us, he will veto it outright or line-item veto it into submission.

      The second reason I’m confident is that this man is not a babe in the Swamp. This man became a billionaire in the world’s most cutthroat competitive capitalist arenas. Do you really think he doesn’t know how to play these Swamp games? Come on now. Our President Trump deconstructed two political dynasties before he even took office. Your concern is misplaced.

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      • JC says:

        Well-said, Claudia. “Much going on that we cannot see”, our President owes no one anything except the American people to whom he made numerous firm promises, and he’s been victorious in street fights for decades. Stay the course.


      • Patriot Lady says:

        I agree. Trump has been president for only 2 months. However, for those of us near 70, and hope to see some of our country restored before we meet our Lord, we are impatient. Donald Trump did not become wealthy because he’s a slouch. We must trust him. After all the years of destruction by Obama and the Bush’s, Trump is not going to be able to fix it overnight.


    • bob e says:

      I agree about Mathis. What the hell is he doing ??


  6. US says:

    Many thanks Mr. Sundance for the education. I take from it that this defeat shall pass and no Republican will want to go into the 2018 election without repealing Obamacare. If the HFC insisted in their idiocy we would get a Democrat House. Likely their impeachment efforts will fail in the Senate where we can assume a wider majority as so many Pinkos are up for re-election. Trump will have his veto pen and he will use it. The future looks good but the pity is the enormous political capital that was wasted. Keep taking names.


    • James O'Malley says:

      One of my concerns is the economic fallout when Obamacare finally fails. Anyone with a brain knows that’s purely on the Democrats, but who’s to say that idiot voters won’t hold the GOP and Trump accountable for the economic fallout from the collapse? That’s where the danger lies.


  7. barton2016 says:

    I wondered why Rush Limbaugh is always defending the Koch Bros. He’s trying to get into the Billionaires club too.

    Haven’t listened to Rush since Trump started running.

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  8. ZZZ says:

    Why are two billionaires Charles and David Koch allowed to threaten standing members of congress who are collectively at least supposed to represent the interests of approximately 28 million voters?

    For the same reason Soros is allowed to continue his funding of domestic terrorism. They all have their roles to bring down the USA so as to bring in a One World (aka GLOBAL) Order.

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    • JohnP says:

      “Why are two billionaires Charles and David Koch allowed to threaten standing members of congress who are collectively at least supposed to represent the interests of approximately 28 million voters?”

      Because until the election of Donald Trump, money translated to votes. It will again, if we let it.

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  9. dianeax says:

    Wheeeeeeeee… 🙂


  10. joepufnstuf says:

    So Obamacare is still the law of the land? Thanks Obama. Thanks Trump. Thanks Trump voters.


  11. Curmudgeon2k says:

    Trump’s election was a response to a recognition that our politics have been taken over by globalist interests. Whether or not one should blame Ryan depends on the extent to which one believes he has sold his soul to the GOPe/globalist interests. He is responsible for his own actions and I am entitled to and do hate his guts for the choices he as made. Whether it is possible too castrate the GOPe/Globalists through regulation of political finance is, perhaps, an open question but, I believe, doubtful. I believe our only recourse is to consistently rebuke those who are the paid servants of globalist interests.


  12. enda21now says:

    No PR influenced me to say Repeal, Repeal. I wanted the bill to fail after reading the RINOCARE TAX BILL . I never wanted replace . Since the “fine or penalty” is no longer in place, Thank You President Trump, We are no longer hostages, LET it implode! I don’t give a damn about the scam . President was right from the start, let it implode.


  13. Carol says:

    “Why are two billionaires Charles and David Koch allowed to threaten standing members of congress who are collectively at least supposed to represent the interests of approximately 28 million voters?”

    Maybe because they can afford it and we gave them “Citizens United”.

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  14. Mar says:

    Wow! Why is Mark Levin attacking Conservative Treehouse and The Last Refuge?
    Aren’t we all on the same team? Team United States of America. Sad.


  15. Patriot Lady says:

    I will not accept anything less than what the Republican sewer rats campaigned on years ago– a full repeal of ‘Uni-partycare’ and a full return to our free market system. Make it a ‘time warp back’ to 2008.


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