The Financial Motives of Those Inside The Wire Advocating for ObamaCare Repeal Without Replacement…

Something about Michelle Malkin’s disappearance, then Mark Steyn being summarily fired from Mark Levin’s CRTV (Conservative Review TV), and then the timing of Levin rushing to the front lines of Team Trump just didn’t seem disconnected.  A look at the financier behind the entire Conservative Review apparatus reveals a financial angle.

For more than four years we have been predicting a grand awakening among battered conservatives to discover the identity of their abusers.  Candidate Trump, now President Trump simply sped up and spotlighted those revelations exponentially.

Almost all of the political positions espoused by the most visible faces of “conservative” punditry are specifically due to the financial benefactors of those who underwrite the media enterprise.  As previously outlined almost of the Never Trump community was most certainly funded by the financial network of special interest billionaires.

The same billionaires used the Citizens United supreme court decision to launch Super-PAC’s specifically to fund individual candidates who carried their special interests into politics.  Ben Shapiro’s venture into The Daily Wire funded by Farris Wilks is one example of non-disclosed pay for punditry backing.   There are many more listed HERE.

So it really didn’t come as a surprise to discover that a billionaire named Cary Katz was the financial impetus for the Conservative Review and the subsequent CRTV venture of Mark Levin.  The Conservative Review website was started by Katz in 2014  as “managing member” and sole officer.

As it evolved in 2015, the Conservative Review’s litmus-test approach and self-appointment as the sole arbiter and definer of all things “conservative” rightly turned off common sense Team Trump.  Editor Amanda Carpenter took antagonism to an entirely new level in 2016 when she said she was making a list of people and organizations that #NeverTrump team members would boycott.

Both Conservative Review, hereafter called just “CR”, and CRTV is an assembly of former Never Trumpers’.  The business model was/is collapsing due to their exposed agenda in opposition to an actual common sense conservative presidency of Donald Trump.  As such, and facing financial peril, reversals became necessary. Enter Mark Steyn.

The brief affiliation of Mark Steyn with CR was fortuitous in that it drew attention to the ideological enterprise that lies behind the CRTV venture; and by digging into the background of the underwriter, Cary Katz, the positioning of CR purity tests around removal of ObamaCare begins to make more sense.  [Financial sense.]

Cary Katz, the person making all the major decisions at CRTV, is the founder of College Lending Corp., a private company that specializes in marketing loans to university students.

In 2010, when ObamaCare was signed into law, one of the lesser discussed aspects was the federal government abolished private-sector distribution of federal student loan monies.  The entire business model of Katz’s Lending Corporation was destroyed by ObamaCare.

Ordinary banks are still able to lend their own money under traditional lending agreements with students; however, the business of brokering the lending of federally secured and underwritten education funds was ended.  Lending Corp., was one of those brokerage middlemen eliminated by ObamaCare.   The feds now directly lend the funds to students.  Cutting out the middleman was designed to save the government money.

ObamaCare taking over the student loan industry was a monumental loss to Cary Katz/Lending Corp. on a massive scale.  In 2008 they loaned out nearly $11 billion to students within their financial enterprise.  ObamaCare stopped that practice cold.

Even for a growth industry, College Loan Corp.’s success was eye-popping. The company made $16 million in loans its first year. After three years, it made $3.9 billion in loans. By 2003, it was the country’s seventh-biggest college lender by volume.  (link)

During the ObamaCare construct Katz spent millions funding any politician that was opposing ObamaCare, and since passage he has spent millions funding efforts toward its repeal.  Hence, the ObamaCare ‘repeal-at-any-cost‘ (without replacement) purity test from the punditry of Conservative Review (CR).

A total repeal of Obamacare would immediately reinstate the federally backed private student loan industry, and subsequently the business model upon which Katz built his fortune.   A repeal with a simultaneous replace element that retains the student loan aspect would not assist his financial effort.

So a billionaire named Cary Katz needs an individual and unique repeal of ObamaCare, and does not want a repeal/replacement process that doesn’t help him recapture his interests in the student loan business.   This is the financial motive behind CR calls for abject repeal…. and only politicians who are on board with this specific litmus test will gain favorability and support with CR pundits, editors, writers and crew.

But again, CR has a problem.  As an outcome of their Never Trump positions, their influence, including the influence of Mark Levin and Amanda Carpenter, has continued to diminish.  CRTV was poorly launched by Levin into the headwinds of a Trump surge.   CRTV was on track to be a bottomless pit of hopeless financing for billionaire Katz with no-upside, no viewership and no influence.

That’s why CRTV needed a guy like Mark Steyn to pull in the pro-Trump audience who had already dropped most of the CR team from sight.

However, ultimately after spending quite a bit of his own money to launch the program, and discovering CRTV was not going to compensate him for any of the expenses, Steyn sued and  CRTV dropped him.

Looking at responses to on-line articles of the dust-up, it’s obvious massive cancellations of subscriptions followed Steyn’s exit.   An already tenuously existing media enterprise was set for collapse.

What happened next…

PRESTO !  Mark Levin rushes quickly to the spotlight that is President Donald Trump and hopes the heavily scripted and constructed support therein will drum up some attention and viewership.

As we previously said:

[…]  As co-dependents’ no more, the broad base of practical traditional conservatives saw the true self-interested crew of Never Trumper’s for what they are: financial opportunists who use various political media platforms for self enrichment; nothing more.

The historically expressed positions were less about politics and more about business models.  Threaten those interests and all of a sudden positions change. Somehow it always ends up being about money.

The Never Trump coalition showed themselves supporting a host of positions that were previously concealed.  It didn’t take long to discover their positions were funded by special interests, Wall Street interests, Super-PAC’s and corporate media interests.

With the additional sunlight upon their endeavors, intents and motivations, they put themselves into a zero-sum position; hence, #NeverTrump.

All of the entities who invested in media enterprises, that could only succeed if candidate Trump was defeated, have now lost their money.

All of the entities who were dependent on the investments therein are increasingly losing their viewers/listeners, and are now slowly collapsing.

Does This Make Sense Now?

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277 Responses to The Financial Motives of Those Inside The Wire Advocating for ObamaCare Repeal Without Replacement…

  1. Levin is like Lyin Ted, just does whatever is best for one’s self in that moment. He, Ted, and HRC are cut from the same cloth, just inauthentic phonies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cliffleaper/Laura says:

    Thanks for this information. I hope it’s seen by many.

    I read early this morning about Obamacare at its inception, that the same scenario you show here was planned to be implemented in the mortgage lending industry. Cutting funds for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – THE lenders of the traditional 30-year mortgage. The American Dream of homeownership; poof.


  3. trumptea says:

    Levin = exposed!

    What we all knew in our gut but could not find the words to express …


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