My Final Thoughts on The Failed Healthcare Reform…

CTH has fought this for years.  The best thing we can do now is to try and assist people with information that will help them make forward decisions.  It isn’t Paul Ryan’s fault and I’ll explain on that later.  First the foundations:

All DC Republicans and all DC Democrats are the DC UniParty.  The DC UniParty is fueled by special interest donor lobbying money.   The DC UniParty created Obamacare and the DC UniParty wants ObamaCare to remain in place.

For six years we have attempted, and failed, to educate people on the UniParty.  There is only one political party in Washington DC, the UniParty.

In 2009 The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Donohue), the AFL-CIO (Trumka), SEIU (Stern), AFSCME together with Wall Street, Big Pharma and Big Healthcare entered into negotiations with a massive White House team to create ObamaCare.   [see the collage above]  Everything after that successfully executed ’09/’10 deal was each organization ensuring the construct remained in place.


Republicans do not want ObamaCare repealed.  Whenever you see people talking about a republican ‘this‘, or a republican ‘that‘ wanting to repeal ObamaCare – It’s false.

This reality underwrites the reason why Ryan refused to have an actual vote on the record today.  The UniParty scheme can only exist so long as you remain blind to their affiliation and purposes.


Those who say there are politicians within DC that want to repeal ObamaCare are absolute liars. It is a 100% false assertion.  This is a narrative of fakery created by specific and intentional design, being utilized as countermeasures to throw you off the trail.  The narrative is intended to keep you from identifying the reality of the DC UniParty and the trillion dollar legislative agenda.

Repeat.  The Republican Party does not want to repeal ObamaCare.  (Neither does the Democrat party.)

Both sides of the Uniparty have fought to retain ObamaCare’s existence.  The House GOP fully funded it in every year since 2010.  All efforts made to give the illusion of ‘other‘ are exactly that, an illusion.   That illusion is called “controlled opposition“.  An example of that “controlled opposition” is the House Freedom Caucus.  The HFC voted for Paul Ryan as House Speaker.


Everything appearing ‘other‘ is a distracting ruse; a scheme to hide the intent of retention.

The UniParty worked to defeat candidate Donald Trump.  They lost.  Stunningly.

Donald Trump coming to DC meant the UniParty needed an even bigger and better set of countermeasures if they were going to remain indulged.

Hence, the Ryan Healthcare plan.

Counter to popularly expressed BCS opinion, it wasn’t President Trump who wanted the Ryan Healthcare plan to fail, it was the UniParty – including Ryan himself.  President Trump wanted the approach to succeed, the UniParty did not.

Just like all of the connected candidates in the 2016 GOP Primary (Graham, Pataki, Gilmore, Fiorina, Huckabee, Paul, Rubio et al), the Ryan Healthcare plan was “controlled opposition”; only necessary because President Trump won the 2016 election.

The problem for the DC Uniparty wasn’t that the Ryan healthcare reform might fail, the problem was that it might succeed. Hence billionaire donors who were vested in the construct needed immediately to give support to those who would eliminate it; and ultimately Ryan needed to avoid a vote on the proposal.

President Trump being fully versed in the techniques of “controlled opposition“, actually stunned the UniParty by putting his support behind it.  That was unexpected.

Now, as they retreat to their safe spaces, the UniParty is trying to create the narrative that the plan failed because of Paul Ryan.

Again, this is a false premise.

The Healthcare plan failed because the billionaire funders who underwrite the construct (and who demand retention) gave cover under the ruse of threatening the HFC.

Blaming Ryan now only allows the UniParty to hide again.  And keeps everyone in the dark about the actual construct of the UniParty.

The House Freedom Caucus are just as much a part of the UniParty as Paul Ryan.  Each becoming “controlled opposition” on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

ObamaCare will fail.  ObamaCare was designed to fail.  What follows the failure of ObamaCare is a single-payer system, again supported by the Big Government UniParty.

There was one shot at avoiding the single-payer conclusion.  That shot was to actually pass the repeal and replace O-Care proposal previously designed by Dr. Tom Price.

The only reason why the bill was put forth, was because Trump won the election.  The UniParty had no option other than to put some form of Repeal/Replace forth or the electoral sunlight would have exposed the UniParty.

We cannot now avoid the path to single-payer government controlled healthcare.

The UniParty republicans do not want ObamaCare repealed.

No repeal bill can pass because of this essential fact.

For Six Years – We tried to warn…. We failed.

Moving on now.

And before you light up the comments section telling CTH about all of these endlessly possible plans being put forth by (___ Fill In The Blank ___) please note the following reality:

…The Republicans Do Not Want to Repeal ObamaCare!…

So if you have a plan for legislation to repeal ObamaCare that does not include Republicans or Democrats, your healthcare plan might succeed.

Otherwise it’s a unicorn fantasy.

We are getting single-payer.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.


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  1. TatonkaWoman says:

    A couple more thoughts before going back behind the leaves:
    1.) I have long advocated for changing the “single payer” verbiage to “single provider.” Too many people do not care who pays – or how many pay – for things. So people need to constantly be reminded that this will actually lead to only “one provider” for their health care – the government. (All of those using EBT cards don’t care who is paying for it, but, if there was only one place they could use it, that would be another story entirely.)

    2.) To all of those who are making fun about President Trump having this great failure after claiming to be the great “closer” and “deal maker” – I simply make the point that this deal is not yet done.

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    • buzzybee says:

      Thank you for these posts, Tatonka Woman. This is a bit of encouragement I needed. I like the term, ‘single provider’ when referring to this issue. I think you’re right on and I’ll pass this idea along to my friends.

      Now to just figure out how to get across ‘reality’ to those American ‘sheeple’ who think the government running everything is like having a goose laying golden eggs. And they think they’ll get a share of the eggs. Life is good. Have a grape.

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  2. Theresa Anne says:

    Watched a Dick Morris video
    According to Dick, President Trump has already moved against Obamacare by instructing the IRS not to enforce the penalty for non-purchase of insurance and telling Insurance companies Obamacare will now accept flexible insurance plans. All done by EO.

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    • Eileen says:

      What is being posted on the IRS website is that they won’t reject your tax form if that line is blank but they reserve the right to demand you pay if they decide to audit you. What the IRS told me is that an audit isn’t necessarily an agent knocking on yout door and demanding your records. 10% of the returns are audited by a computer program and if the computer spits out something they manually look at your returns. It is at that time the IRS can demand you pay the non compliance tax. If President Trump wants to repeal that by administrative action (legal), he has to get Mnuchin to tell the IRS to quit playing word games! and the 10% who get randomly chosen not get penalized! If they owe taxes fine, but leave out the Non-compliant tax.

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      • Charlotte says:

        Now its time to fire Koskinen and overhaul the IRS because apparently the IRS is still targeting conservatives

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        • daddio says:

          Just get rid of the IRS completely. Do away with personal income taxes altogether. To raise tax revenue, consider a VAT style tax that taxes people who consume. Perhaps those under a certain income level might be exempt? Not sure. But surely that would tax those who buy expensive cars and homes at higher levels, and those who are thrifty and do not spend a lot, do not get taxed a lot. Then make the gruberment live within those tax revenue limits and not borrow against SS and other programs. Maybe then our elected “representatives” would not have so much money to get into mischief with,


    • TPW says:

      He can also lower the income threshold before getting subsidies…….Obama raised them before literally walking out of office…..


  3. GREENMIRROR says:

    What government do we have?

    A Constitutional Republic for as long as you can keep it.

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    • ivanthenuc says:

      The trouble is that, in this vote like many others, you really can’t trust the actual votes, because they are meaningless. I have seen this so many times and it is so discouraging. Reps will vote for or against something when they know their vote doesn’t matter just so they can point to this vote during election season. The only vote I trust is when they are the deciding vote needed to break a tie. This is done with the blessings of their leadership and in fact the leadership will tell members which ones can vote against or for some doomed piece of legislation just for theater/reelection purposes. It really is mostly a show.

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  4. Dennis Leonard says:

    Well I guess tomorrow Sundance is going to close down the Treehouse,no point in going on,What was the point of this dissertation.What a waste of paper and time.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Politics isn’t the only thing Sundance covers on this site. We worked on several high profile criminal cases through the years here among other topics. I don’t think for one minute he will close it down. He posted two more articles after the one about the repeal and replace Obamacare. He is still in business. What I got out of his article is he feels like he failed to reach people about the unipaty. We need to reassure him that we got it and understand.

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      • camulla says:

        We need to find candidates now to run in the primaries, and we need to get involved in the local Republican parties. Commenting here is good but not enough when we have primaries sooner than we think.

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        • daddio says:

          This is really the issue. While it is encouraging to come here and talk to like-minded people, until we repeal and replace CONgress with honest people, nothing will change. We need a new political party as well. One that represents the people, not the rich donor class. That means each of us have to get out from behind our keyboards and find ways to make this happen. Some talented organizers need to step forward to show us the way and help is reach critical mass. The reason the Tea Party died out was a lack of leadership.

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          • breakout15 says:

            TERM LIMITS. Phoned my rep Arrington(R) office here in Lubbock prior to the vote to ask some questions and during the conversation his staff made two remarks that are indicative of the mindset of todays politician.
            Town Hall Meetings – ” None scheduled and probably won’t have any in the future.’ Why not? “He is moving his family to Washington.”
            Wow! He was just elected in ’16 but is confident enough in his reelection to commit to moving the family to D.C.?

            daddio – camulla are right on. Those of us who are knowledgable in the arena of organizing, managing campaigns etc. will need to step forward and help. I am willing to do my part by volunteering in any way I can for new candidates here in Texas.


          • deanbrh says:

            “Lack of leadership” can’t be helped, no matter how dedicated the group, because who among us would choose the path DJT is on? That path is so full of weapons and rabid protesters, you’d have to risk your life, literally, to be a member, much less the leader, of a group against the establishment. Where are Seth Richards? Breitbart? Foster? et al. I am old enough to let go of life for the cause, but not young enough to have the physical strength it would take to organize such a group.


        • justfactsplz says:

          Yes, now is the time for local involvement in state and federal government. If we can elect President Trump surely we can elect honest decent Congress Critters that want to MAGA.


      • bob e says:

        Exactly .. he ain’t gonna quit. We’ll still heed his calls to meet at the
        old barn on the crossroads at dawn.

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  5. DebbieUK says:

    Single payer is OK without the freeloaders. More incomers who pay nothing ,the worse the service and there has to be rationing at some stage. The NHS is overburdened by the amount of patients and many poor and welfare recipients pay nothing but use it the most .The tax burden as ever is on the middle class. It was designed for a different age just after the war.
    As ever the rich and powerful can pay for any treatment or drug they need so you get an even more unequal society.In Greece their socialised medical system has all but collapsed.
    I believe in Trump though and I don’t think he will give up without a fight.

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  6. Dennis Leonard says:

    Sundance,this gentleman seems a little more upbeat,

    President Trump, de facto Speaker of the House.
    President Trump killed Ryancare and Paul Ryan’s career today making the president the de facto Speaker of the House. This is a good move for Republicans and the Republic.

    The plan originally was to have the House pass its plan, send it to the Senate, and have senators write the actually plan. That made sense and I supported it. Plus I liked what Ryan wanted to do to rein in Medicaid.

    But in battle, plans die first. Ryan couldn’t get the House to climb aboard. So Trump improvised.

    He tried to push people on board. They would not go. So the president said screw it, vote it up or down — knowing Ryan did not have the votes.

    But that is not how it is supposed to work. The president is not supposed to call a vote. The speaker calls the shots in the House. I cannot think of a time when a president ran roughshod over a speaker like this.

    Maybe FDR.

    Even LBJ couldn’t do it. If he had tried, Speaker John McCormack would have told him to go to hell and take Ladybird with him — and the Johnsons would have had to go.

    But Ryan is as weak as Obama, and so Trump shoved him aside. Now without the votes, Ryan canceled the vote. That is a big horse collar on Ryan.

    Even Nancy Pelosi is mocking him, pointing out on Twitter that she never lost a vote.

    Again, how can you lose a vote when you are speaker? You call the votes.

    Unless you are Paul Ryan and Trump is president. Then you do whatever Trump says. This is the big leagues.

    I have tried to embrace Ryan, but he is a creation of the Washington Republican Establishment, having lived in D.C. since his graduation from Miami University in Ohio in 1992. He worked his way up from staff member to Congress. He has been there too long. This is his tenth term. Next year marks 20 years.

    Perhaps a demotion will get him to quit and become a lobbyist.

    For President Trump, Ryan’s demise carries personal satisfaction. Oh, he planned on letting Ryan be the fall guy, but Ryan fell quicker than expected.

    What happens next for Obamacare beats me. A full repeal would force a deadline upon Congress, but Trump is willing to let Obamacare implode.

    Trump already ended the individual mandate via an executive order. Maybe he can XO the employer mandate.

    Meanwhile, his tax plan — which was contingent upon a new health care plan — may move forward next. A corporate tax amnesty on repatriating money from overseas would goose the economy, so I hope he does that first.

    Cutting the rate to 10% could mean a one-time boost of $200 billion in federal revenues, so that meets the requirement that any tax reform not add to the deficit.

    That money would be useful in scoring any tax cut. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, Trump is getting bids on designing the wall. He’s also sent lawyers to work on property rights. Look for occasional uses of eminent domain.

    Regulatory relief continues. Car makers won’t have to meet Obama’s requirements for gas mileage.

    Then there is NATO. The rise of nationalism in Europe makes it easier to sell increases in military spending to the masses. Only five countries now meet their military funding obligations out of the 28 NATO countries. Look for that to rise.

    Trump’s in charge in Washington. The deep state — or derp state as I call it — turned out to be Comey and a few former Obama officials. The Obama people are in trouble as Barack Obama indeed was spying on a private citizen and political nemesis named Donald John Trump.

    That’s unAmerican.

    But I won’t allow my anger to diminish this fine moment in history. We are two months into his presidency and Trump is well ahead of where Obama and Bush 43 were at this point.

    Yes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to slow-walk the appointments, and Trump needs 50 of 52 Republican senators to agree with him on any legislation that he wants.

    But presidents need less legislation than it appears. Congress has so empowered the bureaucracy to rule through regulation that a president can undo law rather quickly.

    With a pen and a phone, as some dwarf said a while back.

    I think it was Stinky, or maybe Dummy.

    Anyway, smoke them if you got them. Somebody in Washington got screwed today and it wasn’t me or you.

    Pam Besteder @pambesteder

    Ryan: “Me, me, me! Trump, can I do the HC bill..huh, can I?”
    Trump: “Sure you can, sport, now do a good job”
    Mar 24: Ryan fall down go boom
    4:15 PM – 24 Mar 2017

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    • Charlotte says:

      Good. Ryan should go.. He is being blackmailed by the Deep State.Do you onw he took $25 000 from pedophile Dennis Hastert?
      Think about that
      Sasse was in charge of WH page education…(Franklin scandal)

      Watch.. toward last 1/3 Cernovich starts to brag He should stop that because if he just brainstorms and lays out facts he has more credibility

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    • Charlotte says:

      It was quite deliberate what Ryan did

      Remember during the campaign he said “I won’t support Trump, not now, not ever”?


    • Virgo says:

      Great pos!. Let’s hope this is the end of Ryan. He was reluctant to begin with, and a dead weight ever since.

      As for the bill, they learned nothing from the corrupt passage of Obamacare and the attempt to force more midnight legislation on us under TPP. You did not have to see what’s in it to know you were being deceived. The secrecy was the early sign of malfeasance.

      I’m not against a single payer for catastrophic care, or even regular insurance for it. What’s perverted this system is insurance and government for routine care. That has so much inefficiency that prices can never settle around the actual cost of delivering that care.

      And I have never understood why employers should be in the health benefits business. Huge distraction to their economic function.

      I also hate health savings accounts. Every time I used it I got into some bureaucratic dispute with the insurance company…About spending my own money on what is none of their damned business.

      If Obamacare continues to implode, we can keep blaming Democrats and they can keep losing seats. Fine by me!


    • Gerkenstein says:

      It was Dopey from the Choom Gang. Ryan is just kissing Trump’s ass. He knows who the alpha-male is.


    • deanbrh says:

      Dennis Leonard, thanks for that hope!


  7. Dennis Leonard says:

    And CNN is running this on their on their business web site,wonder how long it will be they are calling attention to CTH,

    Lifezette, which was founded by popular conservative pundit Laura Ingraham, listed Trump first among “The Five Biggest Losers From Health Bill Debacle.”

    Ingraham also took to Twitter to criticize Trump: “In 2016 @realDonaldTrump won the election by being bold,” she wrote. “This healthcare bill wasn’t that–whoever told him it was didn’t serve him well.”

    In 2016 @realdonaldtrump won the election by being bold. This healthcare bill wasn’t that–whoever told him it was didn’t serve him well.
    — Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 24, 2017

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    • Eileen says:

      Have to disagree with Laura. Not sure I would say Trump is the winner; I would say Ryan is definitely the biggest loser. When President Trump first announced that he supported the bill, something didn’t feel right, and it went beyond I didn’t like it. Having just been through the Russian spy narrative that blew up in Comey’s face and the song and dance he did with Ted Cruz twice, my suspicion is that the President has something up his sleeve. I do believe that President Trump wanted the bill to pass, but HHS Secretary Price can go in now and start defanging the bill. The best part of this whole drama is that both the Freedom Caucus and Paul Ryan have been humbled so that the President can push through his tax reform without Ryan getting in the way. At this point, McConnell isn’t the problem.

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        At this point when we’re dealing with budgetary issues like Obamacare and the tax cuts, McConnell can wait on the sidelines. Once President Trump starts renegotiating trade deals, McConnell will have to make the Senate play ball.

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      • thesavvyinvester says:

        “but HHS Secretary Price can go in now and start defanging the bill.”

        Yes we lost phase one, but phase two is administrative, we have a HHS administrator who is still under the guidelines of Obamacare, but the Dem’s were two cute by half. He will have the power to de-fang it and accelerate it’s demise. Hopefully he does, if he doesn’t he is Uni-Party and so would be Seema Verma, that would be a huge dissapointment> If that is true, I am out of here and done with politic forever, no more disillusionment at that point, it is plan B….


        • soozword says:

          Wonder if the opposition is going to judge shop and challenge each and every Sec Price change to Obamacare?


        • illuvatar11 says:

          Trump and his HHS administrator wrote a letter to HFC affirming their committment to using Price’s authority to defang Obamanation care regs.

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          • ginaswo says:

            This is 1 of the things pxssing me off the most

            How people can say with a straight face that HFC negotiated in good faith is beyond me.

            The Don brought them to the table
            The Don worked their list of demands into the bill.

            Among other things they got:
            Defunding Planned Parenthood
            Block granting medicaid $ to the states
            Work req. For medicaid w cash incentives for states to enact it
            Coverage requirements devolved back to state control.
            On and on, they got what they asked for.

            THEN they demanded a SIGNED PROMISE from The Don & Price to enact phase 2 as outlined. They got that too.

            THEN they reneged at last second, demanding poison pills of dropping pre ex & coverage to age 26.
            Poison pills bc they knew damn well that was not possible.
            They are traitorous axxholes, period.

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      • Gadge says:



      • deanbrh says:

        BRAVO, Eileen.


    • Theresa Anne says:

      Laura Ingraham always criticises Trump when he’s down. No wonder she didn’t get a position in the administration.

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      • Gadge says:

        She’s correct anybody thinking Trump does not own this, needs to wake up. He “fully” supported the bill and he “fully” supports Ryan.

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        • Joan says:

          Fully? And you know that how?


          • singingsoul says:

            This was Ryan’s Better Way and he owns it. The freedom caucus own it and all those who would have voted against it including democrats on top of their Obama care.
            Pelosi lied and tricked people into Obama Care. She should not celebrate she should be embarrass.
            POTUS gave Ryan a chance to show leadership 101 and he failed. Maybe he wanted to fail so he could glowed to his handlers how smart he is. What he showed s that he is foolish.

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        • Gerkenstein says:

          It’s a loss… But to me it’s not that big of a deal… Get the economy going again… Win a bigger majority in the Senate in 2018,


  8. US says:

    This was an important defeat that we will endure with cold anger and determination. President Trump is God’s gift to our Nation and our role is to help him drain the Uniparty Globalist Swamp.

    The campaign site is still accepting contributions. The Republican Party can forget about me.

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    • lvdancer says:

      Yes. Remember that Trump stated that Obamacare will be repealed & replaced @ the end of 2017-2018. I think he baited Ryan & others so they came out of the woodwork.
      Ryan now looks the fool and he can now be replaced.

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  9. waicool says:

    The only way to repeal is to get a 60 vote majority voting to repeal. Other than that, the remedy we all appear to want is in redefining the terms within the current law. As a previous post explains , there are hundreds of subjective “mays, shalls and wills” to avoid socialistic single payer medical care delivery. I do not accept todays events as defeat and neither should you, yes you SD

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  10. waicool says:

    The only way to repeal is to get a 60 vote majority voting to repeal. Other than that, the remedy we all appear to want is in redefining the terms within the current law. As a previous post explains , there are hundreds of subjective “mays, shalls and wills” to avoid socialistic single payer medical care delivery. I do not accept todays events as defeat and neither should you, yes you SD

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  11. Charlotte says:

    My proposition is this: (Shoot me down if you like)

    As above it seems National Health might be the default position. So have a 2 tier system:

    Those making above a certain amount a year pay for their private health care:The poor and retired go onto Medicare
    1. the insurance companies are regulated so premiums are affordable with several levels of cover at different premium prices. Pharmaceutical companies forced by law to drop prices-otherwise access drugs from Canada or Australia(NOT India or China cos their stuff is crap) . Insurance companiess to get special prices on drugs for their members(collective bargaining)

    Hospitals forced to cut their prices.I mean to see a Dr in a hospital ED can cost minimum $500-1000-that has to stop. Bring back control of hospitals to religious orgs like Catholics/Jewish/Episcopalian etc orgs They care more. Have hospitals for the poor and make newly qualified Drs work there compulsorily for 2 yrs under supervision for a reasonable salary. Its a privilege to go to a US med school and although student fees are high ( thats another discussion) they should give back to the community. People can shop around for best care, best prices.


    Foreigners living & earning $ here HAVE to get MANDATORY health insurance as must diplomats etc. NO MORE SPONGING.

    2. Pre-existing conditions are covered after a 6 month loyalty period BUT emergency surgery for these conditions is covered.

    3 Students remain on parents healthcare until say age of 25 UNLESS they are earning the stated amount (I dont know what that will be ?$80K a year) Different plans tailored acc to earnings and chosen degree of coverage

    4. Force large companies and multinationals to give their workers free healthcare /pay half cover as part of their employment contract. NO exceptions -this is to discourage companies from hiring part time staff around the clock to avoid this.Give them a tax break for this.

    Everyone over a certain earnings pays a salary percentage levy (eg 05-1-5% on a sliding scale according to earning with mega earning individuals paying say up to 10% of their annual earnings) )to the govt to fund Medicare for the elderly who are retired and cannot afford insurance and for those who cant afford insurance. Elderly rich people who have lots of money/assets pay their own premiums.

    STOP state and fed govt wastage -disallow grants to Muslim communities, climate change spruikers, delta smelt, EPA and lefty nonsense etc etc.

    ALL this money goes to state and Fed healthcare.

    These communities are wealthy enough to support their own. If not they can go back to their medieval crap holes.

    Also have a universal accident insurance levy on everyone who pays tax( a small amount) Those who have the money to pay can buy their own accident insurance. Include in car licensing an accident insurance premium to cover 3rd party injury.

    FORCE insurance companies to pay ball.
    Institute tort reform.

    Of course this must be fine tuned by actuarial studies etc

    Trump can do this if he s stymied by the Uniparty, because Obamacare is GOING to implode

    Maybe I’ve forgotten something..

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  12. wheatietoo says:

    ObamaCare is imploding already, and will continue on its death spiral.

    If we do nothing…it will self destruct, and go :::Kaput::: all on its own.
    The timeline of this self destruction will take another year or two.

    So how do we get from Dead-ObamaCare…to…Single Payer?
    This is not an automatic transformation that has been set forth by some by some bill.

    Wouldn’t there have to be some Legislation passed to make that happen?
    Now, I can’t see Pres Trump signing a bill that creates…Single Payer.
    Can you?
    Nope….I can’t see that happening,
    President Trump doesn’t like Single Payer Govt Controlled Healthcare.

    So I guess what I’m saying here, is that when ObamaCare dies its natural death…let’s let it die.
    Put a Do-Not-Resuscitate order on it.
    Then put stake through its heart & Repeal it!

    Then we can do a clean New Healthcare Bill with some simple reforms that will bring back the great Healthcare coverage that we had before.

    If people want to resurrect the ‘no preexisting conditions’ feature, then that will have to be figured out by the people crafting the New Healthcare Bill.
    Doesn’t seem fair to make everyone have to pay for everyone else’s preexisting conditions.
    But that’s just me.

    I just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

    So, Sundance, don’t despair.
    I think we’re a long way from the nightmare of Single Payer happening….and I don’t see how it will happen, at all, really.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Vote all the swamp dwellers out and we ensure it never happens.

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    • lvdancer says:

      In the fall, people will get a huge $ premium increase via Obamacare. That is when Trump will strike. The premium amount will soar & completely enrage the populace. They will vote against the Democrats because they own Obamacare. Trump will have a real healthcare bill that will come to the rescue in late 2017 & 2018. He has said that he will repeal and replace Obamacare in late 2017 & 2018. He is playing the House and will learn valuable info as a result. This is how Trump rolls. He is no fool.

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    • illuvatar11 says:

      Pre-existing conditions are best addressed by coops, large group-buying pools.

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    • oldME says:

      Long time listener, first time poster. To me this is a pretty good outcome all things considered. If it had passed as is, the uniparty would have been able to tie any negative outcomes to Trump and co. Ryan’s special interests writing a secret bill was never going to fly with a great many people, and quite frankly I don’t believe that Trump would have pushed for the vote if he thought it would pass. 4d chess.

      The bill fails passage, but now all Obamacare negatives are owned by the Dems (as it should be). Ryan comes away looking useless, the Dems too dumb to remove the poison that will ruin them forever, and most importantly Trump made a serious effort to repeal the HCA and has again shown the faces of the obstructionist uniparty he fights at every turn.

      Now let Rand own the reform. He has doctor credentials, he has been a visible opponent of some of the shenanigans that go on in DC, and his future there is tied to being the odd man out. Win, lose, or draw it takes the potential away from the Dems to use it as an argument against Trump. Is still cracking me up that Ryan tried to pull a Pelosi with this and tie the whole party to voting through a bill they couldn’t give details on.

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    • Old CrewDog says:

      “So how do we get from Dead-ObamaCare…to…Single Payer?” Bernie-the-Socialist-Sanders will start pounding the table tomorrow morning, and for the next two years it is all that you’ll hear from ANY direction. That’s how.
      There are times I get so angry, that my thoughts should never be verbalized. This is one of those times
      President DJT is a remarkable phenomenon. Ivanka and Jared however are nothing but a pair of Liberal Democrats. There are numerous untoward influences all around him. “Not good…” to coin a phrase.
      My sainted mother in law NEVER said the word ‘Democrats’ without a suitable two-word adjective preceding it NONE of those words are acceptable in the Treehouse. ALL of them are spot-on accurate.
      Govern yourselves accordingly.


  13. rsanchez1990 says:

    Drain The Swamp. Vote any incumbents out in 2018.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Maquis says:

      Yeah, but; we have to get a handle on Billionaires and the like OWNING entire blocks of Congressscammers:

      Every. Single. Dime. They. Get. Must. Be. Published. Dot. Period. Exclamation Mark!

      It is time we know who “our” Legislators ACTUALLY answer to! Every donation, meal, trip, cash. whatever. goes ONLINE in a Federal Data Base open to the Public, within, say, no longer than one week from receipt. Include their pay as a Government Leach. Americans deserve to know who owns the people that seek to control their lives.

      While we are at it, all Bills, all Legislative Proposals submitted to any member of Congress or their Staff, complete with the names of the Recipient and the Shyster Lobbyist that presented it as well as the Organization, Billionaire, Self-Annointed Saviors or Slayers of Mankind, on whose behalf the Legislation or Proposal thereof was proffered, shall all be published within two business days of receipt. Not two of Congress’s remarkably skimpy “work” schedule, but two genuine working days as understood by the working world.

      We need to know who is spinning the yarn and twisting the twine to create the cords with which they propose to bind us. All the way through every single layer of organizational obfustication to the actual individual that ordered the payoffs or the writing of Bills or Legislative Proposals, or at least the owner of the Organization that did so.

      We should also place a ban on Foreign influence in Congress. No foreign payoffs or stipends, no foreign written or influenced Legislation. Especially sweeping Firearms Legislation based on Nazi Germany’s pre-Kristalnacht Genocide Enablement Act that stripped the Jews of their means of self-defense. Thus it was with our 1968 Legislation that was literally modelled on that Bloodly Law with both a copy in German and a recent translation thereof upon the desk of the author of that Act whose only competition for worst usurpation of our gun rights was the 1934 National Firearms Act, supposedly aimed at Al Capone, yet it lived on after his death, funny that.

      If a Congress Critter, or more than one, is at all involved in facilitating either a payoff or Legislation crafted ultimately by the Masters of the Universe, their involvement also must be documented at the same time.

      We need as much Sunlight on these clowns, these destructive puppets, as we can possible facilitate. We need to make it extremely difficult to pull a Harry Reid; join Congress flat-broke and leave a multi-millionaire and a land baron to boot.

      We could eliminate all these Fools, and I cannot think of a one I would spare, but the next crop will become corrupted in little time at all. We need a consistent source of Sunlight to disinfect these folks so they CAN’T become Swamp Critters. Mendacious, Self-Interested, Self-Righteous (RAND PAUL), Sleazy (CRUZ); they will still suck, but they wouldn’t be able to betray us as easily if we consistently sought new ways to shine that Sunlight and never stop breathing down their necks as we examine their records and their deeds.

      We do need to clean House where we can, and I do believe we need a massive Primary Campaign across the Nation for the next several Election Cycles. There are so many traitors that deserve serious humiliation, payback, and a big hob-nailed boot in their hiney expressing our appreciation for their treachery. 535 at my last count.

      Expect to be disappointed in their replacements. Such is the way of Government “Service.”

      Liked by 4 people

      • camulla says:

        I agree. We need people to stop complaining and work like the establishment does to find and vet candidates so we have different people in Congress. Entertainment and hobbies are not excuses.

        I understand some people work and just don’t have time. We should still make an attempt to go to Republican meetings and find people who DO have time to join at the local level and start working on finding good candidates. People who work can also get the voter rolls in their counties and start looking on the rolls for ineligible voters.


    • Gadge says:

      Vote for who? More weak Republicans or perhaps Democrats..


  14. thesavvyinvester says:

    “Bring back control of hospitals to religious orgs like Catholics/Jewish/Episcopalian etc orgs They care more.”

    In order to offer a group health care policy, you need a “Natural Group”. A natural group is any group formed who’s goal is to not acquire insurance. That could be the Elks Club, the local Chamber of Commerce, heck your Chevelle SS club…. Or, your Church or Synagogue. Your comments about Catholics/Jewish/Episcopalian etc orgs got me thinking again. It was over 7 years ago when I called my Congressman and noted these faith based natural groups and all I got was crickets. Why is Rand Paul missing this, why is he missing this? Can you imagine all the Churches in Detroit, etc etc being able to buy as a “Group”?….. The possibilities are mind boggling….


  15. I don’t ‘ get ‘ how this could be a ‘ victory for Trump, when this bill wanted Medicaid to be ‘ block – granted ‘.. What is lost in all the talk, is poor people would have been without any type of coverage? What happened to compassion for your fellow man? Has that gone the way of the stone ages?


    • illuvatar11 says:

      Good grief. Currently deductibles are unaffordable. Rates are moving to unaffordable. And all you can do its play the fake, mindless compassion card.


    • ginaswo says:

      Do you know what block granted means?
      It means the states themselves can use the $ (taken from the people living in them by fedgov btw), they get that $ back WITH NO STRINGS.

      So Cali can be Cali and cover transgender reassignment surgery for their illegals if thats what they want to do with their ‘compassion’

      And AZ can choose to only cover working adults with children if they choose

      And people who dont like what their state does can get up off their axx and move to another state.

      It is called Federalism and it is our system of govt as intended.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. nobaddog says:

    Its going to be ok. As has been said before, President Trump has this… Shake it off, carry on. We have only just begun to fight and there is a long way to go. P. Trump is aware of the uniparty and hes planning the next battle as we sleep.

    Liked by 4 people

  17. deh3k says:

    Here is a thought. In Europe, college is generally free. Who will become a doctor in a single payer system where they cannot make sufficient income to pay off school debts?


    • Howie says:

      Look at the last names of the docs on your provider list.


    • Lulu says:

      In England it’s muslims from foreign medical schools who hate their patients


      • singingsoul says:

        My son is a doctor and from medical school had $150,000 loan because we supplemented it was not higher. I do not know how much loans his wife had since she also had undergrad loans. We paid undergrad.
        He first worked at a University hospital and taught resident students. He now works for VA. He and his wife live very frugal and drives his cars 10-12 to save for University for three kids. His wife works half time and gets up 3 AM to come early home for their kids. Not all doctors are wealthy but he makes a good living . He did not really earn well until he was in his thirties. He is 50 and it seems he can afford a nice vacation .
        Yes in other countries with single payer doctors are not rich even though they have a good wage. Dr Shortage is even in US because everyone wants to go into specialties. .


  18. LCPUSA says:

    The article from 2010 is once again borne out. Trump stands alone.


  19. ZZZ says:

    So single payer –> DON’T PAY IT.

    Opt out and ignore the Uniparty demands.
    ~500 people telling hundred’s of millions how to take care of themselves, how to spend their hard earned money.

    NO. Make me.


  20. ZZZ says:

    This is interesting: Competition ‘Across State Lines’ Won’t Make Insurance Any Cheaper

    And can someone explain the goal of Single Payer – is it 100% government control over people’s lives?


    • Virgo says:

      Good article. Thanks. There’s a lot of theory and myth out there, but people need to trust their own senses and life experience, not grand assertions by political campaigners. I’m not going to ask my doctor or insurance company if they are trading over state-lines! I’m not getting great bargains in cars, electronics, appliances, milk, eggs or gas by going out of state today (maybe I’ll save some sales tax here and there).

      Pet care in the US is more available, better value and higher quality than that provided many human health care practitioners, whose delivery costs are exploded by having massive student loan debt, malpractice premiums and legions of middle-men (insurance companies working through pointless government regulations) negotiating your teeth-cleaning!

      As for single-payer, if you cannot or will not provide for the cost of your own healthcare, the burden doesn’t fall on the shoulders of those who do. We aren’t going to let people die in the street (except in Chicago…another story) but people can’t expect limousine medical care if they don’t pay for it. So, yes, a government funded “single-payer” for the indigent is reasonable (and affordable), and probably low-quality. There is also a huge role for private charities (as there always has been).

      Thought experiment: you are stranded on a desert island with no obvious means of sustenance, you prioritize your needs: is it food, water, shelter, security … or is it “access to quality health insurance”?

      This is a first-world problem, of secondary importance and obsession with it is wrecking the economy.


      • Jimmy Jack says:

        You don’t need to go to other states to better prices on appliances, cars, eggs etc bc those markets aren’t closed by government entities creating false market supply and demand. I think you have misunderstood what is meant by state line hindered health care insurance.


  21. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    The constructors knew Obamacare would self implode. A single payer healthcare system has always been the end goal.


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      If more people knew what the goals for full implementation are they’d push back harder. Eventually you will not see a doctor, one a nurse practitioner at best and the goal is to have the bulk of all medical consults done by computer/Skype. Plus fines that are untenable for average people.

      We will continue to pay more and get less while illegals and welfare cases continue to flood hospital emergency rooms for all care.


  22. dawns2668 says:

    This defeat is really bothering me. I feel like the uniparty will block everything Potus wants to accomplish.


    • camulla says:

      Start finding and vetting candidates now for the primaries. The Democrats, the donors, and the establishment are. I appreciate that we can discuss these things on this website, but discussing them is not enough. People need to start working now to be prepared for our primaries, and we need to find candidates who can start campaigning now to get name recognition. The health care defeat is discouraging, but we can learn from it. People also need to learn from the 2016 process and get involved at the local level so that the Republican leadership is different. It all starts at the local level.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. nkmommy says:

    This may not have been Paul Ryan’s fault, according to SD, but I still want him out of the speakership.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Donna in Oregon says:

    I always read the Lord’s prayer on CTH before I read the articles and postings. It helps me remember who is really in charge of our country. It reminds me to pray for America and Americans. In the beginning we fought for our independence and won, even when many of our citizens supported the British. This Uniparty is no different. I pray for wisdom and discernment today. The answers will become clear just as they have for the patriots before us. God bless America.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. dododo says:

    Lost in all this is the fact that millions of illegals and non working, non contributing adults expect full medical coverage that is raging out of control


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      72% of births in NM are paid by Medicaid. In the most populous states – CA, NY the number is over 51%. They’re killing us in health care costs.


    • singingsoul says:

      Illegals and refugees are now on our cost beside our citizens poor and those who will never be able to provide for themselves. The burden on the middle class will be worse if we do not put a stop to this madness. What gets me the politicians live well also ex President and they do not give a (…) about the rest of the people. We are lecturers on compassion but they have no compassion for the citizens.
      President is going to do right for us and he not going to betray us. I believe him.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. pageoturner says:

    I love you, Sundance, but “no, no and Hell NO”. Or, as Belushi said “It’s not over until we SAY it’s over.”

    Why is it that bureaucrats can enact rules to TAKE AWAY our freedom but never to GIVE IT BACK?

    My understanding is that Obamacare is ill-defined and refers to the secretary of HHS more than 1,200 times in giving latitude to define and enforce any and all areas that touch on our healthcare and health insurance. For instance, it was as secretary that Sebelius decreed that everyone must pay for maternity coverage and contraceptives that drives up everyone’s premiums. If so, why can’t Price retract it?

    It is my understanding that there is actually a provision in Obamacare allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines for exchanges or specific groups if the HHS sec so requires. Why not expand that?

    Why do we allow bureaucrats to make rules that deny our freedom but think we must have legislation to give it back to us?

    Anyone who has expertise in the Obamacare regulations, please advise what HHS Sec Price can do TODAY to take the teeth out of Obamacare and give us a free market in health insurance and, most importantly, health care.

    President Trump has already decreed that the IRS can’t enforce the tax for people who don’t have insurance coverage and the IRS says they won’t even bother to ask for it on the tax returns.

    Surely, there are thousands of ways to slay this dragon using the uniparty’s methods against them.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Jeff says:

    The ACA will collapse under its own weight . President Trump opened the GATE DOOR to the ACA PEN to allow the herd to escape ( )

    Those paying premiums of $1,000 and more with deductibles of $5,000 and higher do NOT..repeat …DO NOT HAVE HEALTH CARE INSURANCE !! THEY HAVE ….health care EXTORTION to subsidize the parasites class ie; illegals , medicaid , and the poor .

    The simple solution once POTUS announced no enforcement of the mandate is for those with EXTORTION CARE to CANCEL their FLEECING and self insure .

    I know many people paying nearly $20,000 a year for supposed Health care with deductibles well over $5,000 . But the president can OPEN THE GATE on the HUMAN FARM …the people still have to flee the FLEECING PEN !!

    NOW with the dog and pony show complete in DC over repeal and replace the pain is coming . Trump can concentrate on his supreme court nomination and tax reform . AND …WE KNOW the UNIPARTY will attempt to BLOCK THAT AS WELL .

    So President Trump can tweet out in the midst of the Gorsuch affirmation ..

    ” I met with ________ Insurance company and they are offering CATASTROPHIC CARE starting at $150 a month ”

    He will have ALREADY MET WITH members of the insurance & medical community on pay as you go medical care , monthly payment doctors , and other solutions to drive the PRIVATE SECTOR FREE MARKET SOLUTIONS .

    ” SURE MR PRESIDENT our company can provide that . We just were never in ” THE CLUB ” like the BIG PIGS ”

    in DC ….” all pigs are equal …some are more EQUAL than others ” CLUB !!

    THE GATE TO THE ACA PEN is WIDE OPEN !! WHAT better way to implement private sector solution that a STAMPEDE of the Human Herd to sign up for alternatives !!

    You will here a grumble among the HUMAN HERD staring at the open gate …

    ” you go first and it you make it we’ll follow ”

    But someone WILL FLEE the pen through the GATE that POTUS has opened !! and one by one at first the animals on the HUMAN FARM will trickle through until its a full on STAMPEDE to the private sector FARM !!

    Oh but remember the lesson from the Orwell novel , ANIMAL FARM , Moses (MEDIA ) will tell the animals on the HUMAN FARM …..” Oh you better not leave THAT ACA FARM its much SAFER than over on the TRUMP private insurance farm “

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ursula says:

      Great idea Jeff! I hope our President tweets that soon.
      The D.C. Swamp people are so vile I can’t look at their mugs on TV.

      I remember seeing Ron Paul on the Morton Downey Jr show and it was weird. They are weirdos. The job attracts those types.

      Hope other good people follow Trump and run for office. I’ve been urging young men to run for office.

      Liked by 1 person

    • mossback says:

      To add to that great idea and concerning the tax issues………plan the tax cuts as if obamacare was repealed……..not all laws are reinforced……don’t enforce this one, however, pass a few small bills that reinforce popular parts such as the pre-existing conditions and selling across state lines, that apply to any and all policys outside of this healthcare act that are in the free market and lastly…….any of the folks who are subsidized and can not afford a free market plan……roll them over into a special Medicaid program.


  28. Gadge says:

    Now​ the Republicans are saying they can’t agree on tax cuts.. Trump is a lame duck president thanks to its own party. He has No major wins.


  29. Please says:

    Question – If the Insurance industry has guaranteed reimbursement under OC, is there a potential for a healthcare meltdown and a public bailout, like the Wall St. fiasco? Is there a potential for a scam to be pulled on the American People where Big Insurance and Big Pharma crash the system, and get paid by US Taxpayers?


  30. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    Maybe someone has posted this info? The apparent vote breakdown: (Keep the faith – our great President will make it work out in the end.)

    Liked by 1 person

  31. The Ghost formerly known as Prince says:

    Oy vey.

    Sundance, I mean this with all due respect: You need to pull your head out.

    You are entirely correct that the UniParty wants single payer: That has been the goal of Obamacare from day 1, Obama was quite open about it.

    Where you’re quite wrong is when you say that every D.C. Republican is a member of the UniParty.

    The Freedom Caucus, and a select group of Senators including Rand Paul and your special bogeyman Ted Cruz, are adamantly against it. Especially in the House where the districts are quite small and geographically contiguous, the elected officials answer to a constituency that is rabidly anti- Obamacare and even more rabidly anti-single payer.

    These Congressmen and Senators are who you need to support if you oppose the UniParty. Each and every one of them has a little bit of what makes Donald Trump so special.

    So get over your “conspiracy in everything all the time” and see it for what it is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • muffyroberts says:

      I believe every D.C. Republican is a member of the uniparty. Of course they are, or they wouldn’t be there. The elections are rigged. That is why John McCain and Nancy Pelosi keep winning, for example.

      Think about it.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I also believe Rand Paul is an exception to the UniParty.


      • muffyroberts says:

        Perhaps Rand is not a big uniparty guy. But he plays their game and goes along now and then. That is what he is supposed to do.

        Jeff Sessions was never uniparty either. The uniparty would love to get rid of him if they could. Alabama is a very patriotic state. I think close to 100% of the people there voted for Trump. So it’s hard to rig their elections.


      • breakout15 says:

        I don’t know if he is or not. Why not throw him a “Go Audit the Fed” bone and cut him loose like a mad dog? Honestly, when I hear his name, “audit the fed” is the first thing I associate with it.
        No disrespect or sarcasm intended.

        Liked by 1 person

      • singingsoul says:

        Get real Rand Paul is part of it otherwise he would support Trump.


  32. mossback says:

    Interesting event, if real, concerning Ryan.


  33. Jimmy Jack says:

    This, the inevitability of single payer, is devastating.


  34. Agree we are getting single payer. I’m also willing to bet we will live under a Bernie Sanders Socialist type President and Congress within the next 50 years. Weather the country remains socialist after that individual will depend on how quickly their policies fail, because socialism always fails.


  35. UKExpat says:

    Trump and America’s biggest enemy are the Washington RINO”s


  36. Archie says:

    The most disheartening thing I feel is the number of low information republicans that I see commenting on this blog and other blogs. After 25 years of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Fox News 90% of republican voters are incapable of understanding the political analysis of Sundance (Uniparty, Main Street economy). Republican voters are stuck on stupid with dems bad – GOP good, or Ryan bad – Paul good, or fire Ryan, or Freedom Caucus bad/good – everyone else good/bad. The talking heads are worse. They should know better and have a duty to educate themselves.

    Trump is a one-off and has about 14 months to achieve greatness before the next political season starts after which nothing can be accomplished ever again.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Jan says:

    The overriding problem as I see it is that the federal government has NO BUSINESS being involved in alleged health care AT ALL. Doesn’t matter what bill passes or fails. The motive was NOT PURE, therefore the outcome is not and has not been pure.

    The alleged health care bill was couched as “helping people,” but it was really about CONTRIVING an excuse to take control of the most expensive necessities of life, such as health and energy.

    The “green energy” push is another government emphasis with an IMPURE motive, i.e., a huge part of the economy being controlled by the government in the name of “saving the planet.” If the government usurps control of the largest areas of the economy and human necessities, it controls human life and death itself. It’s all about POWER, NOT help.

    Obamacare should be repealed. Responsible, moral private sector entrepreneurs could then step in and force an entitlement minded population to own their choices and priorities. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between “helping people” and “enabling them into a premature grave.”

    Almighty God requires ten percent of one’s first fruits as a tithe. Almighty God does NOT exempt the poor from this requirement, yet the federal government presumes its morality or pureness of motivation trumps that of Almighty God?

    There is NOTHING charitable about forcing U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for the professionally unemployed, illegal immigrant law breakers, or those who choose to buy a state-of-the-art technology phone in lieu of health insurance. It is about owning one’s choices. Otherwise, the federal government can continue the propaganda that everybody is going to Heaven, but nobody is going to die!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Frank Muller says:

    Another waste of time and money. And we still have Obamacare for at least 2 more years if not longer.


  39. 2x4x8 says:

    “I Write The Bills That Make The Whole World Suffer”


  40. Yggdrasil says:

    I disagree that the Freedom Caucus wanted Obamacare to survive, but I agree that we are headed toward single payer health care (aka socialized medicine) because that is the only way to preserve the pre-existing condition coverage that everybody — even most conservatives — want.


  41. Bob Thoms says:


    A few of your threads stand out in my memory; The Monster Vote, The Coming Storm, The Bundy Ranch, and a few others.

    IMO, this thread is as prescient as these others.


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