Update: Horrific Immigrant Rape In Maryland School – No Explanations from Montgomery County Public Schools

Yesterday we outlined a horrific sexual assault of a 14-year-old female freshman student victim in Montgomery County Maryland.  Two 17 and 18-year-old illegal alien students brutally raped the 14-year-old victim. One rapist, Henry Sanchez, 18, originally from Guatemala. The second rapist, Jose Montano, 17, a native of El Salvador.

Despite their age both illegal aliens were enrolled in the ninth grade at Rockville High School.  There has been no response from Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) officials as to why a 17 and 18-year-old illegal alien would be allowed to enroll in public school where they would be classmates with 14-year-old students.

Montgomery County Maryland is a sanctuary county where U.S. immigration laws are intentionally not enforced by the local public officials.

ABC7 News Journalist Kevin Lewis has provided an update to the events along with the police report which outlines the brutality experienced by the young female student.

I must warn readers the police report of the crime (below) is extremely unsettling.

MARYLAND – […] Investigators later found blood and other DNA in the bathroom stall where the girl stated the attack occurred. It’s initially unclear how no one saw or heard the unconscionable rape in the middle of a crowded school and during normal class hours.

On Friday, Montano and Milian both appeared via CCTV in Montgomery County District Court for their bond reviews. Both men spoke by way of a Spanish translator, apparently unfamiliar with the English language.

Court officials confirmed Milian entered the United States seven months ago from his native Guatemala. Those same officials stated Milian already had an active “alien removal case” pending in the federal judicial system.

Despite being 18, Milian managed to enroll with Montgomery County Public Schools as a freshman at Rockville High School this school year. He was living with his father in an Aspen Hill apartment along Bel Pre Road.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to ABC7 News Friday that it has placed a detainer on Millian. That is commonly done when someone is arrested and suspected of being in the country illegally. ICE would not comment on Montano because he is a minor.

As for Montano, court officials stated he came to the United Stated eight months ago from El Salvador. His immigration status was not immediately known. Montano also enrolled with Montgomery County Public Schools as a freshman this year. Court officials stated he could read and write in Spanish, but struggled with English. Montano was living with his uncle along Lincoln Street in Rockville. Though, officials say, he has been unable to recall his street address or uncle’s phone number.

Both men are currently being represented by the Maryland Office of the Public Defender. Despite pleas for their release, the judge denied bond for both men citing a threat to the community, plus concerns about them fleeing the area.

“The immigration ramifications are determined at a later point by the proper authorities,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office spokesperson Ramon Korionoff stated. “We just are working very closely with our police and school security partners to ensure this case goes forward in a timely and well-executed manner.”

Prosecutors say Montano and Sanchez will be tried as adults. Montano’s mugshot, however, was not released due to his age. Each teenager faces up to three life prison terms.

“These are very serious allegations, carrying a life sentence. Anybody above the age of 16, facing up to life in prison, can be charged as an adult and that is the path we are taking at this time,” Korionoff concluded.

Prosecutors would not say whether-or-not there is school surveillance video to support their felony case. It’s also unclear what factors, such as age, would preclude someone from enrolling with MCPS, seeing as both suspects were well above the typical freshman class age range. (link)

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens from South America were previously relocated by President Obama, Homeland Security and HHS into communities throughout the United States.   We previously documented many of the locations in a distribution map.

This recent outcome in Maryland is a horrific consequence.


Research on UAC Costs and Distribution HERE

Timeline of the UAC border crossing shows Organization by President Obama

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284 Responses to Update: Horrific Immigrant Rape In Maryland School – No Explanations from Montgomery County Public Schools

  1. Serpentor says:

    Curious if family members of this victim regret voting for Hillary.

    Of course these guys are in our schools, despite their age. I mean, we can’t deny an American education paid for by Americans to these central Americans. “That’s not who we are” /s

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    • chicagodeplorable says:

      They haven’t been here long and are probably behind grade level in an English speaking area. The lack of language skills usually can be a cause of learning disabilities, or LD. That label can get them into Special Education and that SE classification extends to age 21.

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    • annieoakley says:

      They are here, in the public schools everywhere. They are Protected by adminisistrators of the schools who are paid to let them in and cover for them. I have seen it with my own eyes in the tiny schools my children attended. 65 and 80 in their HS graduating class.


      • Amy C says:

        Its time to clean out the liberal minds in the schools who care more about illegals than the protection of REAL citizens. The ones who pay taxes that pay for the schools and these worthless administrators salaries. Shame on that school board & teachers! They after that sent threatening letters home to the FAMILIES STILL protecting the illegals! Unbelievable!


  2. patrickhenrycensored says:

    If this continues, there will be shovel ready jobs in the near future that most Americans would be willing to do.

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  3. andi lee says:

    March 07, 2017. North Carolina.

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  4. dreadnok89 says:

    How is she friends-with these guys?

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  5. dreadnok89 says:

    How is she friends-with these guys?


  6. andi lee says:

    The Sheriff’s 2nd tweet! A newbie! Dealing with drug traffickers and illegal aliens. Get rid of one and the other will follow. God bless and keep you safe!


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  7. 3x1 says:

    It’s worth noting there are 8 private schools in Monkey County for the few thousand children of the most well-heeled:

    http://www.city-data.com/city/Rockville-Maryland.html (about halfway down)

    House values are very, very high, and this incident will be buried to protect precious property equity.

    Many of these illegals come from extraordinarily violent countries. People think ISIS are the only ones committing beheadings and other atrocities. Such actions are not uncommon throughout Central America and Mexico. Not going to post links, but Liveleak has many. Rape is considered far less a problem than murder. Life is very cheap. So the public schools are flooded with undocumented students from these countries, not European countries where indigenous people would gladly flee the rule of the EU. Meanwhile, the intelligentsia educate their offspring at private, extraordinarily exclusive schools, while voting to destroy the public schools. The county went 75% for Clinton, so add in government workers and sjw’s. The data is there.

    This has been actively underway for at least 15 years:


    Find who started and funded these organizations. Bring their names and organizations into every single crime committed by illegals.

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      Catholic Charities for one…used to give to them, NOT anymore.

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      • skifflegirl says:

        My family and I were always able to depend on Catholic Charities for help when we needed it throughout the years. Up until about a decade ago. Then they started refusing help, told us they were rearranging their priorities to the ‘neediest.’ Now I know exactly who the ‘neediest’ are to them. Certainly not American families.

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    • annieoakley says:

      Drudge has a lovely article claiming Montgomery County Maryland is headquarters for MS-13


  8. andi lee says:

    Tennessee is pushing back! 10A issue and $165 million other reasons! ($165M x50 States? Mind-boggling!)

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    • 3x1 says:

      According to the Breitbart link, several of the TN jokers bringing suit against the Federal Government are themselves Obama appointees, who can be fired.


      So fire them!

      With the cabinet finally nearing completion, we need a day of bureaucratic bloodletting. Every Obama appointee that can be fired, should be fired. Let some junior bureacrat act in their place. If they get out of line, fire them or get a good appointee in pronto.

      Make a point of causing expensive bureaucratic and financial headaches for any sanctuary entity.

      I’d bet a lot of the appointments could stay vacant or be eliminated. These people are career bureacratic parasites.

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      • paper doll says:

        Well put

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      • Blade says:

        With the cabinet finally nearing completion, we need a day of bureaucratic bloodletting.

        Roger that. As for when? One month from today would be appropriate as Passover begins. Skip the lambs blood on the doors though, just send an Angel of Death with pink slips into every single last office still occupied by Obamatards.

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  9. Scotty19541 says:

    Ann Coulter‏Verified account @AnnCoulter · 9h9 hours ago

    Turkey’s Erdogan threatening to send Europe 15K refugees a month. So even Muslims consider Muslim migrants a threat.

    (this is the link above!)

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  10. Maryland is a heavily Dem state and I assume this town where the school is located is populated by people who voted twice for Obama and then Hillary. Feel sorry for the girl, but this is what these people support. Will be surprised if there is not a fund raising drive to aid these poor young men with their defense. Sounds hard hearted, I know, but since the left wing antics since November I have completely removed myself from any sympathy or interest in liking Dems and liberals. I am not interested in “communicating, understanding, or getting along

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    • Les says:

      There are entire towns in that region populated by illegal aliens. I turned down a job at a college in that area for that exact reason. Maryland is a sanctuary state.

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    • annieoakley says:

      I believe this school is considered to be in DC.


      • Gary says:

        “I believe this school is considered to be in DC.”

        A special school for the poor? How crass is that. Why not equalize all schools? Every school should be the same from the poorest neighborhood to the most elite. The children should not be victimized for the problems of the parents. This would eliminate the need for the for-profit Charter and Magnet schools who glean the best students and leave the majority at the mercy of property tax funding.


    • Helma Hintz says:

      I am with you, that poor girl being raped by these two animals..why were they in school anyway ? Adult classes to learn English …and teach them what they did not understood “rape ” has consequences..


  11. bob says:

    time to start blowing these animals heads off. that also includes every one who made this school a sanctuary city.

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    • Les says:

      We have to be careful not to post violence like the libs do. If we sent these people home instead of allowing them to enroll freely in our schools and giving them free lunch, we wouldn’t be having these issues with the illegals. Now our homegrown losers are another story…


      • Tom Perkins says:



  12. Lburg says:

    My letter to District Court Judge Theodore D. Chuang. Feel free to edit/proofread. Thanks.

    Judge Chuang,

    Have you read about the horrific rape and sodomy of a 14 year old girl in Rockville High School during school hours? Did you read the police report? What did she learn in school that day?

    She learned that there are adults who refuse to protect her. She learned that bleeding hearts don’t have her best interests or safety in mind. She learned that illegal aliens are immune from our country’s laws – one of the perpetrators already had an active “alien removal case” pending in the federal judicial system. She learned about rape kits, and police questions and ambulances and hospitals and terror and shame. She learned lessons that no fourteen year old girl – or any girl – should ever have to learn. She learned that in a split second, her life would be turned upside down and would never be the same.

    I defy you to read the police report for just this single instance of Maryland violence perpetrated by illegal aliens, and substitute your daughter or granddaughter or neighbor or niece in the victim’s place. Then contemplate your planned obstruction of a President who is trying to avert these disasters BEFORE they occur. If you can, with good conscience, continue your obstruction, you will be every bit as criminal as the feral animals who robbed this girl of a normal life; you will have proven that the depths of your depravity is limitless.

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    • Bob says:

      Easy solution:Stop all immigration, revoke all green cards and stop issuing them, until all US citizens are employed then and only then let those in to fill specific postions.

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      • Flair1239 says:

        20 years ago, I would have thought you ignorant of economics, and close minded at best. Now, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I look at the utter failure of multiculturalism and the destructiveness of cultural relativism, and I wonder how everyone cannot see the failure.

        That we have leaders who want to continue down this road, makes my stomach fee queezy, other times get very angry when I hear a leader speak who is obviously lying.

        Lately, I have spent a lot of time wondering how the situation can be rectified. I honestly think at this point, the Republic is not strong enough to handle the cultural split. I believe the US will splinter. I hope that it is relatively peaceful when it happens, but at this point I can see no way to reconcile the diverging views of governance.

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    • teaforall says:


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    • Totally Domestic says:

      Thank you! That needed to be said.
      A thousand times!!

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    • WSB says:

      I hope you do not mind me using some of your letter. We just learned this week that the left wing city council of our city want to discuss becoming a sanctuary city. We are mortified, and I want to send letters to the mayor, county sheriff and council.

      If there are any attorneys here at CTH, would there be any standing for a class action suit to withhold property and school taxes if the Federal Government withholds Federal funding?


      • Lburg says:

        Feel Free to use whatever you need. I’d also suggest that you go to the TRAC site and get specific statistics for your state about the number of crimes already committed by ‘enforcement removals’. It’s an intuitive tool and could give you very specific data for your letter.
        Immigration and Customs Enforcement Removals here:

        A list of all searchable reports here:

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        • WSB says:

          Thanks so very much! We have a council meeting tonight.


          • Lburg says:

            Good luck. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

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            • WSB says:

              LBurg, yours was the first comment I saw after getting home from our meeting tonight.

              We stayed through the first comments and were astonished.

              A group of what looked like Charles Manson’S girls got up to speak with blue buttons on each of them, saying “Illegals are Human Too.”

              Each one got up to relay “letters” from those who were to scared to appear, so they read prose froom each. Looked so fake. One said that the illegal bought her house in 1997. With what SS number?

              We will start to strategize for our next meeting. We now know this is organized.

              Would you know who supplies the slick blue buttons? A Soros subsidiary?


          • Lburg says:

            WSB – Here’s an interesting web site which shows the cost of illegal immigration by state.

            It’s a look from 10,000 feet – not much detail, but it’s a start.

            There is a cost to sanctuary status – separate from the “we are all human” BS. Who will bear the cost, and how? Warm and fuzzy is one thing, opening wallets is something completely different.

            First thing I would do at the next meeting is assure that all the button wearers are actually living in your area. Is it possible they are paid and bussed in?

            It might be in your best interest to search for and contact some groups who have already fought the battle in their cities and won. Learn what they did, how they did it, what resources they used, etc. Maybe some other Treepers have resources you can contact? Good luck.

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  13. Jim says:

    Maybe Trump’s travel ban should be expanded to Central American countries. That would remove the muslim controversy.

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  14. DL says:

    It would take many, MANY more such incidents in Montgomery county before the residents there would begin to question the wisdom of continuing to be a sanctuary county

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    • Blade says:

      Exactly right. And that fact is compounded by the fact of willing censorship of inconvenient truths by the bureaucrats and the Enemedia.

      The only way to combat this is head-on. The citizens must mercilessly attack the bureaucrats as collaborators, engaging in criminal conspiracy to coverup crimes.

      Bombarding them with calls for their resignation or removal and demands that they are charged with obstruction of justice gives them no effective way to respond.

      The attack must be merciless and widespread over many different media. This way it sticks in the internet archives as it gets cached away in Google and other search bots. The bureaucrats will be forced to think twice about implementing their leftist inner feelings as they see their public reputations soiled with no recourse. In short, we must do what they do to us, destroy them professionally and without any remorse.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Was it Governor Cuomo who said that girls of this victim’s age should become accustomed to the fact that they will be sharing bathrooms with males? Why should a 14 year old girl become accustomed to this kind of treatment? While these illegals should have the book thrown at them I would like to hear from those who believe that sharing toilet facilities is a good thing.

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  15. 3x1 says:

    Any agencies involved in the resettlement of these two animals (Catholic charities?) should also be outed, sued and gutted.

    No idea how to go about establishing the paper trail of how they got here.

    Seriously. Names and faces of everyone involved with this should be publicized next to their illegal criminal spawn. “oh! You helped get those two child rapists in” is what they should hear at every cocktail party.

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  16. zdspace says:

    horrific, absolutely 3rd world. that is what is invited in and fought for by air headed drug addicts and elitist trans national corporations. the drug addled brains of the left just dont get how they are fighting for their own destruction… and in some cases they do get that and still do it.

    this world is so forked up. the two should be beheaded then the heads should be put on stakes. the families and or near relatives deported and it should be front page news. every time something like this happens the names, identities, race, religion etc should be made public. anything less puts people in danger and does not act as news but as prog globalist agenda propaganda

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  17. mrt721 says:

    Charges need to be brought soonest against every single person involved with not reporting these two pieces of crap to ICE and whoever enrolled them in school per section (iii) below.

    8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens

    (A) Any person who—

    knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation;

    shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).

    (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs—
    in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i) or (v)(I) or in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), or (iv) in which the offense was done for the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain, be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both;
    in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), (iv), or (v)(II), be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both;
    in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i), (ii), (iii), (iv), or (v) during and in relation to which the person causes serious bodily injury (as defined in section 1365 of title 18) to, or places in jeopardy the life of, any person, be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both; and
    in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(i), (ii), (iii), (iv), or (v) resulting in the death of any person, be punished by death or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, fined under title 18, or both.

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      • 3x1 says:

        It would be a pretty good test case.

        Would destroy the ability of the MSM to bury the crime.

        Heavily Democratic county (75% Clinton) so it takes away the “rayciss flyover country” narrative.

        DC’s backyard, who knows what other similar crimes in the most holy beltway might be uncovered. Might even kick start pizzagate, which was slammed shut for a reason.

        Plus it puts Barry back on defense, instead of his more comfortable outside agitator offense stance*

        *wide as that stance might be…

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    • annieoakley says:

      17 and 18 and enrolled in the Freshman Class? 1,380 students total. This poor child was just finishing her freshman year in a very wealthy suburb of DC. To ask why she was friends with them is creepy. She had no idea and was in no way protected from these predators. The School and all of the people who allowed these MEN into the school should pay.


  18. Beverly says:

    It gets worse. The most prolific serial killers in the WORLD since 1900 were ALL Hispanic males from Central and South America. (Ted Bundy was way down on this list).



  19. Maquis says:

    I despise “President” Obama. All this EVIL is on his hands, and upon his head. He feels no shame, and would probably just grin and shrug his shoulders if he were faced with this.

    He and Glenn Beck can share a cell in Hell. Either deserves better. There have been, are, and will be thousands of rapes and murders as the consequences of Latin America, at Obama’s express invitation, sending us their criminals, gangsters, terminally indigent, and basically used us as a dumping ground for their human detrius.

    I pray that President Trump can get the Stain of Obama out of our Country. Zero is a Stain on the face of our Country, of Humanity itself. He sold his pathetic Soul to the Devil long ago, and is now just a smidge away from being a full-blown Demon, as his works attest.

    I feel so bad for this girl. I hope those two evil morons get multiple life sentences, and that the Administration will start suing these “Sanctuaries” on behalf of these victims. Sue them out of existence.

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  20. mdt123 says:

    Trump and Sessions ought to get personally involved, this is right in their backyard.

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  21. James W Crawford says:

    If I was that girl’s father, uncle, brother or cousin, I would systematicaly exterminate all of the politicians who voted to make their city and county santuary jurisdictions as well as the police officials and school district officials who knowingly and intentionally endangered my daughter by refusing to cooperate with Federal Immigration officials.


  22. Michael says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it turns out it wasn’t the first time these two did this. Just got caught this time.


  23. Michael says:

    Hell of a way to learn about the world.
    Welcome to Rockville High School

    An International Baccalaureate World School

    View Slideshow


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    • annieoakley says:

      International Baccalaureate Schools are globalist.


      • Michael says:

        I sent a child out on a Rotary International Foreign student exchange and I also hosted an AFS student. Both were wonderful experience for all involved. Done this way I think it is great to learn about other people. HOWEVER must be done in a safe manner with vetted people. NOT the for the purpose destruction of the USA by invasion. If obama had sons…….


  24. Lburg says:

    After venting my spleen a little further upthread, I calmed down…And started doing some research that might actually be more relevant to the Judge considering an attempt to compel the President to import more refugees. (as if!)

    Went to the TRAC and looked at all deportations from 2002 through January 2016.
    Over 62,000 sexual crimes committed by deported aliens in that time frame.
    Of that total number, 20,800 sexual crimes had been committed by people who had been previously deported.

    It’s an interesting tool, especially since you can sort by many different parameters.
    Here is the link to the different reports available for research: http://trac.syr.edu/phptools/reports/reports.php?layer=immigration&report_type=tool

    And here is the link to the tool I was using:


  25. Tom Perkins says:

    They are just growing boys that need alittle understanding.They need an Alabama session..Go in one door never come out..Is he right again.Gun sales are brisk.GO Trump


  26. Milton says:

    Let’s all just take a few minutes to pray for the very young girl who was victimized in a way that she probably will never recover from . Why won’t Montgomery County help enforce Federal law, if the County executive and the County Council would this may not of happened. In the last week or two three fight at Rockville High and a rape, can I just have my tax money I pay for school and send my children to private school.


  27. gwsjr425 says:

    And to think….this is what democrats are fighting to keep here.


  28. Michael says:

    If obama had sons.


  29. pursang says:

    I believe Maryland, or at least Baltimore, does not require an applicant to prove US citizen ship to be eligible for affordable housing either. If they are getting free housing, shcool is just a foregone conclusion.


  30. steven says:

    This is why the adage ” liberalism is a mental disorder” rings truer everyday. The Montgomery County Administrators who have enabled these “sanctuary” polices to flourish over the years, this girls rape is on your hands.


  31. topassistant says:

    Can a state/local judge, politician, law enforcement, etc. that pass and enforce “illegal sanctuary city” laws/ordinances be arrested for violate our existing federal laws when they aid and abet ILLEGAL ALIENS? Didn’t they all take an oath of office to uphold our Constitution and laws?
    1907. Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offenses
    Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) defines several distinct offenses related to aliens. Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts. Subsection 1324(a)(2) prohibits bringing or attempting to bring unauthorized aliens to the United States in any manner whatsoever, even at a designated port of entry. Subsection 1324(a)(3).


    Trump needs to arrest these fine fols and make examples of them!


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