Senator John McCain Accuses Rand Paul of “now working for Vladimir Putin”…

I think Senator Rand Paul’s aversion to going to war with Russia over Montenegro just triggered Senator John McCain.

While speaking from the Senate floor, in support of a bill advancing the country of Montenegro’s bid to join NATO, Senator John McCain anticipated opposition from Rand Paul. McCain requested unanimous consent for advancement of the bill.

After Rand Paul objected to the UC, Senator McCain lost it saying:

…”he has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians. So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.”


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346 Responses to Senator John McCain Accuses Rand Paul of “now working for Vladimir Putin”…

  1. Sovereign Mary says:

    Truly John McCain (the Manchurian Candidate) and his pathetic infantile insults needs to do us all a huge favor by packing his bags, leaving D.C. and finally retiring from Serving Us Up!

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  2. mikeyboo says:

    Senator mccain time for you to be placed in the home.


  3. vincentjappi says:

    There is Zero chance of war with Russia over Montenegro, but only it Montenegro isn’t taken orr by Russia.
    Đukanović has been a faithful servant of US interests since he dropped Milošević 20 years ago, and Moscow has always ogled Montenegro as a possible strategic place to annoy Western Europe.
    When Montenegro attacked Dubrovnik in 1806, it was as an ally of the Czar.
    Shouldn’t happen any more.


  4. saveedra says:

    McCain is a progressive liberal tool and an embarrassment. A nakedly exposed elitist fool.

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  5. Mickey Wasp says:

    Senator Rand Paul has defended his position on the NATO expansion of including Montenegro. And Patton-Slapped the senile McCain for his senate floor comments. While, I too, find McCain’s comments ‘unhinged’, I’m let down by Sundance and CTH for not elaborating on the cause of McCain’s asperge attempt on expanding NATO.

    Montenegro’s NATO Nightmare: Wall Street Journal & Fake NATO News ~
    “Montenegro wants to join NATO.” This claim is misleading, to say the least. While it is true that the ruling political elite wants to join, no referendum has been held and the people of Montenegro have not stated their own geopolitical preferences. Therefore, we still do not know for a fact whether “Montenegro” wants to join or not, unless, of course, we take the opinions of the corrupt politicians at the top of the power pyramid to represent the whole country.

    NATO’s Strange Addition of Montenegro ~
    As for the “rule of law,” consider that Montenegro’s ruler for nearly three decades, Milo Djukanovi, was given the 2015 Organized Crime and Corruption “Person of the Year” Award by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), an organization of several hundred investigative journalists who report on corruption in Europe and Central Asia.
    Djukanovi, stepped down as PM, but remains head of the ruling party. Taking his place as the country’s current PM was his hand-picked deputy, Dusko Markovic. “Markovic, a former state security chief, is considered one of Djukanovi’s closest confidantes,” reported OCCRP. “He was publicly accused by a former head of the country’s anti-organized crime police last year of involvement in cigarette smuggling, but was never charged.”

    Montenegro: NATO’s Latest Plaything for Baiting Russia ~
    Montenegrins recall that their country was bombed by NATO only 16 years ago when it was still part of Serbia arising from the former Yugoslavia. In 2006, Montenegro became independent from Belgrade, but memories are scarred by NATO’s aerial bombardment in which thousands of people were killed during a campaign that served US-led Western interests to dismember the Balkans into pro-Western states. These states have since bolstered the expansion of NATO forces towards Russia’s borders. Today, Montenegro finds itself as the latest springboard for NATO aggression against Russia.

    President Trump’s stand on Montenegro — still to be determined — will signal whether he remains a critic of NATO or is caving to the New Cold Warriors.


  6. Mike diamond says:

    John Mac,cut back on the coffee and sweets for a while!!! Relax,Obama did all kinds of bad deals,and you never yeld on the senate floor he was friends with Iran! Why are you so bent out of shape with rand Paul????


    • Southern Son says:

      It’s a possibility, that Montenegro supplies children to McLaMeS, McLain Institute.
      Or Somethin’.
      He Never got this worked up about o’s Lawlessness.
      WHY, would he be So upset over One vote?
      Maybe Rand has spilled some of his beans…
      Guilty Pig Squeals!


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