Conservative “Media” Protecting / Advancing “Their” Candidates…

And by try, we mean generally failing miserably. 

By now almost everyone has awakened to how media manipulates and advocates.  It is very easy to see who corporate media support, both democrat and republican, and also increasingly easier to see why.

As an example the Wall Street Journal support Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.  National Review also support Bush / Rubio – the establishment selections.  However, ideological alignment, and specific intent to create candidate benefit, should be noted and given attention when various levels of nuance are noticed.

cruz rubio Lee immigration

There is another aspect that needs to be discussed regarding espoused views of “conservative media”. Everyone should pay attention to the Super-PAC spending, and campaign spending, as it relates to opinions that ultimately come from those media entities.

There is massive campaign spending taking place particularly amid talk radio formats (Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, and Salem Media Networks as examples), it is disingenuous in the extreme not to notice the espoused views from punditry are impacted by the financial benefits afforded them via campaign, and special interest, ad revenues.

They are not going to cut off their nose and spite their pocketbooks. Period.

Last week we highlighted how Fox News specifically modified their broadcast and punditry coverage to facilitate the selling of a specific agenda regarding immigration. Fox broadcasting does not hold a monopoly at broadcasting messages based on their own vested-financial-interests.


$350,000 for ads on the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity national talk radio shows. Those early ads played a critical role in giving credibility to the candidacy of Dr. Carson and in persuading Dr. Carson to run. (link)

In addition to vested financial interests – there are ideological interests embedded within the corporate media networks and everything coming from punditry and employees within that media entity are bound to espouse an aligning view.

Never confuse the overlay of media news/current events, with modern corporate media political ideology. Ted Turner did not start CNN just to broadcast current events, he was creating a media platform.

Evolution of this approach extends beyond broadcast into social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. When you engage on those platforms you are engaging with a venue controlled by a set of ‘filters’ and objectives you may or may not agree with.

Various media platforms have ideologies behind them. The intersection of politics with that platform creates the influence – hence, Facebook Mark Zuckerburg and the left-wing social media machine.

merkel zuckerberg

Controlling information, controlling the platform, especially in conjunction with corporate political interests, is an ever increasing quest for those who need to influence opinion in order to advance their collective goals.

Sometimes those goals are purely political:

mccarthy cantor zuck

Sometimes those collective goals have a specific motive and intent:

megyn kelly 2 rupert murdoch

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

…But the bottom line is all of the participants have a vested interest in influencing our opinions, and, as a consequence, our actions:

salem media communications

Salem Media Group

Stuart W. EppersonChairman of the Board – A High-Fidelity Messenger – Long before Rush Limbaugh proved that radio listeners would flock to unapologetically opinionated chat, 10-year-old Stuart Epperson was reading Bible verses from a radio station his brother built in their family’s Virginia farmhouse. By age 36, Epperson had bought an AM station in Roanoke, Va., that would be the beginning of a religious and political broadcasting powerhouse.

Salem Communications, the company Epperson, now 69, later founded with his brother-in-law Edward Atsinger, owns 104 radio stations in 24 of the top 25 U.S. markets and reaches an estimated 5 million listeners a week. The broadcaster’s stations offer Christian music and teaching, as well as conservative talk shows that engage listeners not just to consider hot-button issues like abortion and stem-cell research but also to weigh in with letter-writing campaigns and phone calls to politicians. (Time Magazine 2005 Profile link)

This is why it is important to see how challenging it is for any American Patriot, as a candidate, to break through the concentric walls of special interest and get their genuine message to the electorate.

♦ As if on cue, it only took a few days for another glaring example to surface.  This time from Right Scoop, a pro-Cruz advocacy new-media website sponsoring majority content and message delivery from Salem Media Inc.

Apparently the story of Syrian refugees arriving in New Orleans was a risk to someones’ pro-Cruz agenda, and, despite Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s confirmation, for some odd reason the (Mark Levin content driven) site, Right Scoop, found it necessary to refute it.

The issue, it appears, is how the Syrian refugees are pictured – as depicted in this article from The Hayride:

syrian refugees 2

( Source Link )


The picture shows Syrian Refugees (arriving in Hungary), and for all intents and purposes reflects an accurate depiction of all other EU photographs showing the same.  Mostly 18 to 45-year-old males, few women and/or children.

Here’s another example in Greece:

mass migration

Again, almost all males with a few women and children disbursed.   This aligns with various EU print reports showing 85% of the “refugees” are middle-eastern males.  The remaining 15% women and children.

However, in a really silly effort to refute the truth – the Right Scoop uses this picture:

right scoop yazidi

( Source Link )

The picture above shows the Yazidi community fleeing ISIS in Northern Iraq and headed into the Sinjar Mountains.   Iraq, not Syria.

You can only identify traditional refugee families (women and children) in the Yazidi story.   It appears in an effort to refute the true imagery of Syrian Refugee composition, the Ted Cruz team need to try and convince readership using images of Yazidi’s in Northern Iraq.

The weird question is why?

beck and cruzPerhaps this has something to do with the weakness of Ted Cruz when it comes to immigration and his flip/flops:

♦ Ted Cruz Flip/Flops on Immigration

♦ Ted Cruz Flip/Flops on Birthright Citizenship

♦ Ted Cruz Flip/Flops on TPP and TPA Support

♦ Ted Cruz Flip/Flops on Marijuana Issue

♦ Ted Cruz Flip/Flops on FEMA and Federal Aid

♦ Ted Cruz Flip/Flops on VISA Program

Perhaps Ted Cruz supporters find themselves on the losing end of reality and need to manufacture distractions.  Perhaps Ted Cruz supporters are just maintaining the currency of falsehood that is essentially a hallmark of the Cruz campaign.

Maybe advocates are concerned the Syrian refugee story will be compared to the silliness of the Soccer Ball and Teddy Bear campaign that turned out to be a fictitious unaccompanied alien children crisis during the summer of 2014.

Or maybe, just maybe, they are fearful of being left out of the policy issue.  A policy discussion they have wind-tested and reflects an actual risk to their candidates prior position.  Who really knows for sure.

What is certain is this.

The picture on the left is indeed Syrians.  The picture on the right is not:

jihad in New Orleansyazidi 3 sooper mexican

And Syrian refugees have actually arrived in New Orleans.


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80 Responses to Conservative “Media” Protecting / Advancing “Their” Candidates…

  1. 22227z says:

    So glad you wrote this. I would say more, but I won’t. Just really glad you wrote it.

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  2. lecombatblog says:

    I saw the Right Scoop refute th arrival if Syrians – I wasn’t shocked. I’ve stopped visiting their site.

    Conservative media has its own biases. All you can do is keep your eyes open. Follow the money as they say and you’ll find the truth.

    Thanks SD for keeping things honest.

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  3. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    You mention Mark Levin as part of the GOPe machine, Sundance, but I have to give the guy credit… GOPers may advertise on his show, but he clearly does not feel beholden to them.

    He speaks as strongly against GOPers as, well, as strongly as I would if I had a microphone like he does.

    Despite his Salem Network connections, Levin is definitely one of us.

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    • Hardnox says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Levin is first and foremost an American and not a party hack.

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    • kitkat says:

      I noticed that about Levin, too! However, in the last election cycle I thought he was more GOPe. His treatment of Ron Paul was so awful, that I no longer tune in to him much anymore.


    • sundance says:

      I never mentioned Levin as part of the GOPe machine. Those are your words, not mine.

      Those are specifically so much your words, not mine – that I am left to wonder why you need to project them upon me? Yeah, funny that.

      Hmmmm??… curiosor and curiosor.

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      • Garrison Hall says:

        You’ve never dumped on Levin. The reason is simple: Levin will never sell-out, not ever . . .

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        • Remnant says:

          Never say never. We have witness some shocking things in the past few years, and the rabbit trails go deep sometimes. I am not insinuating that Levin has sold out, it’s just that we are to the point of having to question EVERYTHING.

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        • knotpeesea says:

          levin seems that he will not sell out, he appears on fox news but he rips fox news just as bad as all the other networks. i haven’t seen any evidence of him aiding any of the establishment hacks and doesn’t seem to have thrown a public endorsment to any on his show.

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      • Ricardo says:

        You did say “Mark Levin content driven,” which is probably what the poster interpreted incorrectly. I actually took it the same way until you disputed it here.

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      • ATGinCT says:

        Please edit this post to reflect that Trump is finally coming around to Cruz’s position on the Syrian terrorists Obama is importing to advance the caliphate. Two seconds and Google show this from Oct 5th.

        Plus a direct question to Sundance, why are you espousing that Cruz is an open borders guy when his every action during gang of eight was to expose the fraud the gang of eight bill was? Sessions and Mike Lee made similar attempts yet at times you have held forth that Sessions is virtuous and Cruz a fraud?

        The guy who has led on GOPe, George Martin and so many other things wants to pretend he can’t recognize poison pills proffered by Cruz? I’m not buying that.

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        • sundance says:

          So you’re saying Ted Cruz is now against the import of syrian Refugees/terrorists?

          Because, well, I’m sure you know Ted Cruz was advocating to take them in ’14. Advocating that we could screen out the terrorists too:

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          • ATGinCT says:

            Thanks for the reply Sundance.

            As it’s been noted on a more recent page/post Cruz specifically referred to the Christian genocide going on in that region.

            After posting my above comment I realized it was to the wrong post as I also had the page where you lumped Cruz and Rubio together as johnny come lately to the Trump way of thinking, I apologize for the confusion.


    • chili palmer says:

      You say ‘Levin is definitely one of us.’ I disagree completely. Do you have transcripts of Levin’s shows for the past 3 years? That’s what it would require to back up your statement. To my knowledge, Levin doesn’t provide daily transcripts of his shows like Rush does. I used to hang on every word Levin said, thought he was the only hope. About 3 years ago I noticed a big change. I’ve kept notes and transcribed some of his statements from podcasts. Levin is deeply tied to the GOP E and they to him. He’ll forever be in the Reagan administration. Levin loves Hugh Hewitt, had him on the show once and the two raved about what great, great people both George Bushes were. The Bushes destroyed this country and the GOP and sold the US out to globalists. They’re not great guys. Levin also talked up CPAC in the past year, said they’ve really changed for the better, etc. CPAC hasn’t changed one bit. CPAC is a co-opt outfit. Levin is willing to be co-opted and then to co-opt others by selling CPAC. Co-opting is the major tool the GOP uses to silence opposition.


      • Do you have transcripts of Levin’s shows for the past 3 years? To my knowledge, Levin doesn’t provide daily transcripts of his shows like Rush does.

        You could always try listening. Every show from the last year is archived at his site and available for listening anytime you want.The idea that Levin is pro-GOPe these days is about as absurd as it gets.

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      • 2x4x8 says:

        hi there Chili

        on Marl Levin, just as other media types, they have some issues that are favorable to the Globalist agenda, though they are Conservative leaders

        both Hewitt and Levin were part of Reagan’s administration, which up to that time had more Trilateralists-CFR members then any other President

        the Globalist-NeoCon and the Reagan Administration were favorable to advancing a Constitutional Convention of the States (34) in an excuse to get a Balanced Budget amendment

        Mark Levin still pushes for a Con-Con, i realize the Constitution stands in the way of the World Gov agenda, and opening it up for re-writing or scraping the way the Articles of Confederation was would result in disaster

        SunDance has shown how the Donor Class has influence with individual State GOPe leaders, and how they have been changing election rules in some States (see research on Colorado and North Carolina) in order to favor Jeb Bush, it is laughable how Patriots could possibly push Con-Con and yet not even CONTROL their own State GOPe Leaders

        its the rule of law and God given rights we the people count on, not individuals who can sell out to highest bidder


    • 22227z says:

      He may not feel beholden, but he sure thinks he is the cat’s meow w/enough power and influence to dictate how the candidates should be. The other day he was threatening that if Trump and Rubio didn’t knock off the attacks he wasn’t going to give them air time anymore (my words, not his). Beck does the same thing, even Rush has his moments. I am so tired of the media players trying to be Kingmakers and being legends in their own minds. Conservatives are every bit as bad the liberals when it comes to this stuff, it is how they make their money, so yes, they play all sides.

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    • Ricardo says:

      Levin recently put out a “warning” to Trump and Rubio over bashing our candidates. To Trump over Carson, to Rubio over Cruz. Though Rubio, hypocrite that he is, was actually correct to point out that Cruz supported legal status and expanding H1B1. Trump of course is correct. The whole belt buckle story is just weird.

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      • Josh says:

        I don’t believe I’ve even spoken ill of Mark Levin.

        Last Friday (2015-Nov-13) I grimaced when I heard him say:
        “If Donald Trump continues to attack Ben Carson the way he’s attacking Ben Carson I have to affirmatively oppose him. I like the man very much but the absolute reckless, personal assaults on Ben Carson who is one of the most decent men you could possible know, and I only know him from the public airways, and a truly accomplished man is simply unacceptable to me. It’s unacceptable to me. I’ve never heard this kind of slurring of a man of great integrity.”

        At the 13:38 mark:

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    • R Daneel says:

      Levin is “sound and fury signifying nothing”.

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    • Truly Levin, Metaxes, and MANY Other Conservatives in Media, are Faithful, though it appears this author questions a whole swath of them with a Minuscule amount of Coincidence & VERY LITTLE evidence. These guys are among the Best out there. I dont know much about Salem, but I know that this Article proves very little, while disparaging Many. Seems very unfounded. The closest he comes to actually making a case is list of other articles. Having followed them, a couple raise good questions, a couple are poorly thrown together hit pieces and some of them dont even Prove anything. Some quotes taken out of context, misread & conclusions jumped to. Pretty shoddy work. There are PLENTY of Phony Conservatives Sites run by Liberals Posing to lead REAL Conservatives astray. Ted Cruz is the Best Option We have. Rick Santorum is the Next Best. all others are Corrupt Frauds. The WOR$T Control Freaks Will & Have gone to great lengths to keep us from $UPPORTING & Voting for these men. They dont like Carson, Rubio, or even Trump much, but they certainly would prefer them over Ted or Rick.

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  4. coldsnap says:

    There are plenty of photos of the Syrian Army invading Europe… uh, I mean, “refugees” “migrating” into Europe.

    The truth is VERY easy to see if you just look. They are mostly males, mostly fit, mostly fighting age, (and/or “peace-loving” non-Trojan-wearing baby making age).

    Use your search engine and just type or paste, syrian refugees +europe, then click images. Or, go to youtube and search. You can find lots of images and videos out there IF you look.

    That image used by RS is a disgraceful attempt to misinform in order to prop up their view.

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  5. parteagirl says:

    Great post! I am very curious about how the Super PACs are influencing candidate’s policies. For example, is Cruz this late to the immigration game because of his ties to open borders Club for Growth? Why is he “able” to talk about it now? Are his flip flops due to his changing his mind, or is he getting a green light on certain issues from donors?

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    • Trumped says:

      He is taking Trump positions to sway that support towards him.
      Its splitter strategy at work. Last man standing taking all the splittered delegates.

      The thing is that the people who are once a trump supporter dont get swayed over that easily at all .
      All it does is making them all look bad.

      Trump was very keen on putting carson down as half of carson supporters at least will go over to trump.
      All while the rest just scatters around the other candidates .
      They hope one of them has a break out performance latest in an early state.

      But trump is too fast and too much present which spoils their time table. Trump wont loose any support the next two months. He just needs to hammer his points again and again while getting more policy out.

      Its now all about getting ready for the primary in your state while keeping the old establishment gop under scrutiny
      .. they wont back down without a fight !

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      • Tonawanda says:

        Amazing how in every election part of the discussion is how any given candidate needs to simplify the message, to stay on message, to avoid getting knocked off message, to penetrate the message through the noise.

        So far, Trump has has brilliantly done all this without the soviet media even noticing. Heck, they are his messenger boys.

        On of the most lovable parts of RR was how he was underestimated and lampooned by all the right people, the same people who were stunned and clueless when RR won big.

        RR and Trump are two very different people who share the same amazing insight into how human beings operate.

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    • sundance says:

      Needs to.

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  6. dizzymissl says:

    Hahaha, great post.

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  7. Hardnox says:

    Excellent post Sundance.

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  8. jackphatz says:

    After the 2012 election I stopped watching FOX ( and pretty much all TV news altogether), I stopped listening to Rush ( I still do occasionally), Hannity although he drove me crazy with his one subject a year M/O, Beck had already ticked me off. I started listening to music again,Alternative music. It’s far less stressful and depressing. I get all the news and info I can handle off the internet and I truly believe I’m more educated because of it. Places like CTH are premier but not near enough sites like this…yet. Even AT has me bothered lately, so anti-Trump.
    I still trust Rush and Levine, I also think Dennis Prager is a good one to listen too, he’s different. That is it on the trust factor. Pretty sad!

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    • aximand88 says:

      Beck was ever really stable in my eyes, but when he climbed on the crazy horse, he rode that beast hard.

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    • Jeff WILLIAMSON says:

      Long ago done with Fox. Murdoch, Ailes have an
      agenda & those on that network will abide.

      I listen to Levin & Laura Ingraham.
      Rush too ego-driven, self absorbed. Selling books
      tea & then goes on & on about NFL, baseball…

      Hannity never caught on with me.
      FN: every night, or in the past, all the ex-Bushes were provided free reign: Rove, Perino, Theissen, then Hume, Will, Krauthamer & Geraldo, Colmes, you have to be really dumb to watch a dose of that nightly!

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  9. Garrison Hall says:

    ” . . .it is disingenuous in the extreme not to notice the espoused views from punditry are impacted by the financial benefits afforded them via campaign, and special interest, ad revenues. . .”

    Well said, Sundance. As the campaign progresses and the GOPe becomes more desperate the pressure on “conservative” new outlets and talk-show hosts will become much more pronounced.
    It will be our responsibility to be alert to the signs and then call them on it when we see them moving from commentary to spinning. If you’re paying attention you’ll be able to tell when they shift into paid-information mode. Glenn Beck and Hannity are shameless about doing this. One moment they’re talking about a real issue and then, without telling you their selling a product, they neatly segue into a sales pitch for gold or survival food. Rush used to do this a lot more than he does now. At least he’ll generally let you know that it’s paid advertisement time. Hannity and Beck don’t and it really shows in their delivery.

    It’s one thing to do this for a company selling a product (even though I think it’s stinks) but it something else entirely when Fox or talk-radio hosts start shilling for a candidate that’s just dumped a huge ad buy into their coffers. When that happens start calling them! I doubt you get through, but their call screeners are part of their production staff and when the switchboards light up with complaints they’ll know it. The only thing people in the broadcast biz fear worse than loss of sponsor revenue is a loss of audience. Trust me, they’ll pay attention to these kinds of complaints.

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  10. mazziflol says:

    So I’m curious about RightScoop…did they fix their story or retract it..or are they still reporting that something that did in fact happen…hasn’t happened?


    • 22227z says:

      No, they moved it to the top as the headline. It is such a shame that they have gone to the wayside. Years ago it was a good site, a fun site, now it is full of nasty people, and they have jerks for moderators. There is one person in particular that loves to trash this site. I check the headlines, but I sure don’t put links on FB or Twitter anymore.

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  11. keebler AC says:

    Right Scoop – completely discredited for good now.

    I’m still concerned that Megyn Kelly is moderating the debate in Iowa only 4 days before the Iowa primary. Four days is simply not enough time to vet what these loud mouth Megyn and the Johnny-come-lately’s like Cruz, Rubio and Carson say. You can bet Trump is being set up now by these bullies to take on unfair questions at that debate. No debate should be occurring that short notice before a primary election. This is not fair and optimal practice for the wider audience too.

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    • phil fan says:

      Trump long ago constructed a narrative that Kelly is in the tank. Everyone knows this now and has for months. So she acts ‘like herself’ and Trump does his Trump brush off, so what? Who will be impressed? Iowas voters? He won’t lose any there. Relax.

      He’s got her number not the other way around. If I were her I’d be a little cautious.

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      • TheTorch says:

        I would not be so sure about that. Remember Trump will negotiate the debate from now on, not the RNC, so I would not be surprised, if a condition is that she is not present as a moderator.

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    • tdtweety says:

      From my personal experience what MK tried to do to Trump actually attracted more people to Trump. Most of the folks I meet daily are not news savvy or particularly tuned in to any alternative news sources. They came over to Team Trump after watching that faux crew of moderators attack him. Not only did the swear off Fox News but they were now interested in Trump because the establishment seemed to despise him so much. Even attacking Trump seems to attract new voters. One thing is for certain, Trump can handle the heat.


      • 2x4x8 says:

        there is some truth to that, controversy crates interest where there was passivity, then interest creates understanding and taking sides

        kinda reminds me of boxing how they hype their opponents


  12. SharonKinDC says:

    Outstanding work, Sundance.

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  13. LibertatiAutAdMortem says:

    Outstanding work and analysis. One would surmise from comments Trump has made that he might choose Cruz as his running mate; the CoC GOPe HW Bush required choice to Reagan’s nomination if you will. Ideally, who might be better given the circumstances? We have seen in the past, whether real or synthetic, a VP choice can have a detrimental effect on a campaign.

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    • PreNanny says:

      Cruz is not gong to be Trump’s veep choice no matter how hard his supporters/clingers
      imagine this to be the case. I have seen no comments from The Donald that would even come close to indicating any such thing or who he intends despite the frequent attempts by media to get him to. Trump knows this election is a war for America he is not going to announce his strategy to the enemy. Furthermore, the GOPe et al are not going to be in any position to dictate a single thing to The Donald after he and we have kicked their

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      • starfcker says:

        Trump is too quick on his feet for the rest of the field. I saw an article on one of the salem sites today claiming we must consider rubio the frontrunner. He’s only down by 30 points. Can you imagine trump taking him apart, one on one?

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        • phil fan says:

          Rubio the frontrunner. It’s to laugh. My my Salem Media is everything folks here have said they are = Anti-Trump, GOPe mouthpieces, globalist hucksters.

          And now we can add ‘Delusional’

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      Jeb Bush would be the HW Bush Reagan candidate

      Cruz would have been more like the Phil Crane candidate


  14. Jim says:

    How do you know Right Scoop is owned by Salem Media? I’ve been going there for a year or so an I haven’t seen anything about this


    • sundance says:

      No where does it say Right Scoop is owned by Salem Media (though it wouldn’t surprise me) outline says carries salem content. Meaning parrots content promoted by Salem Media entities.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      Right Scoop is all in for Cruz. I can’t stomach going there any longer because the anti-Trump Cruz supporters are so vile.

      What I find interesting is that for such a pro-Cruz site, it sure is full of Trump articles at least when I still went there.

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      Salem has been on a Company buy-out binge, Michelle Malkin Twitchy, Townhall (Heritage) and Red State (Erick Erickson) within the last couple years


  15. Jeff says:

    Thanks for this detailed story . It’s difficult to get the sheep to see that the “NEWS ” is a combination of information , messaging , and disinformation all delivered by ” a bubble headed bleach blonde ” .

    That FOX and CNN are gates calling you to enter the same pen !

    The Cruizers are entrenched and it’s difficult to prove to them his conservative credentials are suspect . TTP TPA they get lost in the weeds on this and the Corker Bill .

    This story line helps with that effort . You can lead a voter to the truth ..but you can’t make em’ THINK !!

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  16. Redware says:

    And don’t forget Breitbart-They are protecting Ben Carson!

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  17. hocuspocus13 says:

    Well…I do believe we will now see what Jindal is made of…

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  18. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    I’m disappointed in Cruz I assumed he was above this level of deception.

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      I hear ya, most candidate beside Trump need funding, so I was surprised when Cruz did real well right after nomination over in Silicon Valley, SunDance been doing a nice job explaining “platform” and calling out Facebook and Twitter, but hey, wife Heidi has relationships with Goldman Sachs and CFR


  19. Again, wisdom from G.K. Chesterton —
    “It is not we who silence the press. It is the press that silences us. It is not a case of the Commonwealth settling how much the editors shall say; it is a case of the editors settling how much the Commonwealth shall know.”

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  20. CNS says:

    I appreciate this article very much! I am presently in my eighties and over the past years have been studying people who have written extensively about this very subject. SD is very prescient in presenting this subject at this time, and I might add has truly been presenting facts about this very subject for a while now. The basic truth of this matter is that we have been propagandized by all of these elites for longer than any of us can remember! The advent of TV placed in the control of these people has essentially been a disaster for the culture. So many treatises have been written on this subject, it would take to long to name them all! Of course at the top of the list would probably “1984”. Another would be Diane West’s tome on Betrayal of America under the Roosevelt presidency. The comments above all address the subject by real people who are aware of this problem! My gratitude for this blog site!!!

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      nice of you to bring up books in connection to this article, the one that most seals it for me is Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley

      I can tell, just by people who post comments, if they believe there is a conspiracy of the financial powers and control of corporation for their Globalist agenda


  21. lecombatblog says:

    The bigger question is control for the GOPe & democrats.

    In the TPP they are hungry to control online content by protecting copyright & impede sharing hyperlinks:

    “The US is also calling for criminal sanctions for copyright infringement, even where the infringement isn’t being carried out for commercial reasons.

    If the US gets its way, then criminal penalties will apply even against users who were not seeking financial gain from sharing or making available copyrighted works”

    Guess what the penalties would be?

    “universal minimum term, whether life-plus-50-years, life-plus-70 or life-plus-100.”

    Me just simply hyperlinking this article will give me jail time. TPP must be stopped.

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  22. MissV says:

    I’m glad I found this post. Yesterday I saw on BB a ‘cruz distinguishes his immigration platform from Rubio…’ headline. The commenters were all in for Cruz. The language on BB did not mention deportation or anything relevant to the current alien crowd in the country. A quick scan of the actual page on Cruz’s website mentions deportation, but not specific to exactly who will be deported. Later, he mentions deportation of criminal illegals. Still later he mentions permanent detention centers in the US.

    The language is soft, squish-ily couched phrasing, with some of it almost meaningless (180-day suspension of H1-B visas) and reminiscent of a three-ring circus. I can see lots of holes there.

    It may distinguish itself from Rubio, but Cruz still does not mention exactly what happens to the people already here that don’t belong. I don’t trust it. I don’t trust Cruz who has shown his willingness to dump on the citizens of the USA. Neither do I trust Breitbart, who has lost complete control of its common board, and for what reason escapes me.

    To my way of thinking, it is a smokescreen meant primarily to fool the voters into abandoning Trump, which makes way for the GOPe. My opinion, only.

    Liked by 6 people

  23. yy4u says:

    Every four years, the Republican establishment nominates a Dole or a Bush or a McCain or a Romney and then pressure us to support said candidate because the “Democrat will be worse”. I’m already getting pressured from friends telling me I have to support the Republican candidate because Hillary will be worse. Well, I don’t happen to think so. Bad as Hillary is, she’s not as stupid as Jebbush or as slimy as Marco Romeo (sic). Furthermore, the definition of insanity is to keep doing what we’ve been doing and expecting different results. We’ve been supporting the Republican establishment candidate and our country has gone to hell in a handbasket whether we had a Republican OR a Democrat in office. What did W. do about closing the borders? I will not be bullied into voting for whom the Establishment nominates again. I will vote Third Party, stay home or write Trump’s name in. I’m done being jerked around by the Establishment. And, yes, the WSJ and Fox News are ALL IN for the Establishment.

    Liked by 4 people

    • It does not help to defeat Lord Cornwallis, if you put Benedict Arnold in command – agree with your sentiments – enough is enough. The Cochran-McDaniel senate race in Mississippi made it clear that the GOPe will do whatever it takes to avoid actually doing anything they promise to win votes.

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      • CountryclassVulgarian says:

        Agreed. I think most of us have been on to the GOPe/donor/ruling/professional conservative/pundit class but the debacle in Mississippi sealed it for me.
        I am an avid listener of Limbaugh, Levin, Berry and my local guy here. I don’t think they are sellouts. I’ll keep my powder dry.


  24. kvoorhees4 says:

    I believe that both Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz called for only admitting Christians from Syria over the weekend. That perked my ears up for phoniness. How does anyone think the courts would allow a religious test for refugees? While the court fight is going on, Obama will be bringing in the 250,000 Syrians and “conservatives” will be saying, “See, our guys are fighting for us!” Distraction, in other words.

    Rubio has been attacking Cruz for trying to quintuple the number of H1B visas. I haven’t heard whether Cruz has denied that in any way. Over the weekend, Trump’s advisor/lawyer Michael Cohen affirmed that Trump wants to put a hold on legal immigration until things sort out. Thats a logical position. If everyone is agreeing that theres something wrong with our immigration system, don’t make it worse.

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  25. Summer says:

    In my humble opinion, Cruz is a shyster masquerading as a conservative martyr, one voice against the juggernaut, blah blah blah. That’s a very compelling image. But as soon as you start peeling off the gold plating, you notice a globalist bought and paid for by special interests. It is not even all that hard to see if one is not distracted by his dramatic performance.
    To be honest, his preachy voice, theatrics, and carefully constructed lawyery rhetoric are simply annoying to me.

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  26. truthandjustice says:

    I was wondering who was behind RightScoop because I it’s obvious they’re in the tank for Cruz. However, they do have articles on Trump a lot but most of the time make critical remarks about him while praising everything Cruz. I guess we don’t know for sure, but sounds likely it’s Salem.
    So I did a quickie research on Salem Media.

    From Wikipedia
    Among its founding members were: Paul Weyrich…..served on Council for National Policy

    Cruz connected to controversial Paul Weyrich:

    “In March of 1987, Paul Weyrich wrote .. A Conservative’s Lament, which appeared in the Washington Post. He stated in that article,”We need some type of shadow government, in which leaders and top advisors can be identified and developed, and through which our politics can be better focused on policy choices. The world is a professional league, and we cannot win fielding amateur teams.” Obviously, we have this “shadow government” in the Council on Foreign Relations. One wonders who is grooming Ted Cruz.”

    Also the CEO/founder Edward Atsinger III was a Perry supporter. Perry is an unabashed Establishment person.

    Re the story – yes, I noticed that and bothered me – mocked whoever brought this up and intimated whatever site (this one included) this came from was very questionable.
    I wonder who those people are? Sometimes they delete info that is negative to Cruz.

    Re Cruz – yes, I’m afraid he seems to be about the slickest in the bunch and being used to take votes from Trump. I still try to post truths. Thanks for the info here………..

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  27. truthandjustice says:

    Re Mark Levin – I wonder about him too. His push for the Convention of States is disturbing:

    “The Constitutional Convention, ..that’s being sold to the legislators is a lie and has to be stopped. At least three White House advisers and officials, including President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, have ties to an effort funded by billionaire George Soros to push for a new “progressive” U.S. Constitution by the year 2020.”
    American Constitution Society (ACS). ACS is the main organization behind the Con-Con movement to ensure a more “progressive” constitution, having received more than $2,201,500 from Soros’ Open Society since 2002. The funders for ACS are the Barbra Steisand Foundation, the Sandler Foundation, and George Soros’ Open Society Foundations….. has connections to various elitist organizations.
    Michael P. Farris is Head of Convention of the States Project ..President of in which Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) member Grover G. Norquist is the Director.

    Mark Levin – Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity – funded by Koch Bros.


  28. george stevens says:

    Wow! Everyone in America needs to read this.


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