Oh Dear, Mark Levin’s CRTV Fires Mark Steyn – Lawsuit Follows…

Many people, myself included, were curious when conservative political humorist Mark Steyn joined CRTV (Conservative Review Television) the new pay-4-TV media venture of radio host Mark Levin.

Mark Steyn occasionally fills in for Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, he’s a terrifically funny personality with a strong following.  It simply didn’t make sense for a bright light like Steyn to align with the shrinking endeavors of ‘Never Trump – Old Yeller‘ Levin, who has devolved into a louder screechier version of Glenn Beck, sans Cheetos.

mark-steyn-mark-levin-crtvWell, predictably it didn’t take long for litmus-test loggerheads, and broken financial contracts:

Mark Steyn was fired by Old Yeller after only a month into a four-year contract.

Steyn supporters who subscribed to CRTV were initially refused refunds; however, after backlash it would appear refunds are now being granted.

Oh, and it also appears as though a lawsuit is ongoing.

This fiasco was entirely predictable.

One of the more remarkable benefits from the success of President Trump has been the unmasking of crony-conservatives writ large.  As the larger electorate looked on in disbelief, a generational cycle of battered conservative syndrome was finally broken.

five stooges never trumpnever-trump-5-team

As co-dependents’ no more, the broad base of practical traditional conservatives saw the true self-interested crew of Never Trumper’s for what they are: financial opportunists who use various political media platforms for self enrichment; nothing more.

The historically expressed positions were less about politics and more about business models.  Threaten those interests and all of a sudden positions change. Somehow it always ends up being about money.

The Never Trump coalition showed themselves supporting a host of positions that were previously concealed.  It didn’t take long to discover their positions were funded by special interests, Wall Street interests, Super-PAC’s and corporate media interests.

With the additional sunlight upon their endeavors, intents and motivations, they put themselves into a zero-sum position; hence, #NeverTrump.

All of the entities who invested in media enterprises, that could only succeed if candidate Trump was defeated, have now lost their money.   All of the entities who were dependent on the investments therein are increasingly losing their viewers/listeners, and are now slowly collapsing.

The situation reminds me of a scene from a movie.  The new conservative insurgency represented by Forest Whitaker’s deplorable laugh in this moment:

…”Hey Old Yeller’, do ya’ think we need to lose a little weight?”…


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411 Responses to Oh Dear, Mark Levin’s CRTV Fires Mark Steyn – Lawsuit Follows…

  1. 4bleu says:

    How many people have watched the clip from the Munk debate? It was an eye-opener. Classic condescending liberals with big credentials defending the ‘migrant’ issue in Europe, with the basis of their argument that dissenting Steyn and Farage must have had ‘sex’ obsessions since they kept bringing up the subject of rapes.
    Mark quotes an audience reviewer as to what happened: “Schama disgraced himself with “I’m just struck by how obsessed with sex these two guys are, actually. It’s a bit sad, really.” (That got a very big laugh.) I took one look at Steyn’s glowering face after that remark — Schama will regret having said it to his dying day, I know it — and I kind of felt sorry for those two liberals, because I knew what was coming.

    Steyn slowly rose…”

    Mark has the clip here. http://www.steynonline.com/7507/when-mark-steyn-struck-back
    Watch the whole thing (hold on through the nasty first Liberal statements – important to note how they chose to argue – personal insults and mockery).

    Note that Mark skewered Arbour on her arrogant hypocrisy. She had no problem at all throwing the big legal/power machine at Africans for ‘rape as a war crime’ but is all conciliatory now when it’s someone else. Mark’s response he noted afterwards busted through the cartoon stereotype the Left had created for ‘conservatives.’ The Left was actually terrified at the shift in attitude in the audience during that one debate. An alarming (for them) percentage of the listening audience began to really hear what he was saying and were in favor. Note this was in April 2016 – yet the debate is even more relevant than it was.

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    • Indimex says:

      I had not seen, or heard, of the Munk Debates. Thank you for posting!

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      • Oh, I have seen this video before I saved it on a playlist of favorites in YouTube. mark Steyn is amazing and it’s the only Rush Limbaugh guest host that I truly enjoy listening to (nothing wrong with the others, but…they’re not Mark Steyn). I never had the opportunity to watch his show in CRTV, but now that he’s a free agent he should go solo on YouTube or find a better deal.

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        • Baseballmomof8 says:

          Agreed re Rush guests…. my hope …. and prayer… is that, when Rush retires, Steyn will take over the lead at EIB


    • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

      4bleu, thank you for sharing that. Steyn and Farage rightly expose the hypocrisy of the left in Europe, which is hauntingly similar to the left in the USA.

      The good news, as I see it, is that the so called democratic, socialist, communist parties of the left around the world have let all the whacko’s into their parties, and since there are no standards, no vetting, the only guiding principle repeatedly being “inclusion and diversity for all” is killing these sick minded, demented parties off. Thank God. I thank God I’m on right side of life with all of you amazing people. #MAGA

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      • mariner says:

        *Steyn and Farage rightly expose the hypocrisy of the left in Europe, which is hauntingly similar to the left in the USA.*

        This should be no surprise, as the left in both places is owned by the same globalists.

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      • andersm0 says:

        The crazy thing is that inclusion and diversity are contrary to each other unless perpetual conflict is your goal. Perhaps that explains why the left is so violent – conflict stress!

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Farage, and particularly Steyn, were absolutely brilliant at shooting down the haughty, self righteous Arbour and Schama.

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    • juvat1st says:

      Mark Steyn would be excellent as press secretary assistant/deputy.


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    • It was brilliant. And he is, consistently. I like CRTV, but less so now.

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    • alegenoa says:

      I loved the facial expression of Schama during the scolding: a school brat being berated by the Principal, knowing full well he could do nothing but fume and take the hit. The anger of a powerless spoiled teenager.

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    • andersm0 says:

      I watched the Munk debate. Steyn’s takedown of those smug liberals, especially that smarmy prick Simon Shama, was one of the most gratifying things I’ve witnessed in a long time. My God, he was magnificent.

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    • It was excellent. Love both Mark & Nigel. It is a must see!


  2. LARS says:

    Listen to Levin for a few minutes and you will hear the populism and tariff torture rant. Over and over for years to come, if he can stay in business….

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    • Beverly says:

      “Populism” is just Globalist-speak for PATRIOTISM. Remember that? yeah, I know y’all do, that’s why I’m here! Amazing that good old American patriotism is off the menu of all of these Quislings.

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    • PowerCord says:

      I stopped listening a while ago and it wasn’t what he said, it was how he said it. It’s that whiny, nasally voice of his that sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.


  3. davidspuria says:

    Levin has been on my radar screen for a year. He speaks out of both sides of his very large ass and has now got a “constitutional convention of states” following. An idea that could no way come to pass due to the amount of rancor and division among us. Steyn should get some well deserved financial compensation for this fiasco. Crowder too, is a moron for joining this circus.

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    • Dan says:

      I understand why Crowder would join. Levin, for better or worse, is still a player in conservative intellectual circles. I agree with you regarding his show lately, but his book Liberty & Tyranny was excellent and timely. I could see why Crowder would think being associated with Leven (as well as Malkin and Steyn, initially) would be attractive.

      I don’t think it is a coincidence that the shows putting out regular content come from hosts with other shows. Crowder, for the most part, was putting out the same show before. He upgraded his set and changed some things. I wasn’t a subscriber, but I hear Malkin has put out anything new since December.

      And therein, I think, lies the problem. My theory is Steyn went into this full throttle, making it his primary focus only to find out Levin/CRTV wasn’t. Steyn has said CRTV hasn’t paid production/staff costs for February, there were issue with the set, etc. It would also explain why Malkin hasn’t put new stuff out recently. She wasn’t getting the support from CRTV, and said screw it. The other hosts already had shows, so adding CRTV was secondary.

      It finally reached a boiling point, and that was that. Can’t blame Steyn for being upset.

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    • The convention could take place with the rate of Democrat decline in st. legislators & governors. By the time it would happen, the best amendments it could do would be term limits for Congress & Supreme Court Judges. Maybe an amendment for abolishing the death tax, as well as a prohibition of future taxes on wealth.

      I’d what is stated above personally, with the mentality/ideology of this upcoming generation. Any constitutional convention would be a product of the Trump/MAGA Movement. It is more likely Israel has a 2 state solution than a constitutional convention producing anything significant.


  4. AZmama says:

    I like Mark Steyn. I used to like Levin until he showed his true colors during the campaign.

    Hannity used to have Levin on fairly regularly. I have not watched Hannity enough to know if that continues, but I am guessing with Hannity more in with Trump, probably not.

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    • I want to like Levin, but the NeverTrumpness seems to cling. Crowder was always great, except toward the end of the election when Nearly-NeverTrumpness began to eat his brain. He still so wants to disagree with Trump but can’t–except a feeble free trade thingy here and there.


  5. Big Jake says:

    Levin called Sundance out today on his “radio show” calling him “a grocery stocker” or some such. Looks like you got to him.

    Hey, we are now ALT-RIGHT according to Ol’ Yeller.

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  6. mcclainra says:

    I used to listen to him, also Beck, Hannity, & Rush. Back during the election run-up, or before for Beck, figured him out, and quit listening to ALL of them for a while. No use for Levin. His convention of states is a very bad idea, so hope it goes nowhere. Back listening to Rush at times, and same with Hannity. I like David Webb, but got off Sirius for a while, and can’t get him where I live. Levin and Beck deserve everything they get, and then some. Total frauds, both of them. I love it, Big Jake, that you heard ML call out Sundance. If he only knew 🙂

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  7. John Vossos says:

    I bought in early because if Mark Steyn being there. I want my money back. I have asked but not heard back. Levin is a dick. His show is doomed.

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  8. filia.aurea says:

    Lol, my son tried feeding Asian crap to a couple of hungry cats, they took one sniff and started making the “bury it” motion, before walking away in disgust.


  9. alegenoa says:

    I’ve followed Steyn for years, never heard of Levin before I found his face on a CTH composite photo as part of the duplicitous NeverTrumpers. I guess I was fortunate.


  10. silverlakela says:

    “Sundance” or whoever wrote this article needs to get past his hatred for Mark Levin and back those who support Trump. This is NOT THE TIME for petty personal feelings to get in the way and demonize those fighting for Trump.

    Does this sound like Mark Levin is part of “Never Trump”?
    Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama’s ‘Silent Coup’ vs. Trump


    • anniesezso says:

      You appear to be one of those who display lib behavior. There are none so blind . . .. Has little to do with petty hatred for Levin and all to do with honesty, character and motive. I love Mark Steyn but wrote to him that I just could not contribute in any way to Levin support. Wake up, your vapid promotion of Levin is boring and few Treepers will be influenced.

      Now if you want a list of why Levin is a hack, I can give you many reasons. But just for starters, his popularity is questionable because he is subsidized. Just like MSNBC, they have no following but yet they continue on. Levin/CRTV will continue on as long as the money supporting him keeps coming. Trouble is, he isn’t in control of his own, or anyone else he’s hired, destiny. Personally, I’m hoping for another protege the big mouthed religious right hypocrite toad from Iowa, Steve Deace, to get the ax.

      He doesn’t disclose the details, much like he failed to disclose that his now step-son worked for Cruz during the election push. Who supports him, Cruz PAC did back then, swampland billionaires. Now, Cary Katz. Son of corrupt Marcus Katz who tried pocketing the wrong money from government tit student loan lending fame into a different failing business of his and got caught. The Katz’ got perks from heavy Republican donations, much love for the Bushes.

      So, as always like our beloved President states many times over, Levin is a puppet owned by his puppet master. who is a swampland billionaire. Mark Steyn spent a lot of money that CRTV was to cover but instead locked him out cold. Cary evidently didn’t like Steyn’s politics so now it’s lawyer time–just a write off to a billionaire but likely could ruin the working man Steyn. Shitty business. Levin is just a money grubbing wannabe not in control of his own destiny (puppet) but subsidized by globalist dollars and agenda. Any questions?

      References abound on the net, but here are a few for starters.





  11. jojo thaleskrete says:

    Levin is first, last and always a never Trumper. So I am a never Levin. Simple.

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  12. Like Steyn. Never understood – no pun intended – why he went to CRTV. FOX should have given him the 7pm slot or cohost 7pm with someone. FBN could have used him for new programming as well.

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  13. Patriot Lady says:

    My dear Sundance,
    Your mistake was still thinking that Mark Steyn is a conservative. Given enough time, the phonies/hypocrites will be exposed and Mark Steyn is a class A phony, as I learned about 6 years ago……
    Back in 2011 when Herman Cain was a presidential candidate, I was a huge Cain supporter. Remember when his poll numbers were on the rise the summer of 2011? Remember then, the attacks on his character — the women who appeared with their charges of lewdness–all 2 or 3 of them? Well, Steyn was filling in for Rush one day that summer, and he took the opportunity to trash Cain on the air. He said Cain was not qualified to be president because of having no foreign policy experience. But Steyn’s character assassination of Cain didn’t stop there –he compared the accusations against Cain to Wilt Chamberlain’s claim to have slept with 20,000 women. Yes friends–he said it– I heard it. Steyn placed Herman Cain on the level of a lecher like Wilt Chamberlain. So even back then the GOPe was not going to let anyone come between Romney and the presidential nomination. What a blessing that I never bought one of Steyn’s books! So Steyn surely deserves to be added to Sundance’s never-Trumpters list and flushed down the toilet.
    Thanks again Sundance for “shining the light of truth”…….Hey, where have I heard that before? Must have been on the radio, a looong looong time ago. 😎 😎


    • Dan says:

      If you have never bought one of Steyn’s books, the loss is entirely yours. They are excellent, particularly America Alone and After America.

      I love listening to Steyn fill in for Rush. I didn’t hear that particular clip. My theory is, when it comes to professional “talkers” particular those in a long-form format, is not to put too much stock in one comment. Rather, look for patterns. We have all said things that, perhaps we didn’t mean or perhaps came out differently than we would have liked. Imagine talking off the cuff on a regular basis for hours at a time in front of millions.

      To call Steyn a Never Trumper is absurd. He was one of the first to predict Trump could win, and one of the even fewer prominent figures to predict Trump could win. As early as the summer of 2015 he was on Alan Colmes’ radio show saying Trump had a real chance. His article about attending a Trump rally in Vermont in early 2016 (before Iowa and New Hampshire) absolutely nailed the Trump phenomenon.

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    • Sean says:

      Steyn is the single most prescient writer of the past 15 years. To write him off for a throw-away line about a poor presidential candidate is both childish and foolish.

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  14. Ex-Oligarch says:

    The really annoying thing about Levin’s “free trade” rants is that they are based on the fallacy that the huge compilations of protectionist rules called “free trade agreements” actually reflect free trade principles. He approaches the issue from a position that is as contradictory and ass-backward as it is strident.


  15. Margaret Weber says:

    I would have liked to subscribe to CRTV but since it was Levins baby, I decided not to. Levin never supported our president and I truly resented that. I was surprised that Mark Stein and Michelle Malkin were involved with the station at all. Now that Mark Stein is out, Michelle should somehow leave CRTV too. It will only ruin her reputation. (Mark Stein is the only guest host I like to listen to when Rush is not doing his show).


  16. Larry faught says:

    Why is mark levin, who I have never heard of, so mad.


  17. Rhonda Wilmot says:

    May I just say a couple things about this article. First, I subscribed to CRTV in October because I am a Levin fan. Steyn was a curious side show. I usually tune him out when he fills in for Limbaugh because he is wordy, stutters and bores me. His show was like a remake of the Lawrence Welk show…It was dry and very long. I’m not disappointed that the show is gone: it was an odd addition in the first place. I actually was under the impression that Steyn was paying CRTV to be a participant.
    My next point…. I listened to both Beck and Levin during the election. Beck was, and always will be, a never Trumper. Levin, though he didn’t care for Trump, he was never a “never Trumper”…And he often said so on his show throughout the entire primary and election process. Your writer would have known this if he actually listened to the Mark Levin show.
    Personally, I assume that CRTV fired Steyn because the show was boring.
    Thanks for reading my comments.


  18. If Mark Steyn could not meet his commitments, he could have laid out the reasons why. Just leaving us hanging like that is absurd.


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