Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Hints At Brilliant NAFTA Negotiation Strategy – “Make Mexico Great Again”…

Oh, this guy is too good at this stuff.  Lots of love for Wilbur the Wolverine.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross hints at a strategy for NAFTA renegotiation with Mexico that completely annihilates any leftist opposition, and simultaneously drops the greatest humanitarian narrative right in the lap of the globalists.  Make Mexico raise their minimum wage.


Currently the minimum wage in Mexico is 80 pesos per day. Around $4 per day, and the length of the workday is up to the hiring company.  The minimum wage in the U.S. for an eight hour day is $58 ($7.90/hr  x 8).  Additionally, almost no-one in the U.S. makes minimum wage, and almost everyone in Mexico makes minimum wage.

Here comes Wilbur the magnanimous and says: Lets Make Mexico Great, by adding in a requirement that Mexico raises their minimum wage to say, oh, $800 pesos per day ($40) as part of our NAFTA renegotiation.

Liberal heads explode in the U.S. and Mexican minister heads explode in Mexico.  Wha… huh.. wait… Oh snap.  How can they argue against him?

Jorge’ Ramos eyes spontaneously expand as big as saucers. 


Oh, this is too funny.  How can La Raza (Bernie and Perez’s clan) argue the Mean Trump meme, when President Trump is trying to stop the Mexican government’s exploitation of their own workers, and leverage fair wages into trade deals.

Secretary Wilbur Ross – El Hefe’ “Che T-Shirts” soon to be on sale in Mexico.

Oh, man. These trade guys are going to have too much fun.  No wonder Ross was willing to step out of his billionaire lifestyle to join the administration.

Che’ Ross !!  Love it.  Oh, my sides are hurting and I’m adding laugh wrinkles.



“Hacer de México una vez más!”


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295 Responses to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Hints At Brilliant NAFTA Negotiation Strategy – “Make Mexico Great Again”…

  1. ZC says:

    Now, wouldn’t that be nice for the Mexican people, to have a country they weren’t trying to run from. I’m all in.

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  2. Bob says:

    Leave it to PDJT and team to turn the adversarial relationship with Mexico into a positive for all involved. Never happen with the past idiot. He loves to have people pissed off at America, that way he can continue his globalist, communist agenda.

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    • ed furman says:

      No other administration would think of such a thing. Trump is so outside the box, you can’t find the box. Mexicans need a living wage. You can’t support a family on 40 pesos a day. That’s not right.

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      • PowerCord says:

        “You can’t find the box”… that’s a good one. I don’t think you could find any geometric figure to contain the brilliance. 1,000,000 rays of light and more to come!!! Winning is so much fun.

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  3. How dare Presidente Trump interfere in the economic circumstances of our
    Sacred Country The United States of Mexico! We will defend the Honor of the
    Patria with our(strike that) the blood and hunger of our campesinos. The idea
    that the running dog of capitalists Wilbur Whateverhisnameis would stoop so low
    is just another indication that Presidente Trump is not negotiating in good faith!
    We will not pay for that wall!

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  4. bertdilbert says:


  5. Shiggz says:

    Frakkin brilliant! Moar plz

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  6. SSI01 says:

    This is what I’ve been thumping on for years. Why do we not put the onus for this economic imbalance between us and Mexico squarely where it belongs? With the Mexican government, which allows such deprivation to occur within their country. Why don’t our labor unions’ international departments look toward unionizing the Mexican workers so they hold out for more pay and better working conditions? Why isn’t the Mexican govt trying to improve both for its working people? Why do they allow such desperate poverty to occur within their borders? If this spreads in Mexico, it will jump the borders into Guatemala and other Central American nations next. It would mean the end of the stranglehold the privileged few in Mexico have had on the economy and the wealth of their nation for generations. It would mean the beginnings of a truly representative government for all the Mexican people, plus everyone else in Central America.

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  7. ❤ Wilbur Ross ❤

    Wilbur Ross is one of my favorite cabinet picks, along with Steven Mnuchin, Bannon, and Stephen Miller, T-Rex and Mad Dog too. But Wilbur is remarkable because he proves you don't have to be loudly aggressive to command presence and attention in a room or a discussion. He is so soft spoken and unassuming, but I notice he is treated with the utmost respect in interviews, at least the clips I've seen posted here on CTH and youtube since I don't watch TV. This is because how he is. He is knowledgeable, wise, and confident in his own skin and abilities. He's not a "people pleaser" and PC is nothing he is worried about. He is just really really REALLY SMART!

    I love when Sundance refers to him as "Wilbur the Wolverine."

    One of the negotiators Trump spoke about one of the "killers" who make great deals!

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  8. justfactsplz says:

    This is brilliant. President Trump made another great pick in choosing Wilbur. President Trump has surrounded himself with like minded, intellectual, articulate, patriotic Americans to fill his administration. It’s like having mini (or maybe I should say maxi) Trumps all around taking care of business. Winning has been wonderful but the joy and laughter that has come with it is priceless. What a wonderful ride on this Trump Train. I love my president!

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  9. tony says:

    are the Che Trump shirts real? imagine that would be a hit.


  10. bwcarey says:

    how much do they pay their nurses in Mexico, their doctors, their policemen, Meester Wilbur should work for the trade unionistes in Mexcico, maybe he should run for president, he obviously loves Mexico


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