Have You Noticed Media Pushing a National Narrative of Anti-Semitism Today? – Here’s Why…

Many people are noticing a rather familiar, albeit oddly timed, leftist “anti-Semitism” narrative being pushed into the media broadcasts over the past 36 hours.   Yes, it seems to have come out of nowhere.  Why?  No one is really understanding what’s going on.

Understandably, the right side of the political continuum are referencing the media push from the position of their own camp; that makes them defensive.  However, the actual motive of the professional corporate media to push this meme has nothing to do with President Trump or republicans – it’s an internal maneuver and transparently Clintonian.


Team Clinton, meaning the professionally political elements of the Democrat machinery, are pushing the anti-Semitism storylines because the party is in the final stages of framing their argument to ensure their preferred DNC head, Tom Perez, wins as party chair.

The Democratic National Committee votes this week for its next leader. The winner of the DNC chair race will very likely reflect whether the committee’s voting members think it prudent to align their party with the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama camp, the Bernie Sanders camp — or neither.  ~NPR

Tom Perez endorsements: former Vice President Joe Biden, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Keith Ellison endorsements: Sen. Bernie Sanders; Sen. Elizabeth Warren; Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer; Rep. John Lewis; New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley

Pushing odd, vague, disingenuous and sparsely connected stories about anti-Semitic news, is the way Team Clinton undermine Perez’s opponent, Keith Ellison.

Representative Ellison, a Muslim, carries a strong anti-Semitic liability from his past associations and past engagements speaking negatively about Jewish people.

Team Clinton are exponentially more shrewd than most give them credit for.  Even Machiavelli couldn’t keep up with their schemes. With the DNC election coming up, the professionally Democrat know how to plant the most toxic seeds at just the right moment.  This is their play toward that end result, nothing more.

keith-ellisons-dangerous-l2By setting up a national dialogue of rising anti-Semitic activity, the Perez political coalition (Team Clinton) can turn to the target audience (DNC voters) and say: do you really want to make our party take this dangerous path…. etc. etc.

This weakens Keith Ellison (Bernie Sanders guy) and shifts support more solidly toward the preferred party nominee Thomas Perez (Team Clinton guy).

That’s all this is, nothing more.

The brilliance of Team Clinton is always distractive politics…. They use their corporate media allies to make it look like the target is over there (media stares at Trump), when in reality the intended target is entirely something else.

When watching the professional Democrats, THE PARTY MACHINE, playing sleight of hand, remember: there is never a pea under any of their shells.  The DNC vote is this Saturday February 25th.  The timing of it all is, well, exceptional. 

Obviously Clinton and Obama cannot be seen to be putting their fingers on the scale of the DNC election process, but the transparency here is brutally obvious.  The party machine wants their guy Perez.  Tom Perez was the former head of the DOJ civil rights division, and later President Obama’s Labor Secretary.

What’s so brilliantly Clintonian about this play is how the Democrat apparatus gets their opponents (grassroots supporters of Sanders/Ellison) to push the anti-Semitic narrative by giving the appearance of a target against Trump.  The Bernie people are so blind to their own party working against them, they willingly push the narrative and don’t realize it undermines their own leader, Keith Ellison.  Brilliant x infinity.

It’s going to be hilarious to see CNN tonight bring up anti-Semitism in the scheduled DNC debate between Ellison and Perez.  The Ellison people won’t even realize, until it’s too late, how the entire construct has been a set up to undermine their guy.  Again, brilliant.


TONIGHT ON CNN – Just days before the Democratic National Committee elects its new leader, candidates for the job will hash out their visions for the party at CNN’s “Debate Night: Democratic Leadership Debate” on Wednesday.

The debate, moderated by CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash and “New Day” anchor Chris Cuomo, will air at 10 p.m. ET from the CNN Center in Atlanta. The candidates will lay out strategies for the 2018 midterm elections, rebuilding the Democratic Party and the DNC’s role under the Trump administration. (link)



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410 Responses to Have You Noticed Media Pushing a National Narrative of Anti-Semitism Today? – Here’s Why…

  1. SSI01 says:

    PULEEZE make it Ellison, he’s exactly what we in the Trump camp want representing the Democrat party to the electorate, starting with the mid-terms in 2018.

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  2. scotl70 says:

    I find it difficult to feign interest in a competition between two evil POS scumbags.

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  4. yakmaster2 says:

    I have asked myself for years why the Jewish people in America continue to embrace those on the Left—some of whom are truly anti-Semitic.

    You may disagree with me, but I believe it may be due to a religious belief that *good deeds in this life* is what matters most to God. Somehow, “charity” is a *governmental* duty, which (apparently) most Jews see as a province of Democrat ideology. Social “Justice”, which Jesus never preached for, appears to also be part of their earthly duty and (again) “social justice” can only be enforced by government.
    Salvation to Christians is through belief and acceptance of Christ as the Messiah, a belief in being saved by the Grace of His sacrifice, so we sometimes see this world through a different lens as our Jewish friends. For example, I don’t believe “social justice” can by achieved by humans alone, nor do I believe charity involves forcefully taking from one group to re-distribute to others.
    At any rate, a belief that God wants THIS world to be utopian can be a larger driving force for a peoples than their own self-preservation.


  5. mikeyboo says:

    A plague on the houses of both Ellison and Perez. They are both ardent leftists and detest any Jew (and Christian, for that matter) who is not in their leftist (and Godless) camp. As to Jewish liberals/leftists who believe they are secure in this Democrat party, they are, unfortunately, having tea in the “Garden of the Finzi Continis”.

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  6. myopiafree says:

    President Trump has the job of RUNNING THIS COUNTRY. Getting people to work for him. So the idiot Media, MSNBC, get on his “case” for not saying, ” I am against people who hate” often enough. MSNBC, is indeed inventing FAKE NEWS. Same with the presumed “Russian Involvement”. At least we have FOX NEWS, and Sundance.


    • uvaldegirl says:

      I forgot where I read this, but someone was advocating Sean Spicer have a giant video screen behind him at his press briefings. Same goes for President Trump. Then whenever these media idiots ask a stupid question that has been answered already, they can press a button and play the previous response from days, weeks and months ago and say the position has not changed from the last time this was asked.
      This will make the media appear as stupid and partisan as they so obviously are.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Sean could even force the media to watch media clips of THEMSELVES on the jumbotron!

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      • Mickey Wasp says:

        Another great avenue for Sean Spicer to use is the Stephen Miller “Asked and answered” …. Sean could start answering the repetitive questions “Asked and answered and you can do your journalistic duties and easily find that out. Next.”

        Or better yet … Find out some of Sean’s family type gatherings or anniversaries, even maybe Sean’s children schedules and have Steve go do the WH press meetings a few times. Mr. Miller could go out and say “Sean has gone to celebrate his parents anniversary with them I will be with you today and tomorrow.” … ouch …
        Watch the press corp get real nice and stop with the ‘got-cha’ repetitiveness after Miller explodes on the first one or two. Totally embarrass them.

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  7. redknight says:

    Great article by sundance! Well thought out!

    Some of the writers around the internet are missing the underlying point about this “anti-Semitism” stuff. Sundance didn’t miss it. He/she nailed it!

    Over on the ‘American Thinker’ website… one writer isn’t seeing the deeper issue of this topic. That’s OK…. I left a post sending those readers here, to get a clue about what’s really going on.

    American Thinker: Trump is not Hitler: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/02/trump_is_not_hitler.html

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    • Smplyamsd says:

      Good post. I was led here by a similar post a year ago and am sooo thankful that I clicked on the link (it is rare – to never that I would follow a link in a post !). How is such an insightful and knowledgeable site not wider known ????? Anyway, I have never left and the CTH is now my most important source of information. I realize now that I should be doing the same to help lead others to this refuge.


  8. mikeyboo says:

    There is a rise in anti-Semitism. That is not imaginary and FBI statistics document such a rise. How could there not be when we have been importing huge numbers of Muslim immigrants and have been encouraging radical Islamists both abroad and at home for the past 8 years. That is without even factoring in the radicalization of our educational establishment from kindergarten through university. and the increasing degradation of our main stream media and entertainment;
    To the Left “the Jews” are the evil fascist capitalists. To the Right “the Jews” are the evil commie radicals. In their mutual hatred of the Jews they find romance and, at times, even marriage.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Jews are in a nasty spot with the US political parties basically flipping in terms of friendliness of their bases toward Jews and Israel, with those two flips NOT being in complete sync in the Dem party. It’s a mess. Hard left Dems need Jewish support to achieve their one-party state, but that state is guaranteed not to be friendly to Israel, and would likely oversee the dismantling of the Jewish state. It will tolerate Jews, but it would invite in Muslims in ways that would turn America into the next France and Sweden. Bad for Christians, worse for Jews. Iran fully understands that, and thus has a winky-wink relationship with the Obama faction, which they know would betray Israel.

      Meanwhile, groups like the ADL are still mired in the past on the Dems, but can’t break free without letting the Dems collapse on support for Jews and Israel, with Hollywood still holding left and basically funding the destruction of Israel. Schumer’s support for the radical left in the Dem party looks more and more like the Jews surviving in Russia by clambering aboard the raft of Sovietism, as the Russian right sank in the communist revolution there. But Schumer and his ilk are fools to think it would turn out that way here. For once, the proletariat is on the right, and this will NOT turn out the way some people think.

      A mess. My advice would be for Jews to extricate themselves as quickly as possible from all conspiracies being spun up by the Hillary faction. Those conspiracies are NOT in the interest of Jews. Jews are being USED, IMO. The Dem-Coms are basically using them as human shields who will end up looking guilty as hell if the conspiracy unravels (which I half-think the enemies of Israel may want), and right now, conspiracies on the left are unraveling.

      I know this “antisemitism” thing is supposed to run long-term – THIS is what Schumer seems to think will take out Trump – but it will be ugly and fail. The beta-test (which Cernovich spotted) on the weird Swedish kid (pewdiepie) shows that this stuff will backfire with bad results.

      Very glad Sundance caught this. Podesta and Tanden were running silent for too long. They have clearly been up to no good.


      • mikeyboo says:

        Your first paragraph is exactly on point. As an aside, I haven’t heard (or read) of any Jew anywhere on the political spectrum who actually claims Trump is anti-Semitic. There may be some wise azz somewhere/sometime who might allege that nonsense for political reasons. But I don’t believe that any sane person-Jewish or non Jewish- could look at Trump’s associates and behavior and conclude that he is an anti-Semitic bigot. In fact, Trump’s history does not suggest any kind of ethnic bigotry. His concerns about Islam are based not in bigotry but on the actual words of the Koran and the behavior of so many followers of that particular doctrine.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I agree completely.

          My concern for Trump is that even an innocent person is vulnerable to things that are not just taken out of context, but artfully managed into a highly out-of-context narrative – often involving some trickery to coerce a “misstatement”, as in the case of General Flynn. I really do think these evil people are out to get Trump.

          I suspect that the UniParty may be planning to use something like old tapes or whatnot, dating back to the days before PC, when everybody told ethnic jokes, or possibly something more recent from a set-up conversation, like the Billy Bush tapes. (I refuse to call them “the Access Hollywood tapes” – they were EVIL Bush treachery.)

          I’ll be blunt here, because time is of the essence to stop this stuff. I’m something of a small fry, but at some point I was important enough for the UniParty to try to get SOME kind of compromise. That proved rather difficult, given that I’m very clean, but they apparently thought I was a sufficient threat for some reason (perhaps because I might assist in this very failure of their one-party state – not really sure). Thus, they worked very hard. I have seen how they do this, and they are very, very thorough and patient. Literally hundreds of hours – maybe low thousands – were spent (admittedly on cheap, low-level people and almost free technology) to get something – ANYTHING.

          Almost all compromise attempts occurred during the Clinton and Obama years. They worked feverishly to get various kinds of handles on me, not the least of which were pedo, adultery, gay, anti-gay, racism, antisemitism, and more. Some of it, clearly, nonsensical. Obviously, because they were trying to force stuff that wasn’t there, most of it would look pretty pathetic if presented fairly, and would even anger a jury in its totality. But that’s not the point. They don’t need the totality. It’s a fishing expedition, and if they can’t get a fish, a good whopper of a tale will do. That’s how it works. All they need is 30 seconds of standalone or editable out-of-context stuff for a political take-out, which is much easier to get than something that gives control.

          This is why I’m committing to ignore ANYTHING they throw at Trump. I don’t care what it is – the mountain of sins committed by this evil UniParty and its Deep Satanic State exceeds anything that one man can do.

          It’s time to kill the Beast and all who worship it. They can die in their evil ways, or die in the fight to put us down. I don’t care which.

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  9. James says:

    So if Hillary is for this Perez loon, does that make Obama part of the Ellison camp? I can’t see the One letting the Harpy make a play like that.

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  10. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Sure enough – CHECK THIS OUT. Hillary camp quickly deploys forces to go above ground and remove appearance of conspiracy, now that they’ve been outed. Or is Doug still with the Hillary camp? Sure hope not!!!

    Sure hope there’s a “Third Way” – and preferably one without Clinton baggage!!!


  11. UKExpat says:

    On the other hand the Media may be pushing the ANTI SEMITISM to make ELLISON just seem more MAINSTREAM and normal – just sayin’


  12. Southern Son says:

    Maybe someone else has mentioned it.
    But I’m wondering which Candidate CNN gives the Q n A’s to.
    My bet is Perez.


  13. furrcats says:

    I’m that cat with popcorn


  14. Caitlin says:

    This post was at Canada Free Press in 2014, a little insight into Perez…http://canadafreepress.com/article/thomas-perez-the-disparate-impact-man


  15. James O'Malley says:

    I’m curious what their goals are in 2018 if the Clintons get their way and Perez is nominated. What do they have up their sleeves to try winning in 2018 and 2020? What can they do or say to try making themselves appeal to the wider electorate?


  16. skyborn78 says:

    The Dem’s are finished for a long time. They have been “outed”. There is a verse in Isaiah, chapter 32 vrs 5 which states over 700 years before Christ that says ” the vile person shall no more be called liberal…” (KJV) The Bible is a miracle book that is as up to day as any news source. Verse 6 states clearly that they are hypocrites. Isa 34:6 Seek ye out the book of the Lord and read….”


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