Canadian Survey: Massive Drop in Trust in Government – Significant Number Blame Media Bias…

Another research report surfaces today highlighting a growing international trend.  More People are beginning to identify the structures of liberal government as untrustworthy; it is quite an interesting dynamic.

The latest Trust Survey comes from Canada and shows a massive drop in trust by Canadians toward the construct of their governance.

While there are many media voices who would immediately seek to refute the empirical evidence within such surveys, one thing becomes increasingly clear.  The more liberal the structure of government, the greater the drop in trust.  [UK Brexit, USA Trump, France Le Pen surge are recent examples.]


Within the Canadian survey you find another similarity to underlying nationalist distrust, the media are viewed as the problem [Slide #13, #15].  There is no doubt a large number of people throughout the globe are waking up to the reality of their leftist media being co-conspirators in the selling and maintenance of leftist governance.

Populist anger is moving politics in Canada.

CANADA – In a recent Edelman poll, only 43 per cent of Canadians say they trust their government — down from 53 per cent a year earlier.

And 80 per cent of Canadians feel the country’s elites are out of touch.

The findings in the so-called Trust Barometer survey conducted annually by public relations firm Edelman is the first time in 17 years that Canada has joined the ranks of “distruster” countries in which more than half of citizens say they distrust their civic institutions.

Author and journalist Susan Delacourt says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be really concerned. This spike in distrust and cynicism is the same sentiment that propelled Donald Trump to the White House, and it is gaining ground here.

“We tend to be smug in Canada and candid and think that we don’t have the problems we’ve been seeing in the United States … I don’t think we should be, ” Delacourt tells The Current’s guest host Laura Lynch.

Compared to a year ago after Prime Minister Trudeau was first elected, Delacourt says trust in government and the media has slipped 10 per cent.

The decline in numbers, Delacourt suggests, is most likely because of what is unfolding in the U.S. before and after Trump’s election.

“We saw a year in which the media and and the people inside the political bubble had failed to anticipate Brexit and failed to anticipate Trump. And I think that people out there are noticing,” Delacourt tells Lynch.  (read more)

The full survey is available HERE.  However, we should note – the overall presentation of the media data, with accompanied narrative, appears constructed to advocate for enhanced censorship (intervention by government) of information that is not controlled by “traditional media”.


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109 Responses to Canadian Survey: Massive Drop in Trust in Government – Significant Number Blame Media Bias…

  1. smartyjones1 says:

    My relatives in Canada are fed up. They sound like the American patriots here.
    They sound exactly the same and their frustrations are dynamically similar.

    Canadiens have a better chance to throw off the yoke of government elitist oppression than in France. That runoff system will not benefit Le Pen.

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    • sadsack says:

      I am a Canadian. Many people on the west coast are infuriated with Trudea. I don’t know if we have a better chance than France. It sure doesn’t seem like it. We do not have an electoral college which means that Ontario and Quebec decide our elections.

      Ontario and Quebec have more ‘seats’ than all 4 of the western provinces together. The muslim population in Ontario and Quebec is double that of western Canada . Trudeau has taken in 25,000 refugees in 2 months and most of these refugees were settled in Ontario and Quebec. More liberal voters!

      Look at our cabinet: Maryam Monsef – Status of women / She lied and said she was from Iran when she is actually from Iraq. Lying should have disqualified her but not with this government.

      She also claims that she is fascinated with sharia law.

      Ahmed Hussen – Somalian – in charge of immigration

      Harjit Sajjan – born in India – Minister of Defence

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      • Damn
        You got problems!
        Good luck getting a handle on that!

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      • TreeperInTraining says:

        Sadsack, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this article:

        From link:

        ” Canada will continue to accept asylum seekers crossing illegally from the United States but will ensure security measures are taken to keep Canadians safe, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday.

        The number of would-be refugees crossing into Canada at isolated and unguarded border crossings has increased in recent weeks amid fears that U.S. President Donald Trump will crack down on illegal immigrants, and photos of smiling Canadian police greeting the migrants have gone viral.”

        Might I ask what additional security can be conducted at isolated and unguarded border crossings?

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        • sadsack says:

          Trudeau will not provide any security to keep them out! They will be provided with housing, food and medical care. THEY ARE NOT TURNED BACK! Given hugs instead.

          Trudeau talks about security measures but never explains what the measures are. We have friends still in the RCMP ( my husband is retired from the RCMP) and they tell us that nothing has been done to stop them .

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          • I think Treeper in Training means we will need a Northern Wall to keep the “refugees” OUT of the US! Yes, they will start to come streaming back, when the realize how cold it is up there! You have to be tough and hard-working to survive in most of Canada.


      • Rex Brocki says:

        Sadsack, let’s do something about it. My email address is just my whole name with no dots, spaces or caps at Gmail. You can also find me on the Libertarian Party of British Columbia web site ( ). I, and a fair number of other patriots are running in the upcoming Provincial election May 7th… but there’s lots to do before then: gathering signatures, lining up support, etc. Maybe you can even be a candidate yourself! Give me a shout.
        p.s.: I’ve been in this game(freedom) since 1963, and I’ve NEVER been as excited about our chances as I am this year!

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      • Yippeekiyay says:

        I’m so glad that you follow the CTH. I hope that Sundance and your friends here will be able to help you in some way.

        Most of us remember what it was like in 2007 when we feared that we were going to lose our country because of the extreme agenda of Obama and his followers. We fought long and hard to expose them and the results can’t be ignored. Don’t give up the good fight.

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        • Rex Brocki says:

          Yippee, I was working for the Ron Paul Campaign in 2007, fighting against and worrying about all of those same concerns, and I moved back down from Canada to the State of Washington and ran for CONgress that year, and the next two congressional elections too. I wasn’t a reader here at CTH yet, because I was too busy fighting and producing my daily radio show to surf the net much back then… but I found this wonderful haven eventually.

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      • Sunshine says:

        You forgot Muslim Brotherhood Omar Alghabra, Advisor Foreign Affairs. The place is crawling with Islamists.
        This past week alone, Canadians had the Islamophobia motion, the establishment of sanctuary cities (Montreal being the first confirmed), and hundreds of Muslim illegals entering Canada through Manitoba and Quebec through open fields while Trudeau refuses to assist border officials.
        I agree with you: the Liberals are working towards the next election.


        • sadsack says:

          Another way the liberals are increasing the vote:

          The liberal platform proposed to double the budget for family class immigration in order to reduce processing times as well as double the application cap for the Parent and Grandparent Program, from 5000 to 10000. He also promised to restore the maximum age for dependents to twenty two, instead of under nineteen.

          Amended Citizenship Act: Syrian refugees will be eligible to vote in the next federal elections.

          25,000 more liberals in addition to the fast -tracking of the Parent and Grandparent program.

          “The Conservative Party accused the government of unreasonably expediting the resettlement process while compromising the security vetting and creating huge challenges for a proper integration of the the Syrian refugees who came to Canada with no sufficient knowledge of English or French or working skills compatible to Canada. Some pundits argued that the real purpose of Justin Trudeau’s refugees rush is to garner new Muslim votes in the next federal elections.”


          • Rex Brocki says:

            Sadsack, do you know what else is completely unjustifiable? My adult daughter, who lives with us, has a born-Canadian father, a born-Canadian stepmother, and now five years of unbroken Canadian residency, but CANNOT GET HER CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP???
            …but they’ll give the vote to thousands of goodness-knows-where-from (the Canadian Gub’mint certainly can’t claim to know for sure) immigrants who couldn’t say what poutine is to save their lives, the vote in the next Canadian election!


          • Sunshine says:

            The amended Act re Syrians refugees allowed to vote – I can only hope they are resettled in the Greater Toronto and Greater Montreal areas, and not dispersed throughout the country which could affect many more potentially vulnerable districts.


        • Esperanza says:

          Majority rule for Canada!


      • @sadsack: From Manitoba eastward they all voted for Trudeau.
        It’s too bad because Harper did a fine job for 9 1/2 years of keeping Canada in the black during the worldwide banking crises.
        I know a few Canadians and they are all disappointed at the immaturity of Trudeau….but then the Conservatives best and most prominent TV ad was of people saying…”Maybe someday, but he’s just not ready yet”
        The people that ignored that ad are having buyer’s remorse now….especially in the light of his open arms policy to taking in anyone that’s muslim.
        There is even talk of the mayor of Montreal declaring that city to be a “sanctuary city” for any and all refugees.
        I guess the next big terrorist attack will involve the Montreal subway system.


        • sadsack says:

          There are 10 Muslim ministers from Ontario alone. Ontario and Quebec decide the election. I am interested in a movement to separate western Canada ( Man. Sask, Alta. and BC)from eastern Canada. We need a strong leader to pull this off. I wonder if Harper would step up to the plate. i believe people would follow him.

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      • Canada is screwed. (More below)


      • We in Ontario are fed up too. Pretty soon it will be against federal law to say anything against Islam. In our province electricity is the most expensive in North America. At the local level, in Ottawa, there will soon be no more English schools except for immigrants. Three levels of liberals. We’re racist because we don’t enjoy paying higher and higher taxes for the liberal buddy system. It time for us to revolt.


        • sadsack says:

          We need a rebellion in Ontario. We in western Canada cannot do this alone – we don’t have enough seats. Ontario and Quebec control the election. By the time another election rolls around, it may be too late. Trudeau will have forever changed our country and I believe destroyed it.

          We were approximately 2 years away from a balanced budget. Trudeau borrowed 50 billion dollars. He gave most of that money away. On BNN today they said that it will be 2050 before we will have a balanced budget. We do not have the population to service that kind of debt and the refugees will be on social assistance for many years.

          Ontario fight!!!!


          • Canada for Trump!!!! says:

            “@sadsack: From Manitoba eastward they all voted for Trudeau.”

            Not really. In the cities, yes, but in rural Ontario the Lieberals have no chance. I live in a riding that has voted Conservative (and even Reform at times) in every election since the 1830s. The longest streak of right side voting in Canadian history – how does your area compare to that? The real problem is in the urban areas, and Atlantic Canada, where they slavishly vote Lieberal every time, must be something in the water.

            The problem with getting rid of Cuckdeau is that his supporter base is majority female, and they are dumb and loyal, they are still gushing about his hair or how “cute” he is, to this day, and you will have a very hard time getting them to vote for anyone else. They might stay home, if the whole country is in revulsion against the Lieberals, ubt we aren’t that far enough into the term of the present Govenrment for that to happen. It will take at least 8 years IMHO before public disgust with the Lieberal Cucks rises to a level that would see them lose an election. I hope I’m wrong, but Cuckdeau has a large base of support, and the Conservative candidates are not exactly setting the electorate on fire – while Kevin O’leary looks good compared to Cuckdeau, if he’s the best the Opposition has, we are probably cucked.


      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        WOW…I’ve never been to Canada But, I thought they were more like the US…. after reading sadsack’s post, it sounds more like a country in the middle east when you have the “status of women” fascinated with sharia law , a somalian in charge of the Immigration and the minister of defense from India …… This stuff is scary, especially right next door to us and I thought Mexico was the scary neighbor …. TRUMP is going to have to build 2 walls …. North and South ….


      • Paul Killinger says:

        Don’t worry, you’ll be allowed to emigrate into the US legally. And the way things are going, you may have to if you want a job.

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      • moray watson says:

        Over half of Canada’s population is in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. All are socialist and immigrant hotbeds. Those three decide the federal elections and their respective provincial elections (British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec). Rural Canada is conservative, but we are outnumbered, just like US flyover counties.


      • Marc says:

        To be fair, your Defense Minister is a Sikh and not a Muslim.

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    • IMO, Treepers are the antithesis of Uniparty: We’re “PATRIOTS” … Citizens who put Country above Party and sacrifice to advance the liberty and opportunities to earn prosperity for their fellow countrymen.

      The Patriot Movement is becoming more and more popular as the vehicle for restoring the future of the masses, whose numbers the Globalists have been multiplying as they loot and destroy the middle clsss … “POPULISM” is rising up, and President Trump is our VOICE and our VEHICLE to MAGA!

      RE: “They [Canadians] sound like the American Patriots here.”

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  2. bonnehou58 says:

    Seems to be a worldwide trend.
    You would think that with Brexit, Trump’s election, and the Italian defeat of a liberal referendum giving the government yet more power, and the growing right in Germany and France that the left would get a clue as well as their fourth estate.

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    • FofBW says:

      IMO, because they have the MSM on their side, we world wide deplorable are just a bump in the road. They do not realize it is a sink hole they are in. Which is also why President Trump is going all out to destroy the MSM credibility. Like scaling the cliffs of Normandy. We did get over them!!

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    • Gil says:

      And as good as this is, it makes our world more dangerous. Every time the globalists lose more control they get more desperate and seem to increase in their degeneracy. If our country diesnt get a handle on our problems fast, we cant help anyone else down the line. Oh, and shut down all of aoros groups and OFA-which looks like an openly seditious organization.

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      • Soros and the Globalist Cabal will no doubt continue to double down … until they confront their fate that hardens back to the end game for Aristocrats in the French Revolution. Stupid is as Greedy does.


      • bonnehou58 says:

        I agree with you about Soros and that Obama’s shadow government is down right sedition.
        But I am not sure I am taking your statement about the world being made more dangerous as you mean. Yes, revolutions, such as rebelling against the left’s globalism, are upheavals and as result can be dangerous, but are you suggesting appeasement, like some think that a picture of Mohammad is provocation and should not be done?
        I think that our country will get a handle on things. The tide of ‘popular’ opinion will turn. Right now the paid agitators and resistance leaders are coasting on the past year’s emotionalism. With the election and what President Trump has already accomplished, the crest of that wave will ebb. There will be less and less ‘followers’ to organize because the rank-and-file of the #NeverTrump and #NotMyPresident army are in reality just followers, sheeple, who are only interested in the ‘fad du jour’
        When they no longer garner the attention they crave, they will either move on or grow up.
        Unless the danger you speak of is ‘immigrating’ into our culture. Even then we are not going to be able to help anyone else because, as of now, the SJW are blind to the example other countries are providing us!


    • georgiafl says:

      World-wide trend => Translation: Muslims are making a (insert expletives) nuisance of themselves all over the world. People are (insert expletives) sick and tired of them.

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      • darcy says:

        Somewhat related: I just watched a speech given by Nigel Farage, today I think, at Hillsdale College. As always he’s very entertaining — and I learned a lot about how he entered the political arena. I recommend it, available on Youtube.

        But I did disagree with him on one rather important point: he doesn’t seem to fully appreciate the threat to the West which the Hijrah represents. He drew a line between his attitude about this and that of Geert Wilders — which comments appeared almost at the end of his address and question/answer period.

        You might find it interesting.

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      • tellthetruth2016 says:

        I agree with you Georgiafl….1000%

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    • Beverly says:

      Oh, they get it all right. They just don’t want it.

      They’re fighting us with the savagery of rabid junkyard dogs because we, the Free People of the West, are In. Their. Way.

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  3. “One Ping, please.”

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  4. BobW462 says:

    “…appears constructed to advocate for…”

    Well, it’s just another poll, and that’s what polls are for.

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  5. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Trumpism Rises in Canada as MAJORITY Now Distrust Justin Trudeau’s Government

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    • R. Collins says:

      It took them long enough.

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    • sadsack says:

      The treehouse has been a godsend to many of us in northern canada. We have been reading this site ever since President Trump announced his candidacy. All through your election process our group met once a week and prayed and cheered for the American people. Our deepest gratitude to Sundance and the people who post here.

      It was and is our belief that he was/is the only who could save your country and by his strong example, ours. He amazed us throughout the process with his strength. He did not back down!

      We were also amazed that someone who had everything, a great family along with great wealth was willing to take the kind of abuse he took. Yes, he did take a great many arrows for the American people but we also felt that he was taking them for us in Canada.

      Our thoughts and prayers continue to go to the American people. Please remember us in yours.

      We are afraid of losing our country. My previous post explains how difficult it will be to beat Trudeau.

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      • I’m not sure Canadians can awaken – and CHANGE LEADERS – fast enough for the hell Trudeau has invited on your nation with the welcome mat he threw down for Illegal Immigrants, Muslim Refugees and Islamists
        • You have a relatively SMALL population of 35 million (10% of America’s).
        • America has some 14-30 million Illegals.
        • America has 950,000 Illegals with Deportation Orders.
        • Deportations by DHS are going to massively multiply under President Trump’s recent Executive Orders and Secretary Kelly’s implementation guidance.
        • Illegals will massively “self-deport” to the most attractive neighboring country: Canada.

        Those OVERWHELMING numbers of Illegals will have not jobs – that they don’t take from Canadian citizens – and will necessarily turn to Welfare PLUS Crime PLUS Drug Cartels to support themselves:
        • ALL THREE CONSEQUENCES will drown Canada in Costs, Corruption and ultimately Civil War.
        • America will be too preoccupied solving our own problems to help Canada (and Europe) solve theirs – ALL of which are self-imposed.

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      • Piper Lauderdale says:

        We shall pray for our Canadians cousins–never fear. We’re in this together and with God’s help we shall prevail. Without Him, we are all lost.


      • flawesttexas says:

        Follow the ways of Treepers and the Populists. Avoid the Tea Party ways (it just elected the same Globalists). Insist and persist for change.


      • Well, we will pray for you Canadians, as well! You have contributed much to our culture, and I believe your education system is superior to ours. I hope we in the U.S. will pick up on how much more literate all of you are here!


    • georgiafl says:

      Trumpism is just plain old truth, reality, logic, evidence, common sense, and concern for national security – qualities our leftists and globalists seem to lack entirely.

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  6. Bull Durham says:

    The citizens sense the globalists’ plot to destroy sovereign nations and subjugate everyone who is not in the elite to a life of serfdom or early death. And all nations have Media that has lied and obfuscated for decades. Polls will reflect those conditions. It’s not space rocketry.

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  7. nimrodman says:

    The media did much worse than “failed to anticipate Brexit and failed to anticipate Trump”

    They actively resisted, subverted, and sabotaged them at every opportunity.

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  8. MVW says:

    ‘Sanctimonious, arrogant, domineering, leftists looking down on the fool-able peasants have been outed by Trump. On top of that, these leftists are bullies, physically and psychologically.

    The leftists are now hated by the ‘unwashed’, by those who ‘should’ be ruled by their ‘betters’.

    Leftists are despicable.

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  9. 3x1 says:

    We all need non-corruptable voting mechanisms.

    Every nation.

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  10. Dekester says:

    Our MSM is truly a propaganda arm of the Liberal government. The Canadian Broadcast Corporation is a bastion of ultra liberalism, and is funded to the tune of many hundred of millions.
    It is in their charter that they cannot say anything damaging to the government. ( unless the government is Conservative.)

    Sane thinking people despise them, sadly we have too many fools that get a vote.

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  11. patrickhenrycensored says:

    The fit is finally hitting the sham.

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  12. thesavvyinvester says:

    Can you hear the people sing, one of the Valjeans sings it in French 😉<a href=>

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  13. progpoker says:

    …appears constructed to advocate for enhanced censorship (intervention by government) of information that is not controlled by “traditional media”.

    When you can’t win the argument, seize the communication. How very Authoritarian of them! I believe the genie has been let out of the bottle. Or, is it toothpaste?? Either way, it will be tough for the Globalists to put it back!! Once seen, the corruption cannot be unseen!

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  14. David says:

    I am Israeli. I am a Trump supporter. A bit off subject I posted here a true leader. Netanyahu came to visit reservists. (In Israel almost everyone is a reservist, 30-60 days a year).

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  15. R. Collins says:

    Netanyahu is a real man. He is a min of principles. I believe Trump is also a man of honor. Though Trump has to prove it, Natanyahu doesn’t. I wish them both long live and success.

    One thing worries me now, how do we know what bathroom Obama will use.

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  16. lisaginnz says:

    USA might need a wall on the northern border, too………

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    • sadsack says:

      I hope that if you need it, you will build it!!! We may not survive the policies of Trudeau.

      “Canada’s MPs are poised to approve a motion that could very well set the government on the path to criminalizing so-called Islamophobia. This is nothing but trouble for anyone who takes issue with the unsavoury aspects of orthodox Islam such as women’s marchers and gay rights .

      But you can see how denouncing a radical imam for his Shariah advocacy could end up being considered, in the eyes of this motion, an Islamophobic act that’s a part of this alleged uptick in public fear. This is an attempt to silence rational critics of political Islam.

      There’s a good chance they’ll be dragnet laws that criminalize anyone who dares stand up to the many unsavoury parts of orthodox Islam.

      There’s certainly evidence of an increasing climate of hate in Canada … coming from within Islam. Supremacist groups like the Brotherhood and Hizb ut-Tahrir have a rising presence here. And yet this motion could handcuff us from standing up to them.”


      The mainstream media is not to be relied upon. They constantly report the ‘feel good’ stories about the ‘poor’ refugees and how inclusive we are while framing the policies of President Trump as islamophobic .

      It is blogs such as this that provide us with information to counter the media which often ignore and/or misrepresent the facts.

      Thanks to all Treepers! Love our LION!

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  17. keeler says:

    “The decline in numbers, Delacourt suggests, is most likely because of what is unfolding in the U.S. before and after Trump’s election.”

    And nothing to do with this, I presume?

    “I know this, because we received a confidential tip from a parent, who couldn’t get anyone in New Brunswick to help. The media, the police, the politicians — everybody is petrified of being called “racist” for even mentioning the disaster that has come from putting unassimilated Muslim migrant men right into our schools.”


    The decline is caused by the Canadian government placing foreign adults afflicted with PTSD and 7th-century worldviews into high schools and the media choosing to cover anti-refugee “backlash” rather than the harassment and assault of teenage girls. The decline is caused by cable news networks refusing to cover riots in Stockholm and Paris but relentlessly mocking the US President for an “unhinged” press conference. The decline is caused by leftist officials identifying Algerians who run over children in tractor-trailers “truck drivers” and machete-wielding Somalis “mental patients.”

    Trump is not the cause. Trump is the effect, Ms Delacourt.

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    • sadsack says:

      The media also kept quiet about a 13 year old girl attending her 1st dance who was sexually assaulted by 2 refugees in NB. The refugees are back in school but the girl is not.

      Go to ( the rebel . media) for reports that are not being reported by the mainstream media. Scary


    • Islamists get it: Canadians have Stockholm Syndrome – just as Europeans do, and the Islamists invading your country are your “captors”. Islamophobia Laws “seal the deal”.

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      • sadsack says:

        Not all Canadians agree with what Trudeau is doing. The way our electoral system makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to fight at the ballot box for western Canadians.

        Trudeau won with only 39.47% of the vote. That means that over 60% of Canadians did not vote for Trudeau! Crazy election system!!


        • sadsack says:

          170 seats are needed for a majority in Canada. Ontario has 121 seats and Quebec has 78 – total 199 seats – there’s your majority.

          Win those 2 provinces and you win the election. More than half of the muslims live in Ontario and Quebec.


  18. fleporeblog says:

    Folks the reality is that Islam and what it stands for scares a majority of the world. With the internet so readily available, people get to see what is happening daily in countries like France, Germany, Brussels, Sweden, Italy etc. People are afraid for their safety and the safety of their children and grandchildren. When the PM said he would be more than happy to take even more refugees, this scares Canadians to death. They look at our LION and wish they had him. That is why the Uniparty, the SJWs, Soros and the EU are scared to death of him. This man is not only MAGA but he is actually going to Make the World Great Again and they can’t stop it from happening.

    Obozo’s shadow government is and will be shown to be an utter joke. The world has awaken and will not be put back to sleep!

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  19. Paco Loco says:

    “The Little Mosque On The Prairie.” Another multicultural paradise begins the boomerang to nationalism.

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  20. History teaches says:

    I’m afraid it’s going to get a lot worse before it ever gets better. Law of unintended consequences. Illegals won’t quietly go home but look for a new host to devour. The northern wall becomes much more of a reality.

    Idiot Trudeau is perhaps the most dangerous man leading any western government. Completely deluded by visions of grandeur, like his father. A preview of coming attractions.

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    • What head of a western government would be more dangerous than Canada’s “Court Jester” Trudeau?

      Bereft of capabilities beyond vacuous party-boy entertainment.
      “Light in the Loafers” doesn’t begin to cover it.

      Arrived empty-handed and empty-brained for his State Visit with President Trump, branding himself a fool by comparison with Japan’s Prime Minister, who joined Trump to launch massive joint deal-making initiatives.


  21. Farmon says:

    Love the picture. Looks like Trudeau junior is thrilled to have a pic with the Lion… Trump’s look is priceless. It’s almost as if he’s thinking “let’s get onto the next agenda item for today.”

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  22. freeperjim says:

    George Soros, the puppet master, and his little Canadian puppet… (h/t Gateway Pundit)


  23. Ghostrider says:

    Who is going to break the news to Chris Wallace that a majority of people across North America do not trust the press and media? He will be crushed, I tell you, crushed.

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  24. ALEX says:

    Good stuff. Seems government builds and builds to the point it snaps back to the other side. Canada is a country,as mentioned, that makes another case for an electoral college style system…

    Should be interesting. President Trump has shown one blueprint. Good Luck up North.


  25. Ace says:

    The corrupt media is absolutely evil.

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  26. Harry Lime says:

    This is how they should handle the press in Canada, eh?

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  27. That’s almost funny. Calling the CIA sponsored programs “media bias.”

    Of course it’s bias; Propaganda is ALWAYS BIAS.

    Ongoing policy of using massive wealth from drug, weapons, human trafficking to buy up as many TV and film companies and newspapers and local and national radio stations they could get their hands on that by the 1970s that everyone of any significance in the media is CIA. Journalists became secret CIA agents, as well as many entertainers. This continues today.

    IT’S CALLED “PROGRAMMING” FOR A REASON! Can include print, radio and all forms of media, and even those outside of the MSM are vulnerable to its effects — IF those in the independent media feed at the breast of their poison.


  28. Paul Killinger says:

    Just like the Brits and us, the Canadians are finally waking up to their real problems, which their Leftist Govts only exacerbate.


  29. Mike diamond says:

    Pray daily for the USA and Donald trump,and all of us and our young people! The light will shine through, the Obama years will be shined on!


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