Overnight – Senate Confirms HHS Secretary Tom Price…

Despite the insufferable stall tactics being deployed as political flak and chaff countermeasures Tom Price was confirmed at around 2:00am EST as Health and Human Services Secretary.


(AP Report) […]  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Price, 62, “knows more about health care policy than just about anyone.” He said Price would help “bring stability to health care markets that Obamacare has harmed.”

Price’s nomination is part of a larger clash in which Republicans want to quickly enact priorities long blocked by Obama. Democrats, with few tools as Congress’ minority, are making a show of resistance, stretching some floor debates to the maximum 30 hours Senate rules allow.  (read more) Swearing In Ceremony Below:

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145 Responses to Overnight – Senate Confirms HHS Secretary Tom Price…

  1. paulinFL says:

    More winning!!!!!!! Yes!!!! 🙂

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    • readygo137 says:

      WINNING What !!! Lets see some action, that is WINNING. Getting impatient with all the WORDS. I am sure it is coming and I hope the action starts soon. Remember lawsuits are the way to fight TRUMP EO. He needs some laws and FAST.


      • Albertus Magnus says:

        SHUT UP CONCERN TROLL! President Trump has accomplished more in 3 weeks than most presidents do in 3 years! And that is DESPITE all of the ramped up opposition to him from almost every quarter.

        Concern trolls do not desire to see the President succeed. They only want to demoralize the Trump troops but pretending concern about OUR VISION AND GOALS while they only seek to cause us to lose heart and withdraw from the fight.

        You types are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that WE ALL NEED TO BEWARE.

        STFU and sit still. Better yet, just go away.

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      • NC PATRIOT says:

        He HAS the law on his EO on his side. The problem is political activists wearing black robes. He should void the prior EO (doing away with the law suits) and issue a new one clarifying the green card issue———make them fight him on the MERITS……..where he will win.


      • R-C says:

        Apparently, you’re very susceptible to PsyOps and Gas-Lighting.

        The rest of us see ‘winning’–you see doom & gloom. Have fun with that.

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          Careful everybody…….We are going to have to be prepared, for a intentional rollercoast, especially this first year. It’s by design. A couple of weeks ago, David Brock, had a “conference” weekend shindig, I have a lot of info on that I’ll post later; but I assume that some “stategy” was designed, for just stuff like this. Otherwise……why put it an Washington state court, where you know it’s liberal???????

          That interaction of just saw above, from all of you is what we cannot let happen. You all are all correct. Do not let “them” divide us!!!! Our strength is NUMBERS.

          THIS is all by designed by the left. My dog could read the Law that Trump based that EO on and agree it is within the law!! (This also allows us (in a sick) way to turn a spotlight on EVERY effen LIBERAL judge. Our courts have been sprinkled with them throughout the country!!!(Another by design thing.)

          Don’t allow every thing that happens become an argument. Since the 9th circuit seems to think they rule on this, then lets send any/all unvetted future jihadists into their territory….which sounds mean, but…..

          Or better yet, take names, and do research, and let’s get this bozo-judge impeached! What has been “presidential appointed” can quickly become “presidential fired”

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          • I totally agree BigMommaTEA, we can’t start fighting amongst ourselves.
            Humans operate at different levels of patience….some want results quickly….they want the wall built in one week, illegals tossed out in a day or two…..Just STOP IT….president Trump is fighting on many fronts and he has traitors within his own party undermining him…he’s got a quick mind and understands very complicated strategies….he’s only been in office for 3 weeks ….progress IS being made we must trust in The Donald to defeat the enemy but it must be done at HIS timetable….not ours…..Trust the Donald, he’s the only one that cares for Americans and America….we need to show him we have his back ….send him a postcard…..show up at pro-Trump rallies….boycott our enemies….and smile and wink at every snowflake you see while shouting Make America Great Again.


    • mike says:

      THE problem is the fraudulent price structure of medicine built on over-regulation. In 2016 a 60-70 yr old generic drug that costs under 4 cents in India got up to $750 per pill due to the FDA regs. The various cost shifts and fake billings for insurance company benefits rob the middle class and cash customers.

      If you use advanced medicine, “nonstandard”, insurance typically doesn’t approve and pay. .I prefer minimal coverage at the lowest cost, while paying most things out of pocket

      PS. I take care of a stage IVb cancer stricken spouse, so don’t tell me about “catastrophic necessities”… We’ve gotten better medical service using cash without much insurance.


  2. MaryfromMarin says:

    “…a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    [William Shakespeare, from “Macbeth”]

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  3. Tony Stark says:

    The major players of the Trump Team are finally getting assembled. This reminds me of the Allied preparations in Britain for the invasion of France on the beaches of Normandy in order to liberate Western Europe from the real Nazis.

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    • armie says:

      Yeah, except they weren’t dealing with a lot of purported “colleagues” with augers trying to drill holes in the ships.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I’ve had a hard time lately not thinking Chuck Schumer would have been happy as a Nazi. ( I realize he is a fascist – but it comes with echos of 1930’s Germany) with his vicious, vile attacks on the character and talents of people from our side. The more slimey he is, the happier he is. That’s Gestapo for you, and how far Left the Democrat Party has turned.

      Can we really call them Democrats anymore?

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    • drsipmac says:

      Looks a lot like the final battle against stalinism it didn’t took place the last time (Because they were our “allies”).

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    • Kristin says:

      They all need to go to work ASAP. Sean Hannety is right, our congress is sitting there doing nothing. One half is obstructing and the other half (GOPe) is not to be see or heard from. Not having a replacement plan after 8 disastrous years is at this instance incompetent.

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      • Tony Stark says:

        Price has repeatedly proposed alternatives to Obamacare, only to be shot down in Congress. He now has the stage on which to execute his ideas and force Ryan and McConnell to pay attention to.

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        • E C says:

          Additionally if my memory serves me correctly, the HHS secretary has a lot of power bestowed by Obamacare. Should be interesting.

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          • SteveInCO says:

            This is why even though H&HS is not one of the classic Big Four (state, defense, justice, and treasury) it’s very important right now.

            Labor is also very important because having “our guy” in there will greatly help us attack illegal immigration.

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          • ladypenquin says:

            Once HHS gets new regs in – we have to consider that temporary until they are enshrined in new law – with or without Obamacare still around. That’s because a new HHS could shut down old regs.

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          • Kroesus says:

            80% of its implementing policy states “as determined by the HHS Secretary”


      • Remington says:

        I saw that on Hannity….I have to wonder when people like Hannity and Dobbs are going to acknowledge what Sundance has been saying all along. No Repubs and democraps, just the uniparty ; which is the reason DC has become an impedance device Kristin describes above.

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        • Trumppin says:

          well I do believe Lou Dobbs who routinely brings up the “Illuminati” and is the only one to do so; is very much aware it’s a “uni-party”

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          • Remington says:

            Lou is the best. I wonder why he asks rhetorical questions like “why aren’t things moving?” It should be replaced, and soon, with the reason why…time to call them out. Uniparty or Illuminati- worse case. ‘Time to take the gloves off….

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        • readygo137 says:

          Agree Remington and SD nailed it. No R & D just UNIPARTY and the DEMS play for keeps and the R do not even participate . Where is the R support for TRUMP? There is none. TRUMP better take a look around him including his inner circle and realize the only support he has is outside DC called the VOTERS. Take all the politicians off the waivers for OBAMACARE that were given and watch that get fixed FAST. That would be good for starters.

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      • readygo137 says:

        I thought TRUMP had one??? Is that correct because I do no KNOW for sure?


      • DGinGA says:

        They have certainly had more than enough time to “read it to figure out what is in it.”


      • Sandra says:

        The lack of immediate plan tells is that the GOPe never intended to replace Obamacare. When Obama became President in Jan 2009 the Dems already had a plan, they finalized it, and they pushed it through quite quickly. Why doesn’t the GOP have a plan already? They’ve had 7 years to work on it.

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    • nova cop says:

      If France and Germany cannot shake off their Euro-socialist shackles, and the neo Fascists gain absolute control of Europe just as Hitler did, we may again see an invasion to liberate Europe–by the same three allies: US, Britain, Russia.

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      • telerider says:

        How many times must the USA save Europe from themselves. No more American blood wasted on these fools. It’s of their their own making so let them work it out instead of looking to us to always save the Continent. Just stop importing the problem here!

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    • seabrznsun says:

      From my understanding, the glaring difference there was the Brits need for control despite few true men of leadership without a need for the elevation of unwarranted acclaims of superiority and the constant delays caused the government’s desire to please the Brits and underestimate the on the ground military intelligence from men of proven stature in war.


    • Albertus Magnus says:



  4. Peter says:

    Does anyone recall that Obama hack who led HHS during Obamacare? Incompetent leftist, was she.

    Imagine the mess for Mr Price. How do you vote for her 8 years ago, but not for him , in an advisory position? You don’t, unless you too, are a leftist hack.

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  5. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    How many are in and how many do we have left?

    Things on my mind now for Team Trump are:

    Get the full cabinet in
    Stop the White House leaks (phone calls)
    Get SCOTUS nominee in

    Work on getting the travel ban back in place, for sure, but we need as many people in place as possible so that those people can start to shake out the riff raff in the various agencies. And, of course, we need the SCOTUS on our side as compared with a 4-4 court.

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  6. nimrodman says:

    In related news (the Jeff Sessions confirmation), Sen. Tim Scott discusses missives that have come his way as a result of him having supported Sessions:

    Sen. Tim Scott Reads His Hate Mail On The Senate Floor — ‘I Left Out All The Ones That Used The N-Word’ [VIDEO]

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  7. Just Curious says:

    These peoples who sent to my Senator all these racial nasty tweets are despicable. At least, I am glad that all ended well with the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as AG, and Senator Scott, you can do all of us proud by continuing to support our president and his agendas to keep us safe and prosperous at home.

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  8. LP says:

    All good, Let’s get to work.

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  9. KBR says:

    Getting the HHS secretary confirmed might help getting Obamacare out of comission by executing the new replacement, as soon as Ocare can be repealed and replaced in the Legislature.

    Meanwhile there is much to be done getting the FDA to actually enforce its mandates. It has become the norm for opiate-based drugs, and other addictive drugs, to be prescribed with ease even by non-physicians.

    Stopping drug abuse in the USA is not only a battle with walls and drug cartels, it is a battle with big Pharma and the dumbing-down of healthcare “providers” by allowing other than physicians to not only treat minor illness and do “wellcare,” which was the original premise of utilizing non-physician providers, but to prescribe drugs.

    More recently there have been legislative moves to allow such drugs to be “prescribed and given” by emergency medical personnel. While it seems good to speed the time in which a patient in an ambulance can be given such drugs, there would likely be extreme unintended consequences:
    In many areas rescue and ambulance service crews are lowly paid or volunteers.

    As things are going now, why not give the public the right to self-prescribe opiates, as that is the direction in which we are heading.

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    • KBR says:

      Sorry, left the /s of that last sentence.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      On the other hand, prescribing opiates for long-term pain management (I focus here especially on the terminally ill) is still quite risky for physicians. Pain management, especially for the terminally ill, has been a real problem since as far back as the 1970s, and much of the problem rests with the FDA.

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      • SteveInCO says:

        A very important point. It seems from reading both your and KBR’s posts that those who actually medically need them can’t get them, while those who want them for recreation can get them. WTF is up with that? (I’d not heard about what KBR is complaining about, but I have heard about the pain management issues.)

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        • ladypenquin says:

          I’m going to go with your comment, Steve. Being in healthcare, for decades, it’s been difficult to get decent pain management for the terminally ill… because of – worry about “addiction” – now that’s an oxymoron for a terminally patient. People who have cancer have incredible pain, and it takes a lot of meds to give relief. That said, there are people out there who don’t need the heavy dosing and they seem to get meds.


    • booger71 says:

      When my grandmother was a teenager, she could go to the general store and buy laudnum, that was around 1915. When I was a kid she always had opium poppies growing on the front porch. Many people of her Era did. They were not addicts. Difference today is synthetic opium is highly concentrated and addictive


      • annieoakley says:

        Consider this; My Grandmother grew marijuana. She wasn’t any kind of addict to anything. She grew everything. Put up all kinds of food just happened to grow marijuana too. Lived to be 96.


    • Actually, that is a good idea -KBR – to allow self-prescribing. In tests with IV opiate administration controlled by patients, doses were much smaller than the ones given by “providers.” A recent widow was having a hard time dealing with her grief and had physical and mental symptoms. An urgent care facility gave her a prescription for some opiate that shocked her, it was so big. So she didn’t fill the prescription.

      As you can see, addiction is a complicated animal and not easily understood. One thing I know for sure – more regulations WILL NOT solve the problem! Nor will additional criminal penalties! A better place to start is to figure out why liberalism, a known mental disease that causes much distress and pain, is so widespread.


  10. georgiafl says:

    This writer has is a pretty darn good theory about what has really been going on with the nasty Democrats and why:

    “Remember back in early January when then President Barack Obama went up to the Hill to meet with Congressional Democrats? The meeting was ostensibly to strategize on how to protect Obamacare from repeal.


    I think they nailed down the strategies they would use to demagogue, slander and delay the Cabinet confirmations.


    I also believe it was this meeting with the Community Organizer that laid out the plans for the protests and obstructions we’ve been witnessing from Democrat leaders over the last few weeks.


    The inflammatory rhetoric, the opposition research, the staged “protests” against Trump – all of these things are carefully planned in advance to achieve a primary directive: delegitimize Trump’s presidency and undermine his administration by any means necessary.

    In other words, prevent the peaceful transfer of power.

    And all of it would come to a head as soon as the Community Organizer-in-Chief was safely out of Washington. That way, Obama could appear to remain out of the fray.

    But trust me, this fray has his fingerprints all over it.

    It’s just the kind of agitation and disruption Barack Obama perfected during his time in Chicago.”

    More here: http://patriotretort.com/i-have-a-theory/

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  11. Publius2016 says:

    The only reason it was done overnight is because they want another long weekend off. The Senate better start working full time so that nominee Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court ASAP. Let’s not forget the other picks too. Carson Perry etc…

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  12. Anthony Earl says:

    keep pushing them through. love it

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    • jmbuck says:

      Last night they set up 2 more to go through quickly. It was the head of the Small Business administration and the head of the VA. If I understood correctly they agreed not to do this 30 hour debate debacle on them. They will be voted in on Monday and Tuesday it seems.

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  13. 804hokie says:

    I’d be even more concerned about what the 9th Circus did yesterday, but I take solace knowing that the new Admin will stay on top of things. They will continue to do their utmost to protect us as Americans.

    The SCOTUS overruling this will make for some epic schadenfreude!

    We will keep racking up Ws, and they will continue to take Ls. MAGA and Godspeed to Trump-Pence!

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  14. ray76 says:

    Repeal ACA. Replace with no government program. (excepting permanently disabled).

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    • Oldschool says:

      Totally agree. NO GOVERNMENT REPLACEMENT!!!!

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    • I don’t like how that word was inserted after a time. For a long time it WAS just “repeal”.

      President Trump knows government has proven time and again that it is not responsible or trustworthy.

      So how will this work? I just keep praying for wisdom, protection and direction from God

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      • jmbuck says:

        We need to competition in the market place for insurance plans, doctor and hospital pricing and costs, clear and easy to read policies so we can compare services. We need insurance companies able to sell across state line. This will bring down costs to benefit us for a change. It is an artificial/rigged market place. I just had an health issue that required surgery and a hospital stay. The initial bill just form the hospital was over $60,000 for 4 days. Then I got the discounted bill, it was a little over $16,000. I am not complaning about the reduction mind you, but how is this possible or even logical?

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    • SteveInCO says:

      Repeal ACA. Replace with no government program.

      Emphatically agree.

      However, there’s no reason the government cannot remove many of the existing regulations that created the problems that Obolacare was supposedly going to address. That’s oftentimes what’s meant by “replace” but I think it’s a poor choice of words. It should be “Repeal, and keep going and repeal more than just Obolacare.”

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  15. Time to replace Obamacare!

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  16. Chuck Finley says:

    @NolteNC believes this effectively kills Obamacare. Price refuses to enforce the mandates, making the bill unsustainable immediately…..Repeal & Replace will be inevitable.

    I tend to agree.

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  17. Bull Durham says:

    Where is Dr. Ben Carson? Who is hurt by this delay? Blacks and minorities.
    It is an insult and racist to have delayed him for three weeks.

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  18. Frankly Ben says:

    It’s now fun to think about the strategizing going on behind closed doors at the White House. What are the back channels? How should priorities be implemented to sidestep the land mines and machinations of Ryan, Mitchell and their globalist backers?

    The Left foolishly promoted the meme that Trump was an intellectual midget but in fact his proven ability to wildly succeed in the intensely competitive arena of commercial real estate has ideally prepared him for these battles.

    So much winning to come – the poor bastards won’t know what hit ’em!

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  19. Take heart patriots, all the a$$hats can do is stall. Means nothing in the long game.

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  20. webgirlpdx says:

    2 a.m.? If I was so lazy and unproductive at my work, I’d be fired in a heartbeat.

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  21. Miles Rost says:

    Interesting note: “Hair Claire” McCaskill, the Missouri Wonder, didn’t vote.

    I wonder why…

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  22. CheeseHead says:

    Dear Paul Ryan….Your often repeated excuse for not moving faster on Obamacare repeal/replace is no longer valid. Time to produce results or resign as Speaker.

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  23. Kristin says:

    Congratulations Mr. Price. Now go to work. Swiftly. Give us back our medical we used to have. Tweak what’s needed to make it better.
    But do it now.

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  24. parteagirl says:

    It is my understanding that one of the reasons Tom Price was chosen is because he already has a patient-centered, market-based healthcare roadmap ready to go. And I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the “later this year” and “maybe next year” narrative was floated by Trump in order to make the new solution come in “ahead of time.” 😉

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      …and lull the disloyal and or feckless opposition into a false confidence.

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    • SteveInCO says:

      I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the “later this year” and “maybe next year” narrative was floated by Trump in order to make the new solution come in “ahead of time.”

      The Scotty Stratagem.

      Though I really didn’t like it when Star Trek portrayed him saying that’s what he had been doing all along. It makes him come off like a devious weasel. And since then the character has been made a figure of fun, rather than a competent man with a couple of quirks.


  25. Piper says:

    “Can’t we just replace all the loser, white people in America with NEW people”? “Hope this isn’t being recorded, hahaha”. Scumball krapstil: http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/08/bill-kristol-says-lazy-white-working-class-should-be-replaced-by-new-americans/

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  26. Pam says:

    Just waiting for the feed to start.


  27. Pam says:

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  28. georgiafl says:

    “”Remember back in early January when then President Barack Obama went up to the Hill to meet with Congressional Democrats? The meeting was ostensibly to strategize on how to protect Obamacare from repeal.
    I think they nailed down the strategies they would use to demagogue, slander and delay the Cabinet confirmations.
    I also believe it was this meeting with the Community Organizer that laid out the plans for the protests and obstructions we’ve been witnessing from Democrat leaders over the last few weeks.
    “….all of these things are carefully planned in advance to achieve a primary directive: delegitimize Trump’s presidency and undermine his administration by any means necessary.

    It’s just the kind of agitation and disruption Barack Obama perfected during his time in Chicago.”

    More here: http://patriotretort.com/i-have-a-theory/


  29. psadie says:

    It is amazing that there is still a huge number of nominees to be confirmed while the Democrats play games with the Leadership of the Nation. They keep slapping Americans across the face while pandering to their crazy base. This will come back to haunt them in 2018 and then what will they do?


  30. nhgardengram says:

    There is an interesting speech done by Marcio Rubio that reflects on the rules in the Senate. It is well worth the watch. https://youtu.be/kepdzLUNE64?list=RDkepdzLUNE64

    One of these should work. Sorry I’m not good at this.

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  31. Kaco says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing what Price proposes. Let’s not forget, though, insurance was starting to get out of hand before Obamacare. I know insurance companies’ CEOs are making a couple billion a year, not trying to sound like a commie but that has changed since the eighties when executive salaries were still very wealthy but reasonable. That was when we had a strong majority middle class and pension plans. I don’t know if we’ll ever see those days again, though.


  32. SpanglishKC says:

    Price was one of the STOP TRUMP Sea Island participants. I trust the President. Someone please remind me why Price is suppose to make sense? I’m surprised his nomination was held up. She should have sailed right through along with Chao.


  33. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Here is one thing that could quickly be done quickly regarding the Birth Control Mandate.
    Obamacare, the Accountable Care Act, included a rule that does make sense: all preventive services with a decent evidence base should be covered by any exchange health plans, and should be covered with no copy. Example: if there is good evidence that, at the population level, that colonoscopy reduces incidence or morbidity of colon cancer, then getting a colonoscopy, according to the recognized schedule, should incur no copay.
    “Most health plans must cover a set of preventive services — like shots and screening tests — at no cost to you. This includes plans available through the Health Insurance Marketplace.”

    “Services for pregnant women or women who may become pregnant
    Contraception: Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling, as prescribed by a health care provider for women with reproductive capacity (not including abortifacient drugs).”
    -So, that’s the law.

    It is possible that this decision was built into ACA by design in order to be a boon, a major windfall, to Planned Parenthood. How? By giving them a slow-pitch – PP can make tons of money off of that benefit.

    Whether intentional or not, this vociferous allegiance to promotion of birth control by the Progressives has caused a great deal of conflict. With a new Secretary of HHS, this controversy can be extinguished – by merely abiding by common sense.

    Here is the secret: Birth Control is not health care.
    Now, this may take a minute to sink in. but consider this: “healthcare” is any activity to prevent disease, illness, or disability, to cure disease, illness, or disability, or to ameliorate the effects of any disease, illness, or disability. This amelioration includes: palliative care, habilitation, rehabilitation, etc.

    Pregnancy is not a disease, or a disability, or an illness. Problem solved. In fact, the OPPOSITE of pregnancy – infertility – IS recognized as a disease/illness/disability.

    Birth control does not prevent a disease, does not cure a disease, and does not ameliorate the effects of any disease/illness/disability. [NB: sure, “BC” can be prescribed for OTHER conditions: acne, irregular menstrual periods, etc., but in those capacities, you HAVE to document the diagnosis of the condition, and the condition will clearly be something other than “pregnancy” – so, non-issue/distraction.]

    BC is a medical service. But it is not health care. Consider: most, if not all, states have laws governing tattoo businesses: sterile needles, etc. Does this mean getting a tattoo is getting health care? No.
    Consider: all states have laws governing surgical buttock augmentation. Is this a medical, clinical service? Yes. Is it health care? No. It is done for aesthetic purposes. We all know this. Ear piercing, etc.

    These are all lifestyle clinical services. They are not health care.
    BC is not necessary. All women could live life, as humans have done for millennia, up to the advent of BC in the 1960s, without BC pills. How? They had kids, or abstained from sex, or followed other methods of deciding when to have kids. Other than abortion and BC. Those methods are out there. You are ignorant to claim otherwise.

    So, I am a single guy in one cubicle, and there is a single woman down the hall in her cubicle. I pay my health insurance premium that is required to cover the cost of BC, as does she. But she uses the benefit. Why am I giving money for her to have a sex-related lifestyle benefit? I am not having sex with her. Spreading risk for health care makes sense. Me paying for her to have irresponsible sex does not.

    So, why is a drug to manage a lifestyle preference for someone else rolled into my health insurance premium? I thought you would never ask.

    How did birth control get included in ACA, if it is so obvious that it is not health care?

    Well, as ACA was getting developed, a curious thing happened. The “Institute of Medicine” happened to convene a committee to review the evidence for efficacious women’s health services, and develop a report. The committee happened to get done within one year. Happened to get done JUST as this “evidence based preventive services” rule was getting in place. The clue that this was all a set-up? One committee member gave a dissenting note in the report, saying one year is too fast for this committee to review all the evidence and produce this authoritative report.

    If you consider this report all as sciency-seeming cover for including BC, it makes sense.
    The report came out July 19, 2011

    a mere ONE-DAY later, July 20, the main Ob/Gyn professional organization endorses the report. Wow, that is QUICK committee work!

    A mere 10 days later, on Aug 01, HHS Director Sebelius directs HHS to include these noted services, INCLUDING BC, as no-copy “preventive services.”

    This IOM report secured BC as a scientifically proven “clinical service” to be covered by health insurance.

    But even these authors KNEW it was a set-up. In their report – you can read this for yourself at link above – go ahead – they NEVER define BC as a “health service;” instead, after reviewing Pap smear, mammography, and all, they tack on a final section on BC.
    They note the significant impact upon a woman’s life that pregnancy/having a child makes. No duh!
    And then note how important BC is to manage this impact.

    Sensing a set-up, I read this report when it came out. Curiously, the full report is NOT at this main IOM website anymore!! Where did it go?!

    The full report is available from National Academies Press. You will need to make a membership, but the membership and report, in pdf form, is free.
    It says, circa pages 102-104 of the full report pdf:
    “The risk factors for unintended pregnancy are…” Sure, there are risk factors, which sounds all medicall-y. But that doesn’t make it health care.

    “The IOM Committee on Women’s Health Research recently identified unintended pregnancy to be a health condition of women for which little progress in prevention has been made, despite the availability of safe and effective preventive methods (IOM, 2010b).” Sure. But that doesn’t make it health care.

    “Pregnancy spacing is important because…” -Sure. Doesn’t make it health care.

    “Finally, pregnancy may be contraindicate for women with serious medical conditions such as…” –So is roller coaster riding and bungee jumping. Doesn’t make it health care.

    The point is that the report NEVER makes a mistake to label BC as health care. They KNOW it is not. I can only imagine the careful review this section received.

    To solidify the case for the apparent NEED for this to be covered by health insurance, a bunch of rhetoric soon came out claiming, in an apparent state of inspired hyperbole, that “birth control costs a whole lot,” and therefore NEEDS to be covered – since surely, NO ONE could manage to pay out-of-pocket – even though the vast majority of us have been doing this for at least a year of our adult lives!
    Huffpo, same day:

    So, BC can easily be dropped as a covered service, since it is not health care. These scoundrels knew it all along, and we can see they had no defense to this point.


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