Senate Confirms Attorney General Jeff Sessions…

Senator Jeff Sessions passed the confirmation process on Wednesday night despite the antics of most Democrats within the upper chamber.  Sessions won unanimous backing from Senate Republicans and picked up the support of Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia.

Congratulations Attorney General Jeff Sessions !


There is a desperate tremor in the dark force, as justice now looms…

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is expected to name a replacement for Senator Sessions as early as Thursday. Bentley has named six finalists for the Senate appointment, including state Attorney General Luther Strange and GOP Rep. Robert Aderholt.

trump eagle 10

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718 Responses to Senate Confirms Attorney General Jeff Sessions…

  1. blaze says:

    Trump is sending a message to the cartels, dope dealers, inner city crime etc!!

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  2. jnearen says:

    I was born and raised in Alabama. So embarrassed was I that I relocated to Colorado where I spent some 35 years. Recently, I returned to the Alabama gulf coast. Since being here I’ve noticed real and substantive change. Can’t really express how proud I am of our new Attorney General. He is an excellent man and terrific choice. Congratulations Mr. Sessions. Now, sir, “Lock her up.” 🙂

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  3. Dekester says:

    Just had on CNN for two mins..just to see what the scum are peddling today. AG Sessions arrived at justice.. CNN ass w**es were perplexed.

    He was comparing Holders crowd size from 2009, and how many more Holder had.

    Tragic, and truly pathetic.

    CNN psychopants are truly stunned by what is going on.

    I know some say not to watch CNN and I seldom do, and never would again if HRC had been elected.

    But it is entertaining to watch their body language, and nuanced messaging. Then I go back to useful pursuits.

    Mr Sessions is some brave man. You folks are sure blessed to be rid of the Marxists that preceded him.

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