Politics Over Business – Nordstrom Owners Dropped Ivanka Trump Line Over U.S. Immigration Policy…

Following the trend of corporate leaders making decisions based on their political ideology, a report surfaces of Nordstrom executives sending a political notification to their employees two days before they dropped the Ivanka Trump product line from their stores.

…. but don’t you Christian bakers out there dare deny anyone a gay wedding cake.


Again, Tribal Consumerism becomes the new normal.

(Via The Daily Mail) The presidents of Nordstrom sent an email criticizing President Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations entering the United States just days before the retail giant dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. 

In the note, brothers Peter, Erik, and Blake Nordstrom told employees of the company that they would do all they could to help those who might be impacted by the ban while celebrating the many things the immigrant community have contributed to the retailer over the years.

The Nordstrom brothers also pointed out that the company was founded by an immigrants, their great grandfather John.

Two days later, the Seattle-based retailer announced that they would no longer be carrying Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.  (read more)

Nordstrom introduces their new 2017 culturally acceptable U.S. fashion line:


OUT                              IN

Several sharp-minded economic followers have made a lot of money by betting on the success or failure of each corporate enterprise that uses politics as the basis for the business model.  Company profits are directly impacted by these types of decisions.


NASDAQ  “JWN” -OR- Short it and make a bundle..

Never bet against the common sense of the American electorate.

nordstrom-4(stock tracking link)

In 2012 the restaurant chain Chick-fil-a saw a massive spike in business after the social justice community began a boycott and the American consumer dined in their defense.

In 2015 Macy’s decided to oppose Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and removed his clothing line from the stores. Macy’s, a retailer already in trouble, suffered great financial losses and their stock value tanked.

This year Nordstroms and more recently Neiman Marcus have dropped Ivanka Trump’s products in an effort to appease the activists within the social justice community who ideologically oppose the administration of her father, now President of the United States.

It would appear the decision by corporations to express their political positions shows no signs of diminishing.   In many ways this is a good and inevitable part of the overall free market system.

At it’s very core, tribal consumerism is the best representative example of the free market at work.  Companies have made business decisions for decades based on the best possible financial outcomes of their endeavors.

Regional products and regional businesses are tailored to the specific consumer trends, tastes and perspectives of their area.  Adding the political outlook to the overall brand image of the company is simply another layer of open consideration for the public, and can drive great benefits.

When any entity has a large monopoly on a specific business model, and that enterprise then openly adds a political dynamic to their outlook, it opens the space for innovation and for competition which will satisfy the alternative side of the political equation.

Some voices do not like the oppositional nature of politics in business, however there is a fundamental benefit.  Tribal Consumerism cuts through political correctness and enhances a free market with various options for the discriminating purchaser.

A person’s political belief system, is a natural outcome of their values.  Additionally, Political beliefs are not part of the civil rights act or any anti-discrimination principles.

It is entirely lawful not to hire Democrats/Liberals etc., and it is entirely lawful for private enterprise to ask for the political affiliation of any individual upon any economic engagement.  Ultimately this is the reason the SJW crowd within the DOJ have pushed the principles behind disparate impact to gain some measure of protection for their minority world-views and outlooks.

For obvious reasons, systems of government cannot ask for political affiliation, that aspect is codified within law to protect the individual from discriminatory action of the state. However, within the free-market your political outlook is unprotected – let’s hope it stays that way….

Spend, shop and aggregate with your tribe, it is entirely natural.

If the new Nordstrom’s customer base (pictured below) is your tribe, shop there.  If not…

Islam Demonstration


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410 Responses to Politics Over Business – Nordstrom Owners Dropped Ivanka Trump Line Over U.S. Immigration Policy…

  1. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Don’t go to Nordstrom store anymore because they are biased. They are Democrats and they are trying to ruin President Donald J. Trump and his daughter. The Democrats are pure evil.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I could not agree more. I would like to tell the democrats to grow up on the Hill. these people are suppose to be adult enough to support the American people, but it is clear they are petty and still can’t get over their party losing.


  2. Ugh. Where can I buy nice sh-t at now? Dillards is out, Macy’s on out, Nordstrom’s is now out… I don’t often buy anything really nice though, so hopefully they’ll reverse this policy by the time I have the money to purchase anything I would want from there. 😐


  3. KBR says:

    Nordstroms and Macys are anti-Jewish.
    That is the real reason.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. annied9393 says:

    Perhaps these moonbats think the only people with money are the demo/libs of the country. They will soon find out that the conservative base that supports President Trump has no shortage of funds and what they do have will not be spent at Nordstrom’s, Starbuck’s, Target or any other retailer who doesn’t support our President. good luck to them all. Maybe they can rent their soon to be empty space to the welfare professionals.


  5. americalsgt says:

    If QVC is good enough for Michael Kors, Ivanka, you’d make a killen. They are the people who voted for your dad.


  6. Scarlet says:

    Tjmaxx, marshalls, Newman Marcus, HSN and belks all joined in. This is going to be hard. I’m not giving them one red cent ever again, but geez. Where to shop?


  7. UKExpat says:

    The LEFT does not THINK it merely EMOTES and often these days VIOLENTLY, They have no SHAME and no BRAIN and no concept of the meaning of HYPOCRISY or IRONY


  8. Sean says:

    How about we all try to make do with what we have? It’s a lot easier than you think and the money you save is the biggest bonus.


  9. Ken Watson says:

    How many black burkhas does one person need? In any case, Ivanka’s sales will go up. That is just unavoidable. Nordstrom’s and the others could have shared in that but no, so be it. Ivanka, though still present in other retailers, will do more online business, selling at full retail but pocketing the markup that would have gone to the stores. I call that #Winning. So will she and her obvious class will shine through as the shabby stupidity of the anti-Trumpers produces cataracts and flatulence in any minds exposed to them.


  10. Sanders says:

    I’ve been shopping for a new suit. I will not be looking at those retailers.


  11. DX says:

    Folks, the list of stores being boycotted by the rabid left are listed at “grabyourwallet dot org.” It would be great if we all emailed those companies lending our support for the Ivanka Trump line. Basically, we would be using the rabid left’s own list against them.


  12. Jan Thomas says:

    I canceled my Nord credit card two days ago. They asked why. I said idc if the Nord bros don’t support our president. I didn’t support Obama. That’s fine. What is NOT fine is attacking one of his family members. NORDSTROM IS A BULLY


  13. dc says:

    I am not shopping at Nordstroms any more. Im a level 4. Ill pay off my Nordstrom VISA and it is over for me. They are too political same with starbucks.


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