Tribal Consumerism Continues as Corporations Politicize Their Business Models…

As more and more companies advance and express their political ideology the U.S. population responds with growing “Tribal Consumerism”.

The latest company to take a ‘next level’ approach toward pushing their politics upon their customer base is Starbucks coffee who has stated their opposition toward any nationalist immigration policy.  Starbucks has stated they will hire 10,000 foreign refugees in lieu of hiring American workers to operate their businesses.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, an open and visible supporter of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has affirmed his approach as a rebuke to President Trump and the outlined patriotic “Buy American – Hire American” proposals within the larger America First economic platform.  This decision by Starbucks has created a backlash:


Tribal Consumerism isn’t new. In reality it has been a part of the larger influence of politics for a few decades. However, the intensity of the divide amid the American electorate is now factored as part of many companies strategic business plans.

TruthinAdvertising_EconojusticeSeveral sharp-minded economic followers have made a lot of money by betting on the success or failure of each enterprise as its company profits are directly impacted by these types of decisions.

In 2012 the restaurant chain Chick-fil-a saw a massive spike in business after the social justice community began a boycott and the American consumer dined in their defense.

In 2015 Macy’s decided to oppose Presidential Candidate Donald Trump and removed his clothing line from the stores. Macy’s, a retailer already in trouble, suffered great financial losses and their stock value tanked.

This year Nordstroms and more recently Neiman Marcus have dropped Ivanka Trump’s products in an effort to appease the activists within the social justice community who ideologically oppose the administration of her father, now President of the United States.

It would appear the decision by corporations to express their political positions shows no signs of diminishing.   In many ways this is a good and inevitable part of the overall free market system.

At it’s very core, tribal consumerism is the best representative example of the free market at work.  Companies have made business decisions for decades based on the best possible financial outcomes of their endeavors.

Regional products and regional businesses are tailored to the specific consumer trends, tastes and perspectives of their area.  Adding the political outlook to the overall brand image of the company is simply another layer of open consideration for the public, and can drive great benefits.

When any entity has a large monopoly on a specific business model, and that enterprise then openly adds a political dynamic to their outlook, it opens the space for innovation and for competition which will satisfy the alternative side of the political equation.

Some voices do not like the oppositional nature of politics in business, however there is a fundamental benefit.  Tribal Consumerism cuts through political correctness and enhances a free market with various options for the discriminating purchaser.

A person’s political belief system, is a natural outcome of their values.  Additionally, Political beliefs are not part of the civil rights act or any anti-discrimination principles.

It is entirely lawful not to hire Democrats/Liberals etc., and it is entirely lawful for private enterprise to ask for the political affiliation of any individual upon any economic engagement.  Ultimately this is the reason the SJW crowd within the DOJ have pushed the principles behind disparate impact to gain some measure of protection for their minority world-views and outlooks.

For obvious reasons, systems of government cannot ask for political affiliation, that aspect is codified within law to protect the individual from discriminatory action of the state. However, within the free-market your political outlook is unprotected – let’s hope it stays that way….

Spend, shop and aggregate with your tribe, it is entirely natural.




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384 Responses to Tribal Consumerism Continues as Corporations Politicize Their Business Models…

  1. sundance says:

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    • muffyroberts says:

      Only the smart retailers are doubling up with Ivanka apparel.

      Nordstrom who? Didn’t they used to have a man playing a piano on the way up the elevator?

      But what floor is the Ivanka line on? Everyone asks.

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    • Funny, the “progressives” are celebrating the boycott of a woman-owned business because of the actions of a man in said woman’s life. Yep, sounds like “Women’s Rights” to me! /s

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      • dekare says:

        It’s only about women, or blacks, or minorities if they are democrat. Conservative women are accused to being misogynists and hate Palin (what?…are they afraid of a strong women with power?), conservative blacks are Uncle Toms, Oreos, and so on. The LGBT group is all for homos and fags speaking out against the system, but hates Milo, and all that other nonsense. The fact is, none of these groups that claim to protect this group or that minority only gives a shit if they are democrats. The fact is, the only people they love, are those that HATE America. That is the only requirement for them. The NAACP would rather have a white women that hates America run their chapter, than a black man or women, such as say, Allen West. And I just love the women of the group NAG (Nat’l Assoc of Gals), that think islam is great, when the fact is, islam HATES them. But since they hate America and want to see it destroyed, well they are best friends. Hey, you blacks, you women, you homos,….go to any country in the middle east and see how much freedom to complain they let you have. Better yet, let me see how long you are allowed to breathe while there.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      I don’t usually buy in this way. I want all businesses to sell the best products to their customers and let the businesses succeed or fail on price, quality, and service. This is so un-free enterprise., So un-American, especially. Let the best man or woman win (until someone wins it all — then, antitrust, etc.). However, now I will make it a point to buy something from Ivanka Trump’s label. I will see if I can add the store that carries her merchandise to my regular shopping list. Chaps my hide.

      Used to buy Nordstrom a lot. But they got too snooty and expensive, without quality. I went elsewhere.

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      • RG says:

        I am watching as Macy’s goes down the sink hole. I was in one of their stores yesterday and can’t understand where the junk merchandise comes from? They used to be a little upscale from Walmart but now it’s hard to understand why Finish Line is their major shoe provider, Sunglass Hut is their major sunglass provider and the sales people are far and few between. Even JC Penney looks better than Macy’s. In San Antonio, Macy’s Backstage sends a message of “retail gone bad.”

        If I were in business, I would go back to the basics and follow a business plan that should provide a proven pathway to success. Seems like many business models today are simply a shell game for progressive liberals. I truly do miss being able to shop in great stores. Our local outdoor mall in an affluent community looks like it will shut down any day now. SAD


        • Smplyamsd says:

          I am glad that I am not the only one to remember Macy’s outrageous attack on the future President Trump a year ago. I stopped shopping at Macy’s that day and will never so much as drop a dime in one of their stores again. Any business that hates me for my political beliefs will never get any of my hard earned money. I will not provide succor to my enemy for he hates me and will destroy me if he can.


      • USMCLt says:

        I see a couple of different angles on this issue. First, it seems reckless for a business to publically take any political or religious positions, as they automatically antagonize large blocks of potential customers. Second, a business indulging in politics may have serious problems in other facets of their operations. In other words they use political expressions as marketing tools or as diversions from those troubled facets. Perhaps Starbucks has market research that shows far more Democrat/Progressive/Communist types prefer their product. All well and good, but plan on closing many if not most Starbucks stores in the counties that voted for Trump. No great loss there. Personally, I prefer Folgers 100% Columbian brewed at home.

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      • OmaMAGA says:

        Ivanka’s web site is super and goes beyond merchandise. It has a section featuring free printable “Wise Words” (inspirational quotes for working women). They are beautiful.

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        • jmclever says:

          I love her style, and I would buy from her company if she would come out with a line of clothes that look awesome with shoes that fit with my orthotic inserts LOL or with skirts that at least hit the top of the knee 😀


  2. Admin says:

    84Lumber has a disgusting anti-American commercial for the super bowl as well.

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    • tappin52 says:

      Hubby and I built three homes from plans from 84Lumber. Simple and economical. we are considering a new home and we pulled out all of our 84Lumber books to peruse once again. After this, they are going into the trash.

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    • Attila the Conan says:

      IMO, that assessment is a little harsh. The commercial is edgy, I’ll give it that.

      I’ve watched the commercial 3 times now and note that they didn’t go through, over, under, or around the wall.

      They went through a big, beautiful wooden door in that wall. One that had a beam of sunshine streaming through it.

      Exactly what candidate Trump promised. Isn’t it?

      Though, I did feel that initial discomfort that you probably did, upon their first encounter with that big, beautiful, and impressive wall.



  3. Admin says:

    Then tomorrow during the super bowl, viewers are directed to their site to see what part was censored which is the the illegals coming up on a wall that prevents them from entering America. Absolutely disgusting.

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  4. I’ve always interpreted Starbucks’ actions like this as defensive measures against leftwing activists, who view them as a big corporate enemy of their favorite local hippie espresso hangouts. And who always target banks and Starbucks for window breaking during their temper tantrums.

    I truly believe that it is strategic, rather than something that the shirts want to engage in. Retaining its cachet is one of their biggest corporate headaches, imo.

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    • Admin says:

      But still, many of these companies are publicly traded and stuff like this only serves to ensure a loss of business from those who support Trump. And declining business means you are not serving your shareholders which is what every company is obligated to do.

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      • I’d bet that HQ has had meetings and studies galore that quantify the net impact of the company’s political perception.

        I point back to Microsoft, and how Bill Gates originally tried to remain apart from politics, and not donating. Then the political class mau-maued him with weaponized government, and he “saw the light.”

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        • 4bleu says:

          Gah! Bill Gates’ contributions to humanitarianism have been stupid. Look up the mosquito laser. Unbelievable. After that non-starter waste of time and money, he decided to push insecticide-laced mosquito nets – over 800,000,000 have been dumped into countries worldwide, most in Africa. People are getting rashes and asthmatic reactions, the pesticides are leaching into streams, rivers and lakes, killing fish and most damaging of all, the mosquitoes are getting resistant to what used to be reliable pesticides. He’s actually contributed to making the malaria situation worse.

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          • Betty says:

            OMG, is that all true? I believe you but you should really put links into your comment so that we can go see for ourselves.


            • justfactsplz says:

              You could also google it and go see for yourself.

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            • 4bleu says:

              Um,ok. Let’s see…
              Here’s just one of many many articles about the pesticide nets debacle.
              With reports of net failures mounting, Gates has apparently moved on to funding yet another expensive bit of arrgh! – $230 million for ‘eaves tubes.’ That is, installing PVC tubes in the eaves of village houses. The PVC tubes have netting on one end and are painted inside with pesticide. The idea is that the mosquitoes will try to fly into the house, be blocked by the net and then land on the PVC interior wall and die of pesticide poisoning.
              Begs the question, why not just screen the windows? Worse, many village houses don’t even have front doors at all and people typically sit outside in the evening to cook and eat. Useless, but a small group of people will get a good salary out of it while the project lasts. Draining the pond next door that produces the swarms of mosquitoes isn’t part of any of this high-tech genius. That’s not ‘smart people’ work.

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        • Yep, Clinton turned the Sherman Anti-Trust Act screws on him or better know as Clinton extortion.


      • 4bleu says:

        Trump continues to educate in so many ways. His decision to retain private control of his companies is a lesson to others. Once great companies are being ruined by new management. The board of GE did nothing when new CEO Immelt destroyed the value of GE stock, damaging millions of investors’ retirement portfolios. So the boards are complicit.

        POTUS Jefferson is looking quite relevant again – the idea that government needs to be dissolved regularly to keep everything fresh. Would now add that wisdom to privately owned companies, charities and philanthropies – they should not continue in perpetuity to be hijacked by the left, gutted and repurposed. Original owners should just liquidate and shut down the good name so that new management can’t use it to fool people into thinking the organization is of the same quality and purpose.

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      • deplorableinmt says:

        Find different businesses to invest in!


    • 4bleu says:

      their logo is actually vulgar paganism. What kind of mindset deliberately chooses that as their identifying symbol? That and lousy coffee with syrup glop for flavorings at high prices delivered with excruciatingly slow service, it’s been very hard to understand why people persist in going there even without all this new nonsense.


  5. R-C says:

    For me, the first time I was confronted with this foodie activism came when those foolish uber-leftists, Ben & Jerry, started to beat us about the head and shoulders with their claptrap. There are far too many EXCELLENT commercial ice creams on the market; I am not required or compelled to eat ice cream foisted upon my by uber-leftists. (And, truth be told, I made better ice cream than ALL of them, right in my own home.)

    Back in the day, Ben & Jerry were pretty much the only politically active purveyors that I was aware of. Now, there are far more companies willing to alienate over half their potential market by spouting ill-advised political baloney. And, it seems many are indeed feeling the pinch as a result of their foolishness. GOOD!

    they say “A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted”. (A lesson lost on Starbucks, Macy’s, Ben & Jerry’s, most of Hollywood’s brain-dead actors, and who knows how many other left-leaning entities. In this case, they’re losing millions of dollars before they even have a chance to earn them. They allow unbridled emotion to guide their business decisions. Not too smart.)

    But, that’s their problem. I have zero time and zero money for any of them.

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    • petszmom says:

      B&J ice cream isn’t all that at all…i tried it once and thought it tasted very mediocre. all one has to see is Vermont on the label to know they will be libturds…put it back, you might catch something!

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    • My son was visiting from another state, he went to the store and brought that crap into my home! I threw it out and went down and got some good ice cream. He didn’t realize , but now he does….. 🙂

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      • R-C says:

        For me (a highly logical person, as others have described me), I just can’t fathom how a purveyor of goods can just blithely ignore huge swaths of the market.

        Do they write in “lose large segments of Market Share” into their business plans?

        Makes NO sense.

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        • It’s because they don’t use their brains they use their feelings.

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        • Jenny R. says:

          They did it because not that long ago virtue signaling was a very good way to pick up and hold a certain share of the market — and it still keeps a segment of the market (although it is growing smaller, partially due to the economy…nobody can afford their overpriced, virtue signaling items).
          It will be interesting to see how companies react to the new paradigm. For now, part of the reason they are pitching a fit is because they bought into that marketing scheme so much. They have marketed their brands into a corner. And now, with their customer base so adamant that they stay the course, they are trapped.
          It is no one’s fault but their own that they decided to be so sclerotic.
          It’s a lot like the political parties.

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          • R-C says:

            It’s just plain silly to alienate large swaths of your potential customers by taking public positions on ‘hot-button’ issues.

            A better strategy:
            Salesman, sell your wares.
            Singer, sing your songs.
            Actor, read your lines.

            And leave everybody guessing as to your politics and positions.

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            • steph_gray says:

              That’s exactly what this (local) singer does. I have to use FaceBook to promote my music, but I am extremely strict about staying out of all politics on it. Because of where I live the great majority of my audiences consists of moonbats. It would be ridiculously bad business to mention my point of view to them, so I simply don’t.

              Then again because of my politics and support of our new common-sense President, I too, have that rare commodity – common sense!

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    • Wiggyky says:

      Everyone is talking like Ben and Jerry still own the plant. Guess what? In April 2000, Ben & Jerry’s sold the company to Anglo-Dutch multinational food giant Unilever. Although the founders’ names are still attached to the product, they do not hold any board or management position and are not involved in day-to-day management of the company.

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      • R-C says:

        So, they poisoned the brand and cashed out. I’m still not eating it.

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      • RG says:

        So now we know that Unilever is a fraud and they must support the image and branding that Ben an Jerry left behind. I still won’t buy overprices ice cream. Just yesterday I let loose at Kroger about the price of Breyers Ice Cream. Posted at 5.99 a carton, on sale for 4.99 and at Walmart the same carton is regularly $2.99 or $3.49. I guess they have to make up for their phony 10 cents off per gallon of gas someway. I won’t buy overpriced ice cream!


        • Wiggyky says:

          In this town we only have Walmart and Krogers. We find some items cheaper at one and other items cheaper at the other. My daughter is an avid label reader and compares prices. We found that the Carnation Chocolate drinks are cheaper than Ensure and Boost. Boost and Carnation are the exact same ingredients and not much different from Ensure.


        • Kaco says:

          Unilever owns Dove, and Dove put out an ad mocking POTUS as well, “alternative facts”.


          • jmclever says:

            I stopped buying Dove when I discovered “parfum” listed on their fragrance-free items. My family suffered because of that, and it won’t happen again.


  6. NJF says:

    This thread is a perfect one for me to say that my husband purposely bought me a number of beautiful clothing items from Ivank’s line.

    We shop predominately at Lord & Taylor, in large part bc they aren’t part of the mall.

    She has yuge space in their store, and it better stay that way!!!

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  7. milktrader says:

    Starbucks completely missed an awesome opportunity to be politically neutral and market themselves as a coffee house where communities gather to discuss amongst themselves. Why alienate half the country? So dumb.

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  8. paper doll says:

    One does not have to disagree with the politics ( though, I do ) to be P.O. by this . Americans don’t like to be told what to think. Not do they like someone supposedly in the coffee or clothes line pushing their damn agenda in our face when we are busy getting though our day…Who asked these people what they ” stand for” ? Just take my money for your stuff, end of story…oh that’s not enough for you? I have to listen to your harangue too? Okay how about no sale, no money? Bye

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  9. Phil aka Felipe says:

    These clueless SJW CEO’s are about as aware of their customers’ preferences as this guy:

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  10. Howie says:

    Starbucks always has weird people hanging around.

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  11. benzy says:

    The CEO of Starbucks has enumerated a number of issues which are dear to his corporate heart and clearly told us in no uncertain terms that if we don’t believe as HE does, they don’t want our business. No problem, Mr. Schultz. You don’t have the only beans in town… nor the best.. just the most expensive.

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  12. jeans2nd says:

    Political consumerism has even infiltrated my beloved tech guys (sigh)

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      That’s OK. There are a lot of techies who love Trump. The Libtard Overlords create an environment where everybody is supposedly against Trump, but I’m sure that half the people voted for him. LOL. The narrative reaches down to cubicle level, but it’s still narrative.

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  13. Rox says:

    I just bought some coffee from a small vet owned business called Black Rifle Coffee Company. My goal is to never buy Starbucks or Teavana again.

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  14. jojo says:

    I haven’t gone to Starbucks since they announced they didn’t like my gun. No Target, Kellogg’s, cable,Nordstroms on & on. Selective movies & music only. My life is so simple. I love being an adorable deplorable.

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  15. Attorney says:

    I had cut Starbucks to once a week for a Sunday morning Gouda sandwich.


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  16. Neural says:

    The corporations, the consumers, the government officials, the mayors, and so on, have all chosen their sides. The board is set, and in a very short time, the game will begin, and we’re not playing Chess.
    President Trump is the best president this country could have ever wanted, but I believe history will show his qualifications to be of no consequence in light of him being the catalyst that gave the globalists the excuse to move to open warfare.

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  17. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I wonder how Catholic parishioners will react when they hear that their Diocese is condemning President Trump by name for his Travel band from the pulpit after the second offering.

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    • Deb says:

      Angry letters and phone calls to their priests and Bishops I’m assuming. They do actually have to listen to us. The problem is in diocese in places like CA, they may be doing this because it is what their liberal parishioners want to hear.

      The culture war between the right and the left is taking place in the Church as well, just like the rest of society. Their are good Bishops and bad Bishops. The liberals run the Catholic mainstream media and many of the schools and institutions, much like society at large. That doesn’t mean traditional and conservative Catholics aren’t fighting the good fight, you just need to go to more alternative sources to hear about it. is the Catholic version of Drudge if anyone is interested in learning more the diversity of Catholic thought and the culture war going within the Church.

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    • I didn’t care for my priest telling us that we were wrong to not want the refugees and almost walked out of Mass. If he denounces Trump, I’m done and just going to the Latin Mass.

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      • You are lucky to have a Latin Mass option. Down here in NE GA; my option is Vietnamese, Spanish and English with a Columbian accent and our Priest has an H1-BVisa needs to go back to Columbia on a very regular basis….his hair cuts!
        Did I mention that Masses have been reduced to lack of attendance?
        Wonder Why?
        Now the Atlanta Diocese IS NOT Poor by any stretch. Do Not tell me the Atlanta Diocese of the Catholic Church cannot locate an American Priest to administer to the needs of the parish of NE GA.
        Shall we discuss the globalization of the Catholic Church with Pope….What’s His Name???
        I know how to read the scriptures and pray at home but I will tell you; what is happening to the Catholic Church has nothing to do with God’s Will.

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        • sunnydaze says:

          At that site Deb linked, above, “Pew Sitter” there’s an article that anti-Pope posters are turning up in Rome cuz they’re pissed at the current Pope!


        • Les says:

          I’m not Catholic, but I have been to Latin Mass several times in Marietta. Pretty sure they still have them. I would ask, but my Catholic buddy passed in Dec.

          Also, they do Latin Mass at the big Catholic church that has the friars (monks? not sure) on site in Mableton (not that Mableton is safe nowadays). That church used to be somewhere else in ATL, remember going to a wedding there one time and we couldn’t drink any wine because of the religious order there… Bummer because Catholic weddings used to have the BEST receptions.


  18. Msher says:

    What doesn’t make sense is many of Starbucks’ customers have children (college educated in some idiotic major) employed at Starbucks. Schultz is going to replace his customer’s children or nieces and nephews. And many of the pro- illegals snowflakes work at Starbucks. (Well, actually, it would be good for them to be replaced. Let’s see how they react.) And why do I think the Starbucks customer will not have patience for a barista who does not speak English and does not care about the difference between a mocha latte and a whatever else?

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  19. karenkln says:

    I was looking for a communion dress this weekend for my daughter. I was going to go to Nordstroms. Upon hearing the news about ivankas line I went to a local store instead. So happy I never spent any money there!

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  20. MfM says:

    I’m sorry I can’t join you in boycotting Starbucks, Nordstroms and all the other places that have come out against the Immigration restriction.

    Every time a place is mentioned I think when was the last time I was there… and the answer is usually months or years ago. Same with the Super Bowl haven’t watched it in years because it got so political.

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  21. I would like a thread on this to keep a list. Comcast is another as of yesterday ordering their employees to campaign against the ‘ban’ or some sort of nonsense. Pepsi, Kellogs, Disney have been on the list now for a while. Personally for me Arby’s and Wendies for not firing those brats for refusing to serve police officers.

    We need a list to track these evil progressives.

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    • M.A. says:

      My organization is holding meetings next week at Disneyworld. I have to go. But I won’t spend any of my own money. So, I won’t be going to the Park on free night. I would normally get a massage but I won’t be doing that. I’ll be packing my own snack food. It’s the best I can do.


    • IdahoDeplorable says:

      Yes, that’s a great idea. Keep a list going of companies that we do not want to support.


    • Benson II says:

      Can’t say I agree with some kind of ban on places where it was just an employee who was the miscreant. I don’t think that can be construed as an overall policy of the company. Managers of chain business like Wendy’s and Arby’s are the ones responsible for employees. So you could just not go to those individual businesses. although I’ve seen no follow up to what actually happened to those employees. There are idiots hired everywhere daily. if I viewed the entire company by one employee it might get very difficult to shop anywhere.


      • Tee says:

        You make an EXCELLENT point, Benson! Without knowing if the political message is pushed by the corporation, we could be hurting individual franchise owners who are not involved in these political decisions, by boycotting them. Therre are a lot of decent people running some of these stores. I’m going to proceed with caution.

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  22. DCSMITTY says:

    I think it’s awesome that these dip corporations let us know up-front what side they support. Makes it easier for me to shop. Screw the SB and the NFL.

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  23. DGinGA says:

    Just this afternoon I had a long conversation with a millennial SJW who works in Marketing for a large company here in GA. She said that she and her fellow SJW / Marketing types have been having a hard time convincing the “leadership” at their company that they MUST “take a stand” publicly or they will lose the most important share of their market. I asked what on earth she was talking about and she said that, with the election results and the subsequent unrest in the country, it is imperative that every business decide who their market really is and do what’s necessary to let that market know the company – their so-called “favorite brand” – agrees with them and supports them. That it isn’t enough to look at data and demographic numbers and make business decisions based on data, the “leadership” has to look at each person and what their feelings are and what their fears are and what their goals are and make sure the company is publicly aligned with the feelings and goals of their most important customer groups. After a couple more “What on earth are you talking about???” responses, she finally cut through the c*ap and told me that since EVERY business has to realize that their most critical demographic is the Millennials (people between 18 – 35), it is necessary that companies come out publicly against Donald Trump and everything he stands for and everything he does. If the companies don’t do that, they will completely lose the 18 – 35 demo and won’t survive. I pointed out to her that maybe these companies should just stick to their business and leave the politics out of it. Maybe by coming out against Trump, they will end up alienating millions of customers who like Trump and who would prefer to leave the politics out of their morning coffee. She argued fervently that I am wrong, and I finally dropped it just to keep the peace in my home, but knowing the company she works for, I can tell you that the customers who have the money for their products are not 18 – 35 year old twats who grow ugly beards and live in their mommies’ basements. They are over-40 people with lots of disposable income. Just the sort of people who voted for Trump and who would love to wipe the floor with smug Millennial SJWs. People just like me.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      I wonder if she’d like to hear about a conversation I had at school the other day with a millennial age intern, black, democrat, leans liberal who is pretty much fed up with “all these riots and insanity” (her words) and just wishes people would get on with their lives.
      She even mentioned that (her words) “these political parties just drive people apart when we need to be coming together and get things done; maybe we should get rid of them; George Washington said political parties were a bad idea”.

      She also wants the Pledge brought back to the classroom and allow people to mention God, or at least be able to teach Christian based values, in school “because our children need guidance at home and reinforced by the school system; there have to be some rules for proper behavior enforced.”
      And then she said something fairly nice about Trump “I really do think he wants to be loved by the people.” (probably a good thing she said this out of earshot of the rest of the staff)

      I don’t think all millennials are willing to go along with your SJW’s program.

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  24. Sursum corda says:

    I have said this all along. White Americans (be honest you know it’s true ) should organize a labor movement along the lines of Solidarity. Do not contract with your enemies. Don’t help them. Withhold your labor. At some point I can see a general strike happening across the country.

    How do we spell respect as a people? With our L-A-B-O-R and M-O-N-E-Y.


  25. Sursum corda says:

    As long as these companies and politicians can count on white Americans to show up at their jobs everyday and continue to feed, house and clothe those who hate and despise us, they will continue the abuse as all abusers do. Stop giving your labor and money to those who are using it attack and destroy your culture.

    Liked by 2 people

  26. BAM says:

    Hubby and I were out grocery shopping and I noticed that the local Macy’s was closing. I haven’t been to the mall stores for several years, but remember when the more upscale stores had excellent quality clothes. I usually wear casual clothing, that is appropriate for farm activities! Last fall I had to wait to meet a family member at a mall, and went through a couple of clothing type stores, and was extremely disappointed. The quality of the clothing was “lacking” to put it mildly, due primarily to the fabric itself. Hopefully we will start making great American fabric again!

    Liked by 2 people

  27. jstanley01 says:

    Also of note on Superbowl Sunday, is how sports figures — and by extension teams, leagues and sports media — have begun acting tribal too. One name says it all: Colin Kaepernick.

    More locally, as a longtime Spurs fan it was notable to me when Gregg Popovich, coach of San Antonio’s NBA team, popped off, calling Pres. Trump “xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic.”

    Clearly “Coach Pop,” in the team’s post-Robinson/Duncan era, thinks that he is the star of the team now. And that the whole world remains utterly fascinated by every pearl of wisdom that he deigns to drop from his lips, just like it was during the halcyon days of that bygone era when Pop limited his observations to championship basketball.

    The only problem with the coach’s thinking is, with his world-class talent now retired and the Spurs’ five NBA Championship banners presently collecting cobwebs on the arena’s ceiling, the team is reverting back to what it has been for most its existence. Also-rans who never quite make it.

    In a sports market as small as San Antonio, allowing Coach Pop to pop off about politics in a way that alienates a good portion of the team’s fan base hardly sounds like a workable strategy, moving forward. Especially when entering an era when the team’s hardcore fans will be required for its survival. Doing so ought to be grounds for firing the man.

    In a moment of humility, back when Tim Duncan retired, Coach Pop admitted his luck at being Spurs head coach during a period when two world-class talents were available to build the team into championship shape between 1999 and 2014. He was right.

    Lead owner Peter Holt, who is reportedly a Trump contributor, needs to wake up and smell the coffee. That not only is the Robinson-Duncan era finished, the Coach Pop era is over and done with too. I give Gregg Popovich one more year as Spurs head coach, maximum, for loyalty’s sake, before he is shown the door.

    Zooming back out, with the long-running Kaepernick farce playing out all year in the NFL, it is going to be interesting to see what the NFL’s TV numbers look like today…

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Blade says:

    It is entirely lawful not to hire Democrats/Liberals etc., and it is entirely lawful for private enterprise to ask for the political affiliation of any individual upon any economic engagement.

    I haven’t interviewed or hired anyone in decades but it wouldn’t surprise me if New York didn’t slip something into the State statutes by now, or will eventually. Freedom of Association in private business or life is under assault. State governments have heard our righteous Tenth Amendment message and conveniently use it to great effect for their own purposes … crushing American individualism and independence.

    Sundance is exactly right though, we need to isolate them all. Balkanization for self-preservation. Only a crazy person would put a pampered SJW snowflake on their payroll, or even get an interview if you can possibly help it. They are a lawsuit waiting to happen. For example if you asked them if they liked $hillary and then declined hiring them, depending on their race/religion/sex/preference they could cause big trouble even though race/religion/sex/preference had nothing at all to do with keeping that SJW timebomb away from your livelihood. The way they cause trouble up here is to march into AG Schneiderman’s office, or his predecessor Spitzer, who have gobs of taxpayer dollars at their fingertips to cause havoc. And they do. Same over in Connecticut where they had the schmuck AG Blumenthal who they rewarded by sending him to the US Senate. They are among the worse leftist scum that Satan has unleashed, and exist solely to destroy America one innocent business or individual at a time. They know none of their non-Corporate targets can afford Attorney fees in any State, let alone New York so they operate without challenge.

    Anyway, here’s what I would do. Give them an aptitude test. A non-multiple choice set of essay questions that will expose their intelligence and level of SJW snowflake conditioning.

    Please quote the Second Amendment and explain its purpose. What political party enlisted the KKK to terrorize blacks? How many miles are in 100 KM. Name the first 12 Presidents. Write out a boolean AND, OR, XOR, NOT truth table. How long does it take light to reach the Earth from the Sun? How many grams are in an ounce? What political party instituted Jim Crow laws to hurt blacks? What is the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius? Please quote the preamble to the Constitution. Write out the quadratic formula.

    I would script about 500 questions and then random sort and kick out 50 at a time on a printout. After they hand you the completed form ( yeah right ), send them on their way, tell them you’ll call if they are needed and carefully examine the responses. Tell you what, if they nailed it nicely, then you would be crazy not to hire them. Up here in New York we had cheaters in some of the high school NYS Regent exams and after investigations I believe they were just passed on through anyway. So you never know who you are interviewing. You might as well do the job that the education bureaucracy refused to do … accountability.

    The goal of hiring anyway is to have someone you can trust and rely on. I cannot think of more than a handful of $hillary voters that I personally trust to some degree. However, the fact that they have made it into their later years without growing a logical brain with Pro-American instincts means I can never fully trust them. And the young ones? Well they gotta pass the test before I would give them the time of day.


  29. CM-TX says:

    I find it humorous that these moron CEO & other executives making stupid anti-Trump business decisions- actually believe the hype being sold by Liberal Media & Dem politicians. Shouldn’t the fact he was elected, tell them they’re clueless on what America really thinks? I take pleasure in their incoming rude awakenings. Boy will they be confused when reality- In the form of numbers- sets in!

    Did they think illegals were sneaking across the border for shopping sprees at Nordstrom’s? Will they now be accepting Ebt cards?
    Were they expecting SJW’s to leave their latest protest to shop? Most don’t take time To bathe! Maybe they plan on carrying a new line of “protest-wear”… all black, bloodstain resistant, & mask included. But only the wannabes will buy it, because the real Agitators can’t afford the price tag.

    They should start stocking burkas too. They can call the line “Oppression,” For all seasons- “Go ahead, oppress yourself!”– Now At Nordstrom’s.

    Liked by 4 people

  30. Gov Jay says:

    As more and more corporations politicize their business models, it will become obvious that the Marxists… umm… liberals are a shrinking minority… contrary to what they want us to believe…


  31. Paul Killinger says:

    That’s an interesting take, and in any event a significant improvement over riots.


  32. JD says:

    Why buy coffee at in-your-face anti-American Starbucks? Check. Why watch the NFL Superbowl, with its liberal bent and anti-American ads and halftime (Lady Gaga) show? Check. Bottom line: we don’t just vote with ballots; we also vote with our hard earned money and our valuable time.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Bob says:

    Forget the Super Bowl….its just giving the NFL more credablity, our Country doesn’t need more exposure of the left screwball making America look bad. Our TV will not be on during the game.


  34. Ace says:

    OK, Starbucks joins Target on my “S” list.


  35. MaskOfZero says:

    I think businesses would be wise to remain apolitical.

    But since these businesses are deliberately trying to ram their political opinions down people’s throats–they free market dictates that they must pay the price for their hubris.

    I am not usually one for consumer boycotts, but since Trump’s election, I am taking names, and remembering every far-left company and corporation which has attempted to thwart the will of the American people.

    This is a permanent boycott. I will never buy anything from Starbucks again.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. pluffmudgirl says:

    Article by Tom Tradup over on Townhall about the tribalists and their Corporate Bullying:

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Mike diamond says:

    Starbucks?? I will never go there! The same with the Dallas morning news who indorsed Hillary,and nostroum just said they will no longer carry ivanka trumps clothing line so we won’t. Be shopping there ! They will loose thousands! Target said you can use the men’s or women’s restroom depending if you feel like a man or a women!so we don’t shop there! Its crazy! How the left think!


  38. DeploraBill says:

    I received an email from Audi today touting their progressive technology and social thinking, expressing their commitment to “equal pay.”

    I find it offensive that any company would use my personal information to espouse their unsolicited political views without my express permission. Needless to say I won’t be buying another Audi.


  39. ZZZ says:

    It’s ironic that these companies think by pandering to the SJW crowd they will make money. It’s actually the opposite. Target’s bathroom nonsense (which, coincidentally, came out right around the same time that Obama’s executive order decreeing trans bathrooms for all) cost them 2 billion dollars in stock value and they still haven’t recovered. The new Ghostbusters movie bombed last year because of its obnoxoius SJW nonsense. Marvel Comic’s sale have been dropping since SJWing characters.

    They keep this up, and all of them will be bankrupt soon.


  40. I like new words and phrase and “Tribal Consumerism” is brilliant!


  41. Hollywood only needs a few million people to make a movie or TV show successfull so they can appeal to the bitterheart tribe and ignore the “common sense commoners”
    Since Hollywood deals with fanticy, it is a natural fit with the fanticy of PC.
    Bringing reality to the fanticy of PC is a challenge.


  42. senseTen says:

    Elections are similar to wars: pick a side and win or lose. Fortunately enough, even through the haphazard decision to remove a successful clothing line or to hire non-Americans, there is recompense for such actions, ‘tribal consumerism’. We may get marginalized as the public, but we always have the power of the purse.


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