Three Sketchy House Intel Staffers Fired During Probe of Security Breach….

This is, well, sketchy – to say the least.  The Daily Caller is reporting that three House Intelligence “staffers” have been fired as part of an ongoing security probe.

Abid Awan, Imran Awan and Jamal Awan, are three brothers who worked within the IT department for members of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee.

Yes, you read that correctly.

You might remember, the House Intelligence Committee is part of the deepest oversight network with responsibility over the most sensitive and secretive government intelligence, including covert anti-terrorism activity.  The Majority Chairman (Nunes) and Minority Chair (Schiff) sit on the CIA oversight team known as the “Intelligence Gang of Eight“:


update-1It would be imprudent of CTH not to point out the “TIMING” here.  By nature of the relationship to the G08 oversight aspect – the recently authorized Trump operation in Yemen would have been a part of the advance briefing to this very select oversight committee.  The exact same oversight committee these three brothers worked in the IT department for….

♦ Does the firing have any potential attachment to the outcome in Yemen?

♦ Exactly like Benghazi, the Washington DC cover your ass machine would never, ever allow sunlight upon such a consequential intelligence compromise.  They would never allow, nor even launch, an investigation in that regard. Too dangerous.

So you decide.

(Via Daily Caller)  Three brothers who managed office information technology for members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and other lawmakers were abruptly relieved of their duties on suspicion that they accessed congressional computer networks without permission.

Brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives Thursday, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

Three members of the intelligence panel and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs were among the dozens of members who employed the suspects on a shared basis. The two committees deal with many of the nation’s most sensitive issues, information and documents, including those related to the war on terrorism.  (read more)

nothing to see here

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691 Responses to Three Sketchy House Intel Staffers Fired During Probe of Security Breach….

  1. KD says:

    Why aren’t the names listed on the Congressional staff former employee list and why is it so difficult to extract any information about this group of 20 somethings?


  2. Steve in Titusville FL says:

    well. Just stunning:
    A criminal suspect in an investigation into a major security breach on the House of Representatives computer network has abruptly left the country and gone to Pakistan, where her family has significant assets and VIP-level protection, a relative and others told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

    Hina Alvi, her husband Imran Awan, and his brothers Abid and Jamal were highly paid shared IT administrators working for multiple House Democrats until their access to congressional IT systems was terminated Feb. 2 as a result of the investigation. Capitol Police confirmed the investigation is ongoing, but no arrests have been reported in the case.


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