DHS Questions Former Norwegian Prime Minister About Travel To Iran – Runs To Media To Complain…

Kjell Magne Bondevik served as prime minister of Norway two separate times, from 1997-2000 and 2001-2005. Apparently, for some reason, he still travels on a diplomatic passport.  Upon arrival at Dulles airport DHS questioned him about his travels to Iran.  He was delayed for 40 minutes; this triggered his tender sensibilities.

Bondevik immediately rushed to the U.S. media to decry the severe and emotionally destabilizing punishment, which he views as abhorrent example of Terrible Trump’s travel vetting…. except it wasn’t… but his feelings are still hurt.  Cue CNN in 3… 2… 1…


WASHINGTON DC – […] He flew into Dulles Airport from Europe Tuesday afternoon and says he was not immediately allowed to leave after customs agents saw in his passport that he had been to Iran.

[…]  Bondevik says he was placed in a room with travelers from the Middle East and Africa who were also facing extra scrutiny. He says he had to sit and wait for about 40 minutes, and then he was questioned for about 20 minutes regarding a trip to Iran in 2014.

[…] Bondevik says he was told the scrutiny he received had nothing to do with [Trump]. Instead, it was related to a 2015 law signed by President Obama. The law was signed in the wake of terrorist attacks in California and Paris and was aimed at protecting the U.S. from terrorists. It places extra restrictions on some citizens from 38 countries — including Norway — that are part of the U.S.’s Visa Waiver Program.

[…]  “I was surprised, and I was provoked,” he said about being set aside for questioning. “What will the reputation of the U.S. be if this happens not only to me, but also to other international leaders?”  (read full article)


…”My God man!  Have they no decency.  These Americans are just going too far…. TOO FAR !  I had to wait 40 minutes in an airport, AN AIRPORT… with, with… with AFRICANS!”…

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215 Responses to DHS Questions Former Norwegian Prime Minister About Travel To Iran – Runs To Media To Complain…

  1. First look at ex Prime Minister Kjell Bondevik and I thought he looks like a pedophile. Did a quick search and sure enough, Journalist Yoichi Shimatus, an expert in child and human trafficking shows he’s connected to the child porn ring via Clinton Foundation.

    Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway
    Child Porn & Macedonia Fake News – Part 4
    By Yoichi Shimatsu 12-18-16

    “In response, bloggers and comments at discussion groups have suggested that the simultaneous events in Norway, a police crackdown on a child porn ring and Norway’s deep cut in funding for the Clinton Foundation, are related. This astute observation spurred me to probe the background of international intrigue that points to a blackmail operation against the Norwegian government by the Clinton State Department, the CIA and George Soros, all detailed in the second half of this report.” See more at: http://www.rense.com/general96/clintonssoros.htm#sthash.A0DL7S3o.dpuf


    Swamp Litmus test: If they’re vehemently against Trump, there’s a reason, they’re part of the swamp making money from war, drugs, illegals, organ harvesting, child and sex trafficking, arms, bribes, and other illicit means; or simply being blackmailed for any number of secrets. Wonder why there’s never hardly any “refugee children” and “refugee young women?” Where do they go? CHILD AND SEX TRAFFICKING! Where are the elderly refugees? ORGAN HARVESTING! Connect the dots and follow the money! A child of a certain age is sold up to $75k each. Hearts up to $1 million, and livers and other organs pay a lot too. Remember: the heart must still be beating, so the person is put in some medical procedure so they take them out while the person is still living.

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    • I wonder if the child porn & trafficking scandal-that-no-one’s-heard-about-yet is one reason why he is flagged. (Most likely not, but we can hope…)

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Right again Moni / read the book “Coma” by Robin Cook/

      “Baffled by these two patients, Susan decides to investigate the causes behind these peculiar events and of other recent coma victims. Susan discovers the oxygen line to Operating Room 8 has been tampered with to induce carbon monoxide poisoning in patients during surgery, ultimately causing brain death. At the same time Susan develops a brief, but intimate, relationship with Bellows and discusses her findings with him. After unraveling further details, and evading pursuit by a man hired to kill her, Susan is led to the Jefferson Institute.

      The institute is hailed as an intensive care facility designed to cut down on heavy medical costs. Patients who are declared brain dead or “vegetables” are referred to the institute. Here, Susan finds that patients are suspended from the ceiling by wires in rooms walled by glass, and moved from room to room with little human involvement. The “samples” are kept alive and healthy until a call for an organ comes in. The organ of choice is removed surgically (without consent) and then sold on the black market.

      Howard Stark, chief of the Department of Surgery at Boston Memorial, is revealed as the main antagonist. Stark confronts Susan over her findings and then drugs her, intending to put Susan in a coma under the pretext of an appendectomy. However, Bellows manages to disable the oxygen line during the operation, thereby preventing a full dose of carbon monoxide poisoning. Stark is arrested, but Susan’s fate is left in doubt.

      The story was made into a highly successful film, Coma by Michael Crichton in 1978./

      YUGE money in ‘organ harvesting’/as well as drugs,
      child trafficking etc/ BUNCH OF LOWLIFE CROOKS/

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    • razor1 says:

      sure what “triggered” him was having to sit around with all those dark skin people in a room….he could have caught something!

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    • Sam says:

      Sheesh. There is no depth to which the Clintons won’t sink. Thank God for Donald Trump or the evil Hillary would be our president.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Please don’t think I’m disputing what you have shared with us, if anything, I am completely disgusted with these vermin. However, why would they harvest organs from old people? Wouldn’t they prefer a young heart to an old one, especially from these areas that have not given any real medical attention to these folks all of their lives?

      I don’t know what they do with the Elderly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just outright killed them, but I cannot see the Elderly being used for organ harvesting.

      I do appreciate you sharing this with us, and I agree, he does look like a predator on children.


      • Marc says:

        Because it’s cheaper organs. The CGI can sell old folks organs to place like China and Russia on the cheap and still make a ton of money. Desperate people will take an old person’s organs over no organs at all.

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        • Happy go lucky says:

          Also, unlikely they are advertising organs are from old people.


          • Marc says:

            No one needs to know. They sell them in bulk on the black market to middlemen that don’t care how they were procured.


            • suejeanne1 says:

              way way, a long time ago in 1994 when my Grandmother was in the hospital for a hairline fracture in her pelvis, she developed pneumonia – the hospital counselor urged me to think about her wishes (no DNR on file so they had to try to counsel/urge making a decision) – this guy asked if she had not ever expressed a desire to donate her heart – tried really hard to make me cry and get all boggled (and I am by nature a big crybaby) but I told him that Grandmother had no intention of leaving yet, she was going to get through this pneumonia and then get physical therapy as she recuperated from the fracture – she bounced back and kept going another nine years, almost making it to 100. Maybe that guy was just trying to get me to agree to pulling the plug but he indicated that she could help someone else with her organs, that could keep someone going (I had asked, would they want the organs of a 91 year old person? yes, she didn’t smoke and was otherwise pretty healthy – no diabetes).

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        • maiingankwe says:

          Thank you. Didn’t think of that, so I appreciate the response.

          These people aren’t only sick, they’re pure evil.

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        • muffyroberts says:

          There are lots of old people who have good hearts.


    • The Demon Slick says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. Nobody uses old people organs. There’s plenty of retarded inbred children of married cousins. Cheaper too.


    • vfm#7634 says:

      “First look at ex Prime Minister Kjell Bondevik and I thought he looks like a pedophile.”

      Yeah, there’s nothing at all suspicious about a fellow like that going to a Middle Eastern pit. Nothing at all. Move along, folks, move along…

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    • heldnmut says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate the comments of people who follow this site. I gain so much from Sundance and then more from contributions of other readers! Treepers are serious about “truth, justice, and the American way.”

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      MoniQueMoniCat – stay with me a minute if you can:

      Funny to see this here MoniCat after I have been spending my free time this morning pouring over some of this exact same research. To add one thing to your pile of research, I had an epiphany this AM, I should have thought of sooner. Was listening to George Webb after a few others and he was talking about how the Cleveland Clinic is now operating in the UAE, likely for harvesting purposes and it struck me – Cornell University opened a medical college in Qatar – and it is the only Ivy League medical college outside the US. (It may actually be the only US medical school granting MDs outside of the US or at least it was until very recently unbeknownst to me).

      I found it very odd at the time, and wondered why on earth of all the places in the world Cornell could open a second medical college would they open one in the Qatar? To me, given existing research facilities, population, demographic trends, economics, and regional stability it would have made the most sense to open one in China, maybe even in Hong Kong if not on mainland China. Japan even makes more sense if you wanted to be in the region with China and are just looking at research facilities, current research, and stability.

      Joan and Sandy Weill have been pouring money into Cornell Medical for some time now, I believe starting in the late 90s. The University was actually renamed in his honor and is now called Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) after he gave a $100 million donation. One of the Weill family’s primary interests is in biomedical research, cell & molecular biology & regenerative medicine. They gave the biggest single donation to a medical school ever in 2009 with a gift of $250 million. Mind you, this was right in the middle of the financial crisis. All in all, they have given close to a billion dollars to Cornell.

      Weill was a financial guy, a chief executive at Citibank which was tied in with the WorldCom scandal. He’s on boards of other hospitals and made extensive donations to the U Michigan school of public policy.

      Who else is tied to Weill Cornell Medical College? Dr. Eric Braverman. He was an assistant professor at WCMC of neurological surgery and integrative medicine in addition to being a psychiatric professor at NYU. I struggle even pointing out this connection bc I have met the man and have a hard time believing he would be tied into anything shady but since his name has come up in these topics I thought it only fair to point it out. Especially since he started at WCMC in 2008, after the Weills pledged their biggest donation and before WCMC got any cash from the Weills for that pledge.

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    • emet says:

      Very good Moni. And now Gen Kelly is finding out why the CIA has made sure that DHS was kept out of the picture or waived off regarding anything to do with international criminal organizations.


  2. floridahoosier93 says:

    And CNN thinks telling this snowflake’s story is supposed to help their cause. Love the photo of the tiny violin.

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    • The snowflake meme is in fact a cover up. It’s not really about hurt feelings, these globalists and their officials and ex PM are actual monsters and are very bad and crooked people and have a LOT to hide and billions of dollars are at stake. They’re just using the snowflake hurt feeling meme for public sympathy and support. But behind those fake violins lies the demons and dark deeds they will do anything to get us not to know about. Even if it makes them look like crying babies. They are not crying babies, they are very evil monsters involved in the most wicked of things, crimes and globalism.

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      • parteagirl says:

        Exactly! Remember the cruel woman on the airplane who was harassing the Trump supporter next to her? When she was told she had to get off the plane, she immediately went into victim mode: “My husband’s mother just died! Show some sympathy.” Fake, fake, fake- all of them.

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      • dn421 says:

        Yes, the use the snowflake meme to manipulate people to think emotionally and ignore reason and logic.

        These are all Alinsky tactics.


  3. They really don’t like having to live like the people they rule.

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  4. Why they don’t want to simply turn the boats away? One big reason is the money they make big money from organ traffickers. Here is just one of many articles about it. And it is also done by other countries, especially those involved in the wars and have an interest in keeping the migration-refugee scam going and going. I just picked this one to post.

    “Migrants unable to pay for their journeys across the Mediterranean are being sold to organ traffickers, an Eritrean smuggler has told Italian authorities.”

    “Nuredin Wehabrebi Atta, who was arrested by Italian police in 2014, is the first foreigner given witness protection by Italian authorities, after revealing details that have led to arrests of dozens of alleged members of an elaborate criminal network trafficking drugs, arms and migrants from Africa to Europe.

    “Those who were unable to pay for their voyages “were sold for €15,000 to groups, particularly Egyptians, who were involved in removing and selling organs,” Mr Atta claimed.”


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  5. Peter G. says:

    Rex needs to do a complete review of “Diplomatic” passports. This EX Minister needs to be in the deplorable line with the rest of us.

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  6. Skyborn says:

    I am so glad there is a righteous God who will judge these cowardly arch-criminals and put them where they belong, Hell.

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    • I am so glad too Skyborn. The more I read, research, and learn each day — sometimes not even trying to because there’s so much info out there it overlaps — about this globalist cabal, the less I put anything past them. They are a horror story. And the more thankful I am that God is just and righteous. Hell surely awaits them. In fact, they’ve got one foot in it already. What I have learned about them — and this week it’s what’s been going on in Haiti with the child and sex trafficking and the organ harvesting — clearly they are reprobates. But we must keep praying that one day people will wake up and stop this and not be afraid.

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      • muffyroberts says:

        All the corruption is coming out now. This is God’s plan. We must not let it scare us, when the liberals raise hell and riot. It’s all good, because they won’t win. They are coming up out of the cess pool now, and the entire world is watching.

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        • yy4u says:

          This actually is an astute observation by muffyroberts.

          For the past 3 decades, the American Left has been quietly infiltrating every influential but unelected level of American life: Bureaucracy, Education, Journalism, the Judiciary and under Barack Obama, were working on taking over the military. Another eight years of Democrat Rule (the Republican politicians are toothless against a Democrat president as they proved over and over again in the last eight years), and they’d have accomplished what their counterparts in Russia accomplished in 1917, but without firing a shot.

          And then along came Donald J. Trump who openly states he is going to undo all that hard work and they’ve gone slap out crazy. I suspect there are a lot of moderates and independents who voted for Hillary, Obama and Bill Clinton whose eyes have been opened by the riots, attacks and over the top hysteria that’s been playing out these last few weeks. How could anyone with a grain of intelligence not understand that smashing windows, setting fires and destroying property just because a conservative is trying to speak to a group of conservatives at a university isn’t the same thing as has happened in EVERY nation controlled by Leftists?

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  7. Dana Doran says:

    Placed in a room with people from the Middle East and Africa for 40 minutes…..is anyone surprised he didn’t say that he was detained with potential terrorists?

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  8. yy4u says:

    “He says he had to sit and wait for about 40 minutes, and then he was questioned for about 20 minutes regarding a trip to Iran in 2014.”

    Ya mean he had to sit with REGULAR people, not elite Globalists? The horror! The horror!

    More interestingly, was what was he doing in Iran in 2014? The sanctions were not removed until 9/30/16.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I had thought the same.

      I wish my memory was better, but I did read an article from awhile ago about Norway or a company from Norway selling some kind of technology to Iran. I thought they weren’t allowed with the sanctions, but somehow someway they were bypassing it. It’s probably why the article was written.

      So sorry to leave you hanging with no real information. I will have to look it up.


  9. Elbow room says:

    He spent 40 minutes horrified that he was in a room with these Africans but he wants the rest of us to welcome them to our neighborhoods Typical liberal

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    • Concerned says:

      This is perhaps the most laughable thing about the situation. These hypocrite elites are too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has illegals cleaning his home, and he has a gigantic pile of unpaid parking tickets too.


  10. SpanglishKC says:

    Trump is bringing sunshine to all four corners of the earth. These elitists are take umbrage when they have to follow the rules like everyone else.

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Yep. I was stopped when crossing back from Canada many many years ago after playing Bingo for the evening over there. I was probably delayed about an hour as well while they searched my car, asked us questions, and then released to travel back home. Was I happy that I was stopped? No, but certainly didn’t make me run to media to complain either and didn’t stop me from going back to Canada since then. This was years before 9/11/01.

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      • yy4u says:

        Over 15 years ago, my husband went to Canada for a med. meeting — reason I know how long ago it was is because he retired in 2000 and it was before he retired.

        He forgot to take his passport. He got into Canada okay but was told by the Canadians that the USA would not let him back in without a passport. Luckily his partner was going to the same med. meeting and I was able to drive hubby’s passport to him to take to Canada. Otherwise I’d have had to fly to Canada to deliver the passport!

        I don’t know who was president — whether it was BC or GWB — however, I DO know that that long ago, it was easier to get into Canada than into the USA even if you are an American with an American driver’s license (he had that with him which the Canadians accepted).

        We also had a similar occurrence in the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico — can’t remember which — where he again didn’t have his passport (I always fly with mine even when we fly within the USA). The USA accepted his driver’s license but RELUCTANTLY. Both VI and PR are US territories!

        All this was before 9-11 so I don’t know why people are surprised when they are questioned about entry into the USA. I’d stop ANYBODY who had Iran stamped on his/her passport even if s/he was born in Washington DC!

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  11. not2worryluv says:

    Another example of the Clinton Doctrine-

    The Laws only apply to the “little” people!

    Sounds like this guy didn’t enjoy the company of his fellow travelers yet wants to dump them all in our communities.

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  12. 18CatsInOH says:

    “What will the reputation of the U.S. be if this happens not only to me, but also to other international leaders?”

    Our reputation will be that we are serious again about protecting our country. The adults are back in charge. Deal with it Mr. World Leader Who May Be A Terrorist Sympathizer But We Won’t Know That Without Following Sane Foreign Protocol Procedures, Will We?

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  13. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Love the violin!

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  14. bearsgrrr says:

    12 years after being a diplomat he still has diplomatic immunity? And considers himself an international leader? Screams Pizzagate criminal to me.

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  15. Nycgal says:

    The last time we flew from Italy to JFK, my teenage daughter was detained for several hours, perhaps because her present hair color didn’t match the color in her passport photo. Was it inconvenient? Yes. Did we understand? Yes. Was it alarming? Absolutely.

    There was no explanation, officers were rude and severe and I was spoken to quite harshly in an attempt to find out what was going on. This is the reality of travel today. Even a 17 year old American girl can be detained with no “red flag” countries on her passport. Of course we wondered with the time wasted on her, how many were possibly slipping through the cracks.

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    • muffyroberts says:

      One time in like 1990, I flew to Cozumel, Mexico alone, to scuba dive. I was probably 30.
      While there I went to a voodoo shop and bought about 8 different potions to do magic. They came in little plastic pouches with a label of what they did, but it was white powder that looked like cocaine.

      So before I got on the plane, I hid them under the lining of my purse, because in Texas the plane had to stop and go through customs, and they never searched anyone unless you looked suspicious. 1990 remember.

      This woman called me out of the line and searched my purse, and found the packets, and asked “what is this?” I told her. So she called this other guy over, showed them to him, and told him I said they were voodoo potions, and he said “they probly are” then told me to move along.

      I was like, thank you God. I was afraid I would be here for hours.


  16. aredtailblog says:

    Yeah, no, I’m sorry. Why in the hell would you go to Iran, sir? The Carribeans at least doesn’t have a history of religiously motivated terrorism.


  17. bofh says:

    The fact that he has a diplomatic passport is the most interesting point of the story to me (other than the great humor over his horror at being seated alongside …africans!). Is it typical that former government leaders keep their diplomatic status? Might be… I suppose ex US Presidents probably have special passports for life? Still, I love that the affair must have really ruined his day!

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  18. fred5678 says:

    “but also to other international leaders”

    CORRECTION: “but also to other ordinary people like me, who is NO LONGER an international leader”

    Nice coat. Take it — along with his obsolete passport.

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  19. fred5678 says:

    Last summer, driving into Canada to visit Vancouver for a week, I spent 45 minutes getting quizzed and my car thoroughly searched. I am 70+ old white dude, by myself, skis in my station wagon, I had been on road trip to visit family and friends in CA, CO, WY.

    Why are you coming to Canada? Tourism – I heard it was a nice place to visit in the summer, cause I live in Florida.

    Do you know anybody in Vancouver? No. I am a tourist.

    Are you meeting anybody? No, I am a tourist.

    Have you ever been to Canada before? Yes — I was stuck in Toronto for 3 days coming back to US right after 9/11 on Canadian Airlines, because your national airline wasn’t allowed back into USA.
    I also flew my own airplane to Expo’ 67 and had a great time for a week flying to the Maritime provinces, and all airport customs officials were very quick and polite.

    Why again, are you coming to Canada? Cause I heard it was a nice place to visit, but now I’m not so sure. (just kidding, officer!)

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  20. Blood boiling here. How DARE we inconvenience one of the EU’s finest elites. Oh, the horror!

    I was delayed at Dulles airport one time because they wanted to swab my fingers to test for residue ( In addition to all the other screening: take off shoes, pat down, inspect carry on bag, walk through machine, etc). They found nothing.

    However, on another occasion, a friend of mine (an American born and raised, white 55 year old female) was also given the finger swab test, but FAILED. She apparently used some kind of hair oil product that morning and it set off the alarms. After some time and questions, they eventually let her go.

    Until we are allowed to scrutinize those MOST LIKELY to be bad actors (young males), this absurdity will continue.

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  21. WSB says:

    So can we combine all of these superb questions into two and email over to tomorrow’s Skype journalists, so they can ask Sean?

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  22. Lucille says:

    The final questions are: why was he invited to the National Prayer Breakfast? By whom? Was he a speaker? I doubt he was scheduled to offer a prayer for the safety of Americans and God’s protection upon America.


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