Expanding Leverage – President Trump, Theresa May and Mexico’s President Nieto – Hour Long Phone Call…

President Donald Trump holds so much leverage in any negotiations with trade partners, especially Mexico, it is quite staggering to contemplate.

trump convention 2

♦ TRADE – An awakening electorate and economic voters throughout the United States  are quickly recognizing a simple truth:

The scope of U.S. leverage is exponentially stronger in bi-lateral trade deals.

The United States is the largest economic market in the world.  Multilateral trade deals with bundles of nations benefit the smaller fish within the deal.  However, direct one-on-one “bilateral trade deals” always benefit the biggest fish, because the biggest fish holds all the leverage.

Donald Trump has been talking about this for decades.  Our massive market provides all the leverage needed for trade terms favorable to Americans. “Take it or leave it”, a phrase only for the entity holding the strongest hand.  However, frustratingly our national leadership has approached historic trade as if we hold a responsibility to lessen our own national value to the benefit of other nations.

trump-and-may-4♦ Context –  All of the economic activity within every European Union state combined does not exceed the economy of the United States.

With Brexit accomplished – simply the possibility of a mutually beneficial trade deal between the U.K (May) and the U.S. (Trump) is enough to provide Theresa May with leverage to scare the E.U. into trade terms beneficial for Great Britain.

This brutal reality frustrates liberals in the UK to no end.  This reality also annoys the globalists within the EU who gnash their teeth in similar angst.

To accomplish her objective Prime Minister May needs President Trump much more than Trump needs May.  But Trump wants Brexit to succeed, so he’ll do all he can to fulfill the leverage request and be overly generous in that regard.

Ideologically PM May knows pro-Brexit Trump will assist, generously, easily.  Politically the UK moonbats also know this.  Ergo the liberal loons ramp up the insufferable criticisms against President Trump that are tonal, not policy based.

Look at any EU leftist media and you will see their shouting between the lines: ‘curse you villain’.   U.S. President Trump is the existential threat to moonbats in the EU.


Additionally, the Mexican Government knows they have absolutely zero leverage against the T-Rex powerhouse known as Trump and the economy of the United States.  Not slight leverage, ZERO leverage.   That was why Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim (owner of the New York Times) held a presser today and begged the people of Mexico to support President Peña Nieto.

A trade deficit of $60 billion/yr.  A Mexican economy with 80% export dependency to the U.S.; and $25 billion in transactional U.S. to Mexico remittances subsidizing it’s citizenry.

It’s not even a question that President Trump holds all the leverage during this phone call:

The United States President Donald J. Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto spoke by phone this morning for an hour.  The call was mutually arranged by their teams.

The two had a productive and constructive call regarding the bilateral relationship between the two countries, the current trade deficit the United States has with Mexico, the importance of the friendship between the two nations, and the need for the two nations to work together to stop drug cartels, drug trafficking and illegal guns and arms sales.

With respect to payment for the border wall, both presidents recognize their clear and very public differences of positions on this issue but have agreed to work these differences out as part of a comprehensive discussion on all aspects of the bilateral relationship.

Both presidents have instructed their teams to continue the dialogue to strengthen this important strategic and economic relationship in a constructive way.  (White House)

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207 Responses to Expanding Leverage – President Trump, Theresa May and Mexico’s President Nieto – Hour Long Phone Call…

  1. Kay Dames says:

    Thank you America and President Trump for supporting the majority who voted for Brexit. We need all the help we can get to escape the proto Soviet Union that is the European Union.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Thank you Kay Dames. During this election cycle, we needed a little help. Not sure we would have made it without a push from the Brits. We love you as we always have and we are grateful.

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  2. That is one hilarious mariachi band!

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  3. Ever wonder why we ever bothered with muliti-lateral trade agreements? Charity? No. Laziness? Yes. Why bother making a bunch of these trade deals if you don’t care to be fiscally responsible anyway. Gala’s, ball’s, and affair’s to worry themselves with. Yeah yeah I know but the citizens are doing fine. No time for trade. Washington DC changed almost overnight when Senate and Congress moved their primary residence and family’s to D.C. No longer did they have to befriend one another and get to know each other across party lines like the rest of us do daily. That’s even more time spent hob knobbing with the jetset. These men and women actually used to come home to see the constituents routinely. But guess what didn’t change? The breaks that these hacks were given between sessions still exist. They aren’t utilizing that time by going home to see the fam now since they live in DC. It’s just vacay. The single least amount of work you can get away with for north of $150k per year. They didn’t give themselves ACA that was just a special gift to us. They no longer give town hall meetings since the ACA either. Each one of them have a whole staff. Insane! So here’s my point…we don’t know yet who the first official defector is going to be though we can probably guess from usual suspects. But if A N Y Republican Congressman or Senator screws this up for us for their own lack of restraint from temptation (of any kind), I’m personally taking them to Harry Reid’s home gym for resistance band therapy to exercise the demons.

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    • Very amusing post, billary, but my Congresswoman holds frequent Town Halls, even when there is no election looming. Admittedly, we see the Senators less frequently and one, Wyden, lives in NY! The other US Repr.s also come home often to talk to their people.

      Oregon can’t be the ONLY state whose federal reps come home often to talk to their constituents?


      • You do remember Acorn bussing in people to fill the venue’s in 09 ACA town hall edition to silence as much opposition as possible don’t you? You are aware these people in Congress don’t have the ACA themselves? Does Oregon’s elected Senate/Congress peeps live in Oregon or in DC? Where does the children of your Congress peeps attend school? With your children or in DC? A town hall is a PR stunt. And many of them stopped since 09. Racy Lacy Clay wasn’t “protesting” Trump’s inauguration he was coming back to STL to read to school children. Yet no pics turned up in the local paper reading to children which he wouldn’t do without cameras. It defies all logic to have these people living in DC.

        I’m standing by my statements. I don’t care about the Republican next to the name (not Clay). If my Congressman gets too big for his britches and goes against this administration he is absolutely going to be voted out of Congress. Same goes for you Senator Blunt. And then I’ll take you to meet Harry Reid’s brother. 👊👀👊


    • William Ford says:

      Trade deals were made based upon does it enrich the interests of donors who contribute massively to the key political leaders — not based on if it enriches the whole of the USA. In recent years the disparity between these interests has grown to be huge. Trump will change that and reverse the priorities.

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    • Ron says:

      I think part of the reason they did these multilateral deals was because they like things that are huge and clumsy, the more bureaucracy the better in the Uniparty’s eyes, and what’s more bureaucratic then getting 15 countries to agree on something?

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      • I agree. Obizzle negotiated to lock us in an agreement where Taiwan gets the same footing and status as we get with other partners in the agreement. Thank goodness that didn’t go through. Shame on any Rhino who tries to revive anything like it again in the future.


  4. The Boss says:

    When the postponement of the US-Mexican meeting was announced yesterday by our lying scum media (as a cancelation) the first word that popped into my mind was leverage. Then the question after Trump’s remarks (to the effect “We’ll seek another course”) was “Is this what leverage looks like at the onset?” I have my answer. Great article.

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    • Oh, yes, Boss. And this post strengthens my theory that this latest round of moves is aimed at strengthening the Mexican president! Carlos Slim just weighed in today in his presser saying Mexico has to unite behind their President during these negotiations, and Sr. Slim offered to help! How’s that for evening the odds a bit??? Just what our POTUS wants, I bet. Negotiations have to have parties somewhat equal in strength.


      • WSB says:

        You do realize that Slim has the telephone cartel in Mexico, and the $25B, much of which is stolen from our IRS (US taxpayers) in the form of child earned income, is wired from the US to people in Mexico which assists in paying for their telephone/communications bills back to Slim.

        IMHO, there is no strength in Mexican leverage here, only the desperation of Carlos Slim because Trump could put him out of business. This is why Slim is begging the Mexican people to back Nieto. Nieto’s poll numbers are 48%, so he is under water.

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  5. Joan says:

    Nieto is between a rock and a hard place. The cartels helped get him elected and I doubt that the cartels want a wall. Nieto better watch his back.

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  6. Paul Killinger says:

    “Vios con dios,” mi amigos.


  7. TrustyHaste says:

    I support cutting the “recesses” in half (ideally I think 2 weeks off is enough, but talk about a revolution to get that done) In any case, less breaks and more work! Also, user Billaryserverroom said that all Congress and Senate moved primary residences to DC? Is this true? Who pays for/ buys these houses in this tony area for public servants? The swamp, septic tanks badly need flushing and power washing. Things have gotten so bad.

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  8. William Ford says:

    Trump is going to get 98% of what he wants from Mexico. The biggest problem is how to let Mexico have a way to save some face so Nieto can survive.

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    • Ron says:

      Personally, I think Trump, Nieto, and Carlos Slim have all came to an agreement to play this out how it’s playing out. Trump met with Slim a few weeks ago, like you said the big issue is how to make Mexico save face, which Slim may be able to help with. Of course they’re paying for the wall, and of course Nieto knows it.


    • daughnworks247 says:

      Bingo William Ford. Somewhere in the remarks, I read that Pena and P45Trump are not going to “talk” anymore, about who is paying for the wall signal, saving face.


  9. Slim– owner of the New York Times– says that he will help with negotiations with the US. I think it is time that foreign-owned media be required to register as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or face criminal prosecution.

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  10. Sa_Bi says:

    ‘With Brexit accomplished – simply the possibility of a mutually beneficial trade deal between the U.K (May) and the U.S. (Trump) is enough to provide Theresa May with leverage to scare the E.U. into trade terms beneficial for Great Britain.’

    You assume that the people in Brussels, Berlin and Paris act like rational people who accept economic facts, not like crazy totalitarian zealots.

    Now I just say ‘Euro.’

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