Prime Minister Theresa May Speech – Republican Philadelphia Conference…

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May attends and speaks GOP Retreat in Philadelphia Pennsylvania:


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76 Responses to Prime Minister Theresa May Speech – Republican Philadelphia Conference…

  1. HBD says:

    We will do well with Trump. I missed it ,and can’t figure it out, what does SWJ stand for?

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  2. Sedanka says:

    She’s a globalist and a wimpy conservative (whatever the Brit equivalent of RINO would be called), but she has the good sense to align herself with Trump. Maybe she sees him as coattails she can ride to a Thatcher-like status that she doesn’t really deserve. But any politician who is willing to follow along with President Trump’s wishes is OK by me. We need steadfast allies and there’s not much quality to choose from among politicians.

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    • popsfromvienna says:

      I believe she made a remark the Iran deal was a good one. I don’t trust her.

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    • darcy says:

      As popsfromvienna notes, I don’t trust her either, not by a wide margin.
      As per her delivery, in a superior-English speaking, proper upper-crust British eloquence, she excels. She has that in her favor, as it wows our more rustic-by-comparison (American legislators) consumers of information.
      But there is much about her comments for which we may fault her.

      She seems oblivious to the core mission of the UN — reform or otherwise (unless she specifically states its original global aspirations for power: International Socialism — and denounces them.) This she did not do.
      Others here will drill down to various thorns in her speech — thorns from our perspective.

      But I will tell you this: she has the tongue of a Churchill — (great speech writers?).
      And with that she may use this tongue to our aid or to our detriment.
      Certainly, any note of conciliation with the globalist agenda to which she may cling will have been clearly understood by her listeners.

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      • Marc says:

        She is well aware of the goals of the UN and NATO. All that Russia bashing and saber rattling tells me that. May is a globalist to the core. She is like a British version of a Neocon.

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    • Ploni says:

      Most respectfully, Mrs. Prime Minister . . .

      Do you think that we Americans are going to trash our nation the way that you British have trashed yours?

      Because if you do, you are BLOODY WELL misinformed!

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      • The Devilbat says:

        I was born and raised in the greater London area. I left when I was twenty years old. It was the most intelligent thing that I ever did. Today the TV stations broadcast propaganda in every single one of their programs. The BBC airs a TV comedy show called “Citizen Khan” which is about a Pakistani muslim family living in the city of Birmingham.

        The comedy was obviously designed to make muslims look like normal everyday people who fit right in to the British way of life. If muslims actually did truly fit in then there would never have been a need to ban all freedom of speech regarding them or their savage medieval theocracy.

        Sadly, one can and will be arrested in the UK for any comment deemed derogatory toward muslims or anything associated with Islam. Mrs. May is nothing but an imbecilic puppet. Google her and read about this shallow woman who likes fashion and all kinds of fluffy nonsense. It will make you sick to see who and what she really is.

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        • remuda2016 says:

          Surely it’s been a ‘long ago and far away’ trip that Richard the Lionheart made to the Holyland for his encounters with Saladin. Don’t remember that being a meetup with Islam as a so-called “religion of peace”. In fact, I never heard it termed ‘peaceful’ throughout all its different monikers, “Mohammidanism, Muhammadanism,Muslimism, Islamism, Moslemism, etc…

          But Donald is in control…as you can observe… .


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Right, as far as I see thus far. May is problematuc.


  3. Trumped1 says:

    Complete B.S. nicely packaged.
    Typical suicidal European talk. Nothing new here. Same old.
    Islam is great and lets keep everything like it is. Sickening.

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  4. beaujest says:

    Sent from my iPad


  5. She was good I thought, said all the right stuff…..Maggie she ain’t……

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  6. Meatzilla says:

    Yikes. I thought she and Trump were at least somewhat simpatico. She totally reamed President Trump — and while a guest at the GOP retreat, too!

    Looks and sounds like I thought WRONG. Dang.

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  7. susiepuma says:

    Yep, this old hag is no Maggie Thatcher and I do believe that Mr. Trump will very subtly inform Ms. May. I listened to her speech and thought it was very condescending …… more like I know more than you do and you better listen to me………………………..we make speak almost the same language and your country may have been around a lot longer than ours, but no one is ever going to tell us what to do…………..stick it where the sun don’t shine, Ms. May.

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  8. CatherinesMom says:

    Wow. Thoughts going through my head was “globalist”, but she is also agrees with the Enlightenment theory that gave way to bloodshed and slaughter in the late 1700’s. It was the rise of the “Elite”, those who thought they were the intellectuals, and then there was the peasants. They rid themselves of their religion by murdering priest, nuns, monks and other religions save one: the Lady of Reason– thinking that was higher than God. They chose to stand tall to be “free” to be atheists.

    Sounds very similar to where we stand today.

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  9. bverwey says:

    Where’s Nigel when you need him with that hook to yank her off the stage?

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    • Zennalou says:

      I saw a video of Nigel on Fox Business and he was cheering the speech. I am so confused.

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      • LP says:

        It comes down to whether you view it through an American filter or a British filter. Trust Nigel. He is correct.

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        • Donald says:

          And you are correct, LP! For others, and for the umpteenth time, Donald Trump is NOT an iconoclast, but rather a REFORMER. My guess is that he even harbors a secret love for the ‘swamp’ he seeks to ‘drain.’ His desire, I’d imagine, would be to make it a nice, beautiful lake, like it once was. And no he doesn’t hate the UN or NATO; he just hates what they’ve become. No he doesn’t hate global trade— he’s a globalist in the best sense, but only provided it favors America, and redounds to the benefit of both labor and mogul alike.
          What’s notable about Trump is that he’s willing to practice tough love where he feels he has leverage to do so—and, possibly, temporary isolationism may result from this. But isolationist, anti-UN, anti-NATO, anti-trade? He’d never cop a plea to that! But yes! US sovereignty, security, and solvency ABOVE ALL ELSE, EVEN AT THE COST OF ISOLATIONISM IF NEED BE!
          That’s why America will be great again under his leadership.
          Don’t discount May. She’s a talent.

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      • Flowing Upstream says:

        On You Tube this Fox News conversation with Nigel Farage is dated 1/25/17, posted 1/26/17 so Nigel must be referring to another May speech. I think he may be referring to an interview Theresa May did in Britain before she came to the U.S. or some other speech other than the one from 1/26/17.

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  10. americalsgt says:

    Paul Ryan in drag in my opinion

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  11. quintrillion says:

    I’ve read enough about this speech Blah, Blah Islam, Globalism, EU….No don’t like her at all.
    Hope Trump can clue her into reality.
    The only national political woman that I admire is LePen, she gets it.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      “Women, can’t live with ’em, can’t leave ’em by the curb when you’re done with ’em.”

      (Line by Bruce Willis from early Moonlighting episode)


  12. TheTorch says:

    I posted this in the Presidential thread, but it really should be in this thread:

    BreitBart is being way to harsh about Prime Minster Theresa May’s speech and selecting 3 things they and some of us don’t like and dismissing everything else!

    This was an excellent speech on the whole – she is clearly moving toward the Trump agenda. She said a number of things that I have never heard her say before. It is an improvement to say the least.

    It was a 35 minute speech and they are focusing on about 1-2 minutes to rubbish it.

    She has some way to go – and she needs a bit of educating by President Trump with regard to the religion of peace nonsense. BUT she actually referred to Radical Islam a number of times. I don’t think she has ever said that before ?

    Point is – this speech as Gateway Pundit rightly promotes, is historic with regard to the renewing of the special relationship. It also shows she is moving in the right direction. President Trump has put the olive branch out and she is grabbing it. Again, some way to go, to say the least and she may never get there, but nonetheless, this speech should be welcomed and is clearly a step in the right direction on the most part.

    If anyone can get May to see sense on some of these differences, then President Trump can. He is the master negotiator and educator. If anyone can get Prime Minister May to continue down the right path, then it is President Trump.

    The speech generally got the thumbs up from Nigel Farage from what I hear. Because he knows, what it meant, not only historically speaking, but also the direction of travel.

    If the chemistry between the two works and they can build the relationship, then this will be great news for Britain and the USA.

    I am sure it will be rocky at times, especially at the start, but I think we should wish them both the very best. If President Trump can get Prime Minster May to come along for the ride, it could indeed have the makings of a very special relationship.

    To BreitBart – I say chill your heels Kassam, and see some of the positive!

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    • LP says:

      I agree with you Torch. People tend to forget that she also has her own moonbats and opposition that will make hay with anything she says. She also has to deal with extricating the UK out of a failed, otiose EU that does not wish Britain well.

      Overall she laid out her position and a genuine willingness to work more closely with this administration.

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      • Cow wow says:

        I agree with most of these points, but her praise for and reverence for the EU, the WTO, the UN and NATO made me do a double take. I had a hard time believing the rest of her speech.

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      • JoAnn Leichliter says:

        Also, she has to deal with a very powerful Muslim minority in her country. Think that over, folks…


    • Dekester says:

      May is a RINO. Full stop.

      Islam has destroyed so much of England, never mind Londonstan with the militant Muslim Mayor. May daren’t speak the truth about jolly old England.

      May is simply scared of DJT.

      Thank you

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      • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

        I will agree with Dekester and others who are turned off by May.

        Don’t get fooled by eloquent speeches (Review Obama 2004 DNC). Observable behavior is all that matters. May offers no clear strategic objectives and actions to obtain them. I’ve reviewed another recent talk and she says all the right things but there’s no weight behind them. If she was for real, her message would be, “Brexit will happen, and it will happen now, with no more delay!” Her behavior communicates she’s pro EU (like Nigel said she was). May is great at speeches. Trump is clumsy in speeches. Elite vs. Street. Words vs. Action.

        Intuition says she’s a drone sent by the globalists made to pose as a moderate conservative. She feels fake.

        Spider sense is tingling.

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  13. Exactly my thinking, Torch! The naysayers disappoint me bigly today. Her speech was wonderful, and skillfully threaded the narrow path between Pres. Trump and Ryan/McConnell, et al. She knows all about leadership in a country with a strong Parliament/Congress and is doing a great job. Also showing strong support for Brexit. I’m thrilled with this speech.

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    • Dekester says:

      Nope. She is dangerous, very dangerous.

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    • CatherinesMom says:

      You are so kind hearted. Teresa May is a wolf in sheep’s clothing to many. But she is not hiding her true thoughts, and those thoughts are beautiful–many have fallen for similar words for centuries. In the end it leads to Marxism, death and destruction.

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    • Donald says:

      I wholly concur with your points, InvestigatingforOne!
      Apparently, most who heard May’s speech also overlooked the critical point she made about the primacy of ‘the Nation State’ and it’s role in the stability of Western Civilization.
      Her emphasis on the importance of the ‘Nation State’ presents a sophisticated, textbook formulation for the whole of Donald Trump’s political philosophy: US sovereignty, security and solvency ABOVE ALL ELSE, BUT NOT TO THE EXCLUSION OF ALL ELSE!


  14. trumptea says:

    May is a Neville Chamberlain at precisely the time when the UK needs a Winston Churchill.

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  15. The Boss says:

    Isn’t it interesting that even without a Secretary of State, we have a head of state arrive to meet Trump and talk to the GOP and GOPe? How did this get set up? I doubt Ryan or McConnell were involved. Anybody know for sure?
    As for May’s remarks, it came across to me as if she were dipping her toes into the Trumpian waters. She’s definitely not a Thatcher, but she almost seems to be aiming that high. Let’s see folks.

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    • LP says:

      I think she mentioned at the beginning of her speech that she was invited by the Republican Congressional Retreat.

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      • The Boss says:

        You’re right. Plus, the congress lady introducing her spoke of May’s decision “after the election and after the new GOP [legislature] was installed” to visit the US. Maybe Trump and the Congress working together? If so, it’s a good showing.

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  16. Binkser1 says:

    And this thinking is what has led Europe to the mess they are in. Totally hopeless and clueless.

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  17. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who did not have a favorable impression of the Prime Minister’s speech. While obviously there were a lot of positive things in it, I was dismayed (no pun intended) to hear her refer to the US as a “global nation.” That reference indicates that she does not grasp what we did in November.

    Worse, she endorsed NATO’s “forward presence in Eastern Europe” which is provocative and, incidentally, violates President Bush, Sr.’s pledge to Gorbachev not to do so. She pointed to NATO operations in Kosovo as a good thing. Serbia is a Christian nation, and Kosovo is central to the Serb identity. It is now in the hands of Islamic Albanians as a result of NATO and EU action. She talked about “projecting our values,” typical neocon canting. She referred to Islam as a “religion of peace.” Meanwhile, the UK is being swamped by Islamic migrants and the government refuses to do anything about it. We are not going to let that happen here, and I hope the Prime Minister understands that.

    While we do indeed have a special relationship, the UK government has by every measure sold out the British people. I hope the Prime Minister comes around to the Trump agenda. Someone commented above that she is the British version of a RINO. I propose we call her a BRINO: Brexit In Name Only, until she proves herself otherwise.

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  18. MaineCoon says:

    Kept pondering “PM of UK Theresa May attends & speaks at GOP Retreat in Philadelphia”. Brilliant P45. Totally emasculated Dimwits. Ds delay P45 cabinet votes, Sec’y of Commerce is absent from P45’s trade discussions with May, then D’s reap consequences – exclusion from P45’s first foreign leader’s visit/speech. OOPS! Hard for msm to interview Ds on speech since they didn’t attend. OOPS.

    Big picture was May’s repeated references to renew UK/USA relationship (undertone: O decimated it). That’s the key. She’s grabbing the olive branch. P45 will ensure both parties are winners & in doing so sends major message to sinking EU ship.

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  19. Dekester says:

    Sentient you are spot on.

    DJT and the movement has done so much. Please don’t be lulled into these fakes.

    May wanted to deal with HRC. Bet on it.

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    • LP says:

      If the Lunatic had become president, the first seven days would be a massacre on Main St. and Frau Merkel would be getting tucked up in the White House.


  20. Cow wow says:

    As much as I found to oppose her globalism I found myself chuckling during her opening remarks, which I immensely enjoyed. Especially when she said for the last 200 years we have been the best of allies (paraphrased Bigly)
    The last battle to keep our independence from the mother country was a much forgotten war called the War of 1812, which ended in 1815, approximately 200 years ago.
    Well done PM May 😁

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  21. TimeIsNow says:

    May needs to be ‘fish slapped.”


  22. freddy says:

    I smell a fraud. Speaks nicy nice to get up close. She has a dagger in her left hand. Trump is a street guy and senses this type deal…She will betray on demand……..I don’y like one bit of her.

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  23. Patriot1783 says:

    3D Chess, 3D Chess, 3DChess


  24. DebbieUK says:

    Mrs May is no Margaret Thatcher .She is improving but is steeped in PC claptrap. We don’t think of her as a great orator, she gives speeches instead of action.

    We are holding her feet to the fire on Brexit because the electoral maths are with us.her party will be decimated if she fails. Many of us don’t trust her and it sounds like some on this forum got that impression too.

    In her defence though ,she got rid of several Muslim hate preachers that had been in this country for years using Human Rights legislation .She doggedly did whatever it took to legally deport the. One Abu Hamza is currently doing life in USA. I give her credit for that.

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  25. SoCal Patriot says:

    I hope President Trump asks her “why did you collaborate with Obama and screw Israel last month?”. Her speech today was fine, but she owes us an answer.

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  26. k says:

    Good to see PM May and President Trump begin forging a strong relationship between the UK and USA. She is very brave indeed to be visiting the President…her own political opponents in the UK will try and crucify her for it… Thanks President Trump for being such a gentleman and for looking forward.


  27. Summer says:

    The speech was too long, too flowery, and too much globalism-inspired for my liking. I am sure RINOs in the audience loved every minute of it.

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  28. Bruce Fletcher says:

    She is no Thatcher, she is a relatively astute career politician dealing with the reality she’s been confronted with. She will be supportive but she has the soul of a Globalist, and would be far more comfortable meeting with a President Clinton.

    Luckily people like her need Trump far more than he needs them

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      May is more timid than Thatcher I think.
      Don’t hold that against her.
      She’s between a rock and an EU.


  29. UKExpat says:

    Theresa May is no warrior she is far to the LEFT of even the most wimpish American RINO and is not to be trusted.


  30. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    PM May appears to have done her homework – for last year’s election.


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