President Trump Meets With Senate Judiciary Leadership – SCOTUS Prep…

Begin, with the end in mind…

President Trump and Vice-President Pence met with Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D), and Chairs of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley (R) and Dianne Feinstein (D) today.  These are key members of the Senate who will be at the forefront of any Supreme Court nomination.

trump-w-senate-judiciary-committee-leadership(Clockwise from bottom left: Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Mike Pence, President Trump, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley)

The small group meeting appears to be reconnaissance and temperature gauging for the upcoming Trump Supreme Court nomination which will be challenging.

In addition to the myriad of long-term impacts, Trump’s SCOTUS nominee will be a key element to the broader immigration issue.  Referencing back to the DACA topic, it is predictable the removal of DACA will eventually end up with immigration advocates selecting a deportee for use in their deportation court challenge.

justice_scalesSimilar to the path for legal challenge in gay marriage, the pro-amnesty immigration legal team will be looking for a DACA child (or young adult) born to non-legal resident parents. The underlying legal issue will then be a “birthright citizenship” challenge, an issue never reconciled in any Supreme Court case.  The pro-amnesty goal will be to establish precedent and make birthright citizenship a matter of settled law….

The voices requesting immediacy in any overturning of Obama’s DACA action, should pause and consider the prudent rule: ‘begin with the end in mind‘.

President Trump first needs to establish the internal architecture for the larger immigration policy agenda.  Trump has gained confirmation with Secretary of DHS Kelly for immigration enforcement.  However, Trump needs a confirmed EPA head to proceed quickly with the Southern border wall construction.

Additionally, President Trump needs a confirmed Attorney General (Sessions) to structure the legal framework of the DOJ in defense of all immigration enforcement mechanisms.

Once President Trump has the policy architecture in place, it is only then when the executive action to remove DACA will become structurally prudent.

Lastly, it is prudent to remember President Trump does not have the actual support of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, or House Speaker Paul Ryan (Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy) for immigration enforcement.  All of the aforementioned names, along with several other GOPe politicians (Rubio, Flake, McCain, Graham, etc.) have taken multiple millions from pro-amnesty lobbyists and special interests – and that’s just the Senate.

There will be pressure upon each of these Senators by lobbying interests, surrounding the next SCOTUS nominee and the perspectives on immigration.  Within the House of representatives there are even more more stealth pro-amnesty (open border) agents who will do little to support President Trump as he proceeds with immigration enforcement.

On a 1-10 scale of usurpation, immigration is a fully usurped UniParty issue at the maximum level 10.


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392 Responses to President Trump Meets With Senate Judiciary Leadership – SCOTUS Prep…

  1. NoOneButTrump says:

    To the pearl clutchers who thought by now all illegals would be sitting in camps awaiting deportation and the wall would be built and… This is not a dictatorship nor Fantasyland. Pres Trump has to work through Congress to get his cabinet in place. Then he can get his SCOTUS nominee and budget pushed through. Then the wall can be built, and when we deport these illegals, they’ll stay deported. No opening move in chess wins. It takes methodical moves to trap your opponent’s king. It’s day 4 for goodness sake! Sigh. Pres Trump deserves better after all he has sacrificed and is sacrificing.

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  2. FofBW says:

    Did I miss the link that says President Trump said he is back peddling on DACA???


  3. LEET says:

    None of these GOPe senators offered ANY RESISTANCE to obamas far left, and unqualified SCOTUS picks, Kagan and Sotomayor. They all said “their side won they get to pick”, I remember that is EXACTLY what Senator Grassley said when pressed as to why they were not offering any push back on obamas abysmal picks! I think I will call Grassley’s office and REMIND HIM! Our side WON GRASSLEY! APPROVE TRUMP’S PICK.

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  4. cocomama says:

    A court case ensues, Sundance says above.Therefore heartstrings are plucked across the land for the poor undocumented darling. The face of an innocent child. Sigh……How about this scenario .Poor undocumented child was sold by his poor Mexican mom to a US sex trafficker. Child was brought to US. Citizenship for child immediately granted. He goes to “relatives” found here……Pedophiles all. Part of an organized ring. DACA is proven to be aset up to supply innocent children to pedophiles. DACA indeed! Heartstrings become unplucked and horror sets in. Change comes quickly and Trump is a savior.

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  5. CharterOakie says:

    Do as Patton would say: grab ’em by the nose and kick ’em in the @ss.

    POTUS Trump will be polite and gentlemanly about it. But he’s grabbing ’em by the nose already.

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  6. Larry Ivy says:

    No immigration plan other than blanket amnesty will work without the threat of deportation.

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  7. nkmommy says:

    Sundance, that’s a shame, how did we get here? Is it because the uniparty republicans sold out to amnesty lobbyists as no previous generation of republicans before them? Or is it because under Obama the fact that immigration laws have not been enforced has created non-enforcement as a new normal? Under the Clinton and Bush administration immigration laws were enforced.


    • Contrarymary says:

      Wrong. The clintons were flooding America, especially California, running up to the election, and fast tracking them for citizenship. The clintons also brought in those Albanian Muslims after bombing the heck out of Serbia on behalf of those poor Muslims. Bush was bringing in Muslims by the thousands. Never heard or read it in our media. Only read it in the Jerusalem post. They’ve all been in on it to destroy our Jude’s Christian heritage and culture. Trump needs to go to war with California. He could minimize California by getting behind the state of Jefferson. Cut California in half so those of us in the rural parts can finally have a say in our elections instead of San fransicko and Los Angeles running our state with the rural people, ranchers, farmers, etc, having no representation or input

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      • nkmommy says:

        While not perfect, neither Clinton nor Bush seemed soft on illegal immigration. Under the Clinton Administration, Haitians and Cubans were stopped from entering our country and sent to Guantanamo Bay. The government was sued by Cuban Attorneys for not allowing the Cuban migrants in (Haitians joined in the case) and the Clinton Administration fought back (though eventually most were allowed in but it was not a given). Then, don’t forget, Janet Reno had a very sympathetic Elian Gonzalez returned to his father in Cuba. There was a large amount of denaturalization cases (the taking away of citizenship fraudulently obtained), and, under Bush (?) due process was curtailed a bit so that cases could be expedited – 1 Board of Immigration Appeals judge instead of 3 could decide a case from an immigration judge. I’m not surprised by the democrats, their entire party has swung so far left they are unrecognizable, but that the republicans have no appetite for basic enforcement of basic immigration law is so sad. Particularly sad to someone who left the dem party looking for law and order.

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      • anarchist335 says:

        The way to split Cali is into 3 states. In that way, 1 remains Blue as before, 1 will become Red, and the other will be a Purple. That will give both major parties a win. We would have 52 states and not an odd number like 51. Remember, Alaska was allowed in as Red by the Dems only because Hawaii was coming in as Blue.


        • Contrarymary says:

          We need an all out frontal assault here in California to rout out the communist takeover. They have control of our fraudulent elections, the courts, the schools, employee unions and all branches of government. Most conservatives are making plans to leave the state. The ironic thing is all the public employees that I talk to are planning on leaving the state when they retire because they say we’re over regulated and overtaxed. Everyone takes the oath to defend our constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. California has been taken over by domestic and foreign enemies of our constitution and we need help. States have rights, but not when they go against the constitution and subjugate the citizens. When a public servant puts forth a law against the constitution, they should immediately be brought up on charges. That would eliminate the demonrat party.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Follow the money. Lobbyists have bought all the big names in Washington. Trump repeated this over and over during the campaign. It’s why he always made a big deal about being self-funded and funded by small donations. He gave the American people a choice between a truly independent President and one bought by the lobbyists. And the lobbyists are pro amnesty because they are directed by the US CoC to lobby for huge amounts of cheap labor to fatten Wall Street’s bottom line.

      The Republicans sold out. We need to Drain The Swamp.

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  8. With Immigration Executive Orders coming this week, we should take a deep breath.

    What if Trump rounds up ALL Criminal Aliens for Deportation.

    What if Trump rounds up ALL the Visa Overstays under General Kelly at Homeland Security.

    What if Trump puts a freeze on Visa processing until SoS Tillerson is approved so America can “get a handle on these out-of-control problems”.

    Think Senate Donors have the stroke to get the Senate back from “retreat” and off their keysters?

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  9. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    Schmucky looks like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

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  10. justfactsplz says:

    I voted for President Trump because he is a genius in planning and executing his plans. I trust him totally to do what he says he will do. Timing is everything. He is methodically going about the people’s business and I couldn’t be happier. His Supreme Court pick will be the caliber of Scalia.

    It’s good to see fresh roses in place of the fake apples on the table in the picture above. The lighter colored carpet looks a lot better than what Obummer had too. It’s looking more like Our House again.

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  11. spren says:

    Why can’t the Senate use the same machinations and rules of order used to eliminate the filibuster for judicial and other appointments to eliminate the same for the Supreme Court nominee? Of course I recognize that McConnell is the roadblock, but why can’t we pressure the Senate to make this change? Don’t think for one moment that if/when Democrats regain control of the Senate that will be one of their first orders of business.


    • Sherlock says:

      This will be a must if the dems stonewalls any SC nominee. The rules changes need only 51 votes. The trick will be not only forcing McConnell to take this step if necessary, but to insure that McCain and his friend, along with other wobblies, hang together to get it done.
      That’s when all the crap about “tradition of the Senate” is trotted out to give cover to the turncoats. It will be an epic fight.


  12. Bryan Walk says:

    The rose garden is back from being a melon patch


  13. The hill to be climbed is at a very steep incline. The stake could not be any higher.


  14. Anthony Earl says:

    chucky schmucky is staring off into the distance in that pic.


  15. Lanna says:

    I think it’s possible Trump may go at the anchor baby problem from the other direction. I remember that early in his campaign he said many lawyers say the 14th as justification for granting citizenship for anchor babies won’t hold up in court, would have to be tested.

    It seems to hinge on the Jurisdiction Clause, but the 13th (not the lost original 13th, that’s a whole other issue), 14th and 15th Amendments all work together to repeal slavery, confer citizenship on former slaves and bestow voting rights. The 15th was written in a way to keep states from revoking or restricting voting rights, authorized Congress to write federal statutes. The resulting Civil Rights Act has parallel language to the 14th Amendment, but a Supreme Court decision noted that language in the 14th was rephrased and condensed and directed courts to use the Civil Rights Act to better understand the meaning of the 14th. And the Act clearly states “not subject to any foreign power”. The language in the 14th is “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.


    • Sherlock says:

      Great summary. I’m not sure Pres. Trump will take on the anchor baby issue, but hope he does. I think the Supreme Court confirmation hearing will give us a clue. If the left harps on the issue in questioning the nominee, we can be pretty sure the administration plans to try to clarify and do away with the notion of birthright citizenship for offspring of illegals.


  16. dianeax says:

    Begin, with the end in mind…

    First of the seven habits and obviously one of Trump’s best!


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