Report: U.S. Announces Withdrawal From TPP Within 24 Hours of Trump Inauguration…

…and other fun stuff discovered walking through this new winner wonderland.

trump-wolverines-1TPP trade 2

Making good on a consistent campaign promise, and in absolute rebuke to the best laid plans of Tom Donohue, the Asian Pacific Nikkei reports:

WASHINGTON — Soon after President Donald Trump was sworn in, his administration announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact championed by former President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The White House on Friday also wasted no time in declaring a renegotiation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. (more)

It would appear the economic plan continued before the actual nomination is proceeding according to a well designed plan.  The elimination of TPP is a complete rebuke of The Big Club.

But wait, oh it gets better.


For the past six weeks I have been staring at an index card stuck in the middle of our research white board which simply states: “Why Mulvaney?”  It’s been nagging at me, because choosing Mick “Cantalopes” Mulvaney for OMB director just didn’t make sense.

Then a friendly cow walked up and licked me square on the face.

My friendly bovine asked three questions:

♦ 1.) “What makes you think President Donald Trump wasn’t aware of the Mulvaney housekeeper issue“?   ♦ 2.) “Remember how candidate Trump shot the arrow into the Achilles heel of Bush and Rubio’s Wall Street alignment“? and ♦ 3.) “Isn’t Paul Ryan quite literally, and similarly, attached to the Mulvaney pick”?

After an ah-ha moment I grinningly wiped the slobber from my noggin, and I must now apologize for my one-dimensional-chess, shallow thoughtlessness and previously expressed position.

While it is prudent to hide the smile and wait for the predictably toxic OMB confirmation hearing.  In the interest of belaying concern, we might point out the Dem side of the confirmation hearing is not accidentally being led -quite loudly- by Senator Chuck Schumer who would like nothing more than to have a notch on his partisan anti-confirmation belt.

Chuck Schumer close upThe Senate minority leader needs a win.

Schumer being a New Yorker n’ all – nudge-nudge, wink-wink,.. say no more, say-no-more.

Oh, how the media would gleefully play up such a defeat, and how President Trump would be protesting the loss, almost pearl-clutchy if done just right.  The optics of political opposition toward other cabinet appointments necessarily decreases; the dems already carrying a scalp to prove their oppositional bona-fides.

Additionally, considering all the angles, the first Trump budget is due by constitutional requirement to congress by March 31st.  The media never held Obama accountable for this deadline, and he missed it in six of the eight years in office.  Not a single Obama budget ever passed congress even though Dems controlled the House and Senate for two of those proposals.

Heck, after year #5 in office the media quit even mentioning the absence of an Obama budget, and worse yet the last two fiscal years Obama never even presented a proposal that mattered.  Boehner, then Ryan, went along with CR’s, totally eliminated the debt ceiling and passed record setting Omnibus bills.

However, we can easily predict EPIC media protestations if a Trump budget doesn’t meet the legal deadline for submission; and we can only imagine how the media will SCREAM about Trump not having one.

GOP primary 2♦ Phase Two – Walking out the play…. brings the OMB Director (Mulvaney or other), and the Paul Ryan budget approval process, immediately into play.  If Ryan doesn’t get the Trump budget from fellow consort Mulvaney’s architecture, Ryan’s going to get it from a lesser ideological aligned, non GOPe, OMB director.   Interesting paradox.

♦ Phase Three – Most predictably meaning a Trump budget proposal more likely at loggerheads with what Ryan would prefer.  Where “loggerheads” is most likely defined as President Trump not spending enough on the stuff which will make Ryan’s Wall Street UniParty lobbyists happy etc.

♦ Phase Four – The above back-and-forth leads to a potential continuing resolution, or impasse of sorts.  Which could ultimately mean Trump is in the same non-budget position as Obama, at least in the short-term.

In that “short-term” the president gets to prioritize what aspects of government are funded…. Oh, hurt me.  Please don’t throw me in the Briar Patch, please.

see where this is headed?

Tell me where President Trump loses in all of the assembled variables?

Either Mulvaney is confirmed albeit usefully damaged goods, and as OMB Director complies with Trump’s construction priority, setting up friction with Ryan…. which ends with Trump in control of spending prioritization anyway….. Or, Mulvaney doesn’t pass confirmation, Schumer is happy, and by direct extension Mulvaney’s primary advocate, Paul Ryan, is usefully wounded in the process…. which ends with Trump in control of spending prioritization.


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385 Responses to Report: U.S. Announces Withdrawal From TPP Within 24 Hours of Trump Inauguration…

  1. blognificentbee says:

    Interesting that the news outlet that broke this was a foreign paper. Our idiot MSM will not even give this huge move one single second of coverage.

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  2. amanda4321 says:

    Picture of the Day: Skywriters emblazon “Trump” in the sky above Sydney, Australia, as approximately 10,000 people take part in an anti-Trump protest

    Stop NATO!: Polish scholar Mateusz Piskorski writes to Donald Trump from behind bars

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  3. trapper says:

    Yeah. Prepare to be amazed. Prepare to be blown away. Prepare to howl with delight. Get ready. Here it comes. The Trump Deal Team has been holed up working for months, at a work pace set by President Trump. By now they have a comprehensive and fully integrated takeover plan ready to execute, and on Monday they pull the trigger.

    Not just executive orders, but legislation, agency reorganizations, consolidations and realignments of bureaucratic hierarchies, promotions, demotions, firings, eliminations of entire departments and perhaps even entire agencies, and for some workers who can’t be fired but who also can’t be trusted, an empty desk at full pay with no authority and nothing to do. Perhaps a whole warehouse somewhere filled with unused employees in bare cubicles with no phones where careers will be sent to die. Being fired the Japanese way. And it will all be played out over the next three months.

    Oh, and remember all that stimulus money passed every year since 2009, the Obama slush fund squirreled away and spent as he saw fit? I bet there’s still enough left to build a border wall by summer. And I can’t wait to see the budget Trump will introduce. Man, will that ever cause the pigs to squeal.

    So, strap in and hold on. Ignition in 3 … 2 …

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    • H.R. says:

      Trapper wrote:
      “Perhaps a whole warehouse somewhere filled with unused employees in bare cubicles with no phones where careers will be sent to die.”

      And cell phone signal blockers and no computers. Must not forget those tedium-enhancers.

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    • FofBW says:

      Sounds great!.. Just curious how you came upon this information?

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      • trapper says:

        A straight answer for a straight question. There is a recurring line in the Jesse Stone series: “Information is out there. You just have to let it in.”

        And once you let it in, you use it to reason with.

        Every baseball manager, every NFL head coach, goes into a game with a plan. He also goes in with certain paradigms and certain plays that everyone who is familiar with the game knows about and knows when to expect. For example, if it’s the bottom of the ninth, the game is tied, and your team has runners on first and third with one out, you know the batter is going to try to hit a long fly ball to score the man on third, and the pitcher is going throw high inside to try to prevent it. Heck, the announcers in the booth will even tell you what you are about to see. They don’t have inside information. They have let in the information that is out there, and applied it to what is in front of them.

        Trump is a savvy successful businessman who has assembled a team of other savvy successful business people who all operate within business paradigms. Oh, they might smoke a fastball by everyone when no one is looking (Carrier, Ford), but we can predict much of what is coming. However, just as in professional sports, it is not so much the plan that will take our breath away but the masterful execution of it that rises to the level of art. Smash-mouth football combined with subtle ballet. Watch.

        Sundance has excellent political insights here based not on inside information but political information he has gathered over a lifetime.

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        • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

          Very well stated Trapper. I am also seeing the same patterns. When I get quiet and let the information in, it’s right there in front of me. Trump is brilliant strategist. He’s clearly applying the lessons written about in Sun-Tzu’s “The Art of War.”

          The execution phase of a very well contemplated battle plan with clear objectives is in full swing. When the left realizes what’s happened, it will be far too late for them to do anything about it. Win, after win, after win to take America back is in full offense mode. The battle for taking out the entrenched political class and propagandized MSM is already over, but the hysterical left are completely unaware of this reality on a conscious level. Let fools rush in. Incredible times.

          I’m a relative neophyte to CTH, but I recognize talent when I see it. Thank you sundance for your contributions and hard work to get us to this point in the game.

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          • trapper says:

            Patterns and trends, my friend. Patterns and trends. The key to understanding anything is identifying patterns and trends. Gather information until you see the pattern emerge, then stare at the pattern until you see which way it is trending. Oh, and all the time remembering there is no such thing as a contradiction. If you think you see one, you have misidentified the pattern or the trend based upon a false assumption.

            That’s why the centipedes researching pizzagate are so obsessed. They see it because it is real, and it makes some things previously thought to be contradictions fall right into place in the new pattern. Go back to True Detective season 1.

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    • OmaMAGA says:

      Now there is a plan I can get behind.

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    • Nordic Breed says:

      By all means, put those employees in cubicles with no phones, no computers so they can’t access pornography during working hours, no books to read, monitor break times and lunch times strictly, and play recordings of the Byzantine Divine Liturgy 24/7. See how many will be able to withstand that amount of restriction along with holy music for weeks on end. Should be interesting.

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      • arete55 says:

        With homage to Scott Adams..

        This group of “featherbedding” waste, that will eventually be streamlined/eliminated (public education will need a similar plan), should be known as:


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      • Ficklefinger says:

        Create those office spaces in quonset huts in rural Kansas and Nebraska….no traffic…no ambient urban sound….access by a long gravel road.. just the sound of the wind blowing…civil service salaries reduced by the lower local cost of living in the middle of nowhere…no computer word processors provided – just old IBM Selectric typewriters clicking and clacking out memos on typing paper with carbon copies. Sack lunches just like in the old days !

        Make America’s Civil Service Jobs FUN Again !

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    • Sherlock says:

      Not new, but worth a read for anyone who missed it the first time around.

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      • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

        It’s always good to come across articles that resonate from other people on the other side of the world. Thank you for sharing.


        • AmyB says:

          As I am reading this article, I am thinking, who is this writer from the other side of the world, that knows former president Obama so well? I should have immediately recognized the incredible writing skills of Daniel Greenfield, the Sultan Knish blogger, who, though born in Isreal, lives in NYC.

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      • anarchist335 says:

        Awesome. Thanks for the link.


    • PatriotKate says:

      You won’t have to worry about our tax dollars being wasted this way. You may have missed that legislation that would allow the President to reduce one’s pay to $1. Therefore, I suspect there will be a lot of early retirements.

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    • anarchist335 says:

      Thanks Trapper, this post is a keeper! I copied it to OneNote. Be well.


  4. Piper says:

    What MOST TELLING about the Intellectual Froglegs vid you have the talking heads totally ignorant of how biased they have been during this election.

    They still believe that Trump is STUPID, IGNORANT, A DUMMY who can’t find his way out of a paper sack; THEY are operating from a place of denial. THEY can not see the forest for the trees, and neither can the dummies that pick up what they put down, SOOO EVERYTHING Trump does will be shock and awe for them.

    THEY cannot keep up because their hatred blinds them to truth!

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  5. Daniel says:

    I would love to see Trump troll the media by stating “he may not have a budget proposal out before the deadline” and then put it out the next day ahead of time. They would actually explode as predicted.

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  6. 3x1 says:


    All the bought off Chamber of Commerce supporters can go jump in the Potomac.

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  7. bpk1300 says:

    Here is Wallace with Priebus on Fox Sunday Morning

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  8. TheTorch says:

    Well we all know Trump plays 3-Dimensional Chess, but if the analysis by Sundance on this is correct, then this is just further proof how far ahead Trump thinks, which was evidenced in the primaries and election.

    What makes this all so fascinating is that Trump knows how insufferable and arrogant the establishment are, so most are incapable of seeing this for what it is. They are living in their own bubble. Which makes this kind of play by Trump, all the more delicious to watch.

    We are in for an amazing four years. The dummies in the establishment have no idea what they are up against, they may think they do, but they don’t, they are in for the biggest smack down imaginable, the Inauguration speech was the opener.

    Trump will be one of the most powerful Presidents ever. He has the intelligence and vision needed to change things for the better. He will have the people to deliver it. He has control of the white house, congress (house and senate), soon the Supreme Court, and with a ton of judicial appointments in the other courts that need to be filled. In addition, 2/3 of the governorships, and state legislatures are more or less under Republican control.

    The left are scared to death, and with good reason, they have literally lost everything, thanks to the Obama years, which made Trump running and winning a greater possibility.

    The irony is so delicious, the left are literally committing suicide on live TV, and have been for the last year and a half, and they still can’t see they are destroying themselves, not Trump.

    No one but a small clique wants their globalist, progressive BS, they have over played their hand and the payback is going to be glorious to witness.

    It is breathtaking to be alive at this moment in history and watch this unfold.

    GOD is working his wonders, and it is simply magical 🙂

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    • jupitercomm says:

      “Well we all know Trump plays 3-Dimensional Chess, but if the analysis by Sundance on this is correct, then this is just further proof how far ahead Trump thinks…”

      The basic argument of SD’s analysis that this is a strategy is cogent & relatively strong (we’re dealing w/ probability). I would only add the further inference that the original idea was Bannon’s, with input from Conway & Priebus, approved by Trump. Part of Trump’s brilliance – this was showcased on the Apprentice – consists in who he chooses as closest advisors & how he interacts with them.

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    • R-C says:

      The biggest problem in your equation is Mitch McConnell, the spineless globalist weasel who is [allegedly] ‘in charge’ of the Senate.

      A cursory glance at the Senate indicates that it is Schmuckie Schumer in charge over there; the GOPe having selected the weakest, most clueless spaghetti-spined individual they could possibly have chosen to ‘lead’ them.

      McConnell is incapable of creating a smooth path for Trump’s nominees. His brain is apparently stuck in a place where he must be subservient to democrats–the perfect minority politician, stuck in a majority role.

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      • Chuck Roast says:

        “spineless globalist weasel who is [allegedly] ‘in charge’ of the Senate.”
        Damn, what an accurate description of the Senate “leader.”

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      • Carolina Kat says:

        Yes, McConnell is the problem, thus the appointment of Elaine Chou. (I’d swear President Trump is a horseman by the way he knows how to apply seat and leg without anyone seeing and without a sliver of movement of reins, he moves in the direction and speed he chooses.) Make America Great Again is his slogan, but “the hand is quicker than the eye” is his method. McConnell acts like a minority leader because he has to be shoved. Democrats had their way until last Friday. Now the pressure can come from the WH and his own house, we’ll see how McConnell responds.

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        • JC says:

          Very fascinating and worth the read, Tampa. Thanks for posting, Amanda. Wonder how President Trump will respond.

          BTW, regarding action on TPP on Inauguration Day:
          Thank you, Mr. President.


    • MaineCoon says:

      “Well we all know Trump plays 3-Dimensional Chess, but if the analysis by Sundance on this is correct, then this is just further proof how far ahead Trump thinks, which was evidenced in the primaries and election.”

      I think so also. I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment today as it struck me that President Trump is preparing Jared for a Prez run after Pence. I believe we had a big posting discussion months ago and someone stated that his 3 older children are all bared from running as Ivana was not a citizen when they were born. If this is true, IMO Jared is being prepped & Ivanka would be FLOTUS.

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      • Red says:

        Wow… that’s good thinkin’ I’d say you’re on to something there😀😀😀😀


      • janc1955 says:

        I’m not sure yet who he’s grooming, but I’m on the same page with you. He’s prepping a whopper of a succession plan along with everything else he’s doing. And it makes perfect sense, because once he gets the ship righted, how tragic would it be to have everything he’ll accomplish laid to waste by another swamp creature in 8 or 12 or 16 years?


      • When Pence runs for president in eight years, he will need a VP. Jared could easily step into that role, which could give him very valuable experience. As a side-note, I believe that daughter Tiffany is the only Trump child who would be eligible to run for president.


    • piper567 says:

      Great post, Torch….
      i really like the fact that “…the left are literally committing suicide on live TV…” and not only in the studios, but on the streets.
      Even our local rag had as big of an article about the women’s march as they did on the Inauguration!
      sad, as The President says…


  9. The Boss says:

    Any wonder the leaders of Mexico and Canada spoke with Trump yesterday?

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  10. Budman says:

    Schumer told CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper. “I’m hopeful that maybe President Trump will nominate someone that will get bipartisan support —but, yes, we’ll fight it tooth-and-nail as long as we have to.” Fine Chucky! Lets keep the Senate open NON STOP till we get our appointees confirmed! I wish the turtle had a spine!

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  11. feralcatsblog says:

    So you are saying Mulvaney is nothing but a sacrificial lamb? Does he know this?

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  12. Keln says:

    So…Mulvaney is a sacrificial anode.

    Interesting strategy, if true.

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      “So…Mulvaney is a sacrificial anode. Interesting strategy, if true.”
      I think the metaphorical sharks are circling DeVos a pick I was not comfortable with frankly. She either ups her game the next time around or I don’t see her surviving the hearings. IMHO this is the one they want badly. Charters are great, but Johnson’s Great Society has put teachers in systems of high need behind the 8 Ball as the last chance to make a difference in many kids lives. They do not need one size fits all, contractor special pickup truck if you will, they need the ambulance on the same chassis. They need more resources, even if it is paying the teachers big $’s which has been a conservative idea from eons ago. I hope her or Team Trump go for the bifurcated system I roughly just outlined, and my idea comes from long discussions with those in these trenches.


      • Deb says:

        Schools in inner cities already have huge budgets. We spend more per pupil than any other country, with little to show for it.

        The problem is the graft and huge salaries the “administrators” collect. They are pretty much impossible to fire. Charter schools create competition and force them to clean up their act.

        The other problem is that discipline in schools has been gutted because of “disparate impact.” Behavior problems multiply when the kids know there won’t be painful consequences. Teachers are on the front lines with no back up, and the unions aren’t doing anything about it.

        I say this as a former teacher.

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        • Sunshine says:

          So right, you are. I remember when school uniforms were mandatory for all students. There were almost no problems and fewer distractions in the schools. Teachers had the students’ attention.
          Troubles started when the school uniform requirement was eliminated.


          • piper567 says:

            trouble started when respect for any authority figure disappeared.
            when parents and teachers wanted to become “friends” with students, instead of remaining teachers and parents, respect vanished.


    • benifranlkin says:

      In the laboratory business we would always leave a few correctable deficiencies for the inspectors to find so they could say they found something and then we would correct it moments later and boom! end of the inspection…we passed.


      • Shotgun says:

        Ahhh, yes, the “hairy arm syndrome”! A former coworker said that painters ofl long ago who did portraits for wealthy patrons would often do everything perfect except that they would paint a very hairy arm. Then the patron, who had to find something wrong with the painting, criticized the hairy arm–the intentional error. This, of course, was easily fixed, and all was well.


      • Red says:

        This is so true benifit, you have to give an auditor something to find, just a few small findings. They, in finding those deficiencies, look SOTH thorough, and you have a little clean-up to do😀 win-win for both parties


  13. Thanks Sundance for this analysis, especially the 8 year budget history. Bookmarked for reference!

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  14. Texian says:

    TPP has been jettisoned.. [Salute] !Thank you Sir Donald Trump Sir..!

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  15. Jeff says:

    The crony fascist business model is over for the networks . They make TV shows that push the commie agenda . Have ” news ” outlets that lie and push the commie agenda . All paid for by you the taxpayer !

    ” but Jeff l.but Jeff ..but Jeff !!! I don’t watch them ”

    Doesn’t matter ! You cant see the money stolen from you but it is stolen none the less !

    Taxpayer pay many times the real cost for crony fascist contracts . In turn companies like GE and Microsoft advertise on those networks !

    You pay …you just do see the money leave your account . Instead obama ran up the debt in your name … $10 trillion dollars !!!!

    Trump will end the taxpayer theft and negotiate discounts in our names for contracts let to business .

    Crony fascism is trillions of dollars at stake . That is why the GOPe fought just as hard against trump as the Alinsky commie’s did . They were all fleecing us .

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  16. KBR says:

    Same source, NIKKEI, associated article from the 21st January

    US announces exit from TPP- Nikkei Asian Review

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  17. Lucille says:

    Trump Fires Up Europe’s Anti-Establishment Movement
    “This year will be the year of the people.”
    by Soeren Kern – January 22, 2017 at 5:30 am

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  18. Trumped1 says:

    PBS edits out moment of biggest crowdsize from their Timelapse:
    @ 46 seconds

    This is huge!
    And very OBVIOUS!
    Crowd fills up and then it cuts the ceremony and peak visitor count out of it.
    Timelapse picks up with the people leaving but only after half of them have already left. Creating the illusion that its the same amount as the people before the cut. This is totally deliberate fakery!
    I would love to see Spicer showing this video!

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    • Helen says:

      PBS is elitists snobs at best. However, I will continue to watch a few of their programs, like the new Victoria, yet never give them a dime.

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      • Sedanka says:

        I agree with this approach. It’s OK for us to continue to watch/read whatever we like, even if the source is anti-Trump, anti-Movement, as long as we’re not funding them. Watch PBS but don’t donate. Watch news shows a little later on YouTube rather than subscribing to the cable channel. Read Reddit, Facebook, Twitter with adblock enabled.

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    • Carolina Kat says:

      Cut their funding. Now.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        No more federal funds! Children will be no more illiterate without federally funded PBS than they are now. Sesame Street will just go commercial and the rest will find a home or no one wants/watches it any way!

        At this point in time, it is no longer a service that is needed as there are many commercial shows for children’s literacy. Sesame Street was always the big argument for PBS federal funding (Republicans kill Big Bird was the mantra. Now, Big Bird just needs to get off of Welfare and get commercially paid to do what he is already doing.

        The secret is that Big Bird, et al are already commercialized and help to pay for all of the other liberal, non viable programming.

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      If PBS is federally funded are the subject to Freedom of Information Act? Can they be sued for all of the pictures of the day, full video?

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Evidence. Lying. Perfect reason for cutting, not just its budget but PBS itself. Pres Trump can start something new, if he wishes. PBS has commie written all over it.


    • Dixie says:

      Anybody who watched it on television knows that time lapse video has been edited.

      Such pettiness from the previous administration and NPS employees, all to sabotage President Trump.

      Where is the respect, if not for the man, at least for the office? Hopefully, they will all rue the day they came up with that plan.


  19. decisiontime16 says:

    A few quotes by Pat Buchanan from his book, ‘Where the Right Went Wrong’ concerning so called Free Trade –

    It is false to say President Bush presided over a “jobless recovery.” His trade deficits have created many millions of jobs in China.

    — Where the Right Went Wrong

    Free trade is the serial killer of American manufacturing and the Trojan Horse of World Government. It is the primrose path to the loss of economic independence and national sovereignty. Free trade is a bright shining lie.

    — Where the Right Went Wrong

    Globalization is the economic treason that dare not speak it name.

    — Where the Right Went Wrong

    On Bush “Free Trade” policies, the Republican Party has signed off on economic treason.

    — Where the Right Went Wrong

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    • Screwtape says:

      American manufacturing is not dead but alive and well. The rest I agree with.


    • decisiontime16 says:

      The number of jobs in manufacturing has declined by 7,231,000–or 37 percent–since employment in manufacturing peaked in the United States in 1979, according to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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  20. Sedanka says:

    The friendly cow deserves his own column at CTH. 🙂 What a smart animal!

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  21. Carol Bardo says:

    I think it would be beneficial to tree house followers and potential converties, for the tree house to initiate an ongoing list of changes the Trump administration impliments and anticipated results, ie 1. minimal economic burden, 2. America first energy plan, 3.withdrawing from the TPP, (which would have given control of the Internet to the UN). A quick reference tool for those of us who believe in America First.

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  22. georgiafl says:


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  23. QuiteContrary says:

    Wouldn’t it have been easier for Ryan to be removed as speaker of the house and replaced with someone who would not be hostile to some of Trump’s priorities? Then all this maneuvering would not be necessary. Is there some reason why Trump and his House allies could not manage to elect a friendlier speaker? I really don’t know about these things, but all along I’ve felt that Trump should have moved heaven and earth to maneuver Ryan out of his position before the January vote.


  24. BoomerCat says:

    I admit I don’t fully understand your political analysis of the OMB situation, Sundance. However, I just don’t see Trump doing anything to slow down a budget being passed witin the timeframe..political or otherwise. Not gonna happen on his watch, IMO. He is all about Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule…


  25. aredtailblog says:

    I’m just happy the TPP is officially dead now. The swamp draining is commencing!

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    • QuiteContrary says:

      I couldn’t agree more, aredtailblog! When I saw the headline of this article, I realized how much the Dems’ various protests and efforts to delegitimize Trump have gotten in the way of our happiness about his win and some of the new policies, like ending the TPP, that we look forward to.

      The Dems had the violent mobs on the streets the day after the election screaming “He’s not my president!” Literally the DAY that ended, Jill Stein started her baseless demands for recounts in three states that if flipped would give the presidency to Hillary. Once again, the day those were shut down, the campaign to turn the Electoral College started going full force. Next came the propaganda blasts about how “Putin hacked our election.” And now the mobs have been on the streets from Thursday through Saturday during the inauguration.

      I do hope all this phony outrage and street theater has worked against them and not for them. As a feminist myself, it makes my blood boil that the press never asks hard questions of these Women’s March participants. They just assume that they’re noble people and never ask them to specify exactly what they want and IN WHAT WAY Trump is standing in the way of that. It’s unprofessional, but the press doesn’t have very high standards these days.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Great timing of withdrawal of TPP – when 68 Dems are out of town boycotting his Inauguration! Too funny!

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  26. Binkser1 says:

    It’s amazing: someone in Washington D.C. actually honoring his campaign promises. Thank you, President Trump!!!

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  27. Ahhh…..Sunday morning reading at it’s best!

    Thank you Team Treehouse & Sundance.

    I can’t stop smiling now. Funny considering how angry I was just a few moments earlier. Wish I could hug this website.

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  28. fedback says:

    ‘I have never met a greater strategic thinker’.

    VP Mike Pence talking about President Trump in his introduction at the CIA

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  29. Paco Loco says:

    A week from today, all cabinet members will have been confirmed and in office and then ” badda bing badda boom”… TPP dead, Obamacare repealed, EO’s to repeal Obamas EO’s and the US Army pulled back from the Russian border…that will be a good start to the first 100 days.

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  30. Martin says:

    Why is Mitch McConnell such a useless bum? Isn’t he the Senate MAJORITY Leader? He needs to move these senate confirmations of Trump’s cabinet picks, NOW. Stop dicking around. There’s work to do.

    Liked by 4 people

  31. William Ford says:

    Can’t wait for the Executive Order declaring the NY Times and Washington Post to be propaganda outlets not news organizations. Please do it…soon.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Bull Durham says:

    The British Army can last an afternoon if they start a war with Russia.

    This is our number one ally. They were moving tanks through the tunnel the other day simulating a move against Russia.

    PM May will be coming, hat in hand, wanting $$$ and US military protection while they keep sanctions on Russia and poke the Bear.

    NATO is a joke. Our “alliances” are a joke. But what is not a joke is all the poking the Bear.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bull Durham says:

      There’s more British weakness. They hid the failure of an ICBM test of their missile off our coast that went badly. No warhead, but a disaster of their weapon system.

      MOSCOW, 22 Jan — RIA Novosti. Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin commented on the situation with the failed missile launch off the coast of the United States, conducted by the British government.

      Launch of a ballistic missile Trident D5. Archive photo
      © Flickr/ U.S. Pacific Fleet
      The media learned about the failure of the test of the British ballistic missile
      Previously, the newspaper the Sunday Times reported that the British government several months she hid failed test launch off the coast of the United States ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It was the only British test of a ballistic missile over the past four years. The cause of the fault is classified, but a senior source in the naval forces of the country told the Sunday Times that the missile without a warhead, went off the path and headed towards US.
      In his Twitter account under the news about the launch of Rogozin wrote:
      Dmitry Rogozin @Rogozin 10h10 hours ago
      The Retweeted Dmitry Rogozin RT Russian
      Dangerous incidentDmitry Rogozin added

      On Sunday the Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may was forced to give explanations regarding the incident, despite the fact that directly at the moment of start did not occupy his current post. She acknowledged the fact that during the test has failed, but added that “such (unsuccessful) test, anyway, happen, and it proves that Britain has to update the Trident system”.

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  33. “It (Washington DC) is not a swamp; it’s a snake pit.”

    Liked by 1 person



    “We will be protected by God.”
    ~President Donald John Trump, Inauguration Address Speech, January 20, 2017

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    • Miss America says:

      Thank you God, and President Trump, from saving America from the evil TPP. I forget where I read it (maybe here) that described the TPP as a coup against American sovereignty. Withdrawal from this hateful agreement is protecting our nation.


  35. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    When I clicked on ‘more’ in the TPP article I was linked to a site that claimed that President Trump was the first President with no political or military experience. Here’s a list of previous Presidents with no military experience: The 12 Presidents who did not serve were: Adams, John Quincy Adams, Van Buren, Cleveland, Taft, Wilson, Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, FDR, Clinton, and Obama.
    Lincoln served in a militia when he was young but I wouldn’t count that, either.
    Taylor, Grant, Taft, Hoover and Eisenhower had no political experience.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Let’s NOT forget the self-defeat that the Globalists brought upon themselves! “Trade Promotion Authority” TPA is indeed law! The intention was to arm an incoming Globalist hack (i.e., Hillary, possibly a GOPe if she stumbled) with special powers to not only complete negotiations of the anti-American Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) but subsequent treaties.

    NEVERTHELESS, they instead ended up giving Donald Trump SPECIAL AUTHORITY to negotiate bi-lateral trade deals & renegotiate NAFTA, than he would have otherwise had. Thus, the vision that Trump has articulated for over 30+ years regarding international trade is now even more quickly able to come to pass as he envisioned, thanks to Globalists! LOL! You just GOTTA LOVE how the Lord God used the evil designs of the New World Order creeps against them, JUST AS HE SAID HE WOULD in Psalm 2:

    ** Psalm 2:1 Why do the nations rage,
    And the people plot a vain thing?
    2 The kings of the earth set themselves,
    And the rulers take counsel together,
    Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
    3 “Let us break Their bonds in pieces
    And cast away Their cords from us.”
    4 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
    The Lord shall hold them in derision.
    5 Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,
    And distress them in His deep displeasure:
    6 “Yet I have set My King
    On My holy hill of Zion.”
    7 “I will declare the decree:
    The Lord has said to Me,
    ‘You are My Son,
    Today I have begotten You.
    8 Ask of Me, and I will give You
    The nations for Your inheritance,
    And the ends of the earth for Your possession.
    9 You shall break them with a rod of iron;
    You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’”
    10 Now therefore, be wise, O kings;
    Be instructed, you judges of the earth.
    11 Serve the Lord with fear,
    And rejoice with trembling.
    12 Kiss the Son, lest He be angry,
    And you perish in the way,
    When His wrath is kindled but a little.
    Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.

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  37. David says:

    It takes some focus to see the important developments with all the BS from the media. So here it is : 1. We no longer have a liberal lawyer in-charge of our Denese. We have a warrior. 2. We no longer have a liberal lawyer in charge of Homeland Security. We have a warrior.
    Most of the other things are in progress rapidly. It feels safer already.

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  38. muffyroberts says:

    The toilet paper trade deal is one and done.


  39. Something else is beginning to dawn on BSR. The media and think tank groups that do the work for them are in the midst of profiling Spicer. They are going to bet big that he is just some dopey passive aggressive type that they can bully. They are going to regret judging him too soon in my opinion. He’s very well informed and thinks well on the fly.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. AndrewJackson says:

    Now this is a Gold Standard I could get used to. Throwing away crap trade agreements meant to take down the American People. WINNING!

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Deadbeat says:



  42. psadie says:

    Everyone’s “nightmares” are coming into realization that President Trump means what he says…stay tune for more to come.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. El Torito says:

    So glad TPP is over. It has haunted me that not only are these bad deals a voluntary transfer of massive wealth to (primarily) China, but the way China has taken the wealth and invested in their military is a hefty price to pay. Add to that the level of belligerence on a scale no one could anticipate – now with Trump at the helm, I plan on grabbing popcorn and enjoying the show of Trump dismantling China economically, then militarily, then economically again. Doubtful a shot will need to be fired, which leads me to conclude that:

    “the Art of the deal Trumps The Art of War.”


  44. sDee says:

    If I imagine how a Knight moves in three dimensional chess, that would be it.

    Next move for Trump? Nicki Hailey?….. American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017


  45. psadie says:

    I know that some folks say that President Trump plays 3D chess but he is a “newbie” to the world of Washington DC/International politics. President Trump can’t possibly know EVERYTHING that has happened in government with all the legislation and laws that were passed and all the incredibly nonsensical things they have done to convolute issues.
    I think that Senator Sessions is involved in a “big way” guiding the President and discussing the direction he wants to take the country. He speaks incredibly fond of Sessions almost like a brother so they are that close. I remember watching the 700 Club when Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ said that he is working closely with Senator Sessions on redoing law and EO’s within the current framework.
    This is so uplifting that President Trump has taken his work ethic to DC and will NOT allow these politicians to obstruct him in any way whatsoever…President Trump has a complex plan and he will not deviate from it and is relying on those who have argued at the Supreme Court on important issues to guide and advise him in the best way. Thank you God for using him as your vessel.


  46. spinning Maquis says:

    My head is spinning. Machiavelli couldn’t untangle that one!

    Go Sundance Go!

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Pingback: Report: U.S. Announces Withdrawal From TPP Within 24 Hours of Trump Inauguration… –

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