President Elect Donald Trump Nominates Mick Mulvaney as Director of OMB…

(New York, NY)— President-elect Donald J. Trump today announced his nomination of U.S. Congressman Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.


Congressman Mulvaney brings a wealth of experience on economic, budgetary, and fiscal issues to his new role. Rep. Mulvaney has long been a strong voice in Congress for reining in out-of-control spending, fighting government waste and enacting tax policies that will allow working Americans to thrive.

Rep. Mulvaney believes getting America’s fiscal house in order is a key component of President-elect Trump’s America First plan to create millions of jobs and grow the economy.

“We are going to do great things for the American people with Mick Mulvaney leading the Office of Management and Budget,” said President-elect Trump. “Right now we are nearly $20 trillion in debt, but Mick is a very high-energy leader with deep convictions for how to responsibly manage our nation’s finances and save our country from drowning in red ink. With Mick at the head of OMB, my administration is going to make smart choices about America’s budget, bring new accountability to our federal government, and renew the American taxpayer’s trust in how their money is spent.”

“It is a great honor to be appointed Director of the Office of Management and Budget,” said Congressman Mulvaney. “The Trump administration will restore budgetary and fiscal sanity back in Washington after eight years of an out-of-control, tax and spend financial agenda, and will work with Congress to create policies that will be friendly to American workers and businesses. Each day, families across our nation make disciplined choices about how to spend their hard earned money, and the federal government should exercise the same discretion that hardworking Americans do every day.”

ryan waste fraud and abusepaul-ryan-mulvaney-2

A lifelong resident of the Carolinas, Rep. Mulvaney attended Georgetown University where he graduated as an Honor Scholar – the highest award given to students of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service – in International Economics, Commerce and Finance.  After college, Rep. Mulvaney attended law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a full academic scholarship. He then completed his formal education at Harvard Business School’s OPM program in 2006.

Rep. Mulvaney has broad business experience across many fields. After practicing law, following graduating law school, the entrepreneurial spirit captured him and he started his own law firm. Later, he ran his family’s real estate business and then went on to start a small homebuilding company, and owned and operated his own restaurant.

Rep. Mulvaney has used his educational, professional, and business background to bring a focus on jobs, business and the economy to his work in Congress. He currently serves on the House Financial Services Committee as well as the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

In Congress, Rep. Mulvaney co-authored Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, which curbed and capped needless federal spending, and provided for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Additionally, Rep. Mulvaney’s Congressional office has returned hundreds of thousands of dollars from its office budget to the U.S. Treasury over the past few years. (read more)


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158 Responses to President Elect Donald Trump Nominates Mick Mulvaney as Director of OMB…

  1. Sentient says:

    That picture of Rat Ryan is making me ill.

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  2. wolfmoon1776 says:

    I love that he owned a restaurant. This guy actually had skin on Main Street. To me, that overcomes even a Ryan endorsement. 😉

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    • Betty says:

      U.S. Congressman Mick Mulvaney spent 21 years in one college or another, after graduating from his final program in 2006 he spent the next 5 years thusly:
      1) he practiced law, then
      2) he started his own law firm, then
      3) he ran his family’s real estate business, then
      4) he started a small home-building company, then
      5) he owned and operated his own restaurant.

      He was elected to congress in 2011 and has been a member of congress for 5 years. In that short time managed to get on the wrong side of Sundance. This man is no prize !

      I think all Donald Trump did here was warehouse an potential trouble maker, and take an ally away from Ryan – both outcomes OK with me.

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  3. India Maria says:

    Actually sounds like a good choice. Maybe get Rand Paul off Trump’s back so that Bigger Fish like Bolton, Tillerson won’t get The Rand Paul treatment he is know for when he gets a wild hair up his saddle. Lot’s of these Conservative, Inc. and GOPe guys have the capacity to advance in their AMERICA FIRST thinking WITH the right leadership. Trump is the RIGHT Leader, so I keep an open mind on ALL of his picks. Fan Boy? YES!

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Ryan’s endorsement makes me suspicious, of course, but I think this may simply be a case where Trump and Ryan agree on things. I loved the press release statements:

      “We are going to do great things for the American people with Mick Mulvaney leading the Office of Management and Budget,” said President-elect Trump. “Right now we are nearly $20 trillion in debt, but Mick is a very high-energy leader with deep convictions for how to responsibly manage our nation’s finances and save our country from drowning in red ink. With Mick at the head of OMB, my administration is going to make smart choices about America’s budget, bring new accountability to our federal government, and renew the American taxpayer’s trust in how their money is spent.”

      “It is a great honor to be appointed Director of the Office of Management and Budget,” said Congressman Mulvaney. “The Trump administration will restore budgetary and fiscal sanity back in Washington after eight years of an out-of-control, tax and spend financial agenda, and will work with Congress to create policies that will be friendly to American workers and businesses. Each day, families across our nation make disciplined choices about how to spend their hard earned money, and the federal government should exercise the same discretion that hardworking Americans do every day.”

      Clearly, Trump wants to bring spending under control, and wants somebody who will egg him on in the right direction – not fight him on cuts.

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  4. RECONSIDERATIONS on Mick Mulvaney for OMB

    Trump’s pick of Mulvaney might serve what others above have mentioned:
    • Remove him from opportunities to advance Amnesty
    • Remove him from supporting other GOPe Agendas
    • Replace him in Congress with a better Trump Agenda advocate
    • Tap his Budget-Balancing passion and skills to produce quick outcomes
    • Leverage his GOPe relationships for Budget-Reduction improvements

    I oppose Amnesty and any actions that enable Illegal Aliens to “jump the line” ahead of Immigrants who are following the rules to wait in line.

    Assuming that Mulvaney’s conservative constituents correctly believe that he is genuinely committed to responsible budgeting, is it possible that he’s never envisioned a President Trump, whose leadership, dealmaking and innovation could overcome Republicans’ Demographic Electorate Disadvantages without “caving to illegal immigrants”?

    Is it possible that Mulvaney (like many of we Treepers) could not have envisioned how Trump is turning an Electorate Impossibility into a Reality:
    • Massively multiplying American Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
    ○ Creating immediate jobs through Infrastructure Reinvestment
    ○ Bringing America’s exported Factories and Jobs back
    ○ Making America the most hospitable country for Foreign Investment
    ○ Repatriating American Companies’ Foreign Profits
    • Winning Blacks through Urban Development that delivers jobs and safety
    • Winning Hispanics by multiplying Infrastructure Jobs and keeping a continuing Invasion of Illegals from taking their jobs from them and suppressing their wages
    • Winning Women who want affordable Healthcare for their families, full-time employment for themselves and/or their spouses, and sufficient incomes to enable one spouse to raise and even educate their children at home

    Is it possible that President Trump has recognized that America cannot successfully solve the Illegal Immigrant problem unless we prevent two DISASTER SCENARIOS:
    • An instant “mass exodus” of illegal aliens – whether actively managed or passively induced – could multiply “SWISS-CHEESE JOB VACANCIES” that disrupt operations of businesses and even industries so quickly that they drive widespread bankruptcies and Citizen Unemployment.
    • A “mass return” of illegal aliens to Mexico could destabilize the country, leading to civil war, the fall of the Mexican Government, the creation of an enclave for Terrorists, and/ the opportunity for China or Russia to launch a Rescue Mission that gives them a massive beachhead to tap natural resources throughout Latin and South America.

    I believe that non self-serving Republicans who consider the above possibilities will wholeheartedly support President Trump in leading a TRANSITION PROGRAM to RESTORE LEGAL IMMIGRATION:
    • IMMEDIATELY limit H1B Visas to 6 months and require employers to train American Citizens to replace H1B Workers within that period.
    • END continuing additions to the Illegal Immigrant Invasion.
    • CONCURRENTLY deport Criminal Illegal Immigrants.
    • THEN induce the most-recent Illegal Immigrants to return home to “get in line”.
    • ULTIMATELY enables and incentivizes Unemployed American Citizens to replace Illegal Immigrants who were wrongly given American jobs, until the supply of jobs exceeds the supply of workers – at which point we expand immigration quotas.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      Maybe! Old school here, kinda like, ahead of schedule, under budget! Trump,”this will go very fast”. Merry Christmas!

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    • Craig W. Gordon says:

      Well written points BlackNight. I agree with all your points, though there does need to be a mass exodus of the illegals regardless of swiss cheese happenings. America first! Americans first! Swiss cheese holes will be filled quickly with savvy American citizens.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I personally think the disaster scenarios of rapid exodus are not terribly likely, and we need to be prepared to let them work their magic of depleting the welfare rolls. The reason is that I’ve watched local employment switch rapidly from fresh Hispanic immigrants (who are probably largely illegal) to underemployed blacks responding to what seems like more welcoming employment opportunities. It seemed faster than I would have believed, based on 8 years of Obama economic slowness. I tend to think that Democrats and Trump haters will turn any molehills of job vacancies (part of what attracts people off of welfare) into mountains of economic horror. With Carson at HUD, I can see where Trump is going on this, and it will work “bigly”, IMO. In fact, I think it could really prime the economic engines that Trump is trying to start up.

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      • That sounds pretty encouraging, Wolf.

        My understanding of the “Americans don’t want those jobs” meme is that dependency has become too lucrative and enduring.

        PROPOSAL for INCENTIVES to Transition from DEPENDENCY to WORK:

        Convert dependency support programs to a 10×10 Model that LIMITS each incidence of benefits to 10 months duration and REDUCES each month’s benefits by 10% of the original amount.

        Funding Source: Deductions from each recipient’s Social Security Contributions, including the number of months of Contributions Credited.

        Limit to Frequency of Incidences: 30 months of subsequent employment and repayment of all Deductions from Social Security Contributions.

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      • Coldeadhands says:

        That about sums it up, Wolf.

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      • amjean says:

        Many illegals just come here during the warm
        weather in order to send money back to their
        families in Mexico. These illegals will go home
        and stay there.

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    • Sherlock says:

      I want to see actual number–how many illegals are here? The 12 million number kicked around is a gross underestimate, in my opinion. I think when the actual number becomes known to the public, the call for mass deportations will increase, not decrease. The GOP, meanwhlle, will exert great pressure on President Trump to ignore the mass and only nibble at the edges by only going after “criminal aliens”. Even doubling the number of deportations wouldn’t begin to roll back the swamping numbers we’re now faced with. If America wants to become California, we’re on that road now absent very drastic change–CA is now something like 23% republican registration (and going down a couple of percent per year), and 40% white vote, and Dem. supermajorities in both houses, and no republican holding statewide office, not one.

      Interesting stat: The dems keep tossing around the fact that in the Senate vote on Nov 8 dem candidates got more votes than republicans. True–primarily because in CA we had TWO dems on the ballot for US senate in CA, because the top two primary vote getters run off, regardless of party.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        That 10 to 12,000,000 estimate was back as far as 2006, I know. At the rate of procreation alone, it would have to be much more than that. Probably closer to 30 or 40,000,000.

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        • Sherlock says:

          Pew uses 11.3 as of 2014, and I don’t believe it. As for procreation, past administrations have taken the position that “anchor babies” are citizens simply because they are born here. I think that’s wrong, but I haven’t seen evidence that the incoming administration will take a position any different than Bush or Obama on that issue.

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      • Wait until Trump and Mulvaney start revealing the dependency payment amounts going to ILLEGALS, instead of our INNER CITIES.

        Blame DEMOCRATS who ran the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats and Big-City Democrat Mayors who let them get away with it.

        Welcome Black and Hispanic dependency voters who Democrats screwed out of those benefits!

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Agree BlackKnight/Trump’s appointments are
      made looking at the choice from many angles/Trust Trump/I DO/

      Interesting site I stumbled on regarding Mulvaney/
      Apparently he may not have been well liked by some in SC/
      the Nov 7th article makes a good argument for beginning of
      your post/

      A Citizen’s Look At Mick Mulvaney/ December 17, 2016

      What I’ve Found Researching the Representative for South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District

      “When Mick Mulvaney’s official Facebook and campaign Facebook pages went down, and one of his two Twitter accounts disappeared, we had a feeling his nomination to direct OMB was on.

      Now that Mulvaney has become a figure of national interest, and those three resources are no longer available to be mined for information, many of you have found yourselves here. Welcome. Read well and follow the links for sources.”
      We Can Do Better Than Mick Mulvaney/November 7, 2016

      In this space over the last several months, we’ve listed reason after reason why Mick Mulvaney is the wrong choice to represent South Carolina’s fifth Congressional district. Those reasons include his inability to get along well with his colleagues, his disdain for working with his opposition, his lack of respect for the needs of women, his cozy relationship with lobbyists and special interests, his office-hopping ambition, his failure to accomplish anything substantive, his evident hypocrisy, and his failure to adhere to his stated principles. With infinite time, we could list dozens more reasons why we feel strongly that he is unfit for the office he currently occupies. He helped himself to the use of public funds to support his private real estate projects in Lancaster County, but opposes using public financing to help South Carolina’s young people attend college, South Carolina businesspeople expand their business, and South Carolina families get their first home. He has fought for corporate interests, the same ones that fund his campaigns, without regard for their impact on the people he represents. His disinclination to learn about science forces him to deny climate change, deny the effects of the Zika virus, and misunderstand many of our most pressing national issues.

      Mick Mulvaney has proved himself adept at fingerpointing (at John Boehner, at President Obama, at fellow Republicans, at Congressional Democrats) but has rarely taken responsibility for his own failings as a Congressman. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
      Mick Mulvaney has proved himself skilled at fingerpointing (at John Boehner, at President Obama, at fellow Republicans, at Congressional Democrats) but has rarely taken responsibility for his own failings as a Congressman. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

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    • Dakotacav says:

      Black Knight, I take to heart your considerations, but given the concerns Sundance raises about Mulvaney…


      • I’m guessing that Sundance has much more on Mulvaney than he’s exposed, given his visceral opposition on yesterday’s thread.

        Nonetheless, Trump’s brilliant choices for his cabinet so far, combined with his strategic flair for dealmaking, leave me believing that there’s NO WAY he’d appoint Mulvaney unless there are very compelling advantages to outweigh negative public perceptions.

        Trusting in Trump.

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        • Alison says:

          Very thoughtful analysis, Black Knight. Time will tell with Mulvaney. Given the giddy-ness of the Lindsay, pRyan GOPers to this nomination, I think Sundance’s concerns are well-placed. I wonder if Trump ‘traded’ this pick in order to streamline Tillerson’s SOS confirmation (less noise & wasted time).

          Am reading Art of the Deal – learning so much about how Trump thinks. Either Mulvaney is on board or he’ll be gone.

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        • americalsgt says:

          It seems to me that Sundance is a pseudonym for several people who write here. It might take a Jack Caswell to make new the case, but that’s my take


          • justfactsplz says:

            Nah, Sundance is one person. Some of the administrators write articles here but mostly it’s Sundance. Each article states who wrote it. Sundance started this website with just a few administrators. I think there are less of them than used to be. They all had blogged together someplace else and decided they needed their own “Last refuge”. Sundance wants to keep his anonymity and never intended the site to grow this big. He is so good it couldn’t help but grow. For those who have only recently followed just the political threads they are in for a real treat in some of his in depth studies of criminal trials and things like the Benghazi Brief. He has a genius analytical mind that is able to write it in terms his readers can truly grasp and chew on.

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    • angryduc says:

      We have 100 million people out of work. Roughly 1/3 of our population. We don’t need immigration at all. Until we behead Ryan he and his traitors are going to continue to take jobs from Americans and give them to taxpayer funded migrations from India and Asia that will work for less than Americans, because they are given preferential incentives over Americans. This is how we got Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal. These people have no concept of the reason our forefathers Declared Independence. These people don’t realize that H1B visa program is essentially importing a slave class violating the 13th Amendment. They don’t see it because their children aren’t paying the price being demoted to second class citizens in their own country.

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    • James O'Malley says:

      We should be stricter with the H1B program. It’s not good enough to simply restrict the amount of time they can stay here, we need to aggressively push their employers to hire Americans first and only use the H1B program when absolutely necessary.

      There is no shortage of STEM graduates, just an unwillingness by companies to hire Americans and pay them a living wage.

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      • Simple Solution: Require every H1B employer to train and HIRE the H1B worker’s American-Citizen replacement within 6 months, at which time the Visa holder returns to home country. If the employer has more than one H1B worker per job class, require the employer to train TWO replacements PER H1B worker within 6 months.

        IMMEDIATELY eliminates our SKILLS SHORTAGE.

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        • TheFightingMan says:

          Since our American STEM workers are being forced to train their incompetent H1b replacements, I do not think there is any skills shortage except on the Tata Staffing side of the coin.

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    • dawndoe says:

      1) Those who have been in our country illegally should never be allowed citizenship.
      2) We need to get some laws and e-verification in place, pronto, so that illegals cannot slip through the cracks.
      3) We need to get these policies in place before the mid-terms because I’m SURE there is a plan for mass voter fraud to try to win Dem seats in congress during mid-terms and beyond!


  5. Risasi says:

    I don’t know what to think of this pick yet. Definitely a numbers guy, maybe Trump stuck him where he’s actually going to do something, thus he’s pigeon holed into “cutting spending”? Time will tell, I guess…

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    • angryduc says:

      He is GOPe globalist in favor of tax payer funded human slave trading for his globalist owners. This guy preaches we are part of a global empire. He and his minions are followers of Nicolas Sarkozy. They believe it is their divine right to force inbreeding between the races via mass immigration which coincidentally lines the pockets of his handlers. They believe by destroying cultures tribes and religion they will create a dumbed down slave class of manipulable eunuchs. Everyone of these GOPe losers are a threat to our country. He will be a disaster for Americans.

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    • Scott says:

      I remember watching that Frontline documentary. This guy makes me sick. He totally bought into the Jeb Bush “act of love” rhetoric and listen to how he barks at and hectors his constituents like they’re a bunch of children. No wonder he became a darling of the NY Times, La Raza and the Irish media, which showered him with praise for his Gang of Eight support. (The Irish in particular went into orgasmic overdrive because not only was he in favor of amnesty, his surname is Mulvaney!)

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  6. coco1050 says:

    No more anchor babies and chain migration—— that in itself would help turn off the magnet.

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    • Sherlock says:

      That would be huge, but political will required, and a great Supreme Court.

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      • Trumpinalong says:

        No need for the Supremes. There is no birth right citizenship for babies born to illegals. Period. That was someone’s opinion on the court. When they rule, it is only supposed to effect the people in the case….not the entire nation.
        See: THE CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE OF 1866 where the proceedings to the 14th amendment were recorded. They flat out said that babies born to foreigners were NOT US citizens….or as Ann Coulter said in her book, “Adios America”…they never intended for babies born to women who played Red Rover with the border patrol to be giving birth to a US citizen.

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        • Sherlock says:

          Just your saying it doesn’t make it happen. To make it HAPPEN in the real world requires an action, which will obviously be challenged by the left and will o obviously end up in a Supreme Court decision. So, yes, Trumpinalong, having a great Supreme Court is crucial if you want your understanding to be followed with action.


          • Sherlock says:

            Let me make it more clear: We all KNEW that the 2nd amendment instilled a personal right to keep and bear arms, right? But it took the Supreme Court agreeing with us to make it stick. I want to make it stick.


  7. aredtailblog says:

    Silver lining has been found, then?

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    • Silver linings are being speculated… As with each and every other pick and as is necessary. I personally keep in mind at all times that the first three words of our wonderful preamble to our Constitution are not “We the Government”, nor “I the President”…

      We are Americans. I do not understand why we call any departments of “government” the president’s departments. They are to be OURS. But, I also do not understand why we hav allowed the creation of so many departments that are not at all mentioned in our Constitution, nor are thereby Constitutional. CIA? NSA? DHS? DNI? IRS? And on and on… Surely we have learned by now what these departments are actually doing… and surely we realize a problem just as severe, burrowcrats. Spelling intentional, as they dig in and never leave while doing as they please…

      We have watched PE Trump troll the system for a good while now, may it continue the way we need it to.

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  8. booger71 says:

    Don’t know anything about him, but Lou Dobbs did mention he was a budget hawk…which is what we need.

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  9. @StocksnScotch says:

    Ryan’s endorsement is nothing but ‘saving face’. Ryan knows his days are numbered and this is nothing but trying to remain relevant.

    So much winning!

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  10. Mulvaney may be Trump’s secret weapon to introduce and win Congressional support of DYNAMIC SCORING that recognizes how the upcoming tsunami of new jobs will more than “pay” for the Tax Reductions and Repatriation Deals that let companies keep enough of their profits to invest in the jobs in the first place.

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  11. Texian says:

    Texas pays it’s congressmen $600.00 per month – six hundred dollars. And we only let them meet for 140 days every other year to minimize the damage they make. Sounds like a model to implement on a federal level..

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  12. Summer says:

    Folks, we will finally have a budget.

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  13. yohio says:

    Mulvaney is a RAT period. I’m fine with Silver Linings but acting like he will be different now because hey he was only a rat because of the people around him is ridiculous. You either have morals & convictions or you don’t and they don’t change because of the people who you are around. That’s what is wrong with politicians now and our whole government no morals or character in the whole lot.

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  14. Charlie "The Deplorable" says:

    I only have one beef with this mans comments. Its that he said “after eight years of an out-of-control, tax and spend financial agenda, ”

    Surely he doesnt think Bushs 8 years were a shining example of budgetary restraint. If so, Trump needs to keep a very close eyeball on him.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Bush wasn’t responsible with the budget, for sure, but Obama doubled the national debt to $20 trillion.

      Trump himself has said we cannot allow the national debt to exceed $25 trillion or we become Greece. We would need to reverse 16 years of reckless spending to accomplish that.


  15. BT in SC says:

    This is my Congressman; I’ve supported him for several elections, here, now. He and I have had exchanges at town hall’s via “conference phone.” The issue was about the labor force, once after a hail storm that ruined a whole lot of roofs and even more vehicles, and I don’t recall how it came up a second time, quite a bit later. His response both times we’ve spoken was that there were “systems in place to address the issue,” and that “the contractors were all required to use some e-verify method for hiring purposes.” In other words, two separate incidents where Rep. Mulvaney refused to address the problem and instead either “passed the buck” or played it off as if it were completely trivial of me to be concerned about so many of our workers. I promised him that I wouldn’t support him this past Nov., but necessarily did anyway, because DJT!!! I’m going to have to continue to have faith – in far more ways than one – that this is fine, that both DJT and He have got this covered.

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    • India Maria says:

      I agree with your attitude. Lots of imperfect folks in government at all levels. If Trump were to hold out for an Administration of Jesus and the 12 Apostles, he would never make the Jan 20 deadline. And he would STILL have some Apostles with a “less than perfect” past.

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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        Lots of less than perfect will follow President Elect Trump’s agenda, albeit imperfectly. Good leadership will take them all in a new direction.

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        • yohio says:

          True but my point above was good leadership may make them do the right thing and that is great and what we all want, but it doesn’t mean they are no longer rats who have suddenly got morals and character.

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        • Coldeadhands says:

          It always helps to remind ourselves that DJT became a successful builder of mega projects in Manhattan; the capital of government and private sector fraud, graft, corruption and union skullduggery.
          He changed the Chicago skyline with Chicago’s Trump Tower with all the same forces working against him there, as well; then there’s the conversion of the DC post office.
          He’s already a proven world class leader. DJT knows how to gauge other’s agendas in the wink of an eye.The Mulvaney pick has to be seen through the lens of all his personnel choices.
          Merry Christmas! 🎄


        • It’s amazing how quickly everyone expects Trump to not only Drain the Swamp, but to get its occupants to enable him to take them all out – all in the space of a few months – and concurrently inspire everyone else in Washington to become choir boys capable of performing in Carnegie Hall.


          • LOL… how to get to Carnegie Hall? practice… practice … practice…

            Remember guys, Mr. Trump had three campaign managers, each one brought in at the precise time for their specific skills sets, their part of the three act play we called the Trump Train. People endlessly questioned each ‘firing’ and hiring. We noticed that not only each of them has stayed unfailingly loyal, the transition between them was superb. So don’t you all think we’ll see these same successful dynamics in Trump’s handling of his top tier management? Trump could be envisioning much more fluid team than expected.


    • Trumped1 says:

      Some of the old guard can show if they sense the wind of change.
      He might have some good talents and Im sure Trump saw that.

      In the end it is all on us. If we are not able to primary the bad old guard then it is our fault.
      Just voting one or two times for Trump wont cut it.

      If Trumps apointees dont act like they should Im sure they will be fired. But I see the next 2-4 years as a transition.
      Its on us to elect better people to D.C. !

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  16. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    I have no knowledge of this guy. What I keep remembering though, is all of these appointees serve at the pleasure of the president. At first I though WTH?! on some of President Trump’s picks then I realized the above. I believe President Trump has a strategy – survey the lay of the land and make adjustments to the terrain to suit what you want to build. If you encounter an obstruction, you move it to another location to see how it suits you there, if it does not, then you move it out of the way.
    BlackKnightRides says: December 17, 2016 at 1:26 pm
    BKR above nails it and I will go one step further – now that local GOPE is disrupted because they have their standard bearer removed from their equation. This may enable local opposition and new thinking to blossom to put nation before politics.

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    • BRILLIANT: “Survey the lay of the land and make adjustments to the terrain”

      Let’s always consider where Trump is coming from:

      Trump would NEVER start to build before shaping the political terrain to accomodate his architecture.

      Trump would NEVER start construction before he’s nailed down the budget and lined up the funding.

      Trump would NEVER begin the foundation before he’s brought on talented contractors he can trust.

      Still Trusting in Trump.

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      • And perhaps most importantly, Trump would never embark on a [MAGA] MEGA Project without locking in Political Gatekeepers and neutralizing Establishment Opponents.


        • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

          I believe you are right… President Trump brings a lifetime of ‘git er done’ executive leadership to bear. This election has been utterly fascinating to watch and keep watching on so many levels… Like getting drawn into the live cam view of the elevators at Trump tower…


  17. tampafan says:

    Could this be a South Carolina play that we see yet? I have to believe Trump will execute a long game to take out Lindsey Graham. Taking over the SC GOP with Haley gone to UN, and McMaster as Gov. Who replace Mulvaney? Any thoughts on all of this SC sourcing of Trump administration?


  18. This pick is from South Carolina. This HAS to be strategy. Gotta trust the “boss”. Somewhere down the line, maybe we can get rid of Miss Lindsey.

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  19. fleporeblog says:

    Every Thank You rally he always mentions winning SC when he really doesn’t have too. He has his eyes set on SC and ultimately Mr. Graham. This is about placing him in a corner where his azz is trapped and ultimately taken out.


  20. ecmarsh says:

    Another one out.
    Making South Carolina Great Again.

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  21. free73735 says:

    I am “chosing” to trust Trump. Not because he is infallible, but because he was “chosen” by God for our nation. He (Trump) also has a big heart & desire to MAGA. I also believe he “knows the Lord” as is often said about followers of Christ. Cyrus was ” chosen” by God to carry out his (Gods) agenda at that time in history. No amount of opposition could stop him (Cyrus) from doing what needed to be done. Cyrus & Trump are men, therefore capable of making mistakes. I believe those mistakes (whatever they might be) will get corrected along the way, because God has his own agenda to MAGA! AND, keeping a steady prayer shield around him, (Trump, family, & administration), will help keep things on track. It takes both prayer & action to accomplish most things.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. remuda2016 says:

    Don’t know him, but hope he hooks up with Tom McClintock, one of the only CA reps with sense. if he likes him, I do. However, DJT watches all, and if it doesn’t go right, the “chairs go musical” again. Donald makes up his mind after listening, then asks again and analyses after to come to a decision. If it works, ok. If not…I see him evaluating all the time.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. hooji says:

    Maybe trump has a sneaky plan:

    As he closes off channels for corruption to flow through, those with corrupt agendas will find 100 other ways to route around his fixes. How to find these new channels?

    Maybe Trump is purposefully leaving one main channel through which corrupt money transfers can most easily be rerouted to flow through. A channel which he can monitor and use to discover who/what/why/how the corruption is being implemented. Once he discovers this info, then he can pounce on the wrongdoers, and then close of that final channel.

    In any case, I have 100% confidence that he knows what he is doing, even if it might look “odd” or “dumb” to us sometimes.


  24. R-C says:

    With all due respect, I’d like to make a statement here.

    You know, I remember back several months ago, reading dozens of comments telling me that “Mike Pence is a terrible VP choice!” (or words to that effect). –A few weeks later, I read as the comments turned from “Erm…this Pence guy…he seems okay…”, to “Mike Pence Rocks!”

    Now, I’m reading how Mick Mulvaney is a terrible choice, who ‘reeks of the swamp’, and whose endorsement by RINOryan is damning, etc. Sorry, folks, but my eyes are rolling…

    Firstly, Mr. Trump is perhaps the most-experienced chief executive candidate we’ve ever elected to lead our nation. About 40 years of experience, running a giant company in a very effective manner. A very keen intellect, an astronomical IQ, and decades of experience in selecting and hiring the right person for the job. (If this were not true, Mr. Trump would be driving a cab in Queens, and nobody would ever have heard of him.)

    Secondly, Mr. Trump knows something that seems to elude others: “To Catch a Thief, it Takes a Thief”. Mulvaney very well might be the scoundrel many are making him out to be–BUT! He just went to work for the ultimate executive, who knows how to ride herd over his enterprise and possesses an amazing penchant for paying attention to detail.

    Third, Mr. Trump does not surround himself with ‘Yes Men’. He (smartly, in my view) seeks out disparate points of view and dissenting opinions. Simply having those types in the cabinet does not mean that The Boss will not be The Boss.

    Fourth, in my view this is political jiu jitsu. I see Mr. Trump forming a coalition by co-opting ‘focal point’ people from across the party–the ENTIRE party–and not just selecting ‘outsiders’ who would necessarily be swimming upstream, working against the grain 100% of the time. These ‘focal point’ nominees will be enacting and enforcing the TRUMP Doctrine under a very strong leader, not acting as free-agents, pushing their own agenda under a weakling like obama.

    And lastly, I’d think by now that folks would have a bit more trust in Mr. Trump. Guess not.

    Well, I evaluated Mr. Trump’s career to the extent I can. I really like what I see–a REAL leader who has upended his entire massively successful life to step up and fix what’s wrong. I trust Mr. Trump to do just that, and if he wants Mulvaney, I am absolutely certain that he has a reason for it.

    Liked by 10 people

  25. GiGizMe says:

    Mick Mulvaney is a proponent for increases in legal immigration and soft on refugee resettlement.

    EXCLUSIVE–House Freedom Caucus Chairman: No Commitment From Paul Ryan To Block Import of Muslim Refugees
    “However, Jordan is not alone in asserting the need to reform federal policies whose details he seems unfamiliar with. Jordan’s comments came just a few days before Freedom Caucus co-founder Mick Mulvaney told South Carolina radio host Bob McLain, “Honestly I have no idea what the number of legal green cards [issued annually] is”— even though Mulvaney’s website suggests immigration rates should be increased even higher. On his website, however, Mulvaney writes, despite the nation’s record high visas dispensations, that it’s still too difficult for foreign nationals to gain entry into the United States: “The simple truth is our immigration system is broken… it’s too difficult to enter America the right way,” Mulvaney writes.”

    Target House Freedom Caucus members who did NOT sign the Babin/Brat letter to cut refugee funding
    Snippet: “In my previous post I told you that it is not too late to tell key members of Congress to protect your towns by cutting funding in the Continuing Resolution this week for refugee admissions for 2017 from terror-producing regions of the world.”

    Liked by 2 people

  26. The only time you want to cut spending and reduce deficits is when you are in opposition. Remember Dick Cheney’s “deficits don’t matter”? He actually was right on that but wrong to blow trillions of our money in Iraq. This whole spiel about comparing government to a household is beyond ignorant. Households don’t have printing presses that can issue the world’s reserve currency. How hard would it be for my household to pay our Visa bill if we had a machine that produced dollars?

    Mulvaney one and only job better damn well be to rubber stamp Trump’s spending plans. Because Paul Ryan is sure as hell going to try to block Trump from spending one cent. There are limits of course but the Trump plan is strong growth and one element of that is government spending to prime the pump. Only once the growth machine starts working is it time to cut government spending.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Carolina Kat says:


    And this one is a knight move.

    First you put Gov. Hayley in at the UN – and replace her with a proAmerican SC governor.
    Second, you remove one high powered amnesty advocate from the Congress by appointment to another job.
    Third, you get an appointment from said new SC governor for one more in line with your position on amnesty.

    In addition, you get a so-called fiscal hawk, who will get fired if he doesn’t live up to the hype, putting our restauranteur cum real estater, cum lawyer, cum Congressman, cum OMB head into yet another career path.

    How likely is that.


  28. americalsgt says:

    Hopefully he will root out the corruption as Truman did for FOR in 1940 in the arms industry.


  29. freepetta says:

    I don’t know much about this guy, but I know some here were unhappy with this choice. Is he bringing the swamp into his administration?


  30. Lindsey Gramnesty likes the pick which means I don’t.
    He is supposedly a penny pincher. Which is good, if true.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. xyzlatin says:

    At least this fellow has some talent and initiative, starting his own businesses. The one I see as completely talentless and charmless is Carly Fiorina. That woman has been elevated far above her pay grade so far.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. truthandjustice says:

    Interesting remark from a pundit (but can’t remember who he was) — on Fox saying McConnell and Ryan working through Pence and Priebus to persuade Trump to their preferances. This was in reference to McConnell did not want Zinke for Interior. But the good news is he did anyway!!

    Liked by 2 people

  33. fedback says:

    Trump won the primary with his deplorables but for the general election he also needed the votes from ‘true conservatives’.
    If that means they need to be thrown a bone once in a while that’s fine. Ryan, Graham etc are happy.
    In the meantime we get Tillerson, Sessions. Mad Dog, Carson and Gen. Kelly.
    Taking the lumps out


  34. “In Congress, Rep. Mulvaney co-authored Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, which curbed and capped needless federal spending, and provided for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.”

    Well, how effective was that Act?…given that we have Prez O and congress spending more in the last 8 yrs than all prior presidents combined…? Wtf?

    Ryan wholeheartedly endorsing Mulvaney tells me all I need to know. Losing, as sd said.

    PE Trump, I love you and wholeheartedly support you…but I don’t really get this?

    Liked by 2 people

  35. justfactsplz says:

    Oh, Sundance. I could have done without the Trump Santa after this announcement.


  36. William Ford says:

    Leary of putting all these Establishment Chamber-of-Commerce supporters into key positions. They are not backers of Trump’s agenda. Be careful. This guy is an advocate for big cuts in Social Security and Medicare. And nothing will get the GOP including Trump out of power faster than making cuts to these popular programs. Yes they need some fixing but not gutting. Trump was right to take the position of no major cuts instead focus on eliminating fraud and economic growth to be able to continue to pay for them.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. NC PATRIOT says:

    Anything they pass can be vetoed by the President. Yes ?


  38. telerider says:

    I’m sure all the nominees are required to sign a pre-resignation letter that contains the “leaving to pursue other interests” line. It will be fun to watch it all play out.


  39. lingane says:

    I’m very, VERY afraid of Paul Ryan and others b***ds like him. Afraid they force DJT to make a tedcruzian politics and not a nationalist one 😦


  40. lingane says:

    Because, let be clear : all bills DJT want to create have to be voted by congressmen, wich are not very trumpian, right ?


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