DNI Clapper Posts Statement About Trump Discussion in Advance of Senate Intelligence Hearing Tomorrow…

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper releases a statement about a conversation held with President-elect Donald Trump this evening:

dni-report-2(Link to Statement Release)

Against the backdrop of the current media stories, Director Clapper is simply trying to get out in front of -and avoid- direct questions which will be coming at him tomorrow during a Senate Hearing about the “vast Russian conspiracy”.  Clapper’s motive here is transparent.

Benghazi-Gate Investigation: Just Get It Past The Election.... At.All.Costs. "Cue James Clapper Sword Falling Routine"....Tomorrow James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey and Mike Rogers are due to brief the Senate on the intelligence community findings of Russian hacking etc.   Someone was going to ask Clapper directly about the CNN report.

The questions were, perhaps still are, going to go through the panel thusly:

Question #1.)  Director Clapper did you brief President-elect Trump on anything surrounding the content of a two page addendum or index during the briefing you provided last Friday?  Was the addendum discussed?  Was any part of a 35 page dossier discussed?

Question #2.) Do you have any idea how a false framework of the Friday intelligence briefing would have reached CNN?

Question #3.) Director Clapper, did you or any member of your staff leak the content of the briefing with President-elect Donald Trump to any member of the press?

Question #4.) Director Clapper, do you or any member of your staff, have any information about how the construct of the briefing was revealed to CNN or any media outlet?

The answers therein, were going to destroy the manufactured IC/Media narrative being sold by CNN.   Clapper needs to get out ahead of the controversy. Clapper knows what CTH knows, and what CTH has outlined.

With President-elect Donald Trump taking an assertive and investigative stance toward intelligence manipulation and leaks, Clapper is simply trying to head off inquiries which might stem as an outcome of Trump’s investigative request to congress.

Nothing more.



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140 Responses to DNI Clapper Posts Statement About Trump Discussion in Advance of Senate Intelligence Hearing Tomorrow…

  1. missmarple2 says:

    There is also the possibility he’s throwing Brennan under the bus.

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  2. John Doe says:

    I could watch our hero kick media, CNN, and Jim Acosta’s butts from now til doomsday. CNN has spent every minute I’ve watched morosely crawling under and then back out from Soros’ rock. Best election EVER!! Evan McMuffin on now.

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  3. Kevin Sherlock says:

    Again, another well-done analysis. Thanks, Sundance!

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  4. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Crapper: “Yada yada yada.”

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  5. freepetta says:

    I know one thing, DJT is going to watch this very very carefully.

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  6. anarchist335 says:

    Clapper is a proven liar.

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  7. anarchist335 says:

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  8. Travis McGee says:

    I hope these IC guys have their letters of resignation ready.

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  9. ezpz says:

    I guess we can file Clapper’s “profound dismay” as the “least untruthful” statement he could come up with?

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  10. Sentient says:

    Don’t we think Rogers is a White Hat?

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  11. Who fed CNN the (bad) intel that Trump was briefed on this document? Who told them that Obama was briefed on it?

    That must have come from the IC. Go f yourself Clapper.

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    • benifranlkin says:

      Not necessarily…….McCain is in on this…Golden Shower somehow ends up on his desk …why? and he forwards it to FBI who thinks it came from a credible source.. Who would say Trump had been briefed on it already? …someone who wasn’t at the meeting but who assumed Trump was briefed becuz that someone knew what was in the fake news document…all roads lead to McCain with Marco and Graham in tow…did u see the way Marco ran to CNN today after his childish querying of T-Rex? Very very nervous boy. Sumpin is up alright.

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      • NJF says:

        Alternatively, CNN simply made it up.

        They did it with the secret service story, and they’ve done it on other occasions.

        I agree that in this instance, all roads seem to lead back to McNasty, but we should never lose sight of the fact that cnn will just make it up when necessary.

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      • yakmaster2 says:

        I’m thinking you are right, benifranklin. McCain’s hatred of Trump is worse than his feelings about Obama. Trump impugned McCain “honor”— he’s crafted a long career off his war hero status. He also appears to be jealous of Trump’s victory.
        McCain is a usurper who works in the shadows and I’ll be stunned if Clapper is asked by anyone on that Committee this question: “WHO gave IC the info in his 2 page addendum and exactly when?”
        Americans should be very alarmed at the games being played by our own IC to undermine a US President! They are seriously sowing more doubt about their truthfulness and patriotism. Dems are also making the IC sound nefarious with ominous warnings to Trump to back off or IC will get him!!

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      • Howie says:

        Little Marco is CNN’s Punk.

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        • redlegleader68 says:

          Actually, Howie, rather than “punk” I believe the correct word in this description begins with “b” and ends with, “tch.” Just sayin’ … 😉


    • You assume they are legit……………. NOT


  12. Fe says:

    I thought Admiral Rogers was one of the good guys, no?

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  13. Sentient says:

    I’d love to see Rogers start spewing truth. Brennan had the passport records of Obama (and his mom) doctored. He’s a Muslim and had Michael Hastings killed. Clapper is part of the bogus “Russians hacked the election” story. Etc.

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  14. Paco Loco says:

    It’s all going to be ass covering for the IC all week as the “Russian Influence” story has pretty much crapped out in the last 24 hours. Trump is on guard and aware of who the leakers are. I hope his new CIA Director is ready to rock and roll on day 1 and the house cleaning begins immediately.

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  15. Jim Rogers says:

    The question I’d like to ask Clapper [and Brennan]: “Mr. Clapper have you written and signed your resignation letter as requested by President-elect Donald J. Trump, or does it await writing and signing between today and January 20th, 2017?”

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  16. andi lee says:

    Read the fineprint, always.

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  17. Moose Otto says:

    Drain the swamp.

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  18. IMHO the house and senate intel. committees need to get to the bottom of these leaks. Things are just getting way out hand, and those responsible need to be held accountable, charged and tried for espionage. Just sayin”

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      The same house and senate intel committees with members such as mc-ought-to-be-ashamed, grahanasty, rubio, schumcky, et. al? The very people who are spreading the lies and inuendos?

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  19. Stringy theory says:

    Clapper belongs in someting the Brits call a ???

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  20. mikebrezzze says:

    I call BS on that assumed rule that new administration doesn’t prosecute the past administration! I’m guessing that’d be too time consuming, considering there’s at least 100,000 crooks in Obama’s administration!

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  21. Bull Durham says:

    Sundance, ZH has a hot one from the Guardian.

    FBI sought FISA court warrant to spy on Gen. Flynn, Michael Cohen, Carter Page and Paul Manafort. They got turned down.


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  22. psadie says:

    There was a Professor on with Tucker Carlson tonight who said he has “never seen the likes of what is taking place with a President-elect for it looks like US Forces are trying to take him down before he gets into office”…he said it was unprecedented. This is a little worrisome!

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    • WSB says:

      Stephen Cohen, Russian Studies, NYU.

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      • redlegleader68 says:

        Yes, I saw that, too. I forced myself to watch Tucker Wednesday evening to see how he would cover the day’s events. With the single exception of Professor Cohen, I was not disappointed in the utter, useless BS Tucker had on. I know many here like the fact that he allows his “guests” to drone on and on, but last night was completely insufferable. It was 100% gaslighting bs said with no contradiction on Tucker’s part. Beyond, of course, the usual, “thanks so much for being here.” (side note: I stayed with it to see what Hannity would have and was not disappointed. Very good interviews; FNC screwed up by not moving Hannity into the 9p slot. Just MHO)

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        • jeans2nd says:

          Am not certain you understand Professor Cohen, redlegleader. I believe the “US Forces” to which Prof Cohen refers (from psadie’s comment above) are the Black Hats, which are, indeed, trying to take President Trump down before President Trump gets into office.

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          • redlegleader68 says:

            Thanks, jeans2nd. Yea, I did get that. Of all the guests on the program last night, Cohen was, to me, the only one worth watching. His bio as noted by Tucker “seems” to be impressive; although, I’m completely unfamiliar with him.


  23. Lucille says:

    We’re living in a very bad B movie. Our A-lister is going to get a whole new cast, crew and script come January 20.

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  24. waicool says:

    Clapper and Brennan work at the pleasure of the Commander In Chief. On January 20, 2017, nine days from now, the U.S.A. will have a new Commander In Chief.

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  25. Summer says:

    So, do we really expect the Swamp Dwellers to “get to the bottom of it”? McShame and Shumer will get to ask questions, right?
    The Swamp Dwellers and the Clapper/Brennan team have similar goals, and those goals have nothing to do with finding the truth. Dog and pony show, as per usual practice. I would be mildly entertained only if they start pointing fingers at each other, which is unlikely.

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  26. I would hope that the questions posed by SD are asked but I wonder who on the committee would ask them. Two of the Republican members – Ryan and McConnell are avowed enemies of PE Trump.

    The statement from Clapper does not address the central issue of whether or not PE Trump was briefed on the 2 page synopsis of the garbage 35 pg report. KAC has said PE Trump was not briefed on the 2 page synopsis which destroy’s the basis of the CNN report.

    Tonight CNN was spinning the Clapper statement as “contradicting” PE Trump’s assertion that CNN is fake news. If KAC is correct PE Trump should insist Clapper amend his report to state that he was not briefed.

    In the statement Clapper says the leak didn’t come from IC. What leak is he referring to? If it is the leak to CNN describing the contents of the classified briefing where else could it come from?

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  27. El Torito says:

    Clapper is folding.

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  28. maxmbj says:

    Trump is filing a lawsuit against Buzzfeed with Peter Thiel’s help. Don’t forget Thiel helped bring down Gawker helping Hulk Hogan. This shit at Buzzfeed is a shit across the media bow.

    We really may see the swamp drain.

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  29. maxmbj says:

    Dang. I typed “shot” twice above and got that naughty word. Sorry.

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  30. maxmbj says:

    I’ve got a sneaking suspicion this entire Russian meme is to allow Obama to slink off the stage in a cloud of octopus ink before his real misdeeds become exposed.

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  31. andi lee says:

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  32. fleporeblog says:

    This is turning into one of the greatest gifts in the world. Beyond the embarrassment that has been bestowed on CNN, IC, McCain and others, this in my mind is killing the whole Russian’s hacked the election BS. In my mind we are so close to the 20th that this gift will remain in the news for a while coupled with the hearings will kill their plan to deligitamize our President. Once he is officially sworn in, the rapid speed that he will do to move his agenda will be like a tsunami. That will become the news and the winning will become so apparent to everyone that we will be begging for more.

    It will also allow us to work with Russia as our President said today to eviscirate ISIS from the face of the earth. It is what binds us together. I believe our Lord’s master plan is to have the 2 largest christian countries, with the means, destroy Radical Islam. What American is going to say no to that especially as we are kicking ass together around the world. Once again the winning will be so apparent and folks will fall in love with it.

    I saw a glimpse of it at the Army/Navy game. The cadets absolutely loved him and adored him. Vern Lunqvuist, the announcer, was in awe of what he was witnessing. He admitted it felt like a Trump rally. For those 8 minutes our President was in the booth, what was happening on the field absolutely didn’t matter.

    That in my mind is the greatest compliment that could ever have been bestowed on our President. In a historic rivalry, between 2 military branches, DJT was bigger than the game because our cadets forgot about the game to show their admiration for thei Commander-in-Chief. Americans will do the same about the scenarios I presented above.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Patriotism beats hate and despair.

      America has always been about aspiration.
      Trump exudes Patriotism and Aspiration.

      And you are right. The cadets felt it and expressed it.

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      I’m thinking you are right, benifranklin. McCain’s hatred of Trump is worse than his feelings about Obama. Trump impugned McCain “honor”— he’s crafted a long career off his war hero status. He also appears to be jealous of Trump’s victory.
      McCain is a usurper who works in the shadows and I’ll be stunned if Clapper is asked by anyone on that Committee this question: “WHO gave IC the info in his 2 page addendum and exactly when?”
      Americans should be very alarmed at the games being played by our own IC to undermine a US President! They are seriously sowing more doubt about their truthfulness and patriotism. Dems are also making the IC sound nefarious with ominous warnings to Trump to back off or IC will get him!!

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    • On point Fleporeblog! Just think, this time last week all we heard was “How dare Trump and the American people question the findings of the Intelligence community?”, and now it’s completely collapsed and they’re trying to save their own skins. My what a difference 7 days makes! The Lord’s hand is all over this and everything is being orchestrated to follow His beautiful plan. What an amazing thing to witness!

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      • Lucille says:

        Psalm 118:5-7 (NIV)

        When hard pressed, I cried to the LORD;
        he brought me into a spacious place.
        The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid.
        What can mere mortals do to me?
        The LORD is with me; he is my helper.
        I look in triumph on my enemies.

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      • Wavetheshales says:

        Yes! Think about Esther, Mordecai, and the malevolent Haman. GOD turned everything around and Haman paid for his deeds, and then some.

        In this case, the people being saved are we the American People, and our progeny; being saved from the swamp and its keepers. GOD has a hand in this, it’s clear to see. I think we need to pray that GOD shines a light on the deceit and criminal acts of the swamp dwellers, and covers Trump, Pence, their families and Trump’s appointees with His Might, Grace, and Wisdom, and strengthens and guides them.

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  33. KBR says:

    So McCain could not determine whether this was legit?

    Trump is not a stupid man.
    Trump owns hotels.
    Trump knows that peeing on a matress would only cost the hotel.
    Trump knows that peeing on a bed after someone slept on it could in no way hurt that someone.

    This alone would tell anyone with a brain that it could not be legit.

    Therefore, McCain has no brain.

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    • Lucille says:

      Yes, indeedy.

      In typical prep school manner, McCain is projecting.

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    • Lisa Reynolds says:

      Okay, let me add something here: If you hear a rumor about someone, what is the mature thing to do?

      You go to that person and ask them about it, right? You DO NOT spread the rumor around to everyone you know and send it off to “officials,” all the while saying, “I’m not sure if this is true or not.”

      What does that tell you about McCain?

      Okay, I’ll answer my own question here: He is a petty, immature, vindictive man!

      This says so much about his character–or rather, lack thereof!

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  34. CYA for the DNI, CIA, and FBI? That’s a lot of 3 letter acronyms! 😉

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  35. andi lee says:

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  36. Paul Killinger says:

    CNN’s Wolf Blitzer inadvertantly gave away the REAL purpose of the game today. Having had this latest Fake News story exposed, he asked a colleague on air, “We’ve got nine days left. What do we do now?”

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  37. freddy says:

    It’s Shakespeare…Easy..McCain is eaten up inside for revenge on Trump for saying he was not a hero. He has a little cabal of Mcmullen and the skeletor guy and a few spooks he knows inside…….Desperate no one has gotten Trump with voting counts or other ridiculous crap he makes his move desperate as they get…..He cooks up a report from intel using the otherwise worthless story of Russian hookers no one else would use…They turn it up and put it in the main report giving it legitimatcy…Mcain’s daughter leaks to Buzzfeed after the intel meet and McCain calls CNN. They coordinate with Mcmullen that all is well and proceed to let it go……..CNN gets overconfident and blows it as the story implodes too fast…Now they all have to play CYA……….Tomorrow will be the best acting we have seen so far…Can’t wait……..

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  38. filia.aurea says:

    Mr. Clapper should to be deposed under oath as soon as possible. He doesn’t look too healthy.

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  39. jeans2nd says:

    From Clapper’s statement – “I emphasized that this document is not a U.S. Intelligence Community product and that I do not believe the leaks came from within the IC.”

    If one is to take this statement at face value and assume that it is true, then from where did the document and the leaks come?

    Again, from Clapper’s statement – “…private security document…widely circulated…among the media, members of Congress and Congressional staff…”

    May I also suggest, the White House? Supposedly only the IC knew of the meeting with President Trump last Friday, no one else – except the White House.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When we practice to deceive.

    Get ’em outta here.


  40. What good is having an intelligence apparatus that cannot even plug it’s own leaks. Trump needs to demand they find the leaker(s) and request prosecution….period.


  41. jstanley01 says:

    Clapper? James Clapper? James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence? The same James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, who, to all appearances, perjured himself before Congress on the subject of the NSA?

    “We ain’t be no dang spying on no dang United States ‘Mericans.”

    Then came Snowden……….


  42. Southrider says:

    A number of folks must be brought up on sedition charges and do time. Only holding traitors to account will slow the prog commies.


  43. NC PATRIOT says:

    Brennan is “being quiet” and “laying low” during all of this, I think he is AS or More dangerous than Clapper. Am I wrong?


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