Interventionist Intel – Black Hat Brennan Speaks of Intel Legacy To PBS…

Politically engaged Americans (writ large) will, most likely, soon discover why it became so intensely important to outline the internal fight between black hat‘ and ‘white hat‘ operatives within the intelligence community as it related to the 2016 U.S. election.  One example of the “shadow fight” within the administration is outlined here.

A PBS interview with CIA Director John Brennan highlights the scope of professional obfuscation needed when intelligence agents decide to politicize intelligence.   The Obama administration is in the process of attempting to re-write their own history.

As you watch this interview it is critical to remind yourself of the background within the names espoused by Brennan; specifically James Clapper and Jeh Johnson.   Additionally, against the recent sunlight we have provided, I would strongly highlight the discussion toward the end of the interview surrounding Syria.

♦ Prior to the administration of President Obama beginning, John Brennan, a career CIA official himself, was directly tied to the hacking of the U.S. State Department and the passport records of then candidate Senator Barack Obama, in March 2008.

‘This individual’s actions were taken without the knowledge or direction of anyone at The Analysis Corp. and are wholly inconsistent with our professional and ethical standards”, Brennan’s company said in a statement sent to reporters after the passport breach was made public. (link)

On April 19th, 2008 the key figure in the ensuing investigation, Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators about the State Dept. hacking, was found slumped dead inside a car.  He was shot in the head.

Jeh Johnson was the Pentagon’s Chief legal counsel during Obama/Clinton’s Libyan fiasco, which led to the interventionist overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.  Clinton: “we came, we saw, he died“… etc. Bob Gates was Defense Secretary and staunch critic of any move to intervene in Libya.

As a leading member of the 2011/2012 OLC (Office of Legal Counsel), Johnson warned the Obama administration the United States did not have legal authority for the Libyan intervention they spearheaded.  It is a well accepted DC reality the appointment to the position of Homeland Security Director was a quid-pro-quo for his silence and obedience in the face of Def. Sec. Bob Gates speaking directly to congress.

Duty - by Robert GatesImage: Barack Obama, Jeh Johnson

So what does all this mean? 

Well, it is transparent to everyone following closely the net intention of this ‘hacked election narrative’ is to provide the professional political UniParty class in Washington DC with a fortified defense mechanism to thwart off the incoming swamp draining.

The use of corporate media to protect the corporate legislative body is as familiar, and predictable, as Senators John McCain (see: Keating Five), and Lindsey Graham, fighting against term limits and finance reform on behalf of their corporate interests/benefactors, Wall Street and global interests.

However, moving forward there is considerable room for previously outlined optimism. The corruption within the intelligence community officials appears so severe, the White Hats are rising up from within the Defense Department to tackle it head-on.

With General Mattis as Secretary of Defense, Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, General John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security, a top-of-class West Point graduate in Mike Pompeo brought in to take over and undoubtedly purge the CIA, and a lame duck struggle breaking out over the NSA with Admiral Mike Rogers, the implications are pretty obvious.

The white hats we have needed within the national security and intelligence departments are responding from a select group within the Defense Department.  This DoD surge appears to be why corporate interests are railing against “too many generals”.  The DoD generals also appears to be why all of those interests -within all of those corrupted political intel institutions- are going nuts thinking about what lays ahead.

Mounting evidence supports the ongoing thesis the Department of Defense has actually seceded from the political elites.  A wonderfully patriotic soft coup of sorts has actually taken place.  Now, with the election of President Donald Trump, the white hats are poised on the horizon to reconstruct a nationalist-minded defense, security and intelligence apparatus.

In an effort to defend their exit, the outgoing intelligence leadership is using the “Russian conspiracy narrative” as a sagebrush sweep to hide their retreating footprints.

This intelligence shift, away from structural use to pave the way for interventionist policy, is the tectonic change many have quietly discussed, yet few imagined possible.

We must elevate our thinking to understand the motives…


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276 Responses to Interventionist Intel – Black Hat Brennan Speaks of Intel Legacy To PBS…

  1. tempo150101 says:

    On April 19th, 2008 the key figure in the ensuing investigation, Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who had been cooperating with a federal investigators about the State Dept. hacking, was found slumped dead inside a car.

    What the hell has happened to our country?

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  2. jdvalk says:

    Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey rush to mind…


  3. anarchist335 says:

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  4. llyod says:

    Sundance, I think a point that is lost is that the black hats in the intelligence community is not just in the USA but also within the global intelligence community at large incl. the MI6, Mossad and German intelligence.

    So I think it is very dangerous time for Donald Trump.

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    • Elspeth says:

      We have got to pray for PEOTUS.

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      • Plain Jane says:

        Trump and Pence are in my prayers right after my family. They have become part of my family. Also pray for Trump’s team and all of everyone’s loved ones. We cannot forget to do this.

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    • daddio says:

      to this day I wonder if the assassination attempt on Reagan was really just a lone nut, or was he a weaponized lone nut…


      • DC says:

        I read Hinckley had some kind of tie to the Bush family. I don’t like to spread thin rumors but I recall the trail was pretty credible. So, weaponized lone nut.

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        • Old CrewDog says:

          …but in this case I’m willing to do so.”

          I have no dog in this fight but a statement like this one, in any argument, on any topic, without citation and sourcing is nothing BUT a “thin rumor.”


        • Sherlock says:

          Come on, man. That’s way out in left field.


          • cozette says:

            After this election and it’s revelations you think it’s “out in left field?” It’s not. Read up on the CIA, Bush, Huntley connection if you’re interested or move on but to just brush it off is foolish.


            • BigMamaTEA says:

              Totally agree cozette. Get the book “The Devil’s Chessboard.” It’s a big book; but it tracks from before the organization called the CIA, through the lives of the Dulles brothers. It’s a good compilation of a lot
              of data that I’ve found from different resources, (independently from the authors resources) and it actually starts with Poppy Bush’s father Prescott.


    • Matamoros says:

      That is probably why Trump is bringing in his own security people instead of just relying on the Secret Service.

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      • filia.aurea says:

        P.E. Trump, bring more private security. S.S. is compromised, they have already ‘looked the other way’ at least twice.


      • Marti says:

        Matamoros: Yes, so important to do this also especially on foreign venues. eg: Russian ambassador in Turkey. Hire the best and anticipate what a top-of-his-game professional hitman would plan. SS can be disloyal, RE: JFK, Reagan.


      • Marti says:

        Use SS as a secondary protection while always sleeping with one eye opened.


  5. It was maddening watching Woodruff lob softballs at this spook and what was the purpose of her asking if buildings with Trump’s name on them are a “target”? Does she want to make them a target? The liars in the media are beyond vile. They want to make Trump’s properties a target so as to destroy him financially.

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  6. jackk says:

    ‘Mounting evidence supports the ongoing thesis the Department of Defense has actually seceded from the political elites. A wonderfully patriotic soft coup of sorts has actually taken place. Now, with the election of President Donald Trump, the white hats are poised on the horizon to reconstruct a nationalist-minded defense, security and intelligence apparatus.’
    Where can I find more about this?

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  7. MVW says:

    The US government is out of control and in the control of some rogue agencies. Imagine how bad ‘Global’ government would be. Insanity X 1000.

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  8. Watcher says:

    Three more murders never solved reverend Wright’s church ..Excursion style as some of zero gay and drug use was coming out.Black hat work?


  9. LP says:

    We are focused on ‘those attacking our fundamental democracy’. No way. Just the select and political outsiders not the insiders Mr Brennan with no evidence. Oh, yes evidence forthcoming. Dissembler par excellence.

    ‘It is regrettable how the situation developed’ (Syria).

    Take that particular thought to ponder on in your justly deserved retirement. Payed for by the over taxed electorate.
    Here’s a bacon sarnie, you pos.

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    • Old CrewDog says:

      “.. it is regrettable that the Obama Administration FAILED at funding and arming the part of the organization that BECAME ISIS… at a cost of Ameriican lives in Benghazi and elsewhere… and even more so that we got caught doing it”. ( al.)

      There. Fixed it for him.

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  10. killdozer says:

    He opened his mouth and I knew his whole life story.

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  11. Briana says:

    Gives me the same feeling as listening to supporters of the Warren Commission report.


  12. tommylotto says:

    I like how they both agree that it might be a good idea for ISIS to stage terrorist attacks at Trump’s international properties.

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  13. Patriot1783 says:

    Obama hacking report written by James Clapper, who was called out previously during congressional hearings for being a liar

    John Brennan “….the story in there, the intelligence in there, will be exactly what the President asked for.”
    Geez, sure sounds like a Russian hacking story manufactured and served on a silver platter to obama….just as he requested.

    Brennan = evil.

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  14. Your Tour Guide says:

    Got up, walked the dog. Then a thought hit me. Not about Brennan. This is about McCain, and his
    role. The reason he has beat all on comers over the years, except for one. He has a designated role. He’s a fixer. He probably acquired the role back around the time of the POW/MIA hearings,
    when he lied, maneuvered, blocked, fillibustered. Prevented anything from happening that would
    have resulted in the possible finding of any remaining POWs in Vietnam that could have exposed
    his actions during the capture.

    A higher up might have given him orders to do so, or a higher up might have taken notice of how
    he was going into overdrive to save his own skin. Opening him up for blackmail. McCain acted as a
    fixer by dropping his campaign when he was ahead. To help promote the stimulus. The one that
    Sundance has shown us was basically the beginning of a two set of books economy. McCain acted
    as a fixer by kneecapping the threat of Palin, by choosing her as his mate. Not to promote her, but
    to set her up for attack until she was no longer a threat. McCain acted as a fixer by torpedoing any
    criticism of Obama, especially negating any references to his Muslim leaning allegiances. Mc Cain
    acted as a fixer by his overseas trips. With disastrous consequences afterwards, as, again, Sundance has so aptly pointed out in pictures. With 27 circles and arrows, and a paragraph on the back of each.

    McCain has acted numerous times as a fixer from the primary on. Taking the uniparty stance whenever the story would come out that would surely destroy Trump. But hasn’t. Now, the fixer
    is overseas again. When the fixer is overseas, it sends signals back to the power brokers and their
    minions. If you’re tuned into how local politics often work, it’s a similar concept, on a far grander scale. In local politics, ( I’m citing Georgia, but this applies in many areas), signals are sent by
    persons that normally stay out of the news. When they appear in print, or interviewed on TV, then
    you know the fix is on. Pockets are due to be lined. The right people will get to jump to the head of
    the line. McCain showing up on TV and print overseas does the same thing to the much higher up
    power brokers. Don’t know where it leads this time, but I’ll feel better when the bastard’s back home. Sorry about the lengthy rant.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      McCain has spent his lifetime proving that McCain only takes orders from himself. IMO.
      Everything else is secondary to McCain’s belief that only McCain knows best.


    • RP says:

      Thanks for the Tour…

      I think you’re on to something. Trump came out swinging on Shumer this morning calling him a clown – signs are pointing to a bare-knuckled brawl. Hoping McCain is stupid enough or already complicit enough (as you surmise) to get knocked on his ass.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Your Tour Guide says:

        I had to read the tweet twice for it to sink in, but citing the huge increase IN ARIZONA
        drags McCain into the discussion without even having to mention his name. Has McCain came back home, or is he still overseas, committing arson?

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        • Marti says:

          Tour Guide: you are definitely on to something w/McC. He is a despicable rat, totally controlled by the head Swampmeisters. He will be totally exposed and destroyed after 4 years of Trump. Once the accomplishments start flowing in from the T administration, most all of America will be w/Trump and against these traitors. The Golden Age of New Media will facilitate the revelations on these numerous traitors like McCain….which has heretofore has media protection – that’s all changing.


      • John Galt says:

        “Don’t let the Schumer clowns out”

        I like how Trump reaches across the aisle to the opposition. LOL

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    • georgiafl says:



    • Watcher says:

      I have always wondered why songbird and lieutenant ketchup weren’t Court-martialed or at least disciplined.
      When I was there the punishment for not taking your malaria pill was a article 15.
      Lies and crimes are easy to blackmail.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        Watcher, I don’t know about ketchup man, but McCain’s father was an admiral. He got away with a lot because of that. There are some nasty stories that went around when he was flying planes for the Navy. No respect for anyone or their lives, if they are to be believed.


    • Old CrewDog says:

      “… you can get anything you want….”.


    • maiingankwe says:

      Your tour guide,
      I like the way you think, and those walks seem to do you good, but I do have a question for you.

      Why or how do you think Palin was sought to just shut her up and destroy her? I’m asking because she was an unknown in the political sphere, she was busy being governor and doing a heck of a job for us Alaskans, nothing seemed out of sorts with her and her future. She was pretty quiet compared to other governors when it came to the federal government.

      I would say it was quite a shock for him to have picked her, and it’s been on and off in my mind as to why over so many years. However, I don’t think it was to destroy her. I could be wrong though. I wonder what her answer would be privately?

      I always thought he had underestimated Palin, she was not easy to control.

      Thank you for your post, and I sure as heck didn’t see any ranting in it. I saw someone who was trying to figure something out that was bothering him and writing it out to get a better handle on it.
      Be well.


      • Your Tour Guide says:


        I firmly believe that he strategically picked her because the word was getting out she was
        the next great thing. The next great thing isn’t something a corrupt egomaniac like McCain
        would necessarily cozy up to. The persons that Palin got out of the way (Bridges to Nowhere, pay offs) are more to his liking. So, it might have been a win/win situation.

        The first win would be removing her from a job where she was doing an exemplary job.
        The importance of this can’t be understated. Ever work at a job where everybody is completely half-ass at what they do? Those that try to excel are taking to the side and
        counseled, or set up and fired. No machine politician wants somebody in office that can
        show people how to do things correctly. They’ve been telling everybody that it can’t be
        done. That it won’t work. When ever somebody actually does it right and proves their lies
        it jeopardizes their power. So it was important that Palin be removed early on in her
        Governership, before the word started getting out that politics can actually work for the little guy. Too dangerous for the McCains of the world, and their supposed opposition.

        The second win? Destroying her as a viable person. Making it so that she could never hold
        any elected office again. Taking the squeaky clean moral person out of the room that would inevitably make everybody else look like the total crooks they were in comparison.

        Wrapping up: This is all my little longwinded sideline observation. Palin was round two of
        this type of behavior. Round 1 was Dan Quayle. He had to be destroyed, ridiculed because
        he was 1. Smart ( former friend was an employee of Quayle’s, and said he was the smartest man he’d ever worked for) 2. Honest ( same friend raved about what a great
        guy Quayle was .) 3. Better looking then any of the Democrats running at the time. Can’t
        have an honest Republican pretty boy that’s a smart dude running. Make him an idiot by
        harping on how to spell “Potato”.


        • the5thranchhand says:

          Thank you Tour Guide for your eye-opening post(s). Didn’t Palin expose some corrupt career politicians, from both sides of the aisle? And, your thoughts on Dan Quayle are most interesting. Always, always, thought there was something more than ‘meets the eye’ with that ‘potato(e) blather. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Lots to think about.


          • Your Tour Guide says:

            Thanks. It’s not as complicated as it looks. Take you or I’s ethical, moral, wouldn’t hurt a flea thinking. Now, reverse it. That’s how these unbelievable MF’s are hardwired. The
            picture of McCain on another thread, standing next to Graham. Look at his eyes. Dead,
            mean, soul less. I’ve been around eyes like those. They belonged to a behind the scenes
            local power broker. Nobody (except a few longtimers ) would recognize his name. The
            man had things worked out around here so that any decision made would benefit him.
            Wasn’t elected. The ones who were worked for him.

            Anyway, said person threatened my livelyhood in a public meeting. In a roundabout manner, but it didn’t matter. I knew that he was capable of acting on his inferences, as
            I knew a local, highly regarded attorney who’s business dried up for 4 months after he
            ran afoul of said individual’s friends. The attorney didn’t even know why. My means are
            limited, so I couldn’t run that risk. Dropped out of meeting attending. Never forgot how
            the power broker’s eyes went bottomless on me when he was making his point. Evil,
            literally terrifying. A glance that can make you blood feel like it will quit flowing. McCain’s
            look brought back some memories of past dealings.

            Anyway, thanks for your input. Hope the Tours are helping in some form.


  15. toriangirl says:

    Excellent analysis as always. We live in interesting times. On a scale from one to ten, the upcoming quake caused by revelations of misdeeds of the globalists in Washington will be 100.

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  16. Octoberflores says:

    @ 2:22 Reinforces my belief Obama will wave this report in front of Americans on MSM and claim Trump illegitimate and attempt to remain in power or chose his successor. I stress attempt.


  17. Ziiggii says:

    I’d just like to draw attention to some of the possible ‘backstory’ to this entire Russian fiasco re: Brennan and Obama; there is lots of research already done into these two and their relationship, which goes back at least 30 years.


    and pay close attention to Rebel’s connections in the comments here –


    there is a linked Newsmax article that has this quote buried at the bottom re: Brennan:

    Had Brennan been appointed CIA director, as rumored in the Obama campaign shortly after the election, senators also would have questioned him about an article he wrote in an obscure foreign policy magazine over the summer.

    The article, entitled “The Conundrum of Iran: Strengthening Moderates without Acquiescing to Belligerence,” appeared in the July issue of “The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.”

    Among other recommendations, it argued that the next U.S. administration should grant political legitimacy to the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas, and should exercise “strategic patience” with Iran rather than engaging in “bellicose” rhetoric and coercive diplomacy.

    It seems to me these tie together several disconnected events as it relates to, not only this Russia story, but also the Iran deal and any/all other Foreign Policies this Administration has pushed since day one. This Russian angle is a poor attempt (70-80’s fear mongering playbook) at dangling a carrot in front of the American ppl while the ‘powers-that-be’ try to figure out how much scorched earth is needed to cover their tracks – those tracks being, that the CIA has been very much involved in the American political process / foreign policy for a loooong time and has been subverting it’s own government/people while doing so. The Saudi’s (“moderate” Moose Limbs) have been playing the world stage like a fiddle since the 60’s-70’s.

    The chicken’s are coming home to roost!

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  18. IMO says:

    Brennan looks like Sandusky. The guy gives me the creeps.


  19. john lorenz says:

    he is an evil diabolical person


  20. Sherlock says:

    Merely the fact that Brennan is running around pimping his story to PBS tells me all I need to conclude that we need to roll things WAY back. Since when is it the job of the CIA head to go on media for ANY reason? Who the hell does he think he is? Obviously he’s there with the OK of Obama, but no one but a hack would even be interviewed on the point. This crap has to stop. Want to be a politician, Brennan, run for office. Want to be a celebrity? Start a friggin’ band.
    Otherwise, shut up. Your only communication ought to be with elected officials and other spooks.
    This whole thing is so out of hand, every single agency and player being a political hack.


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