Jerry Falwell Jr Outlook: “There’s a good spirit in America”…

Nice interview by Jerry Falwell Jr. discussing the presidential election results and his personal insights and perspectives into the President Trump administration:


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28 Responses to Jerry Falwell Jr Outlook: “There’s a good spirit in America”…

  1. MaineCoon says:

    I hold Mr. Falwell in high regard. He cose to support Mr. Trump for the right reasons and never waivered – even when he received criticism. It is encouraging that he will continue to render his support as called upon to do so. Thank you Mr. Falwell!

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  2. snaggletooths says:

    Jerry Falwell Jr is one of my favorite people.
    Chris Wallace is so snide

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  3. Sandra says:

    If Trump does well in his first term, his evangelical percentage in 2020 will be 100%. 🙂

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  4. Joe Knuckles says:

    I understand that it is reality which we must deal with, but I really wish our side would stop dividing people by race. Can’t we just talk about the evangelical or working class vote without breaking it down by race? Why do we let our enemies define the terms by which we must fight them?

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  5. julegate says:

    Funny thing about the Bathroom bill is North Carolina would not have had to pass the bill if President Obama and the Federal Government had not started it to begin with!
    Anyway you look at it President Obama’s administration has done nothing but destroy everything it could.

    Is there away to find out how Catholics, Lutherans and Orthodox voted?

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    • PatriotKate says:

      And the NC Democrats used it as a wedge issue to defeat the Republican Governor. The Mayor of Charlotte was put into place just for the purpose of Charlotte enacting its own laws allowing transgender and more access. After they got their Democrat Governor, Charlotte made a show of repealing their law (which became void anyway when the state acted) to get the state to repeal it’s law. The state legislature is having trouble agreeing on a way to repeat it. Right now, I don’t see it happening. NC Senate is tightly controlled by Conservatives.

      Bottom line though is the Democrats achieved their goal of getting their Governor. However, the Republican have a lock on the legislature, so new governor won’t get much accomplished.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        There was an article about this – written by lefties – in the USA Today inserts in the local papers.

        People must keep in mind that what is really happening in NC is all due to the Soros strategy known as the Soros Blue Print for NC. It is critical that people see this for the globalist leftist movement it is. This is a prototype strategy for ALL other states. Please take time to educate yourself about this and be ready to counter it in your own state.

        It starts with city councils. This centered on Charlotte. The riots there are not coincidental.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      julegate – The Bathroom Bill started with a bad decision made in a suit brought in Virginia, heard by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. The ruling was stupid, and Virginia did not appeal it. The NC law was a perfect response to the 4th Circuit Court ruling. The issue now sits waiting for ruling at the Supreme Court. Stay tuned.

      Re: Catholics, Lutherans, et al – this Lutheran worked for/voted for PEOTUS Trump, and shocked the nice old ladies during Bible study, too.

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  6. Stringy theory says:

    I have really come to respect Jerry Falwell Jr., a great man and great American.

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  7. anarchist335 says:

    Mike Wallace’s spawn brought up bathrooms again. Will MSM ever get it through their heads that it is not an issue with thinking people? Good grief! What is it, .002% of Americans are cross-dressing freakazoids? Enough already.

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  8. justfactsplz says:

    As lowly as Wallace is he treated Mr. Falwell better in this interview than he does most people. I highly respect Mr. Falwell for how he stood firm in his support of President Elect Trump even when things got rocky with the faux news about President Elect Trump’s so called abuse of women. Mr. Falwell showed great strength of character. I find him very likeable also. Wallace I can’t stand and wish they would quit giving him an audience.

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  9. Excellent answers by Mr.Falwell. Wallace couldn’t find anything to fight him back with!

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  10. rsanchez1990 says:

    The evangelical vote probably would have been much higher if it wasn’t for Romney, McCain, and the Bush clan.

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  11. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Not only did Trump do fantastic with Evangelicals, he won the Catholic vote even though the Pope tried to influence the Church against him. Trump flipped 9 point of Obama.


  12. entagor says:

    IMHO it took courage to support Trump, who had been cast as a reprobate. The two sons of preacher men stepped up, Falwell, and Graham.

    Obama worked to fulfill the prophecy that everything good would be called bad, and everything bad would be called good. This is end times prophecy. That is seriously scarey

    Trump was called a reprobate, but Obama made himself into an ungodly potentate. The good preachers provided the leadership. The prophecy provided the fear factor. The BIble provided the answer

    If a Nation turns from God, God will turn from them. The only way back is 2 Chronicles 7:14

    The Evangelicals elected Trump. The Dems couldn’t have done a better job motivating the opposition if they had whacked them with 2 by 4’s but it took the preachers to validate what everyone was thinking. God Bless the sons of the preacher men


  13. skybill says:

    ‘Caught the interview on TV earlier today while visiting “Friends!!” I concur!!
    skybill-out…for now

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  14. bitterlyclinging says:

    Trumps white evangelical vote total was likely driven by the 8 years under Buraq Hussein Obama. The vote total would likely have been a few percentage points higher had the UN Security Council anti Israeli settlement vote occurred days before the US election instead of nearly a month and a half later. John McCain, with a 74 per cent white evangelical vote totals was the result of America’s naivete’ regarding Hussein Obama, the voters having a slightly better perspective of Hussein Obama in 20112 with Mitt Romney.


  15. Christians around the Country are sick and tired of liberal persecution. Falwell Jr. Is the true evangelical leader of our time.


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