More Winning – Chinese State Media “Jitters” Contemplating Trump’s Economic Team…

China understands very well the consequences.  President Trump very well understands the leverage.  The U.S. market is the customer in the trade equation.

Donald Trump suitThis is not a negotiation for the faint at heart… This.Shall.Be.Epic.  THIS is the battle many of us have long awaited. Long awaited.  The patriotic industrialists, our titans, have been patiently waiting for the leveling….

The overarching policy is a simple two word summary, “America First”.  It is critical, absolutely critical, to remember: in the entirety of their economic rise to power, China has never had to contemplate an economic adversary ambivalent to their state-centric objectives.

In all prior economic negotiations China has simply bought off their Washington DC opposition through the use of lobbyists and Tom Donohue’s personal business enterprise, the U.S. CoC.  China’s only familiar option is now completely off the table.

(Via Reuters) Chinese state media on Friday expressed alarm and warned of a “showdown with the U.S.” after President-elect Donald Trump named Peter Navarro, an economist who has urged a hard line against China, to head a new White House National Trade Council.

Navarro is an academic and one-time investment adviser who has authored books such as “Death by China: How America Lost its Manufacturing Base”. The book was made into a documentary film about Beijing’s desire to become the dominant economic and military power in Asia.

“That individuals such as Navarro who have a bias against China are being picked to work in leading positions in the next administration, is no laughing matter,” the official English-language China Daily said in an editorial.

“The new administration should bear in mind that with economic and trade ties between the world’s two largest economies now the closest they have ever been, any move to damage the win-win relationship will only result in a loss for both sides.”

The previous day, China’s foreign ministry said in reaction it was playing close attention to Trump’s transition team and possible policy direction, that cooperation between the two countries was the only correct choice.

The Global Times, an influential tabloid published by the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily, said Trump’s decision over Navarro was “by no means a positive signal”.

“China needs to face up to the reality that the Trump team maintains a hard-line attitude toward China. It must discard any illusions and make full preparations for any offensive move by the Trump government,” the Global Times said in an editorial.  (read more)


US President Barack Obama (R) listens to


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174 Responses to More Winning – Chinese State Media “Jitters” Contemplating Trump’s Economic Team…

  1. wasntme says:

    “…win-win relationship will only result in a loss for both sides”

    It’s not a win-win situation. And I’m willing to bet I can do without my Chinese TV more than they can do without their $300 billion per advantage.

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    • USMCLt says:

      Not to worry…Your Chinese TV will fail in a couple more years, and by then you’ll be able to buy an American made set which will last for decades. No more Chinese junk in our landfills!!! Ship it all back to China!!!

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    • E C says:

      It was proven already when our economy tanked in ’08 that we are the engine running their economy. Not only didn’t we need the junk they sent over but we didn’t want it either. I’m ready willing and able to spend good money for good products.

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    • Rita Meter Maid says:

      China defines a win-win situation as doing it their way so they win and everybody else gives in to them. It’s the same way Obama works his win-win ideas with the Republicans. They have to give in to him on every point and then it’s a mutual win-win.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      “I’m selling them at a one cent loss per unit but I’m going to make it up on volume.”
      – The US before Trump


    • Pinkie says:

      No, but can you do without your Chinese made power tools? Next time you are in Home Depot take a look at who makes what


  2. Ploni says:

    They are a godless, robotic people who make cheap products and very expensive garbage.

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    • who have not a spark of innovative talent – they can only steal and copy with mindless slave labor. okay they discovered gunpowder. then kept it secret for 500 years so they could have their fireworks. within decades of getting their hands on some gunpowder the europeans turned the chinese firecracker stuffing into the deadly weapons system that still dominates the conventional battlefield.
      in donald trump, they’re facing an incredibly innovative mind – he’ll come at them from directions they never knew existed. my money’s on trump – big positive changes coming.
      btw – after 7 years of hanging on by our fingernails through the obama years, our phone is ringing off the hook, wholesale and retail customers. jobs 2-3 years on the boards are all closing – amazing – confidence abounds – we’re booked through march vs. a couple of weeks worth of work 3 months ago. same with all our millwork customers and construction types. and… i just committed to our first full-time hire since ’07. a twenty year old vo-tech kid with attitude and aptitude who always wanted to make things out of metal. he’d been working in a pizza shop past couple of years, all he could find. i couldn’t hire full time without the confidence that i’d be able to consistently provide 40 hour weeks – no way i’d disrupt anyone’s work circumstance unless i was sure i could generate the work to support the position. i’m suddenly sure and thrilled to have a capable young man come on board to learn our craft – especially since i know there’s gonna be a big push for young talent come spring.

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      • Monadnock says:

        Is it just me, or in addition to that sudden optimism, are you seeing way more outdoor Christmas lights this year compared to the past several? Millions of us out here holding our breath finally exhaled… and started celebrating! Merry Christmas!!

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        • E C says:

          I used to make a point of saying Merry Christmas these past few years especially to cashiers. This year I can’t tell you the number of people saying it to me. Incredible.


        • susiepuma says:

          Yes. I am seeing way more….and, lots of people saying Merry Christmas too…still get a few Happy Holidays…….I just say ‘Merry Christmas’


  3. India Maria says:

    If you catch the breeze just right, you can smell that nervous fear wafting over the Pacific from Peking……Red China might make funny faces like 4 year olds do. But that 4 year old actually knows that Pop is in charge…..Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, Australia, Philippines and Indonesia breath a sign of relief.

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  4. Joan calhoun says:

    Thank goodness we now have a business genius now negotiating for the American people. Imagine if THE OTHER had won….shiver, dread….

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  5. MICHAEL DO says:

    Here is the movie made from Peter Navarro book.
    Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base (Official Version)


  6. thesitrep says:

    Business should always be benificial to both parties this insures customers will have reliable vendors and Vendors have willing customers.

    Too many paople look at business as a battle but it should be a mutually satisfieing relationship

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  7. Wayne Robinson says:

    I think the name of book ” death by China ” is very telling. It isnt China that has been designing and carrying out the destruction of America. Yet every aspect of our demise has been orchestrated by our political servants ( if you can call them that) . I am in California and have been aware of Americas problems for many years. What is going on here right now is a false claim of draught. This need for more water has happened several times in the last100 years . Every time in the past government actions have been towards increasing availability by making damn , resevoirs and concrete channels to move water. We have mega citys located were the wayer isnt so it has to be moved. The answer had always been to invest directly into infastructure but not now. Now they are classifying using water to grow food as a waste of water. Their answer is dont use water let it flow to mexico , let them grow the food and then ship it here and sale it to Americans. One has to wonder what is behind this whole scam? I ll tell you it is the globalist that want to reduce America to abject poverty and dependence on the NWO and the FR banking industry. I do believe they will over play their hand and with any luck at all we may get shed of the bankster thiefs withen twenty years. America doesnt need anything from China we can manufacture our own cheap crap ourselves and whats more we can go head to head with China in competition for sales in other countrys . We have a true American as our president starting pretty soon and there will be troubles but whi cares we have been going down the drain everyone knows it . If to save America means things get bad for awhile so what , its should be looked at like taking a band aid off ( the old kind ) you can do it fast or drag it out eoher way is gonna hurt . Let the hurting begin but lets make sure the globalist are neutered and defanged in the process . Lets build that wall now!! MAGA

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  8. Clarence Duckelmeister says:

    Just ban all chinese products and immigration.


  9. Nick says:

    I have no ill will towards the Chinese. Their gvt and elite works very hard to make their country strong and successful, while our rulers use their power to destroy our own people and the good people of other countries. Donald has said that the Chinese will end up respecting our government much more when it starts standing up for us again, and I think he is 100% right.


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